The Best Instagram Camera Ever Created

Your phone. You use it. Possibly as your primary
camera these days. Even though they’ve kind of
advanced to this point of having really amazing cameras, considering
their size, they are still not gonna replace a Digital SLR. They’re not gonna replace the camera that Jack is using to see all this right now. Look at that thing,
look how thin that is, I mean, that — find me a professional
camera that is that scale right. It’s just not gonna happen. So, maybe, you wanna step your game up. But maybe, you don’t wanna give up some
of the functionality of your phone and your instant shareability. That’s where this thing comes in.
This thing is not cheap. Be warned, this thing is not cheap. The DxO One – Professional
quality connected camera. It fits into the lightning
port of your iPhone. You’re getting a 1inch sensor. 1inch. An f/1.8 lens. This is stuff you’re used to talking about with professional photography equipment. It captures raw files. So if you want to manipulate them and
edit them later, that’s the way to go. What does this mean for you in
Instagram professional, so to speak? Might be you. Well, you know what, it is you. Little seal. Okay. Holy unboxing experience right now! Wooh! Look at the way they did that! So the manual’s right on here. That’s the camera. Woah! Wow, that is really intense. Just open up, Jack, see if you can
catch that when I do that. Wooh! A Micro-USB cable to
keep things charged up. Power brick. A micro-fibre cloth or carrying case. We’re gonna find out. Cloth. Ooh. Luxurious. We’ve got an iPhone over here. You can see the battery life and it’s
telling me it has no memory card, so this takes Micro-SD cards. When you pull the lens cover down, seems like it’s ready to function, but you need this lightning
connector out, so what you do is you pull down a
little further, push down, and there’s like a little
clasp that then ejects the lightning connector. Now to put it away is the same.
Hold down, push it in, let go, and it locks. I can kinda pick my angle and this acts as my
shutter button, right up here. Got a Micro-SD here. The DxO One app gives
you control, good. Auto mode or manual. Aperture ISO speed, essentially all the camera
settings you’d be used to in a more professional camera. First off, I’ll do a shot in auto mode. Ooh. This is insane image quality. From what you’re used to seeing on your phone. So, here, in full manual mode, you have
access to shutter speed, ISO, aperture. Blow out the background, have it
nice and smooth and out of focus. People use the term ‘Bocca’ for that. Dude, these photos are insane. Have a look at this. Holy! This selfie is scary high-calibre right now. Ha ha! You’re gonna want to see me like that. The fact that I can share a
photo of that calibre immediately, and not having to go in, pull
it off a camera, put it on to a computer, potentially edit it and so on. I can just throw this into an editing app
if I want or just share it right like that. And that’s another level right there. Most of you are gonna think if you snap a photo of that you’re gonna end up with the entire thing in focus. Now I just want to show you how
with the shallow depth of field you can completely change this scenario from
a creative stand-point. That’s the look that’s really
tough to achieve with a small sensor and a small camera lens. So, creatively, there are options
here. If you were out and about with this kind of setup, the things you can do
creatively just go to the next level.

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