YouTube Equipment List for Making Videos

YouTube Equipment List for Making Videos

So in this video, I’m gonna share my complete YouTube equipment checklist. And show you how I set
up this shot, right here. Comin’ up. (camera clicks and light jazz) Hey, what’s up, guys, Sean here with Think Meadia TV Help you go further, faster, in media. And on this channel we do tech and video gear reviews just like this one. So if you’re new here,
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of all the gear mentioned and all the show notes from this video, in the YouTube description below. Are you ready? Let’s jump into this
YouTube equipment checklist right now. The first part of a solid
YouTube setup is a camera. And I use a Canon 70D, because it has amazing
auto focus during video a flip-out screen so that you can see yourself when recording, a mic input, and it’s super user-friendly for making videos. Then my go to lens is the Canon 10 to 18 wide angle lens. It’s super affordable, creates a cool wide shot, perfect for shooting in confined places, and it has image stabilization built in for handheld shots and pictures. This camera and lens is the perfect combo for YouTube videos. And then I use a high-speed
64 gigabyte SD card so that I have tons of
space to record video without switching cards. Next, you need a solid tripod. I use an older Manfrotto, and the features I look for is the ability to easily
make micro adjustments like quickly adjusting the tripod height, and a half-ball leveling system to make sure the shot
is perfect and level. I also use Manfrotto RC4
quick release adapters to switch multiple
cameras between sliders, tripods, and monopods. But honestly, that setup is
overkill for most people. So I recommend getting a
Ravelli aluminum tripod. It’s right around $25 dollars USD, and it’s a solid and dependable choice for making awesome videos. Up next is the microphone. And the Rode VideoMic Pro is essential for getting clean audio with this setup. The Cannon 70D has pretty bad audio noise if you use a lower quality microphone. And the plus 20dB audio
setting on the Rode Mic solves this problem perfectly. Just turn it on, set the 70D
to Manual Sound recording, and set the level just
one click above zero. The result will be clean, pro audio with no noise. This setup is solid. And you could create some amazing videos if you stopped here. But let’s add some lighting
to make things pop. I like to use a Halo Ring Light, because it’s easy to set up, perfect for shooting during
the day, or at night, and it creates a cool
look for YouTube videos. I just set it in front of the camera, turn it on, and I’m ready to go. Then I like to manually
set the white balance using a cheap gray card from Amazon. All you have to do is take a picture, set Custom White Balance in the menu, use the picture you took, and then make sure that the camera is set to Custom White Balance. This will make the colors in your videos look amazing, and true to life. And this is the final result. With this lens, you can get a very wide and creative shot just like this. This audio is coming right
off the Rode microphone into the Cannon 70D, and with this lens, you can get a shot more zoomed in, just like this. More of a professional
vibe, less distortion, but you are a little bit further away from the shotgun mic. So I hope this behind the
scenes video was helpful, and if you have any questions about any of the gear
mentioned in this video, Check out a complete list
in the YouTube description below this video. Question of the day, What is your YouTube equipment setup? Let me know in the comments section, and be sure to get ideas and connect with other people in the Think Media TV community. Say, hey, thanks so much
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more videos just like this. and if you haven’t downloaded the free Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer’s guide, it’s a free guide with all
my best recommendations for every budget. A lot of this stuff and a
whole bunch of other stuff, you can grab that for free. I’ll link it up on the YouTube card, as well as in the YouTube
description below. Until next time, Think Media TV is helping you go
further, faster, in media. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon. Oh, the shoot day. Camera one, camera two. Camera one, camera two. Camera two, Camera one. Tricked ya. What? Bloopers. Beer, guys. You guys. (light jazz)

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  1. QOTD ⚡ What is your YouTube equipment setup? Let me know! 👇👇👇 Who else wants to shoot better videos? Watch my FREE Pro Video Made Simple series here ➡️

  2. Hello new to blogging and new to equipment, I want to start a food blog so I will be outside, need good sound, good quality look, and editing equipment. Basically I need everything Lol! Can you help?

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  5. HELP!! I need a ring light/ phone or camera mount/ stand all-in-1. I have been looking at the options on Amazon but the review are horrible! Do you have any suggestions? Any brands to check out? Would like to spend no more that $120. THanks!

  6. I use only my smartphone to create my vlog videos …..
    Nothing else……
    Must check it…….
    It's really awesome…….

  7. Hey thanks because I have a YouTube channel click on me I’m 10 years old I record with my grandmas phone when I was 5 I didn’t know about YouTube I was with my (fake) dad and I had a silver white camera but when my grandma and my (fake) dad divorced idk if we packed it when we moved or my (fake) dad has it thanks for the vid because my channel needs some upgrades already thanks for the vid you got a new subscriber

  8. Does your camera heats up when you shoot? I wanna buy it for streaming (and for taking pictures ofc). I'm gonna hook it as a webcam with Elgato CamLink.

  9. Love the video its very informative. but the link to the prismatic halo ring light says that its unavailable on amazon. Do you have an alternative ring light set up with the stand that's under $100? thanks I am definitely subscribing.

  10. You say to set the camera to "Manual" recording for audio. Does this mean if I turn the knob to auto, I will no longer get that manual audio?

  11. Who just started their channel here? Wanna help each other grow? (let's not use the s****** word it is considered spam by Youtube hehe).

  12. I didnt like my Rode mic. The audio wasn’t as crisp as I wanted it to be. I got a stand-alone mic instead from Newark and it was so much better

  13. What store can I get these items at or where can I get them?Is there a certain way that I can get them?

  14. Hey Sean! great content. I used your links to get my setup with the canon camera and Rode mic. When i use the Rode mic with your setting the videos download to my PC really clear but really quiet. do i need to adjust the volume through another software or could this be an equipment issue? Thank you!

  15. I make videos regarding Photography in Hindi with the gear listed below!
    Nikon d5600 with 18-55 Kit Lens
    A Boya Shotgun Mic
    And an Amazon Basics tripod!

    Works Great for Me!

  16. Urgent PLEASE Question what about if i am a water instructor what are the options that you recommended, also what program to used to edit video. Thank You love all your recommendations.

  17. I just use a table lamp (if needed) for lighting, a canon Vixia R800 on a tripod (I don't know the exact tripod), sometimes I'll use a UV filter or a telephoto lens though, I don't know exactly which ones i use (long time since i made a video) but you could probably find both for less than 50 USD, my setup (excluding the light cause i just got that for my room, not for video equipment) costs less than 400 USD.

  18. My equipments I use my phone which is Samsung s8 for making videos. Microphone for voice recording and selfie stick for stand and some times I use car phone holder.

  19. Dude, first and foremost I want to thank you for this. I've had many years of experience shooting film for everyone and everything from concerts to studio work. I did it for shits and giggles, never though to need video for my enterprise but now I do. Your suggestions make sense, and detailed and well explained and I appreciate the time it took to get this out there for people like myself, who have been out of the game a long time and need to get back in quicksville. Rock on, dude, subscribed and bookmarked.

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  21. Very helpful, efficient video, thanks! I have everything but lights. The light you have is “cool”, but I have a couple of questions. One, I’ve noticed in other videos the ring of light in your eyes, it is very mildly distracting – its easy to see where it comes from. Bad/ineffective lighting would obviously be more of a problem. Okay, that’s really a comment – my question is about distance. If I am mostly doing VLOGS in a home/office setting, how far away can I be with the light you indicated and can you recommend an alternative light that won’t create the rings in my eyes (and I’m guessing might be a bit more versatile if I need to have lighting come from a different angle rather than just head on. Appreciate any insight you have on this.


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  24. I started asking my family members if any of them had tried to start a channel and gave up. It turned out they gave me a tripod and a lighting kit. Nothing fancy, but it saved me about a hundred bucks. I got a GoPro off of Craigslist, and now I'm a little better off than my phone and daylight, all for the grand total of FORTY DOLLARS!

  25. 🔥😻We create animated video for Business and Youtube on Final cut pro and use after effects.📩WHo need animated video explainer?

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