1. Made fresh for this episode, inspired by the Fuji F2 line of lenses and the Classic Chrome preset:

  2. I had the 23mm f2 for 10 months but sold it. Maybe it was just my coly but I found it to be soft wide open even up to about f3.5. From f5-f10 was very sharp and great color saturation. I just kept the kit lens for now. Very disappointed when used wide open.

  3. One point to consider is that when you need to be quick (kids shots, sports…) you do not have time to change lenses. So a second body is needed — but thus adding weight and clumsiness. In general I used to prefer fixed focal lenses, but the 18-55 with image stabilisation is a good compromise between focal length and lens speed, so you do not have to swap out the lenses most of the time.

    I understand and agree with your thoughts of learning to photograph with a fixed focal length. But on the other side one has to remember that as soon as you get that first one has to move to find the right angle / perspective and second one needs to decide which part of the reality to crop out by choosing the corresponding focal length. Interestingly for most shots there are many views which are quite good and not one really better / worse than the other, but just different. For some one really has to nail the crop. In that case that's easily done afterwards at the computer. So better to leave a bit of space and be able to cut out / fine-tune later.

    I also could live with 35 and 85 (full-frame equivalent) lenses alone most of the time. But sometimes a wider angle is needed to capture the sky, the room or whatever. For everyday photography a longer focal length than around 90 mm is not needed IMO. One can always crop the picture a bit afterwards — which will be exactly the same like using a longer focal length (just by the compromise of giving up some resolution — which in most cases is fine).

    But If I would just use one lens I would choose a 30 or 32 mm (if available). A 35 mm was my favourite and most used lens for a long time. I found that 1.4 f-stop was not beneficial too often and I sold that and got a 2.0 instead (for that specific lens it gave me lighter weight, but also better colors).

  4. Thanks for the video! Just wondering: you mention that these are all f/2 lenses–but to clarify, were these shots all shot at f/2, or various apertures?

  5. Howdy, your videos are streamlined, and informative! Would you be able to tell me which of these would you recommend for shooting a textured 10ftx10ft flat surface from only 6 feet away (think bas relief that needs to keep its three dimensionality even though it is only a centimeter deep), if the surface had to be crisp from edge to edge? Would I need a macro lens? Would I have to go over to another mount type? Thank you for your helpful videos. 🙂

  6. You can easily replace all these fuji primes with the canon 24-70 2.8 ii. and canon 100mm f2. Also i don't like the red skin tones of the fujifilm.Your photos taken with canon look much better.

  7. Very nicely presented vlog! And truly stunning images. Although I am a full frame shooter, I would like to switch to APS-C setup just to keep my kit a bit lighter & smaller. My only concern is about low light conditions, which I frequently come across while travelling. Can you or anyone having good experience with both the systems, on low light performance, please share your thoughts on that point? Again thanks for sharing your views on XT-3 and may God bless you for your future endeavours!

  8. Great video, but the background music is intolerable. It sounds like there are two different songs playing at the same time – aka, cacophony.

  9. Excellent video. Easy to understand which makes it fun to learn. I now understand the compression concept. Thank you! Greetings from Idaho 😊

  10. I do photography for a living and my most used lens is 35 1.4 (In my case Sigma on a Canon body). Its just such an amazing all-arounder. Its not ideal for portraits, but if you learn how it behaves at certain distances It can do a lot more than just do the job. Ive got 85 1.2 which I love, but a lot of the times its just too long for the photography I do. Personally, I would start with a 50 f2 (35 on crop). You will very soon know do you need to go wider or closer, and no, zoom will not give you that, however logical that may sound.

  11. A little late to the party here but I really like this video as it does show the field of view for each lens. Very helpful. I did purchase the 23mm f2 and it is sharp but I don't find it sharper than the 18-55mm kit lens that came with my XT-2 which is crazy but perhaps it's the copy I have. Anyway, I returned the 23mm. I didn't like how close I had to get to my subject. Sometimes you can't get close and sometimes you don't want to. Contrast that with the Olympus 17mm lens on a Panasonic GX85 with no anti-aliasing filter and the jpg pictures are sharper. Without research, I don't know how much sharpening each camera is applying. I don't have a suitable photo application on this PC so I didn't compare raw but I will be doing that and there will probably different results. PS, I really love your channel.

  12. I like the 18mm shot of your daughter. Most flattering, though it could be the pose struck. 2 lenses? Get a 35 f/1.4 instead.

  13. Dude. Brilliant video., Very honest and very revealing. Especially shots of your daughter. Thank you. With much appreciation.

  14. Hi Denae & Adrew

    I bought recently a xt3 with the XF 16mm f/2.8 R WR. Which focal lens will fit perfect as a allrounder?

  15. Great video, really helpful. I completely agree with you. I have the 35mm, f1.4, and because I will be doing more (specifically) portraits, I am going for the 50 and the 23mm. I am glad your opinion confirm mine (peace of mind!)

  16. I have 4 fuji lenses in my collection , 27mm F2.8, 18-55 mm F2.8-4.0, 50 mm f2.0, and 90 mm F2.0. With Fuji camera I am also using various vintage lenses like Nikkor 105mm /F2.5, Hellios 58mm /F2.0, Yashinon 50 mm /F2.0, and for sports and wild shooting I am using a Canon 300mm /F4 with Viltrox adapter. Fuji really should bring out a more affordable prime lens around 200mm or longer . Their 200mm F2 lens is an excellent lens but around $8000 is just too expensive.

  17. Great video, thanks! You should considering expanding the title to "…. And Focal Length Explained" or something like that, because this is the best video I have seen explaining focal lengths, and this should be easier to find (and it is just as relevant for non-Fuji shooters)

  18. I’m considering photography. I’m so confused as to which camera to buy. I’m looking at the Sony a6300, the Fuji XT2, the Sony a7. But I’m more geared towards the Fuji XT2. Any advise?! Thank you!!

  19. Thanks for the great material! I am beginning to think about changing the heavy set of Canon for this light and discreet Fuji system. Three small lenses and I have everything I need.

  20. When the 18-55 costs only €200 when in a kit it makes absolutely no sense to not pick it – it costs €600 when bought separately. Also, you should first try a zoom lens and find out which focal lenghts do you use the most – then you buy the primes, assuming they are an advantage for the type of photography you do.

  21. I was having a really hard time deciding which lenses to start off with. This vlog gave me a lot of insight. Wish I could afford to have them all in my collection but I’m going to start with two and see where is takes me.Thanks for sharing again !


  23. I went with the 35mm F2, 50mm F2, and 90mm F2 for portraits. I've heard such great things about the 16mm F1.4, so I'll be picking that up for wide-angle shots.

  24. What if I want to catch nature, landscapes and occasionally architecture? What lens should I start which is better than the kit lens… ?

  25. My 3 fuji XT3 lenses are the 56mm F1.2, 23mm F2.0 and the 50-140mm F2.8. That's honestly all you need to shoot anything with this camera. Good lens choices tho

  26. Hey I have the XT2 and love to use it with a 27mm 2.8. Now my question, I like to buy a 35mm f2 because to shoot more portraits beside my street photography. What would you do? Sell the 27mm 2.8 because they are nearly the same foucal length or keep it?

  27. Your video is the only video that answered correctly and clearly the size difference between a cropped frame (on Fuji) and full frame. Especially your points on street photography, EXCELLENT, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  28. I am trying to decide between the 35mm vs the 23mm, the only discouraging reviews I keep reading is about the lack of sharpness with the 23mm, does anyone have experience with this lens? Thank you! great video

  29. I’m seriously considering switching over to fuji from sony. However maybe I’m missing something but I’m surprised at the lack of stabilized lenses. Especially considering that most of the bodies dont have ibis..

  30. Hi Denae & Andrew,

    I am new in photography. If I am going to get 1 lens mainly for travelling, to shoot landscapes images and street videography, which would you recommend me to get?

  31. Hi! Great video!
    I have been shooting with a 18-135 but now I would like to improve my skills and buy some primes. I mainly shoot travel photography, landscapes, street etc. What would you recommend? I was looking for the new 16mm f2.8, where does it fit in your recommendations?

  32. 10:28 I think it's worth mentioning that if you do a lot of photography with your mobile phone, you're actually going to be most accustomed to the 18mm lens (27mm equivalent), seeing as the lenses on a lot of phones have a 27/28mm equivalent focal length. That's worth taking into consideration.

  33. i have same thought.. i start with kit lens, I do lot of street and candid portrait.. i already own 23F2, next should I buy 50F2 or 56F1.2? the last lens will be 90mmF2

  34. Great Video! What's the current lens your using to shoot, i like the bokeh when sitting in front of the camera I want that look.

  35. Oh I saw you with that silver lens on your black camera. My favorite lens and the one I use most often is my 23 f2 but I foolishly bought it in silver because I thought j would never care about the color of my lens but boy was I wrong. I hate the way my camera looks with a silver lens on it. Does that bother you too or am I a weirdo?

  36. I found it difficult to fully frame an entire large building on a street using the 3 mm lens, so should i upgrade to the 23 or 18 mm , also for my landscape work.
    keep it up

  37. Every time I hear 'zooming with feet' it's like I'm in a kindergarden… there's no such a thing. It's complitely different if you walk up to a subject than if you zoom in! Please, let's not spread this 'bro science' – it helps nobody.

  38. My last acquired prime Fuji lens is the 23mmf2. I bought it after 90mmf2, 56mmf1.2, 16mmf1.4, Zeiss 12mmf2.8 and Samyang 8mm fish-eye. The first moment when I took it and used it, I knew that it should have had it as first prime.

  39. I love the fuji 35mm. It's the closest representation of what my eyes see. All I need to do is make a rectangle shape with my hands at about a palm's length and that's the shot I'll get, including the distance of bg elements.

  40. 23 (35) looks the best as there is actual context available and no annoying bokeh. 35 (50) is also not bad. Certainly on occasion bokeh is ok but it is overrated and most pictures that I see just are too blurry in th background ; you might as well have cut that head and body and paste it on some blurry dirty paper as you don't see much of content e.g. where the picture was taken etc etc…

  41. Does the 23-by-2 have the autofocus engine so good that it is not heard on video? Which of the objectives have the good autofocus engine, not to be heard?

  42. Interesting recommendations! I´m a Sony shooter, I use the SEL16-50 & SEL55-210. My favorite is the 55-210mm cause its so much more versatile, from streetphotography (I hate wide angle) to planespotting.

  43. Hey! I’m a beginner and this really helped me out! I’d like to do more travel photography of scenery, landscapes, nature, buildings etc. Which lens would you recommend?


  44. Great video! I think I know which fuji lenses I'll be buying, but maybe i'll rent them first – I didn't know that was an option. I also noticed you mentioned that relative size of subject and background is affected by focal length. I have the understanding that relative sizes of object in the frame only depend distance to the subjects. Focal length will affect what distances you can choose given what you want to fit into the frame, but ultimately the 23mm lens renders the same relative object sizes as the 90mm if you stand the same distance away.

  45. For x-t30 what is the best one lens, my budget allows only one lens. I will be using camera for indoor/family events an daily photography. Help please.

  46. Here's mine.

    For street: I do 35mm f2 (It's the closest to what I see without having to recompose the shot, and it's valuable for street photog).

    For indoor, especially events: I do 16-55 (although I hate zoom lens because I find myself being lazy, it can't be beat for the flexibility as it covers all the focal lengths).

    For intimate shots: 90mm (Also great for commercial shots).

    For niche: 80mm macro (So good for detail shots).

    Money makers: 16-55mm, 50-140mm (You need to camera bodies for this).

    All of these are Fuji X Mount lenses. For FF equivalent, just multiply them by 1.52 😁

    And yes, I'm a prime guy. Zoom lenses make me lazy. Also, zoom lenses make me feel guilty as I feel like I'm spying on people. Lol!

  47. Help me please: I will buy the X-T30 with the 18-55 kit lens. But I also love prime lenses. I currently have a Nikon d5600 aps-c with 35 and 50mm both 1.8. I find the 35mm most versatile and use it most but the 50 is better for portraits. The Nikon kit is not ver good so I never use it. Which prime should I get for the Fuji? The 35 is versatile but the f-stop difference on the kit lens is not too far away so maybe its better to get the 50 and use it for portrait photos ? Not sure…please help me decide. I do not want to have 3 lenses.

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