Week in My Life in Paris: Art School, Love Stories & New Projects 💃🏿

Week in My Life in Paris: Art School, Love Stories & New Projects 💃🏿

100 thoughts on “Week in My Life in Paris: Art School, Love Stories & New Projects 💃🏿”

  1. Hi loves! For full FRENCH subtitles cliquer sur l'icon cc! So this video is longer than normal but It has been so long since ive done an update on art school (the ups and downs), Paris life or projects so grab some popcorn and a drink and let's catch up! It also meant a lot to me to be able to share Natasha's incredibly inspiring story with you with out cutting too much out and just share what life has been like with Alex, my friends etc. It’s a lot of different emotions but I hope it can bring you some sort of comfort or feeling of being less alone in the world. I LOVE YOU. PS let me know if you like this longer format or prefer shorter vlogs for the future xx Shayna

  2. still watching but my soul is WEEPING by how beautiful her story is 😭 hands down my favorite vlog by you!! you're an angel btw hehe

  3. I looooved Joker, especially the scene with the riots, it reminded me about the riots in Paris or current ones in Chile. The system is oppressive to poor people and of course no understanding for disabled people whatsoever but the Gotham city was also in comic depicted as this distopie kind of a city with lots of criminals, pollution etc. p.s. also loved your Carrie blood accident 😀

  4. Really loving this video! Would love to see some Pinterest boards, a blog or anything like that from the wonderful purple palace!

  5. i am so touched by natasha’s story, her hope, motivation, and belief in herself and true love is straight out of a STORYBOOK!!💞truly inspired to live more daring day to day. her courage!!💗

    beautiful video shayna 💞💞💞 one of
    my new favorite videos on youtube. i will come back to this when i’m having a bad day.

  6. I just want to thank you for such inspiring videos. You are really unique and you transmit art in every way. What are your inspirations?
    obrigada :*
    (and yes, please do a podcast!!!)

  7. I think it would be cool if you did live stream art therapy, so like you painting maybe something outside your window and people watching can do the same and you can just talk as people ask questions.

  8. I just started univerity for Design in Germany (as german)… i dont know how art studies work exactly in France, but how do you not feel overwhelmed and not creative when you get a new task (like your book)

  9. You are seriously one of my biggest creative inspirations. Love how you live your truth so freely and full of magic and art ! I really enjoyed this vlog and thought it was one of your best so far. That woman’s story made it especially magical and love how you connected with her.

  10. I study in Santa Barbara and I love it so far! La vue du college est super super belle!J'aime bien mon class d'art et production du film. I havent had mich trouble finding friends but sometimes I just feel really lonely just because it is so new to live alone without family around. Merci pour ton video! et à bien-tôt

  11. Oh dear. I love your vlogs but this guest sounds rather out of balance. This kind of 'quest' can be quite dangerous, esp as a mom, and I think if she goes back home with the conclusion: people are just weird, that's the most important life lesson of all.

  12. this year i started to college and im in the prep class we are learning french and you are literally my motivation about learning french love you bisous bisous

  13. Oh that lady, I love her story she is so amazing , its like "Only You" with Marisa Tomei <3 <3 I kind of want a follow up to know if she finds him 🙂 It beautiful!

  14. love love love the long videos. they're my fave. about joker, i liked a lot of the movie. the part that was a miss for me was the ending. i fully thought the film was going to end with the sequence of him standing on top of car with his followers looking up to him, but instead it kept going…i think that was a strange choice that led to it feeling anti-climatic.

  15. Yes yes yes!!! THIS is the stuff I want to see. Real moments with real people full of passion for life ♡ The story of the woman inspires me so much!! I'm sure shell find her soulmate, it cant be other way because shes really following her spirit. Also I think its amazing how the universe joins beautiful people like you and her♡ It would be really cool if you create a section where you talk to more people with amazing stories♡

  16. hi shayna! i hope you’re doing well today :o) i’m a new transfer to my university and changed my major to french at the beginning of the semester so i’m starting from the very basics! it’s been a bit overwhelming and i’ve been struggling to find balance between all of my classes + work + finding time to unwind. my other classes have been taking up most of my time and i’m finding it hard to retain everything i’ve learned from my french class. i think mostly because it is online? i’ve registered for an in-class section next semester though. i was wondering if you have any study tips or helpful resources that helped you with learning french? any help is appreciated 😊

  17. Omg, I feel like each video you post is so interesting.. I'm really happy that you began this channel because it brought so much to my life 😉 ( I mean inspiration and joy )

  18. I remember being stressed in school, the design school I was enrolled in was very strict. If you missed more then two full days they could drop you from the program. One student put the logo on on the wrong side and didn't follow the spec sheet and she was dropped from the program and had to repeat the year it was crazy strict. It was fun following along in your life there. I was there for 10 days for FW and already miss it!

  19. You should make a video about your different makeup looks/ how you get inspiration for them and what products you use! I love your looks

  20. That story got me hella inspired and felt refreshed after this video, I love that you listed the music for the video this time. Do you ever make playlist and share them? That'd be cool. Also your vampire bf seems cool in the video! And I love your friends especially the Korean one! Everyone seems so alive in Paris, one day I shall visit! Hopefully soon (ᵔᴥᵔ)

  21. love seeing alex in videos! love seeing you guys be in love! and i love seeing a representation of someone (you) so free, someone so unafraid of interacting with the world and exploring, and so young, also being in a serious and committed relationship – i think i've found my life partner, we've been living together for a year now and it scares my friends and other people in my life because they are afraid i am stifling myself or cutting myself off from the outside by investing myself so wholly in this love. there is such a sense these days that being in a relationship equates to a loss of freedom. but i see my friends more now than i did when i was single, i feel so joyous and secure in my relationship – i know i've found "The One" because all the relationships i've had before this have been so bogged down in jealousy and fear. The right relationship will nurture you and encourage new growth. (imagine a cute lil sprout emoji)

  22. This woman is so inspiring and brave. I can not even imagine putting myself out there for love like that. I never cry and I cried throughout the whole video just because of her

  23. Natasha's story was so beautiful <3 And the story with her dad was so emotional, and inspiring. I immediately wrote a little note for my fiance, and hid it in between their clothes. Who knows how long it will take to find it? LOL I dated it just in case, because i wanted to see how many days it will take. XD
    I personally like to see Alex in your videos, but it's ok if he's not very comfortable on camera: makes the video and the memories more special 😉

  24. Such a positive vlog <3 I love it! Sending positive vibes to the lady looking for love 💕 May she find what she’s looking for/ destiny will find her ☁️💜💕

  25. Love your videos 💖 They are such an inspiration and they burst of positive energy. ☺️ Thank you for being yourself and for sharing the joy!

  26. I love love love your long videos (and the shorter ones are great too). All these small pieces from your life are beautiful, and Alex is so much fun! ❤️ Right now I'm at university in Canada. I enjoy it but sometimes it feels like I'm letting life flow away without taking it all in or even taking time to just exist. Anyways, hope your day is amazing.

  27. I feel like the girl from Korea… I'm always the cute, small and nice girl even though I don't feel like it. People in my age or even junger make fun of me and saying : owwww you're soo cuuute . Trating me like a small kid which is lost and doesn't know what to do …

  28. This women's story about finding her true love is crazy, it's gonna make an incredible book !! She's funny and inspirational, I love it !

  29. Natasha's story touched me sooo mush OMG😭😭😭😍

    And alex should definitely be seen more in your videos 😄

  30. I'm always really excited for school to start, but then I remember how stressful keeping a 4.0 is. My school's really strict with grades and teachers consider you lazy if you drop below an A. A B's "okay" and a C earns you a severely disappointed look from your homeroom teacher, who gives you your report card.

    Edit: You can only imagine what would happen if you were to get a D.

  31. Coucou je t'en rencontré à coté du centre Pompidou mercredi de la semaine dernière, je ne sais pas si tu t'en souviens. En tous cas je voulais m'excuser de t'avoir fait sursauter (moi aussi j'ai été tellement surpris, j'avais l'impression d'avoir un apparition) ! Voilà en tous cas j'en garde un super souvenir j'espère vraiment aller te voir à un meet-up un jour ! I loved this video, it really inspired me to study in Paris after highschool and i loved the fact you've kinda interviewed people that was so interesting , thank's for making it ! btw are you going to show us other of your art film ? I really appreciated vase of pain, I felt like the text was so truthful and poetic and the images were beautiful

  32. Omg I loved this vlog so much!! The story of Natasha is so beautiful and inspiring! I'm sure you'll enjoy working in the creepy lab studio! 💖
    Also at the beginning you asked about what we are studying etc. I'm studying art history and English but I'm in a little bit of a rut right now.
    Have a lovely weekend 💞

  33. a podcast would be amazing! it'd be perfect for my commute to school, as i'm taking my second year of french this year and your videos have really been helping me out. much love<3

  34. Such a great lil video! I really enjoyed hearing about Natasha's story; it sounds like she had a very transformative and impactful trip. Aussi, Alex est supèr! Je souhaite qu'il va être et parler plus souvent dans vos vidéos plutôt. Go Alex! : )

  35. I've just started my first year in fashion design in Paris! I discovered your videos around the begining of last year when I was applying to schools and it made me more confident to come to Paris from the U.S. and follow my dream, so thank you for your wonderful videos! I always look forward to them 💕💕

  36. wow strong message, Natasha is brave and such a delight. Things like this always remind us to never give up. LOVE ur Chanel XOXO

  37. Bah … en ce moment, je suis en train de finir un marathon de la langue (avec Lingoda), donc, j'écoute cette vidéo sans CC. Quelle surprise! J'arrive te comprendre! Ton accent est tellement joli. J'espère que je peux parler rapidement et jolliment aussi bientôt.

    Et… son histoire… pour mois, je ne crois pas en l'amour, mais son histoire était belle.

  38. And I'm surprised that the astrologer didn't give her guidance on whether or not a new love will come into her life soon.

    I pulled some cards and this man is coming, but he's in hiding (hermit/4 of swords), but he's definitely her man (the sun) and he's a fire sign lol. She'll have to do more searching to pull him out, but he's there. You never know, he may be her financial adviser if she ever decides to permanently move to Paris.

    re: Joker. I felt the same way. cinematography was beautiful and so was the acting, but the storytelling was missing connections.

  39. This was a lovely video as usual❤it was so inspiring and we need to see more Alex, he's adorable, I love to see you guys together♥thank you for sharing everything❣

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