Why is this the Best Selling DSLR? | Canon T7

Why is this the Best Selling DSLR? | Canon T7

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  1. I have a T7i right now and it’s a great camera for anybody starting out vlogging or photography.. it’s a dslr so it’s quite versatile, switch out lens and adjust settings and u can get pretty creative with whatever ur doing.. but I am itching to switch over to a mirrorless Sony, most likely the a6400… my advice to anybody looking to get seriously into videography or photography, skip the entry level crap and hop right up to something a little more advanced.. I wish that’s what I had did myself..

  2. Sony nex 7 beat this camera 10 years before the t7 was even made😅 plus it’s smaller cheaper and way better video quality

  3. Wow. I have only have my Rebel SL2 for a year and I paid $800 for the kit set. 😳 But I got mine just for the autofocus for vlogging.

  4. Great camera i just sold a Nikon D 7200 for a EOS2000D kit and Its better allround so any bsd comments is down to bad photographers as to the ISO shutterspeedThe Nikon D600 and 610 has the same so who is complaining.
    Any of you who has a 80d will find No difference to The 2000D in image quality especially in the right hands in fact The EOS 2000D has all you need.
    As to some of the comments they appear to be submmitted by total newbies or amateurs who like to impress themselves not other with their self awarded comments.
    I have been photograping for 40 years and never bought a high end camera and still shot weddings etc withoit flashing the equipment about.
    Why dont you all grow up

  5. If youre buying entry level, get canon since you can download cinestyle or other flat profiles and install it. It’s useful to preserve dynamic range in videos and Jpegs when shooting stills.

    Log profiles are not available in other brands low end models,

  6. Why would anyone buy this over the SL2 or the SL3? My first and current DSLR is the SL2 and it has a mic input, timelapse, and 1080p up to 60fps. Super solid!

  7. I bought that for video because of three things: mic input, screen that turn 180 and price. The only negative in this camera is it doesn't shoot in 4k… But I don't use 4k so this is very good camera.

    Edit: Oh sorry I have the canon rebel not the 7t

  8. I'm really enjoying your reviews. Will skip this camera and find another…..after I find the one you recommend in my price range.

  9. This is my 1st time watching a camera review on professional cameras as I’m looking for new cameras to help improve my channel and I must say this video set the bar for other camera reviewers I loved the commentary and never got bored with the great footage and camera shots and b roll. Fantastic video! Very much appreciated!!! 👍🏾

  10. I currently shoot on the a7 these days but the rebel series is single-handedly what got me into photography and later videography and I still recommend those cameras as great cheap entry level cameras to get a feel for the hobby.

  11. I'm using a 5Ti and only shoot in 'M'. Updated the lens to a Canon 18-135 USM with a power zoom. Paid $400 with two kit lens. It works. I mainly shoot landscape. Took awhile as I got some bad lens hunting until I turned off the servo motor. The auto focus is not the best, but for immovable objects and not to crazy action shots, it works fine. My biggest grip is, I'm more of a aperture guy and have to press the A/V button while spinning the dial at the same time.

  12. Hi jet! I'm a new subscriber of yours! I love your energy and humor gets me engaged to watch your vids. I'm contemplating to buy this 2000d versus 200d and the price is double the difference.i love both photo and vid. Do u suggest I buy the 2000d the cheaper one and it can possibly have a 200d quality just by buying separate lense???

  13. My Name Terry Brown Dear potato jet I you Buy to Me Camera Canon T7 (Best Buy) 2554 2nd St SW

  14. My Name Terry Brown I you buy camera canon t7 (Best buy) please 2554 2nd St SW Please 😢😢😢😢 camera canon t7

  15. Potato Jet: im thinking about getting you're beginners course for all my little cousins to introduce them into videography. Is your course something i can buy and share with them all to learn together or do I have to buy 5 of them? (user rights). Just wanted to double check because enjoy your content and respect you're work. Hopefully I'll get a reply…

  16. We have that camera, for the low price it does a decent job. Cons – Auto focus is horrible, so do it manually Pro – even though it doesn't have a mic jack, the built in mic is surprising good.

  17. ❤OMG, Hi. I was here for the camera. I didn't expect the added bonus of the motorcycles.
    I'm a rider too. My first bike was a Honda.
    I've since sold that one. I ride a Busa and Harley now.
    I love her reaction to the new bike.
    Thanks for the great camera information that you provided. I'm searching for a new camera to purchase on black Friday.
    Have a wonderful day. 🥰

  18. I have this camera but there’s one thing I don’t like, I can’t use my rode microphone with it, you have to buy the rebel t7i instead then you can use a mic

  19. If better cameras were listed at the same price point they would sell more of them. It is very hard for anyone to really get any camera that is over $500 right now. Cameras for $399 will sell sooner and better than ones that run for $1500, simple economics. The people who buy the t7 are beginners or hobbyists. Pros are able to afford actual real good cameras.

  20. I bought the T7i and was thinking I got took as the price is almost double between the two cameras. But still good info. Thanks.

  21. What's Your Settings? This Video With Your Sets Was Amazing! Edit: You Were Using A Lens That Costs More Than The The camera Itself To Shoot That Cinematic Video Aren't You😒, I Mean Like There's No Point Of Reviewing A Budget Camera For Starters With A Lens That Is Way More Expensive Than The Damn Thing!😑

  22. 0:17 Just right off the bat "…or are people just going to BestBuy and asking the workers, what cameras should I get? And they go this has a lot of megapixels, buy this one."
    That was me ☹️ …but not at BestBuy though ☝ it was at Visions Electronics 😂

  23. Hey Potato Jet—–I am a complete photography newbie…..I bought this T7 for pretty much the reasons you mentioned. I went to the best photography shop in my city—-they have been in business for over 80 years and EVERYONE goes to them rather than to those idiots in the Blue Shirts. Who know NOTHING. But even, using the basic lens that came with it—it WILL NOT work. I put it on "AUTO" and the movie came back "CANNOT READ MOV" and the sound coming out of it is HORRIFIC. It's like one of your dogs farting and I can smell it out here in Oklahoma. ANY SUGGESTIONS?? I really want to start learning how to take good photos and vids……….Thanks for your vids—–AWESOME! @pdubokc

  24. So, just my 2 cents, I have a Canon Rebel T5 and my friend has a Canon Rebel T6, and we both absolutely love our cameras for our uses, mainly amateur photography, and it was cheap as hell to buy. I have no need to get a brand new camera right this second, but if I did, i'd probably go with the T7.

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