94 thoughts on “Top 6 Best Camera Apps For Android 2019!”

  1. Bhai itne saare camera app to use nai kar sakte na ek sath… Koi ek name batao jo sabse perfect ho MI NOTE 5 PRO ke lie.. Jo in Saare name list me sabka #BAAP ho.. 😜😜😜😜

  2. If I try to downlod moment pro camera the install option is missing & say that your device is not suitable of this vertion.Device xiaomi redmi 5 plus..orio.8.0.1

  3. Dammed. Blow your freaking nose. I didn't understand shit of what you said. At leas slow down, it sounded like a freaking auction was going on.

  4. My feelings are the same as other comments the title is in English and then is put over in another language Hmmmmm

  5. I don't even know what you trying to say. Please if you want to share your videos to the world learn to speak English.

  6. Nothing against your language… But your title is misleading since it is in English, in which everyone is expecting you to speak in English… Got you the view counts though…

  7. Guys, Framelapse is abandoned by developer and it doesn't work with Android 9 in background when screen is off. Is there any alternatives with all the features?
    GPlay search only shows some shit with 4+ rating and 1-star feedbacks that tell that program either infested with ads or doesn't work.

  8. Objectively, after trying a lot of camera apps on my smartphone, it brings nothing more than a useless application full of ads. The original camera can not be surpassed, or perhaps with the addition of physical material

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