100 thoughts on “Woman horrified by north Phoenix racism caught on doorbell camera”

  1. Wait a second!! the "offensive" word is used as every 3d word in every rap/hippy hoppy song. whats offensive?

  2. Black kid walks down same street says nothing and cops are called and they come and harass black kid yet these white kids who actually did something the cops ignore. Thats white privilege people.
    March 17th 2020

  3. Im not condoning what they did. I think its horrible. Kids now days thinks its cool to say it. Listen to the rap game. They knew it would hurt her thats the only reason dumbass dared the other to say it. I hope they come forward and apologize. They may meet a wonderful person.

  4. Don't hide their faces, let it be seen. And it does show how they're being raised. Sad they're being raised to be racist.

  5. You know what i don't why Black people get so offended when another race uses the N word If it's so offensive to them why do i always hear black men and women say the word all the time?

  6. I can tell Melanie is a young woman….she wasn’t born earlier than 1980 I’m sure…..must be nice to live in a bubble to think racism is uncommon….lol

  7. Freedom of Speech. You may not like it, but if it was a crime then you may as well call America the Fatherland.

  8. Kicking down your door and turning off your power and no one is doing anything?? that’s a sign to get out❗️

  9. Disgusting. But considering children spend more time within the school system than they do their own parents, id be slow to blame the parents before you have a chance to speak with them.

  10. What BS!! Who gives a S.. someone’s skin color is different their own. No 2 people are alike unless they are twins.

  11. The" N" word? LMFAO. Let me "AXE "you a question then, If it is sooo unacceptable then why do black folk use it the most? I guess every race blames the parents,or should I say in "some cases" parent.

  12. Yeah their trying to trash talk her while on her property in front of her nice ass house, yet they'll probably live off mommy and daddys wallet till they are 30 lmao classic bum ass pubescent bitches

  13. Until poc stop using that word with each other , regardless of whether it ends in er or an a , and especially using it as a term of endearment then it will continue.

  14. thats so sad because we all bleed the same color just because our skin color is different, do you judge a book by its cover…no so dont judge a person by their cover

  15. I was expecting some sort of bigoted tirade about watermelons and KFC, but it was just one kid daring another kid to do something risky and stupid. If this is what racism looks like in modern-day America, then we should be content.

  16. You can stop pandering to minorities anytime now. If the races were reversed you wouldn't even show up. There is no crime here.

  17. Good or bad the "word" is free speech, but forcibly kicking the door is attempted breaking & entering; that's a crime not to be dismissed.

  18. When it comes to something like this and there is nothing done about these racist people or kids the only way that they are going to stop or understand is not by talking to them or they taking learning classes on racism NO! Give them a taste of their own medicine! and when they kick these parents in their pockets financially I guarantee you that it will put a stop to this kind of wick destruction! When my 5 children were young I raised them unto Jesus I taught them the bible and lived accordingly. I taught them to love and respect God first of all, respect themselves, their parents and others regardless of who they are and what race they are. Of course with all of these teachings by being human of course our children neither our selves are perfect and we do wrong sometimes unintentionally or intentionally! My children during those generations when it was not as bad as it is now. They had paper routes, they cut grass in the neighborhoods and shoveled snow for others. But one day my middle son was playing ball and he broke the window of a lady I never knew before. This lady came to our home and she told me what my son did. At first he denied it and then I looked at him straight in the eyes and I told him these words." You better not be lying to me! He held his head down and said that he did break her window by accident. I told him to apologize to this woman I was going to talk to him later for lying in the first place. I was sorrowful for what my son did I apologized to her myself I gave her a big hug! I told her that her window would be paid for immediately and it would come right out of my son (He loves Money)from his profit for his paper route. My son was standing there and this hurt him more than being on punishment because it was his own money that was going to pay for that window and oh boy it was costly! $300.00 Yes, I took care of this immediately! because this woman should not have to wait until I make the decision to give her the money to get her window replaced because of what my own Son did to her property! I pray in the name of Jesus that this woman who has been victimized by these kids and her property damaged that she should file a claim to payment also that she gets some kind of protection from these kids anti harassment. When we are human beings take legal action in this manner then parents and children will take a second thought that when they destroy or harass another Human Being that there will be Consequences for their Actions and they will not be patted on their heads and nothing done NO EXCUSES! I will not cover for my Children's sins or wickedness against other Human Being'S even-though I will stand by them as my Children but never when they are violating another Human Being! they will deal with the consequences of their actions! and Never ever!!!!!! WILL I TOLERATE ANY FORM OF RACISM WHATSOEVER! ALMIGHTY GOD CREATOR OF ALL THINGS CREATED IN THE HEAVENS AND EARTH MADE ALL HUMAN BEINGS THE RACE AND COLOR THAT WE ARE AND DARE ANYBODY TO SAY THAT GOD MADE A MISTAKE BY CREATING ANOTHER RACE THAT THOSE RACIST LOOK DOWN UPON AND TREAT LESS THAN DIRT UNDER THEIR FEET!

  19. She must have never been around a black school or neighborhood because antisemitic and homophobic and racist statements are completely the norm. Hypocrisy is amazing.

  20. The parents, that's the problem. No crime commited? Wow, so I guess kicking someone's door in racist anger isn't a crime?? Wth!!? Sad and pathetic morons.

  21. As long as the hate and crime is against Black's, the police feel it's no big deal. White's can do threaten us, gun us down in our homes, tresspass all over our property, it's no big deal in the eyes of the law and the courts!! They even tell us it's that way, just like this homeowner was told!!

  22. When I was a kid, my parents and our peers were taught not to be offended by mere words..

    But, in this day and age..
    People have complete meltdowns because of name calling..

  23. Given the history of that word, and all the violent assaults, deaths, and horror that is associated with that word, if she was to say "she feared for her life" and shot at them, would she have been wrong?

  24. IRONIC, but YouTube is full of videos of black people using the "N-word" towards each other or just in general. Empowering when they speak it to one another, yet Racist when used by other ethnicities.

  25. they're names faces and parents names should be public information because clearly they take pride in being ratchet pieces of poop

  26. Really these kids need to be locked up and taught a good hard lesson keep it up and the are headed to the locked up 30 days seems about right series for teens.😳😱🙀🙊🙈👍😁This has no place in our human society.

  27. Close the restaurants, close the schools, close the stores, close the movie theatres…put an end to this nonsense

  28. This blactress wants to dox these kids and ruin their lives over a word because they are white! If they were black she wouldn’t have a problem with them using that word at all, who’s the racist?

  29. White farmers are being slain and property confiscated by the government of Africa and black Africans and you guys are worried about racial slur! Unbelievable!

  30. Why they mad because she black and can afford a great looking house we worked hard while y’all sat back and took credit for YEARS IT CAN HAPPY WE CAN COME UP WE CAN RISE WE HAVE RISED #period

  31. Had she done anything, she’d have been the bad guy. The parents are trash, yes, but so are the teens; the internet is literally at their fingertips, so there’s no way that they didn’t know what fell out of their mouths was inappropriate. There’s no excuse for this sort of trash behavior in the 21st century.

  32. Why do we care so much about it when we say it’s okay but when for say white people say it it is the worst thing to happen like chill

  33. Yeah I feel like I might accidentally do that if I was tired one day because my brain doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong when I get no sleep

  34. i work at a hotel where we keep the front door locked at night. some woman came up and asked to sit in the lobby for several hours which was refused. she started getting mad and calling me the n-word and other names trying to get me mad so id call the police. sometimes they like to bum a free ride his way. although im half asian, half white so i was just more confused. am i supposed to get offended? i turned off the mic and she ranted there for a good few minutes while i was typing on the computer till she saw i wasnt even paying attention, then just stood there. After she shut up, i said id call the police on her for trespassing. she didnt stick around after that.

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