Top 5 Reasons to NOT Buy a Panasonic G7 for Video – G7 Issues – Panasonic Lumix G7 Review

I’ve been using my Panasonic G7 mirrorless
4K camera for all of 2017 so far, and I love it. I had a LOT of praise to say about it in my
full review – which you can watch via the link in the video description. But having used it for so long for my work,
I’ve run into some serious limitations of it that now have me looking into a proper
non-DSLR video camera for my a-cam. Here’s the 5 reasons you might NOT want
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below. I’m EposVox, here to make tech easier and
more fun today talking about some big issues I have with Panasonic’s budget blowout – the
G7. The G85, or G80, or GX85 – camera name localization
is really stupid – is a newer entry from Panasonic, but it will still have most of these issues. First and foremost, the mic pre-amps are terrible,
and the audio format it records to is super compressed and unusable for me. This was especially sad since I came from
the T3i – with that line from Canon notoriously having some of the worst audio of the whole
DSLR market – and this isn’t much better. I can manually set levels to minus 12db and
use an external pre-amp to run a mic to it, but even if the levels turn out okay I can
literally hear the trashed compression destroying my audio. It’s just unusable for me, forcing me to
stick with two-system audio. This ties directly into my second point here
– the format it records to. As one of the artificial product separation
rules to keep the G7 a downgrade from the GH4, the G7 records to a MP4 format that has
to start a new file every 4 gigabytes. Thankfully – up until you hit the 30 minute
limit – it starts and stops recording on its own, BUT there are a few frames dropped between
that process. Usually one or two, and every once in a while
it doesn’t drop any. But usually there are two frames separating
the stop of file 1 and start of file 2. This means that when I sync the footage with
my externally-recorded audio, there are gaps in the files. I then have to go in and add markers to the
timeline and make certain to cover these up with b-roll or a flicker or black screen is
present to the viewer. This has been incredibly frustrating for my
a-roll shooting. Similarly with my third point, it has a 30
minute recording limit before it stutters and then stops recording and you have to manually
start it again. I don’t run into this wall often, but it
on top of the frame gap issue is a headache when it happens. Yes, there are methods online to extend that
limit to 1 hour or, supposedly, unlimited. BUT I don’t actually want to do that with
the other issue still present – the limit helps remind me to keep clips short and compensate
for the missing frame issues. Point number 4 – the continuous autofocus
on this camera is AWFUL. It’s fairly competent for the initial focus
grab, but then it’s slow as hell to re-gain focus, and often inaccurate. And for the face-lock autofocus… I could be standing still and talking and
it will lose focus on my face for a while and spend a long time hunting to get it back. I ran into similar issues on the GH4 during
my brief rental period, but it was at least a lot quicker about grabbing focus back. I don’t use autofocus a ton – mainly because
my T3i didn’t even have continuous AF and this one’s sucks – but when you’re constantly
running solo recording yourself, it would be really freaking handy to have. These first 4 points are why I’m saving
up for a beefy dedicated a-cam setup. I need something that I can just set up as
my a-cam and leave alone, and that has solid mic pre-amps with XLR, non-limited recording,
and solid autofocus. Currently I’m looking into a C100 body with
the dual pixel AF upgrade, as that seems to be the cheapest option without sacrificing
image quality, but we’ll see. The $500 on the G7 was a big enough investment
for me, 2 grand is a bit off of the table right now. Lastly, we have a potential quality control
issue. I’m still having issues with the main mode
dial, as I mentioned in my review. It doesn’t kick off while I’m recording
anymore, but when I’m handling the camera, it always winds up switching a lot between
one of the adjacent photo modes and video mode over and over til I change it forward
and back. And even then, the issue can come back quickly. Sometimes when I turn it on, it will say “Mode
dial in incorrect position,” too. Very annoying. Some have told me this has never once happened
to them, and others have told me they experience it, too. 5 things. 5 potentially deal-breaking issues for a video
camera, that you should consider when deciding whether or not you wanna purchase the Panasonic
G7 for your video needs. What do you think? Leave me a comment down below and let’s
talk about it. Otherwise, like the video if you liked it,
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