What is MEGA 360 Imaging & How to Read It | Humminbird

What is MEGA 360 Imaging & How to Read It | Humminbird

Every angler knows one of the keys to
catching fish is remaining undetected. See them before they see you with MEGA
360 Imaging from Humminbird whether using a trolling motor or while sitting
still the high-frequency beam of MEGA 360 Imaging reveals the world below with
unmatched clarity showing you incredible images of structure, vegetation, baitfish,
and individual fish. Like underwater radar, the MEGA 360 Imaging beam rotates giving you a 360-degree view of the water that’s constantly updating with
your boat at the center. See a target? Mark a waypoint directly on your MEGA 360 Imaging screen and let range rings show you the distance from your boat to
the target. Then position your boat and cast exactly where the fish are.
Choose from five beam rotation speeds for the right balance of image quality and
refresh rate. You can customize your sweep area from 360 degrees down to 10
degrees. Use preset view options like in front of your boat to find and cast to
productive spots without spooking fish. The different shades on the MEGA 360
Imaging screen provide more detail about what lies below and around your boat.
The brighter the color the stronger the sonar return from the objects below for
example softer bottom or deeper water appears in darker shades while lighter
shades indicate a hard bottom or shallower areas sonar shadows are
something else to look for imagine your sone on a beam as a flashlight.
Long shadows usually indicate the object is tall. While small shadows mean it’s short.
Once you’ve found structure, see if it’s holding fish. Bait fish will show up as a tight cluster of returns,
while game fish will appear as bright solid marks often associated with the sonar shadow
on the bottom. The distance between the mark and the shadow will tell you how
far the fish is from the bottom so you can cast accordingly
by surrounding you with images of fish and structure MEGA 360 Imaging from
Humminbird puts you at the center of the action without making you the center
of attention.

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  1. This is hands down the best Humminbird info video on how 360 works – thanks Humminbird for putting in the time for this production value – anglers need more content like this – easy to understand and visual! Great job here!

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