USB Digital Microscope 1000x Unboxing – The Real Truth

USB Digital Microscope 1000x Unboxing – The Real Truth

okay here’s my surprise I’m going to
open this box and share with you my new macro fun tool and I’m not gonna tell
you yet well you’ll see it you youtubers will see it but this is gonna be on my
macro photography live chat show first and then I will share it on YouTube so
I’m boxing on my show first and we’ll do the replay on YouTube
afterwards oh how nice so it says thank you I have a digital microscope whoo I’m
so excited this is what it says excellent design perfect performance and
high product quality and you’re going to see if it’s going to be high quality so
what it’s saying is it’s black USB and it’s 1,000 times it looks like they have
a bunch of different ones so we will definitely ooh see okay we’re unboxing live so this is what it looks like in the box
yay and I’ll have to look at the directions
and definitely will so this must be what hooks up to the USB and this must be
what holds it plastic I mean it wasn’t expensive at all I care I don’t care
about this I care about the lens is what I’m going for
I mean I sure the heck don’t have anything like this do you guys have
anything like this nowadays it is the microscope probably tells you how to do
it I don’t know I’m just gonna go online and figure it out myself because that’s
all that’s in there that’s funny this is funny okay so I’m assuming there is you know
you could do it says you could do it on your computer your laptop your phone
your tablet so that’s exciting so you’re seeing my mess and I’m going
to hook it up now one is for the phone and then one for the iPad or
whatever so you have these guys right here so there’s a little line in here
see the indention in this can you see this indention and there’s an indention
right on this so just put it in there and it snaps very easily now from I’m
gonna do with the way the picture is showing me so I don’t screw it up
because it’s pretty flimsy then I’m going to plug it into my computer let’s
see Oh lights the lights turned on so it actually does have it actually is
working the light is on so let’s go ahead and plug it in here and see what’s
going to happen if you want to do it on your computer and then what you do is
you just plug in your USB plug the USB in right into your computer for a Mac it
says to go ahead and go into the photo booth now remember this is not I I
didn’t think it was gonna be professional I ended up getting these
two flowers from my actual garden I’m going to turn on the light because we’re
getting so close we need to have the light you could see definitely need
light so if I scroll this down there isn’t it turns off the lights and when
you go and put on the light get up close you need more light so I’ve always
wanted to know what the inside of this flower looks like this flower is super
teeny in my yard so I’m just gonna play with this real quick
I could just share with you and I’ll maneuver this again so this right here
it goes up to 40 times to 1,000 times whoopee
now of course I wish I had the money for a real expensive one but it’s still fun
to play right guys get you excited let me try to take a picture I’m sure this
is photo booth it’s just jpg click it’s a horrible picture I don’t care it’s still fun and you
could probably do video and all that like what I’m doing now let’s see so
wait you know if you have a live ant like they showed buddy okay let’s try
this flower real quick you go up into this flower see what I could do you know
when you got a lot going on you’re gonna this is gonna be a big mess so find
something like I always say find something that you really like look
there’s some pollen I know it’s shaking all over let me get
this organized so if I go this way there’s some pollen right there so there’s a snap this this right here
says zoom you click on the zoom and then this is a snap this snap is it’s
supposed to take a picture whatever you’re gonna touch it when it’s macro
and take a picture give me a break it’s gonna move and then the zoom that you
know it didn’t really work for me so maybe it does for the PC I don’t know so
I when I wanted to upload it right here all I could do was well I add two photos
when I go to more and then you would have to get into your computer and
figure out where you could add it maybe to aperture I had aperture at one time I
don’t know this is an app but I just added it to photos for right now so cool
I love the video aspects of it was that cool or what I don’t know what
it is though I want to get closer sir

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  1. Here is the link if you're interested USB Digital Microscope 1000x, just remember you get what you pay for 😉

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