The Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom (1924) movie

The Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom (1924) movie

OF MOSSELPROM This film was made in 1924 in Moscow by Mejrabpom-Rus studios It is interesting because it’s one of the first comedies dedicated to
daily life in the USSR The American MacBright, who is interested in Soviet Russia is en route for Moscow… The secretary Maria Ivanovna Rybtsova (A. Dmokhovskaia). The assistant book keeper Nikodim Mityushin (Igor llinski). Don’t torture me! The assistant book keeper
who awaits the judgement of destiny. I’m not a man of
the old Régime, however I don’t hesitate
to use the traditional style. Without wishing to be poetic, I must tell you
that I harbour for you the most sincere feelings and that my salary
is that of a worker on the twelfth level.
Yours, waiting, for the judgement of destiny,
the accountant Nikodim Mityushin. Time is precious for
those who are busy. Oliver MacBright (M. Tsibulski). Cameraman Latugin (Nikolai Tsereteli). The director Barsov-Aragonski (A. Baratov) is always in edge before filming. Waiting for a more suitable
means of transport. How kind of you
to have waited for me. Zina Vessenina (Julia Solntseva) Mosselprom Excuse me,
I’ll be back in a moment. In love with
the pretty cigarette girl Mityushin buys her goods from her, each day. Clear off! Silence! Action! When you’ve quite
finished daydreaming, what about working the camera. Mityushin carefully treasures all the cigarettes
that he’s bought. I forgot that you smoke. No, you see…
I mean to say, yes… I only buy Mosselprom. On the way from
Mosselprom to Riga. How long I’ve waited for
this wonderful moment. Latugin goes to
the film lab. to quickly develop the negative. And so closes the day on which begins
the adventures of our heros. Your rushes are ready. The studio head
discusses a new script. Look at that face. Why don’t you
give her a screen test? Yes, you’re right. Mityushin decides to
use every means possible. Would you like to
be in the movies? At the studio,
filming was underway. Equally “interested” in the movies, MacBright arrives at the studio. What a pleasure it is
to see you again! Here’s the change
from your American bank note. Having obtained a part, Zina immediately sets to work. It’s no good,
I can’t get it right. Let me help you. Let’s look at the scene together. Mityushin can’t wait for his
day’s work to come to an end. In half an hour, Zina was so confident
in her abilities that… I’m leaving:
I’m going to become an actress. There was something medieval, chivalrous and classical in the stubborness of Mityushin. Can you help me… you see there’s usually a
pretty brunette here, who sells cigarettes. The weather isn’t always
on the side of those in love. Even at work,
there are moments of idleness. A man in two minds. Congratulate us,
we’re engaged. I didn’t want you cast
in the first place… I told you
I didn’t have any talent… It’s all over. Idiot, it’s just a trick
for the camera. Now you’ve gone
and spoilt the filming. I don’t want any reward: In saving you,
I saved my love. Excuse me…
but why aren’t you wet? Could you
show me your profile please. Wonderful! You’d be a sensation
on the big screen, and I hope we’ll
see one another soon. I don’t smoke. They haven’t even been opened… To Oliver MacBright, Due Russian English Agreements. The interest life
Soviet Russia constantly growing. Order promptly Russian films. From her… Oh… I must ask you to leave
and not disturb our work. Don’t talk to me in
that tone of voice. I can’t work with
Latugin anymore. Give me another cameraman. I’m going to give you another job. We’ve been asked to make a film on the daily life of the New Moscow. They’ve taken me off the film. Mister MacBright thinks that with your face and your figure, you could easily earn a fortune. The Forgotten Flower A Filmic Tragedy
in 5 acts 6 acts 7 acts 17 acts Latugin busies himself
in his new job. Do you think you could give me the allure of a poet. You know,
it’s terribly difficult to reconcile
the creative abilities of the writer with the trivialities
of the balance sheet. This damn scene. If I could only rehearse it. Down on your knees, wretch! I am merciless. You can consider yourself free from all
your obligations to us. Latugin hurries
to finish his film. This bit isn’t necessary,
you can take it out. Huh, he’s jumbled everything up
and then left. Good Lord, what gibberish. Head of Studios The Forgotten Flower A Filmic Tragedy
in 17 acts Dedicated to a very talented
young actress: Zinaida Vessenina Today brings
the screening of the film commissioned by MacBright. Please, could you hire this man: He speaks English. Mister MacBright repeats again that with your face and your figure, you could easily earn a fortune. Daily life in
the New Moscow by A. Latugin. The “busy” streets of Moscow. The care shown to children. Summer,
Moscow covered in flowers. Moscow’s
picturesque surroundings. The new monuments:
The statue of Dostoevsky. They’re making fun of us. Instead of showing us
everyday life in the new Moscow, they’re showing us
this woman. that the cameraman Latugin has fallen in love with. But it’s a special genre: the travelogue. This won’t do. You’re both fired. It’s all your fault… Dear Mr. MacBright,
after thinking over your offer, I have come to the conclusion that for a poor, young woman like myself,
scrupules are a luxury. Zina Vessenina. The work of
MacBright’s new secretary consists of translating
his correspondance. Dear Mr. MacBright, After thinking over your offer, I have come to the conclusion that: for a poor, young woman like myself, scrupules are a luxury. Zina Vessenina. Please will you forgive me. The cause of all this
is my love for you. Can you really blame me? What a disgusting hypocrite! And she’s written to the American
for an interview. Get away from me
you venal creature… Dear Mr. MacBright,
after thinking over your offer, I have come to the conclusion that: for a poor, young woman like myself,
scrupules are a luxury. Zina Vessenina. Listen to me.
I can explain everything. Life’s long road
continues on its way. If one’s not working
in the movies, being a street photographer
isn’t such a bad way of life Gently now.
Keep still. Come on! Come on! Mister MacBright suggests that you forget
you’re an actress, and asks you
not to make a scene. Office of Oliver MacBright:
Appartment nº3 They’ve killed Zina! They’ve just taken
the trunk to the station. Open that trunk.
There’s a body inside. It wasn’t worth the bother of bringing all
those mannequins, Moscow has its own models. They’ve taken the trunk. Huh!
A fine detective, you’d make. How could you even think that the representative of a foreign prêt-à-porter company would want to kill his own models? You’ve ruined my whole life, you and your imbecilic love. Tell Mr. MacBright that I don’t wish
to work for him any more. My life is in tatters! Why are you so heartless. Do you want to spoil
everything about our love? You probably don’t love me,
or even know what love is! Why did you seduce me? Why, force me to love you? You probably don’t know how much it hurts,
my broken heart. Mr. Mityushin, I require you to do me a great service. I would be extremely grateful if you would present yourself immediately at my residence. Oliver MacBright. I need your skills as a translator in a rather delicate matter. It is of very great
importance for me You will receive 100 dollars, and if everything goes
according to plan, 1,000 more. The important but delicate
concern of Oliver MacBright… Please, could you tell
Miss Zina that I am asking for
her hand in marriage. I am flattered,
but I’m not ready for marriage. Oh, joy of joys.
She refused him. Tell her that what
I shall treasure most on my long journey home are the fondest
memories of her. D’you know what he said? “It’s her who seduced me because she was
only after my money, and I’ve seen through her little game”. Any mail for Mr. MacBright should be forwarded to:
26 Avenue 143 New York You’ll have to come with me. Jumping out of tram windows
isn’t allowed. Comrade, where do we
get married round here? Registry Office And then, one fine day, no more cigarette sellers
on the streets. Opening today,
A new film: The Cigarette Girl
of Mosselprom Latugin has achieved
his goal. Zina has become
a film star and everything you have seen… The Cigarette Girl
of Mosselprom A Film in Seven Acts Director: A. Latugin. With, in the leading role:
Zinaida Vessenina. Zina… Nikodim, let’s go home. The End Subtitles: Corvusalbus

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  1. This is a very artful and entertaining movie and because it was made under the Soviet NEP program of the 1920's, it took some liberties. It's sad to watch and think how many of these people winded up in the gulags or executed. Stalin's paranoia of the 1930's lead to numerous purges, including the film industry. I guess those that survived were later freed and collaborated in the so-called Nazi War of Liberation in Communist Russia 1941.

  2. Delightful film by Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky. Good views of Moscow. Great sound track by Charlotte Castellan and David Lefebvre. Is it the original music score?

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