Still no reply Sending all these emails is a waste of time Is this is what we get for not giving them what they want? DUDE,how many more love stories are they gonna make!!?YouTube is literally drowning in LOVE! There seems to be a new one called “UNIQUE LOVE STORY”..woow,What an oxymoron! [sarcastic]
Seems like all these people are coming with unique stories and OURS is routine… Looks like these holidays are also wasted again. During holidays,most of friends are working really hard at summer internships or trying to learn something in coaching centres. They all think I waste my time sitting my house,watching movies all alone. But, Something they don’t know is that I am a filmaking aspirant and that these movies to me are MY direction,writing and learning classes.. For people who believe the craft of filmaking can only be studied at some filmschool… and nothing can be done independently People like Anurag kashyap,Cristopher Nolan,Stanley Kubrick and many more independent filmmakers stand out as inspirations Especially,they are MY inspiration Thats because I love these dark themes,these psychological thrillers.. You can’t extract the whole detail and depth of a scene until you watch it numerous times.. Everytime as I keep watching these masterpieces over and over again… I become overwhelmed and sometimes shed some tears out of inspiration ONLY ASPIRING DIRECTOR’S THINGS… Every moment,my inner voice urges me to write a script like them This is one of my best script Well rejected and ignored one No matter what,one should never stop trying In Mahabharat,just like how Ekalavya idolised Dronacharya as his teacher.. In this modern day,To many EKalavyas like me,HE is our Teacher,”Dronacharya” Now I need to derive the story from this character. Vikas An incident has completely changed you It gives you nightmares Due too this incident,you start feeling scared of everybody It needs to be very dark and messed up In order for me to write… You have to tell me [BOTH]
Tell me YOU?!..Why are you here? what’s up with you then? yelling “tell me,tell me” Are you writing a script about black magic or some shit? “BLACK MAGIC”..black..sounds dark enough for you..You must have written one There is nothing of that sort… Noooo…Don’t even DARE to explain What’s up with this guy? Hi bro! My character name is Vivek Four months back, Same place…same “tell me,tell me” conference. By the way,your character name? Is he a mute character? HE is a paranoid character Huh what? Listen dude,…Explain in your first language-Telugu.. Simply…like he thinks that everyone in the world will try to kill him Nothing has changed You didn’t even make a film yet,have you? Thought so.. Still didn’t write a female love interest in your stories,right? It shows… There is No point in adding a love interest when there isn’t a need for one. That is just awesome.. what do you intend to do then? What do you mean? Dont act soo innocent!.. 4 months ago You wrote my character… You developed a story based on me.. What’s the use? Indeed,what’s the use.. THATS IT?!?!Don’t you wanna make it into a film?? That fu..I wont make a film on that story EVER in my lifetime,I even told you so many times! VERY GOOD. Then why the hell did you write it for?! Just to pass time… Ti..Timepass?!WHo the hell writes a LOVESTORY to pass time,bro?!?! I swear to the God Mark my words,with a freaking permenant marker YOUR character also.. is destined to rot in THAT book itself! But still,why do u feel so much pain when I myself dont.. I told you several times already,Just Leave! You ARE in pain I am aware of it..coz I am not afterall your created freakin character I am representing your subconsious too… I sounded like Leo Dicaprio from INCEPTION,didn’t I? Is it that Lonely crazy ghost again? A GHOST?! Its not a “LONELY CRAZY GHOST”,its a Lonely Ghost..minus the “crazy”,UNDERSTAND? CYCLE STAND. shUT uP!! YOU AND your rotten jokes.. Are you going to puke at YOUR OWN CREATION?! Its from my story only.. Exact,right when I land the joke,the girl falls in love with me.. A nice love song in Switzerland,you know.. HOW Romantic… Sup,with you? 2 fingers? Give some clearance,you dont want the Dam to overflow.It gets nasty. EW..No no..earlier you mentioned something about a..gh..ghost,right? Its an AnGRrry Spirit looking for vengeance. People it haunts can hear its Footsteps.. As it gets closer to its victims… BOOOM. Slowly reaches you out from below.. It reveals itself to your face..ITs dEMoNic tongue echoes saying- “BLOOD….BLOOD..” No..stop I need to go to the toilet,will you come with me? WHat the.. Hi bro!! wassup. You put the iron box on the stove,but forgot to light it,didnt you? WHen will it get heated and when will you iron those shirts How stupid can you get? I was just talking about your kind.. New character…Lonely Ghost Lonely Ghost..meet Vikas,Vikas meet Lonely Ghost. Move!!
no i wont
Just Move.. Dont overract…no matter how much you do,you wont get chances like us Dont even try.. If I tell you about him,you wont feel so scared Taking a comedian’s tweet seriously,He kept aside my beautiful lovestory and wrote this. A sad,depressing tragedy See.. [Vivek narrating]
Shit,the power went out. Is this a short film,or a feature film See,I ‘ll narrate what I know,in my own tone Kalyan,is a sensitive boy,almost about our age.. His characterisation is defined by his sadness Every class has a.. scapegoat Everyone around bullies him for their entertainment. He has “n” no. of problems at home as well,after enduring the pain for a while,he gets an idea- SUICIDE. Before he kills himself,his dying wish is that no one deserves to live alone.. After his death,he tries to fulfill his dying wish by giving company to lonely people. What’s even more dark is.. Everyone gets scared of his looks.. Its true,right? When you see a ghost..you run the hell away from it.. You dont sit with it ,drink and chill with it,do you? Poor thing.. Even in the afterlife,It is left with loneliness.. Its loneliness added up to HIS loneliness..Me narrating this boring story to YOU… [sarcastic]
EXCELLENT.. This is all about Lonely Ghost. Due to lack of VFX budget.. See how he turned out [Vivek continues]
Like this..he keeps writing these dark,weird stories.. Like Us,lots of characters and stories, still are confined in the pages of his book Seeing the tag -“We accept scripts from new filmakers” E-mailing them.. And getting ignored.. Then feeling saad.. like this…2 years have passed.. Its Okay okay…DO we get everything we want in life? See…ofcourse,my story is better than yours.. Its alright OKAY..but why are you holding that.. FOr FLASHBACK EFFECT flashback huh,Shit..you and your stupid jokes… Stomach upset,I think..Characterisation Fault SHit.. You know when you ‘ll get the mails you want.. When you send my story to them SHUT THE HELL UP AND LEAVE.. This is ME. One coffee shop scene,a lame joke to claim the girl’s heart.. cutting to a love song in some unknown location all that bullshit then the break up due to something topical like “caste system” Now seperate them and have a break up montage again..i ..c..can’t That’s all…SIMPLE. This isn’t ME.. Hundreds of short films on YouTube,newer ones,older ones…everything is lovestories Producers are coming with high budget again and again to make love stories I searched if anyone is making any different stories or not… After searching and searching…i got tired…then i realised… If I stay like this..I ‘ll be left ignored.. then,immitating those cringy elements of telugu shortfilms…I wrote your story After that…I felt some inexplainable pain in my heart Your friend Vishnu did the same thing right?.. Now,he is living his dream by making short films Even so….how can you find meat in a vegetable market.. Its Impossible.. Take it easy Get used to that..”pain” Everday study for 2-3 hours atleast… Why do you need all this.. [echoes]
You only have one year left…after that you can’t face your reality You are unfit for this No one will give you any chances You ‘ll end up in some corporate company Instead of a camera,you ‘ll work under a surveillence camera.. Instead of you directing someone,Someone else will direct you Instead of writing and editing softwares,your laptop will be replaced with coding softwares [echoes fade to noise]

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  1. Uday from s.r digi school did a fantastic job…babu aaa correctsuuu ….an offscreen man🖤♥️Uday nuvvu next level ra

  2. Super ra😍…Concept of this film awsme
    Good to see all 4 actors on their roles
    You guys jst nailed it👍
    Editing and BGM 👌👌

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