This Turns Your Phone into a Camera

This Turns Your Phone into a Camera

Hey guys, this is Austin. Today I’m here with something that’s just a little bit different. This is a Hasselblad camera
attachment for the Moto Z. Now the camera on this
guy is absolutely no joke. However with the True Zoom, you’re actually adding
an entirely different camera system to the back of the phone. So this is the True Zoom. Now it actually kind of feels
by itself like a camera. However, you can take it to a Moto Z, and there you go, simple as that. So the True Zoom itself actually feels a lot like a proper camera. So you have a dedicated shutter button. It’s got a nice sort of
hefty feel on the handle, a little bit of a grip. Also inside, it looks like we
actually have a carrying case. So the cool thing about Moto Mods is that they’re super easily
detached and reattached. So if you want though, you don’t want this extra bulky thing, you just slide it into
this little carrying case. While the True Zoom definitely does add some bulk to the phone, it’s not crazy. So I slide it in my pocket,
it actually fits no problem. It might be a little bit thicker than what I want to carry around everyday. However, when you’re done with it, it’s easy enough to just take it right off and it’s no big deal. To go along with the True Zoom, there’s also the brand new Moto Z Play. So the Moto Z Play is a more mid-range version of the Moto Z. So inside you’re rocking a Snapdragon 625 instead of the 820, and you’re also getting a 1080p screen versus 1440p. However, as far as the build goes, this is pretty much identical. There is one small upgrade
with the Moto Z Play though. And that is the readdition
of a headphone jack. And that might not seem like a big deal, however both of its bigger brothers are completely lacking any
kind of headphone jack. You’re forced to use USB-C. Uh-oh, uh-oh. That looks like a thing right there. So the first thing I noticed is that the zoom is fast. (laughs) So it is a 25 to 250 millimeter lens. Now mind you, you do
definitely lose a lot of light, so it’s something like f/6.5
when you actually zoom in. So it’s more for like outdoor situations. But if you need that zoom, this is not something you’re gonna be able to get on a normal smartphone. So we have the full auto-mode. If we expand it out, we can
also pick black and white. We can also go for the RAW mode. It’s also clear there’s not
a huge sensor inside here. So honestly, it’s probably
a little bit bigger than most smartphone sensors, but definitely nowhere near anything like a proper point and shoot. Speaking of, we have probably
the best point and shoot out there right now,
the Sony RX100 Mark IV. Now side by side, while the Moto Z is definitely a little bit longer, the thing’s actually isn’t too bad. Whoa. That was quite the flash, wow. So this also has a xenon flash. I’m curious to see how
much of a difference that makes to battery life. When it comes to actual image quality, the True Zoom is good, but not amazing. A lot of that is due to
the small sensor and lens. The laws of physics limit what you can do in such a thin package. While having that extra
zoom range is really helpful when you have solid lighting, it does hurt low light performance. There’s a massive advantage in just using the built-in camera on the Moto Z Play. Get some more light and it fares better, but it still trails behind the Note 7, which is the best smartphone
camera out right now. Once you use the zoom though, you can get shots you would just miss with a normal smartphone. The ability to compress the background really is impossible with
a normal wide-angle lens. Color and sharpness are more in line with a regular point
and shoot versus DSLR. But the RAW and black and white modes can help pull more out of the camera. Just don’t expect anything crazy. The True Zoom name is no joke. That really is the main advantage. You’ll be able to get your hands on it on September 15th for $250. It might be a bit on the pricey side, but considering what you get, it’s actually not a bad package.

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