hi guys my name is Matti Sulanto and
this is my take on Peter Forsgård’s toilet paper photography challenge a couple of days ago a good friend of mine
and fellow youtuber Peter Forsgård announced a toilet paper photography
challenge which I think it’s it’s it’s a good idea or fun idea in in the time
like this there’s some sarcasm and humor in it and it’s something that I can do
at home and also you can do at home so I decided to take on the challenge and
make my version on the theme and for those of you who are waiting for my life
at 25 millimeter if one point for mark to review it’s on its way but I wanted
to do this toilet paper challenge first let me first show you the picture I made
and then I’m gonna show you how I made it and I also have some really nice
lighting tips for you guys if you’re interested in product photography and
lighting in general and here’s the picture I made this is a very
traditional old-school studio shot I used only two lights and very minimal
post-processing in my opinion there are basically two
ways to make a product shot the first one would be a catalog short type of
picture that’s more like a documentary portrait of the product the picture
would show the product as it is and some details of the product and maybe some of
the features of the product as well it would be like a pretty neutral well the
lead evenly lit picture that shows the product as it is and the second approach
would be melaka maybe like a lifestyle shot or something that would
show the product in some special way make it look a bit glamorous or or
especially good or something like that but that picture would not necessarily
show all details or of the product or how the product actually looks it would
just show the product in some special way what I just said applies to product
photography in general a roll of toilet paper obviously has pretty limited
feature set and a lifestyle shot of a toilet paper could end up pretty wild
with some imagination and I don’t think I want to go into that in this video and
I chose the latter approach I wanted to do something special with toilet paper
roll or actually use four rolls of toilet paper believe it or not I can
still get some toilet paper here in Finland and I wanted to do something a
little bit fun in with my picture but I didn’t have any like a message or hidden
story in the picture I just wanted to make something that looks interesting
and a little bit fun too and I chose to use LED lights for my picture because
LED lights are continuous light sources and the good thing with continuous light
is that that you can see what the light is doing all the time even without
taking any pictures and the problem with flashes is that you can’t see the light
until you take a picture and that’s especially if you’re a beginner and you
want to learn how to light that can be very like tricky thing and I know what
I’m talking about in the past I made a book how to use flashes like small speed
lights to light things and this book is all about that
but still I would recommend especially these days when the LED lights are so
good I would recommend you to start using LED lights if you want to learn
how to light something in a studio there is only one downside with let’s
basically only one serious downside that they can’t compete with the Sun so
you’ve gotta have a relatively dark environment where you are using LED
lights but other than that they are a very good way to learn how to use lights
so that’s why I also use LED lights whenever I can because I can
continuously see how what the light is doing and I it’s so much easier to set
up the lights when you can see what’s happening all the time you can see the
light and shadow and all that my key light in this one was the let go V M – 3
– it’s a LED panel that makes really really beautiful soft light and my
lighting is pretty traditional there’s one big light source on the right side
of the camera to make a nice soft side light and then I have another light on
the background to separate my subject from the background and I chose a dark
black background because the space where I’m working is relatively small
inevitably I have some light leak from my key light on to the background but
the black background kind of sucks in the light so much that the spill that I
get from my key light it doesn’t matter and I recommend you if you have a home
studio and it’s not too big and if you want to control your background
separately from your key light or main light always choose a dark background
because it’s so much easier to control than a light-colored background unless
you want to make your background who are totally white that’s a different thing
but if you want just want to have some tonality in the background it’s so much
easier to control a dark background you just
add a lot of light there and you can make it any tonality or any color you
want but if your background is too bright or too light colored you can’t
make it any darker than it already is so I have one key light on the right side
of the camera and then I used another light on the background and I was going
to use one of those luma Cube lights that I have on the background right now
but those didn’t have enough power so I used one of my young Nora LED panels on
the background they had enough power to light the black background and after I
had my lights the way I wanted them I used a small reflector to get some feel
light on the top of the toilet paper roll pile to get better separation from
the background however the picture that I chose doesn’t have a proper separation
the second row on the top kind of blends into the background but I accepted that
because the picture overall it looks the best and I didn’t I couldn’t take any
more pictures because the pile was kind of falling down at that point but I
managed to get one picture before it kind of fell down but in that picture
the composition is the best and the toilet paper raw
pile looks the best so I chose that even though the lighting is not 100% like
perfect and I went for black and white because I have a black and white face
going on right now I don’t know if it’s the global situation with the virus and
all that but I have a strong black and white face going on right now and that
was only natural to do it in black and white
I wanted to do this in old-school way and keep the post-processing at minimum
however I had to of a couple of things in Photoshop but
that took me only about 10 minutes to do that so it was nothing major but the
light stand that was holding the pile together was showing through some of the
gaps between the toilet paper rolls so I had to kind of Photoshop or clone
the the the light stand away but like I said it was very very minimal I’m pretty
happy with the picture all in all there’s nice almost like the movement in
the in the composition or the way the paper the toilet paper rolls are kind of
falling down and the tonality is kind of nice too so I’m pretty happy with that
with the picture so that’s my take on the toilet paper photography challenge
and now it’s your turn make your picture of toilet paper roll or several rolls if
you can get a hold of several rolls and publish it on social media and use the
hashtag toilet paper photography challenge thank you so much for watching
I’ll see you in the next one

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