Scarlett Johansson Can’t Unsee This Picture of Her Boyfriend

You were hilarious as Ivanka
Trump on Saturday Night Live. Oh, thank you. Hilarious. Thank you. And I’m just wondering– [APPLAUSE] I love that show. Don’t you love that show? I do. Yeah. Big fan. I love that show. That Weekend Update, those
two guys, those fellows are really good. Who– Yeah. Who’s your favorite? Do you like Colin, or
do you like Michael? Um, it’s hard to pick. Really, is it? No it’s not that hard to pick. Colin is– I guess I’m a Colin
fan, I’d have to say. He’s, he’s adorable,
and he’s funny, and I’m happy [INAUDIBLE]. He’s not bad. I’m happy for you. Thanks. And there’s a
picture of that John Mulaney, who was fantastic
hosting Saturday Night Live. Oh yes, I agree. Oh my gosh,
absolutely hilarious. He’s hilarious. But he posted a picture,
a throwback I guess, when he was a writer. And that’s Colin with a beard. I thought it was
like, a disguise, but that’s really
what he looks like. [LAUGHTER] Right? Had you seen that? I mean, I can’t unsee it now. [LAUGHTER] Oh no. I didn’t even think
that was him, but it is. Oh my god it is. Right. Have I just broken you all up? Did I do something wrong? Yeah, I mean I’ll– I, I can’t say that that’s an
image that I’ll ever forget. Right. [LAUGHTER] There he is. There he is. That’s what he
actually looks like. He’s a handsome devil. That’s how I like
to remember him. Yeah, sorry. We’ll erase that. And I’ll always remember him
by, now that we’re broken up. Yes. [LAUGHTER] Ellen did it. She broke us up. All right, let’s
talk about Avengers. Is this easier to do? How many have you done now? Six? Um, I like– Nine? 25. A lot. A lot. I’ve done, I don’t know. I actually, I don’t know. Really? How many have I done? I don’t know, I
was guessing six. There was Iron Man 2,
then we did Avengers. There was Avengers 2, Captain
America 2, There’s a lot of 2s here. Three, then we– did I
do anything after that? Oh there was, there
was, three was– Three was the Civil War. I lost count already. So now we’re at seven. Seven or eight. Yeah. It’s my sixth? Yeah. Andy– Andy– Are you keeping my contractual– Yeah. –like, obligations as well. [LAUGHTER] Andy gets– Am I done now or what? He gets a percentage. He negotiates your deals. So, will there be– I heard there’s like
a rumor that you’re going to have your own movie. That your character is going
to have a spin off and have your own movie. I think there’s room for it. I think the only way
to do it would be is if it were something
that we’ve never seen before that was really
groundbreaking and incredibly bad ass. But, you know, I
think if anybody was– could make that happen,
my boss Kevin Feige could. He’s– Well I hope it happens. He’s a visionary. That would be amazing. Yeah, I think it could be– I think it could be
something really special. There’s definitely
a lot of room there. The character has a
very tortured past, to say the least. And she’s, you know, had to make
a lot of difficult decisions. And she, I think,
probably has some trauma, and she’s got a lot
of, she’s got issues. Well, then there’s plenty
of– there’s plenty of room to work them all out. And you have a lot of
female costars, finally. For a while, you
were the only one. Yes, thank god. Yeah, it was kind of
hairy there for a minute.