Use Coronavirus to draw Zombie | DP ART

Use Coronavirus to draw Zombie | DP ART

Currently we’re facing a corona virus pandemic what horror movie character. Do you think this evil virus is related to today I’m going to sketch an image of a character which is similar to the dangerous virus Thank you for watching I hope to see you all again in my upcoming videos

100 thoughts on “Use Coronavirus to draw Zombie | DP ART”

  1. This is Amazing!
    It would be great if you are interested in publishing a drawing online course on skillshare or udemy, where you teach us the excersises and techniques, which got you to this level and the excersise which made you master all these different drawing Mediums and techniques.

  2. Literally everytime I watch your videos I get mad at myself because you’re sooo good at drawing !!!!! And I wish I could be that good

  3. You are too talented! Love the way your mind works! 😁 Much love and respect from Edinburgh, stay safe. 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙

  4. Sorry man, at first I thought you somehow raise the coronavirus in some kind of experiment. Then use these virus to create a piece of art 🤣🤣

  5. Hong hiểu nổi mấy th ngu nào vào dislike ??? Chắc nó trúng virus r hay sao ý, anh Phương vẽ đẹp v có ý nghĩa nữa lại đi dislike ?? Ghen ăn tức ở hay dì ???

  6. Great drawings as always..i am really inspired by ur Art..i have started doing realistic portraits on my channel..i will really appreciate it, if u can check it out and give me some suggestions on what to improve😁❤️🙏

  7. Tình hình là ad phải phụ đề tiếng Việt nếu nói tiếng Anh, và phụ đề tiếng Anh nếu nói tiếng Việt nhà, vì như vậy cả Tây và ta đều hiểu ad nói gì chứ , chứ cứ nói tiếng Anh rồi còn phụ đề tiếng Anh thì mình k hiểu gì luôn

  8. when you think about it the virus is only evil to us, maybe good for the nature like an extinction event for the planet to start over

  9. Sir hope you are fine great drawing in India there I leaving in kerala out city has no problem but I don't scared be brave. Which is your country sir.

  10. Thách anh 1 trong 2 điều sau: (nếu làm được cả 2 thì em thua toàn tập)
    1) Vẽ 1 tranh có màu chủ đề bất kỳ bằng 20 tờ A4 ghép lại thành 1 bức tranh lớn 4×5 hoàn chỉnh!


    2) Vẽ 1 tranh màu chủ đề bất kỳ nhưng ngược và trái!
    Tức là sau khi vẽ xong lộn ngược tranh và cho ra trước gương sẽ ra 1 bức tranh có nghĩa, hoản chỉnh!

    Khó nhất em có thể nghĩ ra rồi đấy!! Toàn thử thách phi thường.

  11. I know how they made their drawings perfectly, first, the drawing was already sketched, then from finish to beginning he carefully erase it gradually, and then put his finger holding the pencil at the point where he did the erasing and then took a picture of it, one by one he carefully do the erasing and the photo taking so that he can make a hyper lapse and then when he was done and completely erase the drawing, he play it forwardly so that it will looks like he drew it.

  12. Idea….. A mask thats being ripped off like a latex makeup type mask that somewhat looks like the virus , but as its being ripped off, it doesn't fully rip in whole, but part still adhered, but enough that you see the true culprit ((TRUMP)) . Possibly peices on the ground or ? . . . Lol.

  13. How do u draw these things? These look better than a 4K image. I would like to set these as my wallpaper😘😘😀

  14. This is totally amazing 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
    May everyone stay safe in every part of the world
    Have a safe day friends

  15. Every video of yours is unreal and unbelievable that a human can draw like this ! Gifted talent from God !

  16. Dp art drawing: uses coronavirus drawing to make zombie drawing
    1 week later: "Man who dies of covid-19 reanimates and goes on a killing spree"

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