Visiting the Poor in Havana, Cuba- portraits and photojournalism using one lens and one camera

Visiting the Poor in Havana, Cuba- portraits and photojournalism using one lens and one camera

the guys we just did a really awesome video in here and you're going to see how it started is all all the sudden unexpected but we got invited in I got some amazing shots I only has one camera one lens and I just made the most of it we're going to share it with you so let's go hey guys check out this place those funny no really check out this place I guess right now so here this guy is calling us up and taking ask us to come up and shoot and I understand when he's doing the city's hoping that he gets some money out of it that doesn't bother me because it gets me access so this happens more than you think to me and something that you have to be aware of and yes I most certainly did compensate this man first time we are walking into the bathroom thanks for Jason there a lot to walk into the bathroom you guys brought it upstairs handed go through what do you think bathroom picture we're going upstairs with driver might get killed in between everydays installed it's actually really fun for me as a boss to take people like Brenda who are relatively new to this kind of stuff into these places and see the reactions and I'm so used to a little I always get a kick out of watching their face like lemon see why not wanna hit Brenda's trying to convince him that she was Cuban by showing us all commuters which is pretty funny and he just looked for an excuse put his arm around her I found like Cubano you could bring up with some company smells like you so goodbye the reality of a situation like this is 90% of Westerners have never seen abject poverty like this other than what they see on TV they've never seen anything like this and it is very humbling and one thing that I always do when I'm in a situation like this in a location like this is I never put myself above them I always relate to them always shake their hands a lot of times they'll hold their hands back they're afraid of it being dirty and I just don't care I want to connect with them and let them know that we're the same you're on Jason for this shoot all I had was a 70 to 200 G master and the sony a7r – no extra camera bags backpacks anything I just had camera with me and you want to use it to capture these shots I'd like to say they're close you'll notice I told Brenda to stay close to me that's because I don't know what dogs are in there are people I'm always mindful with my team you're also going to see what I was just talking about the gentlemen here when I go to shake his hand I'm just going to reach out his arm he's going to have any shake his forearm that's pretty typical in these places that I go they're just showing respect back being that I had they 70-200 know their lenses I had to go back and shoot this one like it 70p the best I could for a wide-angle type shot and this one is the same thing I shot these at 2.8 to give us some separation and then I zeroed in for some more detail work from above like you see with that piece of clothing sitting there and I really like this shot that shows the separation from the background to the subject this dog here was so cute and he's little scared I felt bad but I loved that shot of my native I'm on 800 kiddin me nice applause okay damn they have a second photos this was the moment I anticipated where he started asking me for money on me was porn he did it and one thing I always do is make sure get my shots and then I'll compensate that's always the best way to handle things if you compensate first who may not get your shot when you're in a scenario like this then you're shooting someone make sure to tell them what you want to be don't be shy you know for instance this gentleman was next to the other gentleman she sat on the wall and I just want to picture to him so I made sure to tell them that this is really funny that I was a little poster this is leg up in there exactly and he did it one side and then he he did the other and he's very proud of himself and it really cracked me up that's a shot all the way out at 200 and this is back to 17 so this one sexy leg you'll often notice I'm not posing him like I would a normal shoot and that's because I don't want it to be a post shoot I want him to do his thing and I'm just there to document it I'm not doing what I would do at a workshop or whatever else I just want to have fun with them and one of the best ways I've always gotten people to work with me if I shine on one instruction that Sabbath kit make you I think I'd invited down to go shoot the other gentleman little room where we're staying and I'd rather watch it one just like this and just to show you how other folks live around the world one rule of mine is I never ever judge another person living conditions I always tell them that I think the place is great and that I just never looked down upon it and I don't want them to feel that I wanted to select I'm honored to be in their home that that's one way I've gotten into a lot of places and then he wanted to switch hats with me and then he wanted a smoke and so he put his a cigarette mr. bear and he was able to get some gangster type shots which I thought was funny play leaves and watching some movies or something from the West it was really funny to watch it's those little like you've been getting things over there the shots in here were taken as 2.8 and ISO 8002 using available lengths and then that that's a scare that he was using to pump out the music little mp3 player that's a speaker that he was using to pump out the music which I and that's a Barbie that's in an interesting position I thought that was funny it's a fans kind of a document what some of the living conditions are like in that place and I just love getting in there and documented these things guys it's it's so different let's like item photo I just love this little girl in the shots of her just so sweet and they're really fun to take I wanted to get some shots for a night to kind of get shots in between the guys walking and her mom taking her down the hallway but I really like and it was just nothing what does novia here I'm asking this guys since you handsome guy muscular you have a lot of girlfriends and you say no I'm unemployed and therefore I don't have any girls and you know that's just the way it kind of is down in Cuba and also table tennis I see most no money no honey here I'm teaching them the phrase on the United States no money no honey – window I have told them and tawny I don't know honey which boys must be not the NSD net mundo no money no honey when I came to the conclusion that that wasn't at the United States that was something that occurs everywhere we're talking about go el mundo which means in all of the world I went on many tunnels when I get Jim boy nails on hands and there's no money don't just walk up hey yo girl no money no honey one thing I hope you guys are noting is that I'm taking the time to talk to them and not just shoot and that goes a very long way into developing relationships to be able to come back and they sense that guys they know if it's genuine or not and it makes a huge difference in your ability to capture your subjects and to share moment with them versus just capturing a picture and leaving oh go meet some battle okay normally I don't give my hat over as much as I get in this video but I had a soft spot for these guys they were super cool and I mean I have experience like this again so I can share something with them and brighten their day and they brighten mine that loves those fingers so win-win ha ha la mano and that's come on Michael Jackson they're equals me look like Michael Jackson these guys man came up the stairs playing up an old battered Bureau type thing and really is humbling to watch these guys struggle with this and we're so used to dollies and elevators and all sorts of yet gadgets to help us do these things and when you watch these guys struggle it really makes you appreciate how good a lot of us have it compared to some other people in the world and that we need to be grateful about it see look at external forces just recover yeah so he's explaining that when we come back for our workshop in Cuba Cuba in the month we can come in here we can share together like it I know I'm explaining hey lookit expert on me ramble see if they media put Yacouba that we all do it you're too big this is a really fun part for me where I was explaining to him that this is going to be on YouTube and the ends of asking me where this is going to be shown internationally what countries and he can't believe like right there he cannot believe he's actually he thinks I'm lying he can't believe it that he's going to be on videos around the world and I told him he says what countries and I said all the countries where YouTube goes and it kind of blew his mind as you can see and he he just couldn't believe it and that was really really a fun moment for me to watch his reaction and to be able to bring a little joy at his life and what I'm doing here is setting up contact information with him so we can come back in April to do our next workshop so it pays to get out there and make these contacts first and come back with a group and have a great time 1100 photos for the robotics for your sake in the DNA little me pretty much ok homonymous Claro que cuando cuando cuando lo llamó royalty heroes hero blanco me querido so guys what's going on is I'm talking to him and Spanish obviously I'm talking to the gentleman we're talking about when we come back for our workshop we're going to come back here and we're going to be able to shoot in this whole place with guys let me seriously this is amazing to be able to shoot here cut up on the way that my nipples done see oh no that'll so the next time keep shooting never give up on a dream find the right here that works for you remember you only have one chance to get it right talk to you later stop somebody come to Cuba come to Cuba be better curable you guys still here hello talking to you hey guys if you want to learn online with me go to otago fee and you will be able to continue this craziness online from anywhere on planet earth with me if you want to join me live go to jason linear calm workshops and you'll get to see me and my full glory live and in person guys I think there's a smudge in there yeah I got it talk to the hi

23 thoughts on “Visiting the Poor in Havana, Cuba- portraits and photojournalism using one lens and one camera”

  1. Beautiful photography. New subbie because of your humility, much appreciated. I just watched another video by a Canadian visiting the DR and he was so "bootstrap, get a job, don't give out too much they'll become dependent"… It was really disgusting. I appreciate your humility once again. I just returned to Cuba and I'm going back in a few months.

  2. I’ve been to Havana 5 times. Was there 2 weeks ago. Came back with great photos but never approached locals for photos. My Spanish isn’t good enough and the photo for pay is difficult if you can’t really communicate. I was approached by several guys for cigars, dinners at their mother’s place, girls. Interesting video. I was not surprised by the guy’s reaction to being told he was sexy by a man. Very interesting culture… macho and not macho.

  3. I just spent four days in Cuba and I stayed at an Airbnb in Old Town Havana. This is a true picture of what life is like there. It is a nightmare. I don't know how the Cuban people can smile and make jokes while living in these conditions. It looked to me like half of the adult males were unemployed. Yet they are warm, friendly and very loving toward each other. But Cuba is still a Communist Police state and I will not go back again until they are free of Communist tyranny.

  4. The waSSp is so evil. The waSSp is at the heart of so much evil; be it a UK waSSp, swiSS waSSp, German waSSp,,

  5. I love the Cuban people….I hope to visit Cuba and stay there for at least a month …travel through the country and meet the people. The sanctions of the usa imposed for more than 50 years and lately been re-inforced will never defeat the Cuban people. Viva Cuba!!

  6. The poor on the countryside have even less than these guys. They live in wooden houses and have less belongings. The great thing about Cuba is that you are safe at any location. Thiefs exist, but they steal from the government, not from tourists. Although people will quite often ask you for money, especially in the tourist areas.

  7. Thank you so much Jason, my family is cuban and ive been to cuba many times and i appreciated this as a photographer and a cuban- american!

  8. How funny, how cool… how real. I was in Havana in 2017…muy bueno. Here is how I saw it all in Habana, Cuba:

  9. Hi Jason, the reason why the guy held out his forearm was because he was cooking and his hands were wet. That's what people do when their hands are other wise occupied. It is done in Africa as well and not anything to do with it being dirty.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed this video. Really great to see a guy whose made it, not just remember his own humble beginnings but to be able and willing to step into a world so far removed from his own without judging and meet and greet everyone on the same level. I don't say it well but well done that man for showing what we all should be doing!

  11. I really enjoyed this video. It shows the real life of Cubans. I found it pretty similar to life in Delhi in India , the electricity Meters, the open electricity wires everywhere, small living spaces, broken stairs etc. I think it is because India was also socialist before 1990s.

  12. 'i don't want it to be a posed shoot' Lanier is so full of himself he actually believes he's doing something spontaneously, 'I never judge a another persons living situation' dude, the very act of coming into these people's spaces with your big camera and lense is judgement enough Keep your mouth shut and shoot it'll keep your from giving away your naive stupidity.

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