Taking pictures at a studio [The Return of Superman/2019.10.06]

Taking pictures at a studio [The Return of Superman/2019.10.06]

Hello. It’s a great autumn day. Where did Gunhoo and Naeun go? – Hello. / – Hi. We are here to take an ID photo for Gunhoo. – Come sit here, Gunhoo. / – Hello. In the studio filled with cute costumes and items, Gunhoo will take his first ID photo ever. – Goodness. / – Sit here, Gunhoo. Come here. (Wait a moment.) Gunhoo, you can’t go there. – He can’t stay still. / – Will he be able to take it? I brought some clothes he can wear for the photo. – Can I change him first? / – Sure, of course. Let’s get you changed before the photoshoot. – You look so cute. / – Gunhoo. He’s wearing white socks and shorts to show off his pudgy ankles. He’s even wearing a white shirt and a tie. Gosh, he looks like an office worker. – He looks adorable. / – Let me fix the tie for you. The tie is the key. Do you have a spray? – Something to spray water with? / – Yes. – Why does he need a spray? / – A spray? Spray a little on my hand. (It’s fine.) (I’m fine as is.) (Goodness.) Should I pull your hair back all the way? Or natural wave? – Wave. / – He’ll look adorable in any style. What does Gunhoo want? Natural. (He’s going overboard.) Jooho is paying a lot of attention. Okay, it’s done. Lift your head. Look at me. (What happened to my hair?) – He’s so handsome. How handsome. / – He’s adorable. Please take a pretty picture of Gunhoo. I will. Sit here. And look, Gunhoo. (Jooho helps him with the pose.) – Now. / – This is really hard. Taking a kid’s ID photo is really hard. Right, because he needs to face the front. (Passionate Jooho, Look ahead, my son.) (It’s my first time taking an ID photo.) (Like this?) (Seriously?) – Gunhoo. / – Suddenly. (Look here, Gunhoo.) Peek-a-boo. (He’s not responding.) He’s very stiff. (Where am I? Who am I?) (What should I do?) Put your hands up. “Hurray.” (Let me try anything.) (He’s so polite.) He’s a bit… (Let me try anything.) (Laughing) (Gunhoo, isn’t this fun?) (Dad, calm down.) – Gunhoo. / – Gunhoo, please smile. – He’s coming down. / – This is so hard. That’s seriously tough. Why won’t you look at me? (They had to take a break.) (He drinks some water.) (Goodness.) (Out of breath) It was hard for him too. It is hard for the child too. Photoshoots are not easy, Gunhoo. (Right!) Right. (Gunhoo drinks nonstop.) (I’m done now.) – Are you ready now? / – Let’s go. – I think he could take it now. / – Touch this. (He’s in a good mood after drinking some water.) (But he freezes in front of the camera.) – It’s tough. / – What will they do? (He suddenly smiles.) – This is the time. / – He’s so adorable. (She’s better than me.) Jooho tried so hard. – Naeun did it so easily. / – That’s it. I knew we could count on Naeun. Naeun is the best. – What did you do? / – She pulled it off when her dad couldn’t. Gunhoo, look over here. (Naeun draws his attention to the camera.) She’s really good. I think Naeun can work here. (Thanks to Naeun’s help…) – He’s smiling widely. / – This will be a great shot. (I’m smiling thanks to you, Naeun.) He’s so adorable. (All it takes is one blow.) (A big smile) (We’ll show you the B-cuts we got thanks to Naeun.) (When Naeun smiles…) Oh, goodness. Look at him. (The atmosphere has become smooth at the studio.) (Jooho fixes Gunhoo’s tie.) (Let’s take a proper ID photo.) This will be a good photo. How is he so adorable? (It’s Gunhoo’s first ID photo.) That’s it. Gunhoo’s first ID photo. We’ll show them to you shortly. (Gunhoo found a toy.) Let’s sit here. Right, he should take some fun photos while he’s here. Gunhoo, you’re like a Hollywood actor. (Even a little toy) That’s nice. (becomes part of a photoshoot with Gunhoo.) (A great photo has been taken with a toy.) Gunhoo, you should have your legs crossed here. (Slipping) Of course, he can’t cross his legs. (Why are you ruining my mood?) (He has thick straight legs.) There is no place for his leg to rest on. Cross your legs. Can you do it? Can you do this? (When Dad tries to put Gunhoo’s foot up…) I can’t put it up. (Slipping) You need grooves on your legs to be able to cross them. (Then…) Gunhoo, what is this? – Great. Great. / – Did it work? Let’s do it the other way. You have a guitar. Did it work? Look at it. Jooho is trying so hard. You look like an artist. Yes, that’s it. That’s a good angle, Gunhoo. That’s great. (Absorbed) This is so funny. (Absorbed) (Jooho is even more absorbed.) Okay. I’m getting out now. Please edit me out. (Dad’s sacrifice, thick legs are only helping) (Naeun is visiting the wardrobe.) Naeun, what do you want to wear? Yes, yes, yes. We have to shoot Naeun. Do you want to try this on? Is she picking out her outfits? I’m looking forward to it. Dad, I want to take pictures too. What is this? (What is this, Naeun?) Let’s see. (Here comes beautiful Princess Naeun.) She looks… (This time, Naeun and Jooho are shooting together.) (Zooming) (Is Gunhoo going home first?) This is so beautiful. (He’s forcing his thick ankles in.) Gunhoo. (Gunhoo, you look pretty.) Look at Gunhoo. – Look at him. / – Move out of his way. (I’m sorry for all the troubles, thick ankles.) – Let’s be ballerinas. / – Ballerinas? Okay. Hold my hands. (Twirling) (It’s like a painting.) (Should I try it too?) Me too. (Jarring) Hey, what is this? (This is every dad’s dream.) That. Having your daughter stand on your feet. – I’m so jealous. / – This is it. I’ve never done it before. (Toddling) (Every dad’s dream is to live like Park Jooho.) (It’s finally time for Naeun’s solo pictures.) (Peek-a-boo) You surprised me. (Guess where I am!) – She made me swoon. / – Peek-a-boo! (Naeun can make typical poses special.) (Sometimes charismatic, sometimes coy) (She shows different poses and facial expressions.) Let’s see, let’s see. Dad, let me borrow your telephone. Can you see it? Go take a picture. (I need to take a selfie of this.) Even she thinks she looks good right now. (She’s taking more selfies in a different outfit.) (Ulsan’s Naeun can pull off princess clothes.) Please take a lot of pictures. (Thinking) (Okay, that’s good enough!) (Meanwhile, Gunhoo is shooting a monodrama.) (A day of a working baby) – All of a sudden? / – He’s sighing. (It’s Monday morning.) People who just arrived at work would sigh like him. (I have to run until my feet sweat.) (That must be why my feet are swollen.) (But if you’re an office worker…) RIght. He has to work on some documents. (Just like this keyboard,) (I wish there was a space bar in life.) (After pressing on the space bar endlessly,) (today’s work finished.) He’s getting off work. (Even when I leave the office feeling lonely,) He’s tired. (I won’t forget to smile) Right. (because getting off work makes me happy.) (His thick ankles made it home too.) He should let his feet rest. (Gosh! Is it still Monday?) (I can’t believe it.) It’s still Monday night. (Then my future…) (It can’t be Monday!) (Monday night, in denial) (Tuesday, furious) (Wednesday, mental breakdown) – It’s the days of the week. / – I see. – Fans made this. / – Yes, it’s TGIF. (Saturday, the happiest) (Sunday night, beyond trying to escape) (Then it will become Monday again.) (I can’t live like this.) Gunhoo. (How will Gunhoo live after getting off work?) (By shopping) (This looks nice!) He’s choosing something he likes. It’s a pair of sunglasses. Gunhoo, let me put them on you. (I know how to put them on now!) (He has the temples open.) Gunhoo, put it on. Put it on. Try it. (It’s dark.) Is it dark? (With Dad’s help…) It’s the other way. That’s it. He’s going to become a Hollywood star. His head is so small. (His lips say he’s satisfied.) (It’s not dark when I take them off.) (It’s so cool every time I try sunglasses on.) (I can see!) (When I put the sunglasses down,) (the whole world turns into night.) He must be amazed since it gets dark and bright. (And if I wear it like this,) (I can see both night and day at once.) (The world of sunglasses is so cool.) Gunhoo, come here. Come here. Shall we take a picture here? – Ready, go! / – Look. Let’s take it. One, two, three. (Lovely Gunhoo and Naeun, be like these siblings) Two, three, gasp. (Peek-a-boo!) One, two, three. (He lifts his sunglasses half a beat slow.) (Is it still night? I better sleep some more.) Gunhoo, One, two, three. They’re shooting under natural light. Jump, jump, jump. (Gunhoo’s ID picture is ready!) (Hurry!) Gunhoo’s pictures are ready in no time. Gunhoo is taking a look at it first. He must be amazed to see his face printed many times. Exactly. (How can this happen?) (There are so many pictures of my face!) There are so many. It’s amazing. (He organizes his faces as he waits for more pictures.) (May I take a copy?) – You look good. / – Did the final print come out? Look. You look like an office worker. (He looks like an office worker.) (Gunhoo’s first ID picture is ready.) He looks handsome. With Gunhoo’s very first ID picture, his family made another precious memory. (Bonus behind-the-scenes cut)

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  1. Wah Daebak.. So Cute. Pemotretan yg luar biasa.. Suka lihat tingkah lucu Gunhoo😘
    Suka lihat kecantikan Naeun. Semua Suka.. 😍

  2. Gunhoo's photo for his ID card is waayyy better than mine, I want to punch myself everytime I look at my ID card's photo

  3. fans mereka byk, tp karna udh ada yg upload lbh dulu jd pas kbs upload view nya dikit karna udh pd liat dichannel sebelah

  4. Dont you just love the siblings love. How gunhoo immediately smiles after his sister tries to make him laugh.
    And the father and daughter relationship.. I can only imagine their first father daughter dance when naeun is going to get married 🤣

  5. Park Jooho selalu tampak payah dan Naeun selalu bisa mengcover ayahnya. Sampe gatau ini plot twist dr PJH apa natural 🤣

  6. Whoever thought that having two narrators would be better? I've discovered TROS since the second episode aired and it was fine when they had only one narrator. I remember the soothing voices of Ho Jeong and Si Ra and Ae Ra. Their commentaries were JUST ENOUGH, not blow by blow, not interfering with what you are watching, not blabbering about insignificant things, and definitely not annoying. Not like this, where the "narrators" voices keep buzzing in the background that you could almost not concentrate on the video. This is like a radio program con variety show hosting style of "narration". You can't almost hear the voices of the cast, the "narrator's" voices is so overpowering. it is annoying.

  7. Hey KBS can you make another season for Naeun and Gunhoo's Children. please

    (when their older)

  8. in some distant future:

    nauen – a model or actress
    seungjae – a doctor/CEO
    sian – big league soccer player

    this would be my all time favorite k drama

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