WHAT CAMERA’S do YouTuber’s USE? YouTube Filming EQUIPMENT, Too MUCH TECH Natural Kaos 4K

WHAT CAMERA’S do YouTuber’s USE? YouTube Filming EQUIPMENT, Too MUCH TECH Natural Kaos 4K

what cameras do YouTuber’s use? I get this
question a lot since my production value is high. Today I’m going to show you
everything I use my filming studio and my workflow to help you understand my
process. On my channel I do a lot of skincare and travel related videos I love being a creator oh I love the fact
that YouTube has given me this amazing platform to actually be able to turn
what I do and my creative nature into an actual business friends I ended up
making this video a series of three videos as no one wants to watch an
hour-long video I know it part one will cover Adsense revenue and
CPM part two will cover all of the affiliate work I did in 2019 and believe
me all of these programs are available to anyone then part three will cover all
of my gear software workflow and my filming studio
I hope this behind-the-scenes explanation helps anyone interested in
starting a YouTube channel and how the whole thing works I’m going to show you
the gear I use and my office setup because maybe some of you are like
wondering like what is this space that I film in and how do I organize myself
that is what’s going to happen in today’s video so sit tight because we’re
going to go through a lot of information so my office is at the end of the house
and you come in and since the last video I did I’ve actually turned the table so
that it’s not in line with the box and now it’s at a 45 degree angle and you
can see that I’ve moved my ring light up to shine on the back of me so now the
things that I have back here and this is kind of always changing based on just
things that are coming in it’s got more light now because that and then I have
this lamp that sits on the left of me as I’m filming so this is what I look at
while I’m filming so I film on my sony a7r 3 and I’ve been using my
zoom mic now this is the first time I’ve actually plugged my zoom mic into my
camera normally I do a sync afterwards I have a monitor I have two box lights
that basically sit at the corner of my table shining on me so I sit here and so
the lights shine on me and you guys this is why I like people who do YouTube
videos their skin looks great putting on makeup because you’re just like
surrounded by so much pretty light it’s not normal this isn’t what normal people
look like walking around town okay it’s not what I look like walking around town
and then there I am in my monitor and then here’s my desk and like I don’t
know how this garage happened but it’s like the vein of my existence because
whenever I’m doing like pictures and shooting stuff I’m like always trying to
avoid this scratch that I swear my kids must have brought a knife and and like
attacked my table here is my vlogging camera this is the Sony rx100 Mark 7 so
this is the first one they put out finally that had a mic input into it so
now I can actually have really good audio as I’m walking around with my rig
this is my original Sony a7 it’s why I fell in love with Sony I use it for
stills as it does not film 4k and the autofocus is not very fast
it has currently the 35 millimeter 2.8 lens on it but honestly I like the 50
millimeter 1.8 better and that’s only $200 that lens was on my actual original
a7 and was stolen this past summer in Spain I love this camera so much I went
on eBay and REE bought a used one I still need to replace my 50 millimeter
lens I use these extreme pro cards in my newer Sony a7r 3 that camera has two
slots as a backup for simultaneous filming so I need a lot of these cards I
just bought for more the other day this past year like I just realized editing
4k video and just how many videos I make it was dragging down my computer so now
I put everything onto this and edit off I was afraid it was gonna be slow but
it’s actually not slow at all what I’m filming on right now is actually the DGI
pocket I love the thing this thing is amazing it films in 4k now that I am a
podcaster this is what I podcast with this is the apogee height mic this is a
c-stand so if I ever do overhead filming I grab
my camera and it’s the same plate and mount so then I can just throw it up
here really fast it’s awesome I don’t know if you guys find this interesting
but I hope it helps someone ok so then over here in the corner of my room I
have like bins and now that I have somebody helping me film and edit I have
to be even more organized so on the days he comes which Ray’s coming tomorrow we
will film four videos and so I have those videos and bins all arranged and
so tomorrow we’ll be doing the Dyson hair wrap actually I practiced with it
today that’s what my hair looks like this and then we’ll be doing the hi
nearer then we will be micro-needling my face with PDR n and you’ll be doing my
lips with scalp Oz Tyler on pen and their scalp a jet and then to top it all
off we will finish the filming day with our fourth video which will be me doing
a jazz nur and TCA peel on my neck and my chest that is how we will film it and
obviously when I’m thinking about what we’re gonna film I organize it in the
way that makes sense for my body I wasn’t going to microneedle my face
first and then do the Dyson hair wrap video that just want to make sense my
face would be crazy then over in this corner I just have like a desk and it’s
usually where I put boxes that are coming in and I stick them underneath it
so that I can just like you know not lose them but this is the mirror that
was sitting on my floor all last year it finally got hung so I think it looks
great here then next to it I have this bathroom that we’ve never used like ever
it’s just like storage for me and my hope is this year that we can remodel it
into an awesome filming bathroom so that the lighting the way to set up the
camera for it see it just like makes sense for me
doing procedures in the bathroom since I’m always sitting at my table trying to
do procedures or then I go upstairs and it’s just it’s so hard so now that my
channel is making money I can actually afford to hopefully invest in this space
and really up my game when it comes to bathroom procedures in the year 2020 I’m
planning on doing a lot more live-streaming but live streaming
through my nicer camera so that it looks more beautiful right and so my plan is
to do that and to do that I had to like invest and set up for live streaming at
that rate because it’s just like you guys it’s so much more difficult than it
should be I have this HD s60 and this is a capture card so this plugs in between
my computer and my camera and allows me to livestream okay now the other things
I did was I organized and labeled all of my cupboards and my drawers so I’m
excited to show you that just make me Hey my closet was such a mess last time I
showed it to you and I’ve done a lot in here to make it more usable so over here
I’ve cleared out a ton of space and created like little boxes for when
brands send me stuff and it comes in and I want to try it here is stuff that I
have not even tried that I purchased myself
here’s stuff that I have tried but that I’m gonna use in future videos then here
are boxes for two giveaways that I have going on so one needs to be shipped out
and the other one still is waiting on the winner this is how I schedule
everything so I have this calendar basically like this is how I do it like
Wednesdays and Fridays we have videos sometimes we have them on Sundays as
well tink is going to be lives yellow is what ray is in charge of blue is what
I’m in charge of here’s my podcasting schedule so and then like I throw in
like when I’m on trips and what’s going to happen while I’m on there so that’s
kind of how I do it and I like this because if I need to make a change I
just pull these stickies off and like rotate it around and change my drinks of
choice or right by my computer I use this massive backup storage for my
computer here’s one of my great bags that I’ve been using right now here’s
just everything else that I was able to consolidate into this space so these are
just all my old crafting stuff I do keep all my Sony boxes I guess in case I
think I’m never gonna sell something tons of freckle baby stuff over there in
fact you guys need a new baby guess I give you guys 40% off for being
subscribers so chaos 40 at freckle baby calm will get you 40% off so basically
this is my setup this is how I operate this is how I get things done and it’s
not perfect by any means but it’s come a long way and I’m feeling so much more on
top of things and like more professional about everything and it makes me feel
really good because I used to have a lot of anxiety about like how to work on
videos and like organizing product and just everything and it’s just so much so
I’m feeling really good right now and if you
are starting a YouTube channel or you are a small creator I hope that this
gives you a lot of insight at least out what’s working for me and I just want to
say really quickly this video is not about bragging I know most of you don’t
think that I am but I just want to make sure that you guys know if this is your
first time here this is not about bragging this is about giving you
insight into if you do want to be a YouTube creator what you can anticipate
and the decisions I made and it’s also just showcasing like what it takes like
what I’ve had to create in my life to make the kind of videos that I make
obviously I love it otherwise I would not be working this hard alright I hope
that room tour made sense and all the gear I use made sense and if you’re
interested in anything that I use I’ll link to it all below there’s a few
things that I didn’t have with me when I was filming this end
that’s the DJI spark that I use for droning in places as we travel it’s like
miniature it’s awesome and then I also use a GoPro 7 for like
water and you know stuff like that basically I have a lot of gear and that
is one of my major expenses on this channel is just the area the story goes
bigotry so I film on the Sony a7r Mark 3 that’s sitting in front of me there’s a
higher version of that camera now the they made a mark 4 but I’m still filming
on the Mark VII it’s totally fine i film mostly in 4k this year I’ve flipped back
and forth between 4k and 1080p and that’s because 4k video is so big and
storing it and editing it but the biggest problem with it is uploading it
to youtube it can be so annoying like I will set my computer to upload over the
entire night and hope that it doesn’t have any issues that’s been a struggle
but the thing is is that YouTube puts a 4k next to any 4k type videos so my goal
in 2020 is to move to only doing 4k and I think like that will hopefully set me
apart when it comes to search ability and ranking for the longest time I’ve
been editing all of my own videos like I actually love to edit it’s just super
time consuming and I’m a mom of four so doing two to three videos a week my goal
is always 12 videos a month has been really really hard all I do is edit in
fact like I think I’m losing my eyesight because I stare at a computer now more
than I ever have in my entire life and so with that in mind now that my channel
is making money the last three months I have hired somebody who comes here I’ve
talked to him talked about him before on this channel his name is Ray he comes in
films with me two times a month we film like three to four videos each time he’s
here and then he is responsible for editing those videos so basically he’s
picking up 50% of the video editing that I do on my channel so he’s responsible
for six videos I’m responsible for six videos and this is making my life so
much better and I was seriously getting depressed if you’re a small youtuber and
you’re putting out a ton of content you might
late to this I was I was getting depressed because I was thinking even if
I have enough money one day to hire an editor like I don’t know how to teach
them to edit in my style like how am I ever going to trust them with that and
I’m on such a rapid turnaround on making videos and getting them out there like I
don’t have time to sit down and like constantly coach somebody or constantly
redo something and so I was getting super depressed thinking I would never
find someone even if I could pay them blessings fall from the sky ray came to
me through another friend and he’s perfect for me and and so anyways I’m
super excited for 2020 to be working with him and creating amazing content
for you guys ok so I hope you can see that it’s not very glamorous like I’m in
sweats editing all day in some closet in a dark hole right but this is basically
my workflow this is how I’ve set it up for myself this is how it works
could it be better of course I’m sure people have much better ways of
organizing themselves for this but this is what I’ve been doing so far
so obviously I’m recording on different devices once I’m done with a bunch of
projects I bring all those cards over here and then I start importing and
making projects also while that is importing it’s always a good idea to go
grab yourself a new drink and check Instagram so that you can message back
people and YouTube and stay on top of all the other social media platforms
that you have going on because you are growing a business you need to stay
up-to-date on what people are saying to you and make sure that they feel loved
another thing that I do to keep myself organized and it’s the super rudimentary
when I have cards that are full but haven’t been downloaded yet as with them
in mind not downloaded little cop and then when I have downloaded them but the
video hasn’t gone up on YouTube and it’s not done the fucked it’s not done I put
them here and I label the pardon these stickies
so that I know what’s on the card and what project I’m working on you do not
wipe cards until everything is done once the project is uploaded to YouTube then
I reformat the card you don’t know about reformatting I’m sure there’s a million
videos on YouTube about it for instance if we use the Dyson air
wrap that I just recorded the other day we’re gonna stick it in we’re gonna
build a new folder for it a new project and I’m going to bring it in and I’m
going to optimize its audio and its color balance and for me basically the
way I do that based on my camera settings in my full setup I like to make
it negative 10 on like the dark side that’s like what I always do because my
setup is pretty bright so I like to give a little bit more definition by just
dropping it to negative 10 really quick and then in audio I will put in a
compressor like a level confront let you go into level compressor then I’ll drop
that in then I will do voice 3 remove the noise and then I’ll look for
red and yellow Peaks and I’ll adjust if I need to bring down the audio in
certain areas or the entire clip so that’s my current workflow on that the
entire year prior I was recording separately and what I would have to do
and this is a nightmare I would bring in my audio separately and my visual
separately and then I would have to sync them syncing them isn’t hard because
Final Cut Pro has a program for syncing unlike there you just select both clips
and it will auto sync but the problem is is that it’s organizing the material
it’s so scary to feel like you don’t know where that one clip of audio went
that went to that one video clip but now you have four audios and for videos but
you’re you’re missing like one of them and you’re like I don’t know where it is
like that was what was the most challenging was keeping it all organized
so I think that if you can do a setup where you don’t have to have separate
audio and separate video that will probably streamline your situation much
better I really love the audio that I get out of my zoom h2n
but it was causing me a lot of anxiety and a lot more time to be able to edit
so once those are in there once I’ve done a little bit of color grading a
little bit of audio and then I just go through and I start cutting it up and I
start getting on epidemic sound I’m looking for music that I love that I
think is gonna be cool I’m looking for places in my video where I messed up or
said something or made some weird face I’m usually gonna pull that to the front
and the back and try to like give you some kind of interesting moment to be
excited about or watch and that’s kind of how I do it I have fun going through
the footage making fun of myself and then also I’m always thinking when I’m
editing how is somebody going to pay attention for the next 10 seconds I think about it seriously in ten second
increments because people’s attention span is so low and I’m covering so much
information a lot of times and everything that I’m like how do I keep
this exciting how will they watch me how will they not click away we need
something flying across the screen here we need more music we need I need to do
something in this to keep people staying on right because that’s the whole goal
when you’re making videos you just want them to watch them and if you’re like
flooring and you’re taking a long time to say things and honestly it’s weird I
can either talk superfast or talk super slow and sometimes when I’m sitting in
front of the big camera I talk slower than I do in real life when I’m talking
about things that like I feel 100% comfortable with I talk faster but when
I’m talking about something new or I’m trying to remember what I just learned I
talk slower and then I’m going through and I’m feeling like oh can you believe
her this so long so with the goal of always keeping things interesting
because who knows how slow I’m going to talk or how much you’re going to enjoy
watching me it’s a good idea to maybe what the camera angle so I just moved
the camera from over here to here so maybe you’re like oh it’s a different
angle and it’s just things like that as you edit as you build out project you’re
gonna be like oh I wish I had this like angle or I wish I had said this and
sometimes you go back into situations and you refilm
or you do voice over or something just to be able to cover some aspect that you
think would be really vital and important because the goal is to give as
much value and entertainment as possible on YouTube so when I bring the projects
in I’m actually bringing them in on that external hard drive that I showed you
earlier and I edit from the external hard drive I no longer stick huge 4k
projects on to my laptop it was just bogging it down and every
day it was telling me there’s no more room on your computer it’s so annoying I
do it on the external now the external hard drive does slow down you cannot
edit as fast as you could if you were directly in Final Cut Pro and I played
with different methods sometimes I do bring the file directly into my computer
so if I bring it into my main computer and I know that I’m going to edit it
fast then what I do is as soon as it’s done I move it
to the external hard drive and deleted off the Final Cut Pro on my computer
then at night I plug in this guy now I’m not really good about this but my
husband told me I have to do this every night otherwise it’s a nightmare because
if I don’t do this every night which is my time machine full backup for my
computer then what ends up happening is I have like a 14 hour backup so it still
can work overnight but a lot of times my computer’s with me in bed as I’m editing
so I can’t have these long backups so every night now when we go to dinner
like go to the kitchen and I’m not in here editing I plug it in and it can do
an update pretty fast oh I know what I can tell you so now you guys know that I
have a lovely employee named Ray and he films and edits with me on a couple days
a month on those days he takes the cards with him and then the next time he comes
back he brings them back which is why I need so many SD cards because now we
have SD cards moving between us we also have a Dropbox that we share and upload
folders between each other but when you’re dealing with 4k it can take
forever to upload what are these things on my faith in 2020 I have started
wearing the lens glasses my eyes were just like decaying over 2019 like at
night I could not read my computer it was getting bad I was getting scared and
it’s because I’m looking at screens all day long and like really focusing in on
edit and so now I wear the they’re very attractive but they’re gonna save my
eyes hopefully the other thing to tell you is that I use epidemic sound I know
a lot of you guys like the music I use and you asked me about where it comes
from it’s a service that I pay for so that I can have royalty-free music in my
project so I pay monthly for it and it’s a huge catalog of music which I love
they have so many good songs so many good artists it’s great and that’s where
I get all my songs and music from right now as far as work flow when I’m trying
to figure out how to get a video to rank or do well on YouTube I’ve been using
tube buddy all 2019 and the end of 2018 but I just added that IQ so now I pay
for both of them I’m trying to decide on which one I like working with better so
far there are things about that IQ that really like and then there’s some things
about to Buddy that I really like so I’m like torn but I don’t want to pay for
them both per month so I pay for a lot of services each month that help me be a
better creator and help me run this business better I know what I was going
to tell you once your project is done you’re going to in Final Cut Pro do a
master file save if a video for instance is 20 minutes long and it or Kay that’s
gonna be between sone and 8 gigabyte I’m going to save that to my desktop and
then I’m going to upload that to YouTube and when I do that I’m going to go in
and start the upload and it’s going to take hours I try to do it late at night
when maybe other people who might be watching Netflix and things like that
are kind of off the system and I upload overnight I schedule it I set up the
premiere and then I work on all the SEO and that’s when I use to buddy and that
IQ and you guys again this is a no way sponsored and all I’m doing is talking
about services that I use they are the things I use right now and I’m always
looking for better ways to use them sometimes this is what’s really
frustrating it will upload to YouTube but then it will sit there and not
process and you’re like why isn’t it processing but finally sometimes it will
process if it doesn’t process if it takes hours and it’s not doing anything
you’re gonna have to re-upload you just have to quit it’s not going to happen
which is so annoying that’s the reality of YouTube so just prepare yourself for
that prepare yourself to be constantly frustrated at technology leave in more
time for that frustration to happen that is like my number one tip you’ve got to
find time to troubleshoot things that should be working and they’re not okay
what was that right like it was a lot and if you stuck to this point thank you
and I hope it was helpful and if you are one of my amazing amazing tribe members
in our Facebook group thank you for hanging in I know this was not skinned
and I know this was not traveled this was a whole different animal entirely
this three-part series has been really incredible for me to make it’s been one
of the most time-consuming projects I’ve worked on so far but I really hope that
it helped somebody who is looking to start a channel or as
a small creator and they’re wondering what other small creators are doing this
is the thing I made this video exactly the way that I would have loved to have
found a video like I would have loved to have seen a video or a series of videos
the way that I made them and so I hope that that also resonates with other
people I don’t know but I hope so this channel is all about my journey and
sharing 100% open transparent unapologetically being myself and I
really love that that fits a lot of people though I love that that resonates
so well all the time I’m going to be sharing my skincare journey many times
I’m sharing my trips around the world and sometimes I’ll be sharing about the
real pride what is this what am I doing here and I think it’s all part of it so
thank you again for being here with me and I hope that this gave you some
really good insight if who I am how I work on what this whole process of
YouTube has been like for me and how I do it if you liked it make sure to
subscribe and turn on your notifications because who knows if YouTube will ever
push me to you and please like and comment below if you have suggestions on
how I can make my workflow better or what things I should change you’re free
to leave it in the comments I would love to hear your opinion and I’ll see you
guys very soon bye guys Sonia the story goes new book bigotry
I know I need help with court management this is insane right I just and it is
better you guys better

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