VLOG 015 – FULL ASCENT of the Grossglockner: ⛰️The Highest Mountain of Austria⛰️

VLOG 015 – FULL ASCENT of the Grossglockner: ⛰️The Highest Mountain of Austria⛰️

*Music* I am here in Austria! *Music* Tomorrow is the climb of the highest mountain of Austria, the Grossglockner. *Music* I feel ready. Given myself enough days of
rest from the Alpspitze. So, anyone who just joined in in this vlog here, this
was a little mountain adventure or a little mountain trip that I made where I
actually wanted to climb three mountains but the Watzmann,
to the third mountain, which was actually happening after this got canceled
because of the weather. Can happen but I’m gonna climb it in a couple of months
then so that’s cool too. But so I climbed before this here the Alpspitze.
If you want to see the start of this little mountain trip then in the
description of this vlog you can find the previous vlog of the Alpspitze. I
feel pretty good in shape it was good to climb the Alpspitze. It was a little
warm-up climb. So, all my muscles are… yeah they’re ready. And also to get used to
the altitude. Because the Grossglockner is about three thousand eight hundred
and eighty meters, or something, so once you get about 3000 meters then
you can get altitude sickness. So, that’s why it’s good to actually sleep in a hut
on the mountain and then continue the next day because you’re acclimatizing…
you’re equal… I don’t know that word but you’re actually making your body get
used to the altitude. Always starting with the Snickers. *Music* All packed and ready to go. *Music* The weather conditions look
amazing. It’s just gonna be terribly hot. Like tomorrow it’s gonna be a couple of
degrees less warm but today it was like 30, tomorrow it’s gonna be 26 but then
the summit day it’s actually gonna go up to 30 again so
it’s gonna be a hot day of going up. At least it’s clear skies the weather looks
like it’s not gonna stop us from reaching the top. So that’s good. So, tomorrow at 5 a.m. breakfast is
served. And basically at 6:00 we are going up to
the top. So, yeah. It’s now I think like 20:00 p.m. So I think in 3 hours most people
are off to sleep and I will do that as well. Yeah… I mean I got a couple of
audiobooks to listen to so I don’t think I will sleep at 23:00 p.m. already but
at least rest my body. That’s not a bad thing. But I’m gonna go outside to take a
few photos and film a little bit of the stunning view that I’m surrounded with.
Also, the sunset is happening soon so never a bad time to go outside. *Music* All right. It is exactly 4:30 a.m.
right now. Time to get some breakfast and start scaling the Grossglockner. Let’s do it. My watch says I had three hours of sleep in so that is something. But I feel okay. Feel ready. Feel energized to go to the
top. So, let’s get to the top. *Music* Jellis: Thank you! Peter: Nicely done! Jellis: Hey, nicely done! Ohh, I do need to touch this. *Music* I just came back now from the top. It’s 11 o’clock.
So, still got the whole day. But, yeah first things first that will take a shower.
Because I desperately need a shower. *Music* Ohh, look at this car. *Music* I probably look like a tomato because
it’s been so warm. For anyone watching this video looking for more
information about climbing the Grossglockner. I will link in the description of this
video some additional information about equipment to take. If you want to go with
a guide a good platform to use called www.Explore-Share.com. That I used for this now
as well. Can highly recommend it. Really cool platform. And anything else that I
think would be helpful for anyone wanting to climb the Grossglockner I will
link it down below in the description of this video. And I’m just laughing because
I’m who… I’m sweating. But I hope you all enjoyed this vlog here. That’s another
highest mountain of a country checked off. A few more to go. Let’s take a shower. *Music*

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  1. If anyone has any questions about climbing the Grossglockner, don't hesitate to ask me! 🙂 Happy to help out.

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