The Finger Painting Artist: How Iris Scott Made a Career Finger Painting | My Shopify Business Story

The Finger Painting Artist: How Iris Scott Made a Career Finger Painting | My Shopify Business Story

All you need is one idea or one moment
to change the course of your life. This is embarrassing to admit but I
actually kind of remember thinking, oh I could be the finger-painting artist. So this is my studio, I also live here. We’re in the middle of Brooklyn. Half of the house is where I pretty
much live and the other half is where I work. So I grew up in a rural little town
outside of Seattle. Everything out there is covered in moss. I do seem to remember
showing artwork to my parents and them being like, “oh that’s very beautiful
we can put that up on the fridge for a while.” So I was always kind of working as
hard as I could to try to get to that place of framing. Yes I love that. I love that. The first time I made a finger painting was a scene of these yellow
flowers that I was painting with brushes and oils. I needed a really fresh stroke
of yellow but all the brushes were pretty stained green and blue at that
point so I was like oh I’m just gonna finish this off with my fingertips and I
did a few strokes and I was like good god that’s so effective. I seem to
remember what kind of like hearing a voice it was like you should just do
that, you should work within that limitation. After that day that I sort of decided to
focus on finger-painting I decided that working within that limitation would
have advantages so I wouldn’t be tempted to even work with the brushes and try to
do what they’re good at. I wanted to work within this obstacle and I have found
over the years that what is perceived as an obstacle or a limitation is usually
an advantage in disguise. The actual painting part is so therapeutic. I just want to make more art that makes you feel loved. I try not to be too connected
to them once they’re finished. I look at them as something that has taught me
something and has gotten me closer to the eccentric 80 year old artist that
will one day exist, and she’ll be really good.

100 thoughts on “The Finger Painting Artist: How Iris Scott Made a Career Finger Painting | My Shopify Business Story”

  1. Why do art teachers all look the same

    Also that’s a bit of a confident and bold statement to say you’re they best

    Also fuck you

  2. The most boring annoying advert I have ever seen. Rammed down my throat which has made me do a complete 180. When will you morons learn that forced advertising DOESN'T FUCKING WORK!!

  3. I’ve loved Iris Scott’s work since the moment I first saw it years ago. If I could only own one piece of art, it would be an Iris Scott.

  4. I know you mean well with your painting but painting with your naked fingers is hazardous for your skin, all those chemicals lead to serious skin problems including cancer, please be cautious

  5. I was watching something and then I clicked on this and I was like, O NOES but then I was like; Wait I love these paintings so pretty! So this is a dopey ad.

  6. Your art is a masterpiece, I loved the deer in the forest, & the one with the cat . It made me want to cry , I felt very emotional seeing all your artwork. In a good way , this rarely happens. I don't know the reason, perhaps the beauty in you not using brushes, and are able to create something so beautiful. 🎨

  7. Brushes can actually be difficult to use sometimes. Too dry, too wet, soaked up all the paint, doesn’t get a fine line, presses down too much and ruins the brush, Makes a stroke too close to a line and it goes outside the margin, too big, too tiny, Hair comes out of the paintbrush and makes a weird texture on the painting, not to mention you have to clean them so many times and the stroke marks.

    It really takes some perfecting tbh. I haven’t painted I a long time but I remember the struggles when I was beginning

  8. Umm that mural is not in Brooklyn, nor did you paint it. It is not in Brooklyn! I did It at a 2 World trade. And Spotify you used it without license. Big mistake. Great work thought @anotti81

  9. Love what you do. You're so inspiring. I also think… 'what artist could I be?'…. 'could I be the alcohol ink mixed media artist?'…. too lengthy maybe! Lol

  10. Ayyy cok sevindim ya,zaten evlilik karari hayallerimiz varken hersey yari yolda kalmisti ama yinede hep bir unutla bekledim ve bu acilim beni cok mutlu etti,kotu gunler geride kaldi artik guzel bir gelecek bizi bekliyor,agziniza saglik

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