Visual and Performing Arts Center at OCCC  “See You at the Theater!”

Visual and Performing Arts Center at OCCC “See You at the Theater!”

(Music begins) Narrator: Since
2014, the 1,067-seat Visual and
Performing Arts Center at Oklahoma City Community College
is a cultural crown jewel to patrons and performers
worldwide. We so enjoyed playing
here. Great crew, great sound, fantastic sold
out audience – it’s just the best date of the year.
(Applause) I think we’re very fortunate on the south side
to have a venue to give us this type of culture. It’s
just a beautiful place. TR: The theater was
very big. Lots of space. The dressing rooms are
huge. The load in was very fast. We are a crew of 16 people
total. People helping us backstage
and everything went seamless. One of the best theaters we’ve
done so far in the United
States. KD: To see performance at this
level, it reminded me of the kind of show I would go
to Vegas or New York or
Philadelphia to see. (Applause) RP: I’ve
had season tickets now
for a number of years and that’s the best. Of
course, all these seats are
good. I’ve got row M – love it! VA: It’s a very convenient
theater. It’s very comfortable. I live in Norman, and so it’s
great to be able to come and see very high-quality theater
without having to go farther
north. Easy access from the college
location to the highways and
free parking. The environment is electric.
You really get pulled into a performance in a way that you
forget is part of live theater. The Visual and Performing Arts
Series is a gift to the city
and our community – They wouldn’t just be supporting the arts; they would be having a marvelous night out For tickets, showtimes, or more information on rentals please call or visit us online See you at the theater!

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