Tomorrow Was the War (1987) movie

Tomorrow Was the War (1987) movie

Central Children and Youth
Film Studio named after M. GORKY Dedicated to Sergey Apollinaryevich
GERASlMOV From that famous 9 “”B” class I have only my remembrances left, and an old photo. The photograph has faded
and dimmed with time. Sometimes I think
that it has dimmed because the guys from that class
had long gone into non-existence, getting no chance to grow older, and the time has dissolved
their features. TOMORROW WAS THE WAR Based upon the story by
B. VASlLYEV Zinochka, is everything clear to you? Clear, clear, just fine, my dear. – Iskra?
– Yes, it’s me, Zinochka. If l knew, I would’ve opened
right away. You know,
Sashka Stameskin has dropped out. – What do you mean, dropped out?
– He quit school. Why? He has only his mother.
She got sick, and he quit. – It’s awful, isn’t it?
– And what were you doing? Me?
I was doing nothing. Stop lying. I always know
when you’re blushing. And l don’t know when l’m blushing.
I’m just blushing. I guess I’m full-blooded. You’re full-crazy. You’d better
confess now, you’ll feel better. Hopelessness. – What are you?
– Hopelessness. A hopeless person, feminine gender. You’re just a chatterbox! How can
one talk to you seriously? Just imagine, Sasha, with his
abilities, will not finish school! Just think, what a loss it will be
for us! Perhaps, for the country, too! He could be
an airplane designer. You’ve seen yourself
his models. Why doesn’t he enroll
in a special aviation school? – Because he’s got his ears!
– What ears? He can’t pass the medical checkup,
because he had otitis as a child. You know everything –
about the models and the ears. No, I don’t know everything.
I don’t know what to do about Sasha. Listen, maybe we should go to
the district Komsomol committee? What has the committee to do with it? You better tell me, Iskra, have you
outgrown your bra this last summer? What bra? A regular bra.
Don’t look at me like that! I want to know whether all girls grow
wider or it’s just me such a freak? Your interests are all wrong. A Komsomol member should not
be interested in such things. I’m a Komsomol member now,
but later I want to be a woman. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?
Just listen to her! She’s dreaming, it turns out,
of becoming a woman. Not a pilot, a parachutist,
or a Stakhanovite, but a woman! A plaything in the hands of a man! His most loved plaything. I won’t
agree to be just a plaything. Stop babbling. lt makes me
sick just to listen to you. It’s vulgar and bourgeois,
if you like! Sooner or later we’ll like it.
All right, don’t be angry. Come on, let’s talk about Sasha. You know, he ought to get a job
at the aviation plant. He ought to study. And then, it’s not that easy. It’s a very secret plant, and they hire only people
who’ve been checked-up. Oh? You mean Sasha’s a spy? You silly, there’re questionnaires
to fill. What is he going to write
under the question “your father”, if even his mother doesn’t know
who his father is? You don’t say?! Look, how about Vika Lyuberetskaya?
Her father works at that plant. Vika has a heart of gold, l give you
my word. I’ll ask her myself. To you, everybody has a heart
of gold. Iskra dear, please,
just this one time. All right, all right.
But don’t postpone it, you hear? Thanks!
Let me give you a kiss! Oh, you can’t do without
your silliness. That’s it, come on. CONGRATULATlONS ON
THE NEW 1940 SCHOOL YEAR – This is for you.
– Ostapchuk, my dear! This one will be a pilot! And… this one will be an architect,
building the best Palace of Pioneers! And me? This one…
will be growing flowers and breed the best
flower on Earth! Valentina Andronovna! My dears! What are you doing? Stop it now!
How can you beat a girl? I don’t know, guys, who
you’re seeing before you now. Perhaps, a future criminal. Or maybe a family man
and an exemplary citizen. But I know one thing for sure. You’re seeing now
not a man, because he’s just
beaten a girl. And I’m going to remind him
what a real man is. A real man
is the one who loves only two women. Yes, only two.
What’s so funny? His mother
and the mother of his children. A real man is the one who loves the country
he was born in. A real man is the one who would
give his last ration to his friend even if he himself was
to die of starvation A real man is the one who loves all people
and respects all people, and hates the enemies of those people. And you must learn to love and learn to hate. Those are the most
important things in life. And I’m your new principal,
Nikolai Grigoryevich Romakhin. Those are worthy principles. One should live not by directives,
but by ideas. And what is our main idea? Our main idea is
bringing up the citizens of the new socialist society. So we’re going to dump
all kinds of directives. We’ll do like this. On the 1st floor – 1st and 6th grades. On the 2nd – 2nd, 7th and 8th grades. On the 3rd – 3rd and 9th grades.
On the 4th – 4th, 5th and 10th grades. This way, they will all mingle
and there’ll be friendship. Where are our worst troublemakers?
ln the 4th and 5th grades. They’ll be under the eye of the elders
and the elders will watch them. And no pupils on duty.
Let them run over all floors. A child is
an elementally free creature. Why needlessly put him behind bars? This is firstly. And secondly,
we have girls growing up here. And there’s only one mirror in the
school, in the principal’s office. New mirrors must be installed in
all girls’ toilets tomorrow. – Are we going to grow tarts?
– Not tarts. Women. Though I think
you don’t know what I mean. Pashka, what’s wrong with the music?
One can’t trust you with anything. Come, Jim, give me your paw for luck, I swear I’ve never seen one like it. Let’s go, the two of us, and bark Up the moon when nature’s silent. Come, Jim, give me your paw for luck. Stop licking me, pet, and please do At least heed this advice I’m giving. Of life you haven’t got a clue, You don’t realize life is worth
living. More, please. Dear Jim, l know a great variety Of visitors of all sorts call, But have you seen her here,
the saddest And the least talkative of all? I’m sure she’ll come, and in my
absence Please catch her eye. Go kiss her
hand for me, For all my real and fancied errors
asking Forgiveness of her in humility. What a beautiful poem!
So good! – Vika, whose poem is that?
– That’s Yesenin! Why… but…
Yesenin is a decadent poet. He sings of taverns,
melancholy and depression. I don’t care if he’s decadent. But his poems are just wonderful. Let’s go, Artyom. Iskra, you…
have you never read Yesenin? Artyom, this is your birthday
present from us. One, two. The boy was knocked off in Irkutsk, He was just seventeen… I want to give you this book. I never give it to anyone,
but I want you to read it. Only take your time reading,
all right? Thanks, Vika. He was just smiling all the time, Pretending he not understand. They brought to him his own mother, They brought her once, five times
in train. He said: we’ve never seen each other, And smiled all over again. Don’t push. Polyakova, stay for a while. Sit down. Ostapchuk, close the door. Don’t you want to tell me something? No, nothing. Too bad. I’m addressing you not only as deputy secretary of
the Komsomol Committee, not only as a high-principled
person with a sense of purpose. But also because
I know your mother, Iskra, a fine Part worker. You may ask:
why this introduction? Because now the enemies
use every opportunity to demoralize our young people, to tear them away from the Part, to drive a wedge between
fathers and children. That’s why it’s your sacred
duty to tell me. I have nothing to tell you. – Really?
– Yes. Aren’t you aware that
Yesenin is a decadent poet? Didn’t it occur to you that you were
gathered on the pretext of birthday? I have checked Schefer’s dossier. He was born on September 2,
and they gathered you on the 19th. Why? Maybe in order to get you acquainted with the drunken revelations
of the kulak poet? The poem was recited… by Vika Lyuberetskaya,
Valentina Andronovna. Lyuberetskaya? Vika, yes. Zinochka got it all wrong
in her information. Yes… Kovalenko is a very
careless girl. She talks too much. Someone fell in love, someone
left home, someone came back. Someone was reciting poems. So it was Vika. Vika’s father is a prominent designer, the pride of our city. And Vika is a serious girl. But it doesn’t give them the right. Do you understand me? Budyonny is our brother,
Behind us the people stand. The order is to cheer up
And look just straight ahead! With us is Voroshilov,
The first Red Commissar, We’ll be able to defend
The USSR. Lead us, Budyonny, to a bravely fight! We don’t mind the thunder,
We don’t mind the fire. We’re all courageous heroes, And all our life is constant struggle! We’re Red cavalrymen,
And it’s about us That epics are being told
By the folk mass: How on a rainy day,
How on a moonlit night, Proudly and bravely
We go to a fight! Good. We’ll continue
tomorrow, after classes. Everybody go home now. Are you an idiot,
a gossiper or a traitor? So you’re a traitor, right? Me? What did you babble out to Valendra?
You damned Judas! I told her… She caught me before
the mirror in the toilet. She began to scold me
for preening and flirting. And? I’m not flirting, I don’t
even know how to do it. I began making excuses,
and she questioned me… the snake. And? I didn’t want to tell her anything,
but… I told everything. But I didn’t mean it, lskra. All right. Wipe your face, and let’s go
to the Lyuberetskys. Where? You let her down, understand? Tomorrow Valendra will call up
Vika and interrogate her. She must be ready for that. We’ve never been
at the Lyuberetskys’. We haven’t, now we will.
Let’s go. Hurry up. You know the number
of their apartment? We’ll find it. Let’s ask the cavalryman. Hello. Please, we’re looking
for the Lyuberetskys’ apartment? It’s there, on the right. Third floor,
the last windows. Thanks. We’re Red cavalrymen… At ease. – Hello.
– Hello, girls. – Interested in technology?
– Right. Good. Let’s go, Zinaida. Come on! It’s not serious. A complicated life,
Isadora Duncan. Nobody has banned Sergey Yesenin. I think your teacher
knows it herself. She just said it because she was
angry. You want me to talk to her? Oh, no! We’re sorry, but we should
straighten our affairs ourselves. We must develop our character. I’ve wanted to meet you.
I’ve heard a lot about you. Come on, dad. Is that a secret?
Then I’m sorry. I’ve known your mother
for a long time. We met at the City Committee
and had a good talk. It turned out we had fought in
the same division in the Civil War. She was an amazingly
brave lady. Joan of Arc. – A commissar.
– Yes, a commissar. As for poetry and art,
actually l like the art where preference is given to question
marks rather than exclamation marks. The exclamation mark
is the index finger. And the question mark is
drawing an answer out of your head. Art should give food for thought. No, art should give
food for emotions. Zinaida! Zinaida is right, art should lead
to thought through emotions. It should stir up a person, make him
feel pain for others’ misfortunes. Contentment with oneself
breeds apathy of the heart. How did Blok say it? Eternal battle,
of peace we only dream. Do you understand? And Mayakovsky? Mayakovsky is and will remain
the best and most talented poet
of our Soviet era. Dad had met Mayakovsky. Met him?! Wow!
Did you really? All right, let’s have tea. Let’s have some tea.
Please. Yes, we argued with him.
We argued a lot. And not only about poetry. We were not satisfied
with absolute truths. But can one argue
with a genius? One can. And one must. The truth must be verified as to its
soundness and expediency. Lenin taught us to do that,
and he always got very angry when people tried to transplant
the living truth into the cast-iron absolute. When Dad gets an idea,
he mustn’t be interfered with. – Where have you been?
– At the Lyuberetskys’. Mom, what is the truth? You formulated your question
offhandedly. Please, be more precise. All right, then tell me,
are there indisputable truths that need no proof? Sure. lf there were no such truths,
man would’ve remained an animal. But he has to know
what he’s living for. So it means that man lives
for the sake of truth? Yes, we do. We, the Soviet people, have discovered
an incontrovertible truth which our Part teaches us. So much blood has been shed for it, so much suffering taken that to argue it, to doubt it
means betraying those who died and who will yet die. This truth is our strength, and our pride, Iskra. – Did I get your question right?
– Yes, thank you, mom. I think that they don’t teach us
to argue in our school. There’s nothing to argue about with
friends, and with enemies you fight. But one has to know how to argue,
hasn’t one? They should teach the truth itself,
not the ways of proving it. A person devoted to our truth
will defend it, if need be,
with arms. That’s what must be taught.
And idle talk is not our business. We’re building a new society,
we have no time for talking. – Why did you ask?
– I just asked. Have some milk for supper.
I had no time to cook. Tomorrow I’ll have… to make an important speech. Oh dear!
Oh, let me go! My boot! My boot has flown away. Come on, let go of me! You’ve been at the plant not that
long, but you’re a new man now. Why are you laughing all the time? If you don’t agree, argue with me,
defend your point of view. I’m quite happy with yours. This is not an attitude of a friend. Stameskin, you’re becoming
a very cunning man. I’m not cunning. I smile
because I feel good around you. Why do you feel good around me? I don’t know. Just good, that’s it.
Let’s sit for a while in the gazebo. If we reason logically,
a person is interested in oneself. But if we proceed not from the dead
logic, but from the social one… – Iskra.
– Then perhaps… Are you going to get angry if I… What, Sasha? No, you will sure get angry. No, I won’t.
What? Go on. Let’s kiss. You see?
I just asked. Go ahead. It’s scary, isn’t it? Is your heart pounding? One more time, okay? No, don’t. Come on! Tell us, Lenochka, what tributaries
of the Ganges do you know? – Chambal.
– The Chambal. What else? Son Yes, the Son. Brahmaputra. Don’t prompt. Gomati. Yes, the Gomati.
All right, that’s enough. You’ll be swimming in the Ganges’
tributaries, maybe you’ll swim out. You better tell us about
how the Indian people struggles, how the British imperialism
subjugates the working class. There’s also Brahmaputra. Yes, the Brahmaputra. Get prepared for the next lesson,
read something and then tell us. You can go back to your place. And I will tell you
about the Salsk steppe. What is characteristic
of the Salsk steppe? That there’s very little water there. If you happen to get to
the Salsk steppe, water your horse in the morning,
water it well. To last it till the night. But you’d do even better
if you ride a local breed. Because the local horses are
better, they’re hardier. You’re not going to say now
that they are harmful poems? They’re wonderful poems. I think that
Yesenin will surely be appreciated, and they’ll put up a monument to him. His poems… they make one think. About what love is, for example. My dad believes
there’re two sacred duties in life. For a woman,
it is to learn to love. And for a man,
to serve his cause. How do you understand
what happiness is? Happiness? Happiness is
to be useful to your people. That is a duty.
And I mean happiness. And how do you
understand happiness? To love and be loved. I don’t mean
some extraordinary love. Let it be ordinary,
but real. To live happily and die on the same
day, as Grimm says. Vika. But it means being philistine. I knew you’d say that.
No, it’s not philistine. It’s a normal women’s happiness. Dad? Yes, that’s us. – That’s us. Good afternoon.
– Good afternoon. I’m glad to see you again
in our house. – Come in.
– Thank you. Hi. We wanted to…
Well, we’ll do it later. Have a seat. – Take your helmet off.
– Oh, I forgot. – Sit down.
– Thank you. Come on, sit down. We’ve decided to take a look at
Sasha’s airplane designs. There’re interesting ideas there,
but some things… Excuse me,
but you must study. – You haven’t got enough knowledge.
– I told you so. And lskra and I were
talking about happiness. But we still don’t know
who is right. Happiness? Having a friend who won’t
renounce you at a critical moment. What do you think, guys, what’s
the ultimate achievement ofjustice? The ultimate achievement ofjustice
is our Soviet Union. That’s an achievement
in the social sense. And I mean
the presumption of innocence. A person is not supposed to prove
that he hasn’t committed a crime, that he’s not guilty. It’s the state bodies of justice
that must prove to society that a person has committed a crime. That’s how it had always been. In the lawyers’ language it’s called
the presumption of innocence. You don’t understand? – Even if he admitted his guilt?
– Even if he pleaded guilty. A human being is a very complicated,
unexpected creature. Due to the weakness character or… by a false evidence, he may
try to mitigate his fate. I’ll get it. Yes? I’m sorry, I have to go. Will you be gone for long? You carry on without me. Leave your drafts,
I’ll look at them later. Iskra. What, mom? What is this? An article for our wall-paper. Who gave you the idea to write it? No one. Don’t lie to me. I’m tired. You know I never lie.
It’s true, I wrote it. I wrote about trusting a person,
even if it’s a little man, about what miracles
a man can do if he knows that people
believe in him, and I explained what the presumption
of innocence means. – Who told you about it?
– Leonid Sergeyevich Lyuberetsky. A rotten intellectual. – What else did he tell you?
– Nothing. Though, yes, he did. Aboutjustice, about
the necessity to believe a person. All right! This article will never appear,
and you’ve never written it! It’s not fair! Fair is only what
is useful to society. Only that is fair. Remember it. And what about a person?
A simple person? There’re no persons. There’re only citizens who must believe! Get up, Zinochka,
or you’ll be late for school. You interrupted
such a beautiful dream! Get up, you lazybones. Mom. Mom, what is this? I’m asking you, what’s this? It’s the 1st of October.
Time to put on warm underwear. I’m not a little girl. You’re not little,
but you only think you’re grownup. Why do I have to suffer so? You sit in all kinds of places,
you may catch cold. Don’t rebel. Wear what our climate
directs. We’re not in Africa. That’s you who direct. All girls are like normal girls,
only I’m some freak. You really look like a freak now,
unwashed, uncombed and undressed. Yeah, our girl is growing up. You’ll make a good bride. – Hi.
– Hi. What are you doing tonight? I don’t know.
But I’ll be busy. What about going to the movies? I’ve got two tickets
for the last show. A great film. I’m making my mind.
How to turn down somebody. – Let’s go.
– Alright, I’ll decide after classes. All right, go on. I don’t want any complications. – At 9 p.m. at the Central Cinema.
– Right. A boy invited me
to the movies today. – A handsome one.
– What boy? He said it’s a comedy
with Lyubov Orlova. And I didn’t go. I’m sitting
here with you, instead. What boy? Are you interrogating me?
I’m going to leave. All right. Was it Yurka again? What’s this? Dad! Daddy! Daddy! Dad! Oh, God! – Let me in.
– Iskra is sleeping. Let me in. Let me in! Iskra, get up!
Iskra! What? Zinka, what happened? They arrested Lyuberetsky. Arrested whom? Vika Lyuberetskaya’s father! A few minutes ago.
I saw it myself. Mom! Mom! Mom!
What happened, mom? Mom, darling.
What’s the matter, mom? Mom. I believe in justice, girls. Yes, I believe in it, too. They’ll look into it and let him go.
Right, Zina? Come on, go to bed with Iskra. And don’t talk.
I’ll go to your parents and explain. Go to bed. She’s neglecting her girl. Never even cooks
a dinner for her daughter. Where to cook?
She hasn’t even got a primus-stove. Jesus, why have children then… Just look at her, what she
looks like, what she wears… Have you got sugar?
Can l borrow some? Let’s go and look.
There must be some. AUGUST 18
AVlATlON DAY Hurry up, guys,
They’ve started already! Stameskin! Stameskin! Way to go! Let’s give him a lift! This is Sasha Stameskin. I’ve heard of you.
Good boy. He makes great models! We should give him a helmet. It may come handy.
Here. Thank you very much. GREETlNGS TO THE GREAT STALlN Good morning, Nikolai Grigoryevich. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.
Let’s go to my office. – What is your name?
– Comrade Polyakova. I’m here about
Victoria Lyuberetskaya. The girl is left all alone.
We must write to her relatives. We will. But this is
a misunderstanding, some nonsense! Lyuberetsky is an honest man, and
it’s our duty to inform the Part. I ask you not to do anything. – Why not?
– lt’s none of your business. Besides the duty,
there’s the law. You think so? I knew Lyuberetsky
back in the Civil War, and then here,
we worked together in the city. I have a feeling I’ll break down
soon, or maybe already have. Let’s go to my office… Please, don’t tell anyone
about our conversation. Right. Nikolai Gavrilovich
Chernyshevsky was born… Was born… Ostapchuk, why are you mumbling? – How do you know?
– Polyakova! Stop whispering.
I can see and hear everything. No, not everything. Go to your place,
you good-for-nothing. Leave your diary. And Iskra (Russian for “spark”)
flared up into a flame. Let’s go on with our lesson.
Landys. You fidget all the time,
so you must know a lot. May l step out? What happened?
Are you sick? Yes, I feel sick.
I feel very sick! Sit down, Schefer. You can’t accompany
Polyakova where she ran to. I can accompany her. What has happened? What’s the matter? What is it…
Is it a conspiracy? – Where have you been?
– At Vika Lyuberetskaya’s. I knew you were crazy,
but not that crazy… Why are you checking on me?
Are you jealous or what? Do you know that Lyuberetsky
is the enemy of the people? What are you talking about?
Say you were justjoking. I know it for sure. And he personally called the secret
plant to get me a job there. I was waiting for you
in order to warn you. Warn me about what? What do you mean?
About that. Oh, about that!
Thank you very much, Sasha! And what about Vika? What does Vika have to do with it? Exactly,
Vika has nothing to do with it! Vika is my friend, Sasha. And you want me
to betray her. Even if it’s true, Vika has nothing to do with it.
You understand? – And you…
– What about me? Nothing. I guess I just imagined it.
All right, Sasha, go. Wait, lskra! Go home, Sasha. I want to be alone. Vika, as an honest person,
as a Komsomol member, and l have no doubt about
your Komsomol honesty, you must tomorrow… before our whole school… as before our whole people… renounce your father. You remember
how it was with Nikiforov. I shall never do that! Oh, is it so?! All right, call Polyakova. Daughter of an enemy of the people!
Daughter of an enemy of the people! What did you tell Vika,
Valentina Andronovna? What? It’s none of your business.
Where were you yesterday? At Vika Lyuberetskaya’s. Was it you who made others go there? I just suggested it.
They went of their free will. Why did you suggest it? We can’t leave her alone
in her misfortune. She calls it misfortune. Did you
hear it, Nikolai Grigoryevich? So it was you who organized
that affair? Maybe you don’t believe it? Maybe you think that
Lyuberetsky is an innocent victim? – Don’t keep quiet. Tell us.
– I know. Quite recently you said
that Lyuberetsky was the pride of our city. Considering your impeccable past, we won’t make conclusions now,
Polyakova. But keep it in mind. Keep it in mind. Tomorrow you’re going to hold
a Komsomol meeting. What’s the agenda? We’ll have to decide the Komsomol
fate of Lyuberetskaya. What do you think? I think there’s no place in Komsomol
for a daughter of the people’s enemy. What for? Why do you do that? lt’s not
her fault that her father… Yes, of course. – Nikolai Grigoryevich!
– Of course. I’m not going to hold that meeting. What did you say? I’m not going to hold that meeting. What?! She is not well! Why are you sitting like a dummy? Well? How are you, good person? How do you know I’m good? It was not difficult to guess. What will happen to Vika? As for Lyuberetskaya… I can’t promise you anything. I… will try to do something,
of course, but you understand yourself… Yes, I understand. I understand nothing. – Hello.
– Take care of lskra. How are you? Did she do it? What a bitch! – A real bitch!
– You can’t say that about teachers. What kind of a teacher is she?
Valendra! Bitch! Let’s go to the country, guys,
to Sosnovka. There’s a forest, and a river there. To the forest! Listen… To Sosnovka! Iskra. Thank you, Iskra. My dad always said
that you’re the best. It won’t be easy about Komsomol. I know. Valentina Andronovna
explained everything to me. Don’t lose heart, the meeting is in
a week, we’ll think of something. Let’s go. Landys. Do you love me? Very much… Will you love me forever? Yes. Kiss me, Landys. And hold me.
Hold me tight. Vika! Zhorka! What are you doing there? Dinner is served! Go to Lyuberetskaya now. Why did she miss school today?
Maybe she won’t come? She will, she gave her word. She wasn’t at school because
she’s preparing for the meeting. Those caprices again.
What can I do with you? – Have you hung the notice?
– Everybody knows about it. There’ll be a man from the Committee.
It’s not an ordinary personal case. There’s no notice. What do you mean, “no notice”? There is no notice. You can blame only yourself,
Polyakova. Hello.
Don’t stand up. Sit down, comrades.
Hello. – Where’s Lyuberetskaya?
– She hasn’t come yet. I knew it. Kovalenko, run to Lyuberetskaya
and bring her here. Perhaps we can begin? No, we’ll have to wait. Let’s wait. Won’t you be
more comfortable here, with us? I’m quite comfortable here. – With the people.
– We’ll wait. We got some time
to talk and think. Maybe it’s even good that
Lyuberetskaya proved a coward. In any case, it deprives her
of the aureole of a martr, which her bad friends are trying so hard
to attach to her. Yes, her bad friends. A good friend always tells the truth,
however bitter it might be. You must not pity her. Pity is deceptive and tearful. You must always stand
on your principles. And we will deal
with Lyuberetskaya’s case from such
principled positions. But, dealing with her, we can’t
forget other names too, comrades. We must not forget about the
infatuation with the alien poetry of some too ardent
admirers of literature. We must not forget about
the corrupting influence of the harmful liberal, that is,
bourgeois democracy. Hair curls, mirrors… Quiet, comrades! The elements that have nothing
to do with pedagogy are trying to infiltrate our
system of education, to confuse some
gullible students and even thrust upon them
their rotten point of view. Quiet, comrades! The case of the former principal
is being decided. – The former principal?
– Yes. Comrade Romakhin’s been relieved
of the position of a principal. Just a minute.
Why so categorical? Nikolai Grigoryevich has not been
relieved, it’s not decided yet. – Let’s abstain for the time being.
– For the time being. Perhaps formally, I’m wrong,
but as an honest teacher… Stop that laughter! Perhaps I’m rushing the events,
but it’s my sacred belief… Where’s Lyuberetskaya? Say something! I’m asking you: where’s Lyuberetskaya? In the morgue. “Please don’t blame anyone
for my death. I’m doing it
consciously and voluntary. Vika Lyuberetskaya.” What did she do to herself,
comrade investigator? There were too many sleeping pills
in the house, and the girl was alone. Did it hurt? She just went to sleep,
and they found her too late. Her aunt arrived that day,
saw the girl sleeping and decided not to wake her up. Decided not to wake her up. Look, Iskra,
all those days you’ve been together. Here I have your testimony.
Didn’t you notice anything? – What did I have to notice?
– Maybe somebody hurt her? Maybe she complained, said
something? Try to remember. She didn’t say anything special. She didn’t complain about anyone,
she didn’t blame anyone. We know that.
I mean the hurt. Those girls’ things of yours.
You know what I mean? There was nothing like that. The day before we went to Sosnovka. And the funeral…
When will be the funeral? I’m closing that case
for lack of evidence. A pure case of suicide
due to a nervous breakdown. As for the funeral,
ask her relatives about it. She got no relatives. But her aunt did arrive. – Greetings, Comrade Major!
– Greetings. Let’s go. Sharpening knives, scissors,
mincing-machine blades! Careful. – Who’s the last one in the queue?
– Will they sell kerosene? – Where’re we going?
– Her aunt has arrived. We have to ask her relatives
about the funeral. Her aunt is in a hospital,
with a heart attack. Girls, what do we do now? Maybe we should go to the police? I know what we shall do. We must arrange a funeral for Vika. Us. Let’s go. You will go to the funeral, of course. And… And it’s right. We should pay the last
honor to our friends. But I absolutely forbid you… to hold a funeral service. Do you hear? Absolutely not! I don’t quite understand what
a funeral service means in this case. Vika died being a Komsomol member. Why funeral service, then? All right, Iskra. We don’t bury suicides outside the cemetery,
as it had been in old times. But we don’t condone
the faint-hearted and weaklings. So I’m asking you. I’m asking you.
I’m insistently asking you. No speeches
and the like. Either you give me
your word now, or tomorrow I’ll lock you up
in this room and won’t let you go to the funeral. Can you really do it, mom? Yes. Yes. Because I care
about your future. – My future?
– Yes. Oh, mom! You yourself taught me that the best
future is your clear conscience. Conscience before the society! And not before… You’re all
I’ve got left. Only you. I’m a bad mother. But even bad mothers want their children
to be happy. Enough of that talk. Go to bed.
Tomorrow you’ll have a hard day. Guys. Children. There’ll be no classes today. The juniors may go home. The seniors… The senior pupils will accompany
their comrade on her lastjourney, the 9 “B” student
Victoria Lyuberetskaya, who has tragically died. You will have to answer for that.
You will! Comrades. Boys and girls. Look. Look with wide-open eyes
and remember. Not only a bullet kills. A bad word, a nasty act kills too. Meanness and cowardice kill. Indifference and red tape kill. Remember it. Remember it… all your life. I’m going to read a letter to you,
Vika’s last letter. “Dear Iskra, When you read this letter,
I’ll feel no pain anymore. No bitterness,
no shame. I was summoned to the investigator. But I don’t believe him. My father is an honest man. I thought a lot about it. No, it’s not cowardice, Iskra. Whatever they might say about me,
I’m not a coward. I remain a Komsomol member,
and I die a Komsomol member. I’m doing that because
I cannot renounce my father. I cannot and I don’t want to. I’m kissing you now for everything… for the past and for the future, my dearest, my best friend.” Shall l bury her now? Farewell, my friend, farewell. You go. Though it’s hard to break our soul
bond. We’re doomed to part. But this,
I know, Promises I’ll meet you far beyond! Stand up! Was it your idea to have
speeches at the cemetery? – Yours?
– Mom. Shut up!
I’ve warned you. Didn’t I warn you?! I love you very much,
but if you hit me one more time, I’ll leave for good! Do you hear? Hi. Hi. Why haven’t you been at the cemetery? They didn’t let me off at work.
Shall we go to movies? No, we’re not going to the movies. – Let’s take a walk.
– All right, let’s walk. It was raining yesterday. The flowers were soaked
and getting black before our eyes. It was so scary. The principal shouldn’t have
spoken at the cemetery. Why not? – He’s a good man. I pity him.
– Why pity? He’ll be fired. And you think one should keep
silent, taking care of one’s health? It’s no use sticking one’s neck out. How old are you? 100 years old? – Makes no difference how old.
– It does. How good it is to have only
old people around, right? They only care about
their bad liver, and try to live quietly
to the end of their days. And it doesn’t even occur to them
that you can just live. No, it’s not for us, Sasha. We… we’re the youngest
country in the world. Don’t ever dare to become
an old man, you understand? Who told you all that?
Lyuberetsky? Then you’d better keep mum,
you understand? And you… Soon top of it, you’re a coward too? – On top of what?
– On top of everything. You’re just wagging your tongues:
a + b. And we’re enriching the country
with these very hands. Iskra. Iskra! Don’t you see
that I’m just kidding? And this helmet… it was Lyuberetsky
who gave it to you, wasn’t it? Good morning. Sit down. Kovalenko. Who allowed you
to change your place? Me?… Nobody allowed,
but I thought… Take your usual place. Valentina Andronovna,
as long as Iskra’s not here… No backtalk. You’ll talk
when you’re called up. – So we will talk after all?
– What’s that heckling? Have you forgotten about
the mark for behavior? Kovalenko, are you hard of hearing? Valentina Andronovna, please. Can I sit
with Bokova today? That’s Vika’s desk. I see. You decided
to make a memorial of it. Very touching. But you forgot that this is a school, which has no place
for wimps and neurotics. Go back to your place now! Don’t you dare! Don’t ever shout at me again!
Ever! Do you hear? You’re not right,
Valentina Andronovna. I’m not defending Kovalenko,
of course, but you too! Sit down, Ostapchuk. I told you to sit down. And I told you first
that you were not right. Schefer and Landys shave already,
and you call us children. We are not. Please, remember it… …at least. All right. I got it. Who else considers himself adult? I see. Sit down. Today we’ll be reading. Vera Pavlovna’s dream. Bokova. Will you be so kind to read to us? You may do it sitting. “The future is bright and beautiful. Love it, strive for it, work for it,
make it closer, bring from it to the present
as much as you can. Your life will be as bright and kind, as rich
with joy and satisfaction as much you can bring to it
from the future. Strive for it, work for it,
make it closer, bring from it to the present everything you can.” Let me carry it. You must go to school, Iskra. You must do some work. Or you’ll just wear yourself out
without any purpose. I’ll go tomorrow. It’s hard to reconcile yourself
to your grief. I know. But you must learn to spare yourself, so that you could last your lifetime. You mean there’ll be a lot of grief? If you remain as you are now, and I’m sure you will, you’ll have enough grief. There’re people who feel misfortune
more fully than joy. And you’re one of them. You must think of the future. What will it be like, mom? Have something to eat. Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. We’d like to see Nikolai Grigoryevich.
To wish him a happy holiday. Well, come in, as long as you’re here. Oh, it’s you. – Good afternoon.
– Good afternoon. We came to congratulate you
on the great October holiday. Thank you, guys. Masha, prepare us some tea. All right. – Where shall we put it?
– Over there. Did you go to the demonstration? Yes. – Did you enjoy it?
– Yes, we did. That’s how it should be.
Everything’s right. – We sang songs.
– Songs? – Yes.
– That’s good. Songs boost the morale. Why didn’t you go with us? I don’t feel well. Did you call the doctor? And why aren’t you in bed? You’re not sick. You… Why don’t we have chorus
singing at school any more? Why did you take your
accordion home? I… have been expelled from the Part. From my own part. It’s not true! You’ve only been expelled by
the primary Part organization. And don’t let yourself go, please. We’re… Red cavalrymen, And it’s about us That epics are being told
By the folk mass: How on a rainy day,
How on a moonlit night, Proudly and bravely,
We go to a fight. Lead us, Budyonny, to a bravely fight! We don’t mind the thunder,
We don’t mind the fire. We’re all courageous heroes, And our life is constant struggle! We are mortal. ln this world
none’s ever. Copper leaves are floating.
Let them fly. Be you blessed, you beautiful
forever, That has come to blossom and to die. Leonid Sergeyevich Lyuberetsky
is back home. No! No! No! No!
Bastards! Bastards! Bastards… Guys, we must be
true to ourselves. True, you understand?! – Let’s go to him!
– Let’s go. Let’s all go. We’re Vika’s friends. We’ve come to tell you. We were together
to the last minute. We… went to Sosnovka together. We’d better leave.
We’re disturbing him. Leonid Sergeyevich. lt’s all wrong. No. Why? What a hard year it’s been! And you know why? Because 1940 is a leap year! But… the next year
will surely be a happy year. You will see. The huge country is rising, Is rising for the deathly battle Against the dark fascist force, Against their cursed hordes. Let our noble wrath Seethe like a rolling wave! The national war is going on, The sacred war. We’ll resist the oppressors Of all the rightful goals, The rapists and the bandits, The torturers of people! Let our noble wrath Seethe like a rolling wave! The national war is going on, The sacred war… 9 “B” class. Hero of the Soviet Union, fighter pilot Georgy Landys,
Zhora Landys. He collected stamps. Artom Schefer. When the wire got broken, he blew
himself up together with a bridge. He got a wide grave,
our Artyom. Pavel Ostapchuk. Pashka the joker,
our school’s actor. A professional intelligence man. When the fascists executed prisoners, he shot the hangmen
and died himself. Iskra Polyakova. A Komsomol leader,
an ataman girl. Our dear “spark”! She was my liaison
in the underground. The Gestapo men hanged her
together with her mother. And they were hanging
next to each other, Iskra Polyakova
and comrade Polyakova. And the underground was carrying on,
beating the bastards! Avenging Iskra,
her mother, and all the guys. With merciless vengeance. TOMORROW WAS THE WAR Screenplay by
Boris VASlLYEV Directed by
Yuri KARA Director of Photography
Vadim SEMYONOVYKH Production Designer
Anatoly KOCHUROV English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva Starring School Principal
Sergey NlKONENKO Iskra’s Mother
Nina RUSLANOVA Valendra
Vera ALENTOVA Lyuberetsky
Vladimir ZAMANSKY Iskra
lrina CHERlCHENKO Zina
Natalya NEGODA Vika
Yuliya TARKHOVA Also starring Landys
Rady OVCHlNNlKOV Stameskin
Gennady FROLOV Ostapchuk
Vladislav DEMCHENKO Schefer
Sergey STOLYAROV Used in the film
works by Vivaldi and original recordings
of the 1930s music The End

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  1. A real masterpiece. The best radiography of the prewar Soviet era common spirit, in the hole film history. The great and beautiful personality of Iskra Polyakova will be for ever a movie legend and an example of virtue and humanity and her speech at the funeral of Vika Lyberetskaya has the sacred patos of the romanticism ( e.g. H. von Kleist).

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