Superstar (2008)(HD & Eng Subs) Hindi Full Movie – Kunal Khemu, Tulip Joshi – Latest Bollywood Movie

Superstar (2008)(HD & Eng Subs) Hindi Full Movie – Kunal Khemu, Tulip Joshi – Latest Bollywood Movie

Mr. Dabur, I want to say something.You’ve appointed me for a job.It’s my job to decide
how to execute it.
I didn’t understand.You want gold?
You will get it safely.
But the condition is
that I’ll do it alone.
-You want to execute this task alone?
You think you can do it alone?No. I know I can do it alone.Okay. I’ll take a risk with you.But remember,
the police will be right behind you
and so will be Samanth.Only my fate will be behind me,
Mr. Dabur.
He will come. Now our star will come. Tiffin, be ready to whistle. Sit down. There’s still some time. After half an hour, in the next song. How do you know? Because she has seen it
only four times. Mausam. Mausam. Why don’t you tell him? Mr. Mehra. Look at this. It’s an HP. My son sent me a laptop from there.This is my papa.My papa thinks
I won’t be able to do anything in life.
Just like Prem’s papa felt.Like Prem’s papa,my papa was fed up of
making me understand.
Father, you can call me useless
or whatever you like.
But I’ll be successful one day.But that’s not the only problem in life.There’s another problem.
My neighbour.
He’s more worried about me
than his son in America.
He comes here everyday
to instigate my papa.
Whenever you feel like talking to him,
do that. What is it called… chat. Yes. Chat with him. Look, this is a mouse. I can’t see Kunal anywhere. Oh, he must have gone
for his daily struggle. Will you bring tea for Mr. Sharma? Why doesn’t he ask his son from America
to get tea for him? -Kusum.
-I’ll get it.This is the most lovable character
of my life.
‘Mother India’. My mother.She’s a movie buff,
but I like her this way.
She’s exactly like me.What are you doing? Kunal’s song was being played,
and you changed the channel. Let it be.
How many times will you watch it? -Sister-in-law…
-It’ll come. -What channel was it on?
-No.16. Fine, watch it again. Here he comes. “Let us fly. Let us fly” -Now.
-Now. Now. Now.And this is Mausam.What can I say about her?She is just like Anjali.Sanju’s Anjali.And the one in the freeze frame
on the side,
that’s me.To watch this three-second shot,
she has come for the fourth time.
She’s a bit crazy.“Let us fly. Let us fly” “Let us fly. Let us fly” “Let us fly. Let us fly” “Let us fly. Let us fly” These TV people don’t show
the entire song. If they would’ve shown the entire song the third person in the fourth row
was my son, Kunal. Dancing like this. I’ll bring the biscuits. Congratulations, Mr. Mehra. In three years, your son has reached
the fourth line at least. In a year or two, he’ll be seen clearly. You should retire. I’m leaving. It is time for my son to return…
in America, of course. I’ll go and chat with him. -You didn’t drink the tea.
-It must have gotten cold. I’ll come again tomorrow. I’m leaving, sister-in-law. Shall I call the fire brigade? Sharma has started the fire. He wasn’t wrong. The entire society says that. Mr. Tambe’s son is preparing
for CA examinations. Our manager’s son is preparing
for the medical entrance exam. His son works in America
and takes care of his parents. But they’re not seen on TV. Hey, dear. Hi. Hello. -Happy birthday to you.
-Thank you. Thank you very much. I liked your work a lot in the film. Yes, that’s why you’ve seen it
only four times. And now watched it for fifth time. Have you brought the snacks? What are you doing, Mausam? Aunt must be waiting for you at home. Uncle must be waiting, too. What have you thought about your life? What is the plan for now?
Do we have to go home right away? Thanks for coming along. He won’t scold me as much. He’s come. Not today. It’s his birthday. Fine, not today. Please, not today. -My respects, Mother.
-Where were you all day long? -He’s waiting, too.
-Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to me. He’s reading the paper
without his glasses? I wished you in the morning. Happy birthday. Come on. Let’s have dinner. Mother, serve the food. Thank you. And how was your day? Mine? First class. It was my birthday, so Tiffin… My day was absolutely fantastic. You know,
I appeared for two job interviews today. The first one is sure. The second one is almost sure. Very good. That’s very nice. What have you thought about your life? If I think of something,
you’ll be the first to know. Let it be. We’re having dinner. It’s my birthday.
We have to eat the cake, too. Yes. Cake, cake.
Come on, let’s cut the cake. -First, finish your food.
-Yes. Food first. That’s fine. It’s your birthday. We’ll eat the cake, too. I bought it for Rs.150. Kunal, I want to say, that we’ll be very happy
if you get a job. Then on your next birthday you’ll buy the cake with your own money
and take us out for dinner. Really. We would like it very much. -Thanks, Mother. The food was very nice.
-Kunal. And I’ll pay you back
the money for the cake. Aunt, I’ll bring him back.
I know where he is going. You won’t change. I had told you, not today. Was there a need to mention
about the money for the cake? It’s not about the Rs.150. You very well know what I meant. But he works. He dances. He fights. As extra,
my son stands under the sun for hours. He is working. Tell me.
What is the need for him to do all this? Couldn’t he just do a simple job? Some people are happy in a 9 to 5 job. But some people want to become famous. My son belongs to that category. Eat the cake. It’s my son’s birthday. Eat. Sir, will you turn your face
a bit to the right? Just a bit. Okay. That’s perfect, too. Okay. Kunal, can you tell me why does India love you so much? You got to see the preview downstairs,
right? Come on, Kunal. Come on, Mausam. What’re you doing? What am I doing? I’m interviewing
the future superstar of India. Sir, please. My career will soar. Now, that’s like it. Okay, will you tell our young fans your recipe of becoming
a famous superstar? All you journalists
always ask the same question. I’m going to tell you for the last time,
write it down. Okay. The recipe for becoming a star
is very simple. Take a cup of Amitabh’s talent. And keep it on low flame for years. Then add half a cup of Shah Rukh’s charm. And boil it. After that,
add two spoonfuls of Aamir’s intensity and one spoonful of Hrithik’s dance. Mix all of them well. After that, sauté it
with Salman’s looks. That’s it. Your superstar is ready. I was eight years old
when we came to live here. At that time, I didn’t see my house
or this building either. First, I saw this poster. At that time,
it had a photo of Mr. Salman. And I told mother,
one day I’ll be seen on it. And mother started laughing. You know, Kunal, amongst all of us,
you were the only one who knew what you wanted to be. And you’re working towards it. You are destined to be a star, Kunal. What star? I’ve been struggling
for two and a half years. Dancer, fighter. Once they told me it’s a big role
and made me stand in the crowd. Even if I get a small break, that’s it. It doesn’t look as easy as it seems. Some people have spent their entire life
struggling here. I’m afraid of adding to their numbers. I feel that maybe dad’s right. But I am not completely wrong either. What can I do?
I can’t think about anything else. Why don’t you see what I can see? I can see you there. With all the stars. Who? Who is it? -Kunnu, good morning. Come quickly.
-Have you gone crazy, Tiffin? Come here first. 1-2-3-4.
Dance with me. What are you doing this
early in the morning? Okay, okay. I forgot your birthday again. I am sorry. Happy birthday. It’s not my birthday. Move aside. You are behaving like
you don’t know anything. -You are acting smart.
-What happened? What’s happened? Look, brother they’ve printed your photo
in the paper. Oh, yes. Go and tell Mausam
not to play such foolish pranks. If you print my photo in any paper,
will I believe it? Fine. Mausam has printed your photo
in this paper. But what about this paper? Read this. Mumbai Mirror.
Read it. Read it. Times of India. Read it. Mid-Day. Who has printed it? Your photo is in every newspaper.
See this. -Yes, this is my photo.
-When did I say that it’s mine? -But when did I get this photo taken?
-I’ve been telling you this is your photo. I am hurt. -Let it be now.
-Wait. There is some confusion. -There is some confusion.
-Move aside. This is Saxena…
A Saxena Productions film. That’s what I’m saying.
Saxena is a very famous producer. He is launching you
in a Rs. 500 million film. No, no. Move, Tiffin. But… There’s some confusion.
I haven’t even met him. -Where is his office?
-In Juhu. In Juhu. Yes. Look. I will have to go
and ask him first. There is some confusion.
Don’t tell anyone. There is no need to make
an issue out of it. Kunal, congratulations, son. Very good. I told Mr. Mehra. An intellectual person never shows off
his true talent. You have attained success after all.
What is this? My son saw it in an e-mail yesterday
through the Internet. Congratulations, son.
Congratulations, son. -I knew it.
-Yes. -One day… Well done.
-Yes. Uncle, he has to go for a film shoot.
Film City. Film City. Kunal. My hero. You got the part. What is all this? The entire colony knows it,
except your mother? Mother, I am going to find out.
Don’t ask me any more questions. -Just wait, I am coming.
-Go. Go safely. -Hello, Aunt.
-Take him carefully. Did you see my superstar’s photo? Mr. Sharma, did you see? Get down. It’s not starting. Tilt it. Tilt it. What tilt it? It’s not a ‘Lambretta’. Dad, please not now.
I have very important work. I know what important work you have. -All the best.
-Thanks. But it’s not starting. The spark plug cable must be loose.
Tighten it like this. I checked it, Dad. But it doesn’t start. What is the matter, Mr. Mehra? -Son’s bike is not starting up.
-Yes. Take mine. I don’t want to give it,
but what else can I do? I don’t have a car. And anyway, it’s just for today. Tomorrow, you’ll have your own car. Take it. Take it.
-Take it. Mr. Kunal, the rear-view mirror
is broken. But why will you look back now?
Best of luck. Excuse me. Good morning, sir. Sir, Mr. Mishra is inside. This way, sir. Come. Here. Thank you. Sir! Sir, good morning. -Good morning, sir.
-Did you see your photo? -Yes, sir. But, sir…
-You didn’t like it, did you? We told Bombay Times
that we are going to have a proper photo session. But you know these media people,
they are restless. They couldn’t wait. No, sir. The photo is nice. -But this photo of mine…
-It is not me. You’ve straightened your hair. No. That’s fine, too. My hair has always been like this. But I was thinking
I never clicked this photo. But it is yours.
It should have had a caption. Karan Saxena, India’s next superstar. These media people are really useless. Karan Saxena? Sir, I’m Kunal Mehra. Sir, your dad told me
that you have a habit of joking. But why are you trying it out on me
early morning? No, sir. Seriously. My name is Kunal Mehra.
I live in Borivali. I’ve been to your office earlier, too. But I wasn’t allowed to come inside. This is my portfolio.
And it has my photographs. -Sir…
-This one. You are too much. Just a minute. Karan Saxena. Mr. Saxena’s son? No, Kunal Mehra. My father’s name is Abhiram Mehra. Oh, God. What a system? The hero is born later,
but the duplicate comes first. You’re so darn fortunate. Shah Rukh, take a look at him. What can one do? That’s his fate. Take a seat. Take a seat. Do one thing,
just pray that this movie succeeds. Because the greater heights
my star reaches the higher will be your rate.
Understood? Until then,
all the programs that come on TV. The Laughter Challenge
and Orchestra Party and other stage shows. You’ll earn enough in all that.
I can understand. Listen, do you have a photo
in an inspector’s uniform? Because, I know a man. He takes 20% commission and…listen. You have a chance in B-grade films.
Please try. -Hello?
-Hey, star. Shall I call you a star or a superstar? Mausam, I’m coming. We will talk then. Why? Are you mobbed? Are they asking for your autograph? Nothing is right, Mausam. That’s not my photo. It is the movie producer,
Saxena’s son’s photo. It’s not your photo. Come on, star. Stop joking. I’m coming.
I will explain it to you then. -What happened, Mausam?
-What did he say? I don’t know.
He was saying that photo was not his -but the producers son’s photo.
-What does he mean? I don’t know.
Some producer’s son’s photo. Mausam, he must be joking. You called Kunal, right? -Of course.
-He may be pulling your leg, Mausam. He wanted to be star. You think it is so easy. A 500 million film.
It’s not a piece of cake. What did you say? Hero, go and stop his mother. Unnecessarily, she is distributing sweets
in the society. -You…
-No, Danny. -Danny.
-Let Kunal come. We’ll see him then. A common man wants to achieve greatness. -Is everything fine?
-What happened? Mausam was saying
that it wasn’t your photo in the papers? -It was some producer’s son’s photo.
-Nothing. -Let’s go upstairs.
-Come. Sir. Autograph please, sir. Thank you, Mr. Tambe. -Mausam said there was some confusion.
-Hey, the mirror is broken. -How?
-This one? You told me yourself in the morning
that it was broken. Hey, hero, if you don’t know how to ride
why did you take the bike? Fine, it’s my fault.
I broke the mirror, I’ll pay for it. -Thanks.
-Who talked about money? I didn’t ask you for money. Just see. He hasn’t become a hero yet
and is bragging about the money. Look, Mr. Tambe. I beg of you,
don’t create a scene. Please. Hey, hero.
Save your lines for your films that’s if you get one. Let it be, Kunal.
He’s only uttering nonsense. Come on. Let’s go. -This is your mirror, isn’t it?
-Oh, God. My hand. Here goes the mirror
and your bike as well. Hey, Kunal, stop it. Kunal. This is your seat. Kunal, have you gone crazy? -This is how your bike is damaged.
-Stop him. -This is how your bike is damaged.
-Kunal. Someone call his parents. -Kunal, forget it.
-Move. -Move aside.
-Listen to me. -Someone stop him.
-Kunal, control yourself. He damaged my bike. -Somebody stop him.
-Just calm down, okay? My bike. He has ruined my bike. -You will get hurt.
-Kunal. Have you gone crazy? What are you doing, Kunal? -Don’t do it. What are you doing?
-Leave me. Leave me, Daddy. Leave me. What sort of misbehaviour is this? -Just a minute. Just a minute.
-Have you gone crazy? Have you gone berserk? They are all our companions. Mr. Mehra. Mr. Mehra. He is a child. He made a mistake. Please don’t get angry.
Please don’t get angry. If there is a hole in your boat,
what can the oarsman do? What can you do? Listen to me.
I say, get him a small job. He’ll earn some money. If he wishes to, he’ll look after you. Otherwise, at least he will manage
his own expenses. Don’t get angry. Go and rest. Why have you created a scene? He is our own child. Go. -Come on.
-Come on, let’s go. Come. Come. Brother, this is the last one.
No more after this. Everything is ‘last’. That was my last chance. Now they won’t let me dance, nor fight. Everyone will say,
“Him? He is Karan Saxena’s duplicate.” They said it today. Brother, it was embarrassing for you,
I’m sure. Really embarrassing. -Embarrassing…
-Forget it, Kunal. Look.
I know you’ll be a superstar soon. Star?
Don’t call me that again, please. Brother. Brother. He’s a fool.
Step aside. I’ll explain it to you. Brother. I, Tiffin,
wish for you on a broken star… -What’s it? Tell, please…
-Shooting star. Yes, shooting star.
You’ll become a superstar soon. Brother, it’s me talking!
Take these peanuts as the signing amount. Enjoy them! -Shooting star, is it?
-Yes. Now, there won’t be any
‘shooting’ happening nor will a ‘star’ be born. Cheers. Who made my drink? James, you know that I have bad sinuses. Why did you fill it with so much ice? Mishra, why do you drink,
if you can’t digest it? Sorry, sir. I had a bit too much. Learn to hold your drink, buddy. The first sign of a successful man. I am ready, guys. Let’s go. Karan. Karan. Where were you? The entire media fraternity
is waiting for you. Dad, I was memorizing my lines. The ones you had given me
to deliver here. -Come on. Excuse me.
-Hi. Sit properly. That’s fine. Where’s my heroine? Ms. Barkha, this is your first film.
It is such a big launch. Would you like to say something
about your role? What can I say?
I mean, it’s like a dream come true. I never thought I would act
under such a big banner and with the future superstar. I’m actually quite excited about it. It is a performance-based,
author-backed role. Mr. Karan, do you feel you are lucky that your father is such a big producer and that’s why he gave you
such a big break? What would you like to say about it? -Karan.
-What? Sorry. Sorry. Author’s performance is back-oriented. My… My performance is… Mr. Karan, all I wanted to ask
is that do you feel special because you were born
in such a famous producer’s family? You are different than a normal man. Do you think you can become a superstar? Interesting question.
Interesting question. -What is your name?
-Nishikant Dixit, from IBN 7. Okay. Your chairman is my friend. I’ll talk to him about you. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to ask
if you journalists feel hungry or not? The bar is open. We will continue these
question and answers later. Come on. Let’s have some drinks. Let’s go. Let’s go, baby. -I’ll see you in a while.
-Bye. Let’s go, Dad. My girl. Welcome to the paradise. Oh, heck. So they’re with you. Who? Baby, I went to get drinks for you. Come on, you didn’t even tell me
you were coming. Naughty girl. I didn’t know you were throwing a party. Party? Baby, it is not a party.
They came here on their own. I couldn’t send them back. You know. -You know, why I like you so much?
-Why? Because you give me so much space. What are you doing?
I was just kissing you. If this goes on,
I’ll send you to space someday. Right. What are you doing? Darn it. Truth or dare? Like always. The truth. Do you love me? Dare. What? Do I have to jump? No, just walk. Go. -You mean seriously, there.
-Seriously, there. Go. Okay. Hail Maharashtra. -On this.
-Yes. You’re trapped, Karan. You’re trapped. -Oh, God. Oh, no.
-Karan. -Oh, no.
-What were you doing? What were you doing?
You were about to fall. I’m afraid of heights. Then why did you do it? -Because I love you.
-You do? Oh, my poor baby. But don’t forget, we are just co-stars. “Loving on the dance floor
looks fantastic” “Come on, baby, tell me all about it” “Loving on the dance floor
looks fantastic” “Come on, baby, tell me all about it” “Don’t I love, or do I love you” “Should I say the truth,
or keep silent?” “Don’t I love, or do I love you” “Should I say the truth,
or keep silent?” “Life is young. The night is young” “We are young and together” “Life is young. The night is young” “We are young and together” “Don’t I love, or do I love you” “Should I say the truth,
or keep silent?” “Oh, baby!” “Don’t I love, or do I love you” “Should I say the truth,
or keep silent?” “It’s about the night” “It’s about a moment of togetherness” “We will talk about love
some other time” “It’s about the night” “It’s about a moment of togetherness” “We will talk about love
some other time” “Don’t I love, or do I love you” “Should I say the truth,
or keep silent?” “Oh, baby!” “Life is young. The night is young” “We are young and together” “Don’t I love, or do I love you” “Should I say the truth,
or keep silent?” “Oh, baby!” “Loving on the dance floor
looks fantastic” “Come on baby, tell me all about it” Saxena, no matter what you say,
you are really lucky. You win even when you play blind. Financers like us hover around you. Your son is the next superstar. And… Wife left me, too.
Isn’t this what you want to say? To play blind and still win,
you need courage, not luck. Saxena, we are being courageous.
We are taking the risk. Even after two flops,
we’re financing your movie. You have taken Rs. 400 million
from the market. Show your cards. Sinha, you are investing money
for yourself, not for me. Because you know
that you won’t regret it. For you, it’s just a game of money. For me, my reputation
and my son’s career are at stake. Straight flush. Hello. What’s up? Are you dead? You guys… Ma’am, you had gone for dinner
with our producer. -Do you remember?
-Yes. He has called you to the bungalow
to give you the signing amount. I see. First, tell him to give me
the script and tell me about the role.
And then we will talk. Okay? Ma’am, I think you are angry.
Look, please don’t be angry. I am not angry. -Whose call is it?
-Look, I will call you later. Whose call is it? Baby, do you know
why I like you so much? Why? Because you give me so much space. -Is that so?
-Yes. Now, should I send you to space? “Don’t I love or do I love” “Everybody needs a lover like that” “Don’t I love or do I love” “Everybody needs a lover like that” -Karan.
-Who is it? -Your dad.
-Dad? -Come here.
-Coming. Two minutes. Coming. Coming. Hold. Hold. Give. Give.
Give me that stick. Come on. Pull me. Come on, Dad. Pull. Very good. What’s up? -What is this?
-Pizza. Give it to me.
I am hungry. Give it to me. Pizza? I’m making you a star.
My movie is worth Rs. 500 million. And here you are having this pizza. Why are you making it? Who told you to? I didn’t ask you to. Movie worth Rs. 500 million. Star. I don’t want to be.
I don’t know acting. Who knows acting? Who knows it? -I don’t know.
-Nobody knows it. You’ll give 12 flops.
And your 13th movie will be a hit. And if you’re not a hit,
your father is there. He will talk to the press
and make you a hit. Then you can have fun. I am having fun now, too.
I mean, come on, Dad. You earned. Granddad earned.
Everybody is earning. Who will spend it?
I’ll take the responsibility. No need. Just do me a favor. Come to my set at 9 o’clock tomorrow. -Night shift?
-9 o’clock in the morning. And look,
you are still not such a famous star that you’ll come late to my set. I will come. Listen. Now, I’m such a famous star. I am working on a 500 million movie. So, give me the signing amount. -Signing amount?
-Give. Give. After all, you’re my son. Come on, Dad. Very good, Dad. Rolex 650. It’s worth Rs.1 million. -Is it original?
-Yes. Then it’s fine. But, yes.
I’ll take the remaining amount in cash. Tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock. Good night, Dad. Rolex. Rolex 650. Now what happened? What is this? Happy… birthday…to me. You remember my birthday? All my friends came. We drank. We partied and they left. Nobody remembered. Even dad came. You remembered. Thank you. Thank you. Lemon juice? Hangover tomorrow morning. Okay? Thank you. Happy birthday, Karan. Good morning. I’m late for work? Me? Shooting? Dad? What’s the time?
I’m dead. I’m really dead. MG Saxena will kill me. Dad has left? Oh, darn. Give me the brush quickly. Hurry up. Jacket. Clothes. Give me some lemon juice, quickly. Bring it. Bring it downstairs.
Oh, my God. What’s up, Dad? Where’s everybody? I came early, right? Shut up. You are four hours late.
Everybody has gone to sleep. Where? Where’s your phone?
Why don’t you answer your phone? Where is your phone? -Forget it. Now leave.
-Here it is. Here it is. Go. Full lights. -Good morning, Mr. Karan.
-How are you? -Fine, sir.
-Thanks. Okay. -Hey, Barkha.
-Hello, Mr. Karan. You’re drinking ‘Thumbs Up’?
Start your work. KK, start the shooting. -Hi, KK.
-Good afternoon, sir. -Do you want Thumbs Up?
-No, sir. Sir, shall I explain the scene to you? The scene is that
Barkha is sitting there. -Behind that green screen?
-Yes, sir. She is sitting there. -Sir, it’s an emotional dialogue.
-This one? -Yes, sir. This is the scene.
-So big? Hang up. -What’s up?
-Sir, listen to this scene. -Sir, use some emotions.
-Don’t worry about my emotions. What I am saying is…
Will you let me leave early? -Sir, let’s do this scene first.
-Yes. Emotion is very important. I need to act.
People should know that I can act. Lights. Camera. -Scene 45 by 1. Take 1.
-Action. -Come back, Siddharth.
-No, Roshni. No. -I have moved far away.
-I have moved far away. -And the path…
-And the path on which I am walking there is no U-turn. -There is only a dark lane.
-There is only a dark lane. And I am running towards it. -Roshni, forget me.
-Roshni, forget me. -You’re a pure…
-Cut. Cut. Why are you laughing? Sorry. She is laughing. Cut. Cut. KK, just tell me something. -Where are we were people talk like this?
-In movies. Sir, these are Mr. Hussain’s lines. He has been writing dialogue
for the past 40 years. -40 years?
-Yes, sir. -He has made so many hit movies.
-Tell him to stop. -He should’ve some sense in 40 years…
-What’s going on? What’s happening? What is going on? -Dad.
-I was telling him… Nothing. He is whiling away the time. He is praising Mr. Hussain.
You take the shot. KK, come on.
Take the shot. Take the shot. -Okay. One more. Clap.
-Be serious. I will… And in my business… Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
It poked me in the eye. No. No, Roshni. No. -Cut it.
-Sorry. -Sir, please let’s concentrate.
-I am sorry. -Hello.
-I am sorry. -Mr. Saxena, what’s happening?
-I am giving a shot. No problem, KK.
One more. One more. Come on. Do it. Because you’re about to die, Teja. No, no. -What happened, sir?
Nothing will happen, sir. -I can’t do it.
-What are you doing? Come here. I am scared of heights. My hand?
Will you take my life as well? No, no. I’ll do it my way.
I’ll do it my way. Okay? -Ready?
-Action. Because you are about to die, Teja. -Cut it.
-Done? This was damaged. I think this was better than the jump.
Watch it. Oh, no. -What’s going on?
-Mr. Karan, it doesn’t hurt. What doesn’t hurt?
What if my face was burnt? -Show it.
-Saw that. -No, sir.
-I told you. -Idiot, show it there.
-What if I had got burnt? I can’t do this. I can’t do this. -Put me down. Put me down.
-Put him down. -What is this?
-What are you doing here? You don’t do the clap properly.
You cut the hero’s nose with the clap. Why do we pay you? Your hero is such that four people
will be needed for the clap. Shut up. Don’t argue with me.
Otherwise, leave. Uncle, call any wanderer from Bandra.
He’ll act better than he does. -Don’t talk too much. Leave.
-I am going. -I said, get out from here.
-I don’t like to do this. I will sell peanuts at Andheri station.
It’s better than working for you. -Don’t talk too much.
-There is no dearth of work here. Throw him out. There is a lot work outside. Your hero is a fool.
Your movie is a super flop. Write it down. Write it down. I will call brother Salim.
And he will burn the set. So what if the father is the producer?
The guy, too, should know acting. Sir. Shall we pack up? Actually… No. There’s another way. Sir, you called me? Don’t hit me. I’ll die. -It hurts between my legs. Here. Here.
-Please, sir. It won’t hurt. It’s paining. Bring me down. Can you dance? Bring me down.
Try to understand. It hurts. Good shot. Mind-blowing. Mind-blowing. Very good. Very good. Very good. -Thank you, sir.
-Great. Where were you? Sir, fourth line behind the hero. Saw that? -Next shot.
-Thanks. Thanks, buddy. So, you’ll make him dance. Shall I leave? “In a strange dream” “you are the one whom I saw” “Where my heart took me,” “I went there” “-In a strange
-In a strange” “-dream
-dream” “you are the one whom I saw” “-Where my heart took me
-Where my heart took me” “I went there” “It’s a new feeling” “that’s why my heart is not in control” “I can’t stop it” “God knows where it’s going” “When the drops of desire fell on me” “not even for a moment, could I be myself” “-In a strange
-In a strange” “-dream
-dream” “you are the one whom I saw” “-Where my heart took me
-Where my heart took me” “I went there” “I stay awake day and night.
I think about the past” “I reminisce about my each step” “I stay awake day and night.
I think about the past” “I reminisce about my each step” “-In a strange
-In a strange” “-dream
-dream” “you are the one whom I saw” “-Where my heart took me
-Where my heart took me” “I went there” Now, mix all these things. Add a bit of Mr. Salman’s look.
And a superstar is ready. It’s very easy. I am telling you.
I have experienced it. Just by wearing these fake shades,
you can’t be a hero. -Where did you buy them?
-Lokhandwala. -Good morning, guys.
-Good morning, sir. You’re good. Thank you. And why not? You are my mirror image. Yes. Our fates are different. No, but… Seriously.
You didn’t try to act in movies? I tried a lot. I just couldn’t find
a producer father for myself.Karan, tell us.
what’s your recipe to become a superstar?
Take one cup of Shah Rukh.
One cup of Mr. Bachchan.
Put both of them
in the pressure cooker.
And simmer it on a low flame
for years.
He’s copying my lines.
And he can’t say them properly, either. Saw this, Danny? I do his stunts. I do his dances. But he’ll give the interview. But these are your lines. It was. Now they’re his lines.
He is a star. Hang on. Are you playing a game? He looks like you. He talks like you. Boss, something is fishy. You mean lost brothers and stuff?
He has lost it. Karan, is everything okay? Everything is perfectly okay.
Just like you. You keep quiet. You should’ve kept quiet, baby. Karan, what rubbish is he talking? What sweet rubbish. Right? And if you didn’t keep quiet
then this evening this footage will be shown
on all the TV channels. You’ll get your money, Vicky. I was anticipating the same response. Give me some time until evening.
I’ll send the money. I can even lay down my life for you,
my friend. -Let’s share it.
-Bye, Vicky. Bye, baby. Relax, Barkha.
This is common in this line. -I’ll handle it.
-Karan. I know. I know everything is fair in this line. But didn’t you get angry? Not even once did you feel like
beating him up? There’s a difference between
movies and real life, Barkha. I can see that. I don’t care whether it’s been
four hours or sixteen hours. I can’t let you go inside. Why are you annoying me? Move, Mr. Karan is coming. Hello, sir. I’ve seen them standing here
for a long time. Is there a problem? No, sir. There is no problem. We have come to meet Kunal. -We are Kunal’s friends.
-Friends. -Call Kunal.
-Who’s Kunal, sir? Kunal, the one that plays
my duplicate. -Oh, duplicate.
-Strange. -I understood, sir.
-Go, call him and bring some chairs. Come in. Come in, please. Don’t mind him. He’s new here. Sir, bring some chairs here. And tell Kunal that his friends
are here. By the way, I am Karan. -Danny.
-Hi. -Tiffin. Tiffin.
-Come along. -Let’s go.
-He looks just like Kunal, doesn’t he? He must be giving his shot.
They will call him. Have a seat. -I didn’t get to meet these girls.
-Karan. -Hi. Jenny.
-Hi, Jenny. -Kunal. Kunal, ready?
-Yes, sir. Please have a seat. They told him about your arrival.
He’s in the shooting. Roll camera. I mean, that day
I was doing a scene with Barkha. And Barkha should be here. Hey, Barkha. Come here, baby. -Scene 93 by 4, take 1.
-Action. If it would’ve been about money,
I would’ve never come. That’s Jenny and that’s Mausam. Tell me, what’s the matter? Cut! Roshni, I have come very far. And I’m…
What was that… And I’m helpless… -Okay, we will do one more take. Ready.
-Yes, sir. Clap in. Do you talk like that?
I don’t. Not even me. That’s a million dollar smile. Now I can’t afford it. Star. Star, you finished your shot. Oh, star? Did you do the shot properly? Don’t make me look bad on screen, okay? So, guys.
What are you doing in the evening? -In the evening…
-I am getting my bike serviced. It’s giving low mileage. Fine, after getting it serviced
all of you come to Club Nirvana. Club Nirvana?
That’s a very happening place. But don’t you feel the entry fee
there is a bit high? -Shut up.
-You’re going with a star. Who’s going to ask you
for the entry fee? So, star. Are you coming? Come. Take this.
Why aren’t you coming there? What is your problem? -See, everyone is having fun.
-I am having fun. Hey, Kunal. Come on. Come on. One with the ponytail,
what are you doing? -Let’s go and dance.
-Take them along. -Shall we go and dance?
-Let’s go. Go. Have fun dancing. What a party, Karan!
I have to agree, such a great party. What party? This is a rubbish party. Why? Didn’t you like it? Is this a party? If you want to really party,
then come to my house. Really? What happens there? What happens? There is a four-lane drive. There’s a grand building. And a dangerous bouncer, too. It’s an awesome elevator.
All the way to the lounge. Let’s go. Central air-conditioning. And millions of lights up there. Welcome to the terrace lounge. Not bad. I’m impressed. -What? You got a Hayabusa?
-Yes. The one that John drove
in the movie ‘Dhoom’? Maybe, why? Do you like sports bikes? I love that bike.
I am crazy about bikes. You should have told me earlier.
I would have brought it for you. -Are you serious?
-Okay, promise. The next time I come, I’ll bring it along.
Then you can ride it. -And Bipasha?
-Are you joking? No, I am serious. Sorry, guys.
But you’re serious movie buffs. Danny’s a movie buff. -Mausam.
-Yes, Kunal. Kunal, what happened? -Why didn’t you tell me Mausam?
-What? I love you as much as you love me. Mausam, how could you hide it
for 12 years? And even today,
I had to hear it from someone else. -Kunal.
-But anyways, it doesn’t matter now. It’s too late now. Late, what for? I love someone else, Mausam. Enough, Karan. Tell her, Karan,
otherwise she might cry. Sorry, Mausam, I’m not Kunal. But this jacket sure belongs to Kunal.
You can keep it. Are you making fun of me? -Stupid.
-No, we’re not talking about you. -You play on.
-Why you… And I’m thankful to God that at least
all of you are not boring like he is. Thank you so much. I had a great time. Now tell me.
Who you all were talking about? -Nothing, we were praising you.
-Really? Anyways,
I have to make an announcement. A week later, our entire team
is going to Bangkok for a shoot. That means Kunal will go, too? If he doesn’t go,
then who’ll do my scenes? I’m going for a vacation. On that note, take my photograph
with my new friends. Come on. Come on, guys.
Let’s have a photo together. Because Salman Khan has said there might not be a tomorrow. Not Salman, Shah Rukh Khan. Why do I care? Take the photo. Three toothbrushes 12 pairs of underwear, -12 socks anything else?
-Mausam. Yes. Say it today. He will never understand
your intentions. He will come back. He won’t go to Hollywood directly. And what if he doesn’t? Hey, Mom. What’s up? How are you, Son? Rocking, like always. I heard you are going
on location to Bangkok for the shooting of your first film. -Oh, you did?
-Yes! I talked to your papa. What do you mean by your papa?
Isn’t he related to you? Am I a test-tube baby? Karan, can’t you be serious? I was, Mom.
When you left me with MG Saxena. After that, I never got serious. Anyway, Mom. Sorry, I am just kidding. I am doing a Hindi film.
I got a bit emotional. But you don’t worry.
I will take care of myself. Like always. Tell Mr. Kapoor,
I will come to meet him someday. He is right here.
Would you like to talk to him? Mom. Mom, the shot is ready. I have to go. My dad is calling me. Bye, Mom. What an act! Such a big bag! And who has kept this underwear
along with the t-shirts? Mom, I mean there is a bag for it. -What is this?
-And, Mom. Three toothbrushes. Aunt, one is spare
and the other is for safety. Tiffin and Danny are not going
along with me. Where will I go with so many brushes? -Socks. So many pairs of socks?
-What are you doing? -Twelve pairs of socks.
-I’ve packed everything. She has packed it so lovingly,
so let it be. Mother, I will wear clothes there
and not her love. She has gone crazy.
And, what is this for? -This…
-This is for me. -I am not taking all this along,
-That’s okay. They will laugh at me. Kunal, you will have to take this along.
It’s expensive. Mausam, I don’t wear pink shirts. -Kunal, you will have to take this.
-Mausam, I will miss my flight. Mausam, don’t act like a kid now. Even a real film hero
doesn’t have such tantrums. Thanks. -Mother.
-Bless you. Go carefully, and all the best. Thanks, Mother. There is no need to come
to the airport. Mausam. Cut! -Great shot, sir. Fantastic.
-Thanks. -Great shot.
-Thanks. -KK.
-What happened, sir? -What is this? What are you doing?
-Shooting, sir. I have brought you
and the entire unit to Thailand. We can do all this in Mumbai, too. When we come to Thailand then show
all this. Show the scenery around. What will I tell the distributors? Tomorrow, sir.
We will take care of everything. Not tomorrow. Do it today. Today. Okay. Next shot. Action. Hey, star. It’s over. Just a second. How long will you work?
It has been ten days. I am getting bored. Do one thing. Take me out for dinner. Just kidding, I will take you.
Come on. Thanks, I am fine. Am I not? Come on, let’s go out partying. I don’t know anything. I am waiting for you downstairs
in the car. You come down too. -Karan.
-Bye. -Kunal, I know why you me.
-What? I said I know why you hate me. Really. Why? Because I have everything
that maybe you deserve. At least you accepted that
you don’t deserve all this. Maybe. But you know what, Kunal? I am not stupid. I am just lucky. Have you ever been to Dharavi? -Dharavi?
-Yes, Dharavi. When you pass by on your Bullet bike, then the rag pickers
look at you and think here comes the show off. Showing off on his Bullet,
with the wind in his hair. But you are not showing off. It is not their fault. It is not your fault, either. And in the same way,
it is not my fault, either. As I said, I’m just lucky. Makes sense. -I’m impressed.
-*** you are. But, Karan, if you’re not interested
in all these things -then why are you doing all this?
-I don’t know. Maybe because my father wants it,
that’s why. And I can’t go against him. Like you. Seriously, Kunal,
like it is said in films. If we would have met somewhere else
in some other situation would we have been friends? Definitely. But only if you didn’t look like me and I wasn’t acting as your double. But, Karan. We are still friends. Come on. Give me five. Please save my son.
Please save my son, doctor. Please. Please! He is my son, doctor. Please save him. Do anything. I don’t care what it costs.
You have got to save my son. ‘Please, please save him.’ Relax, guys. It’s not my birthday. But, Mausam. You have got a job. It’s like a new day in your life.
Smile, please. I haven’t become an editor. I just got appointed
as a junior reporter. -So what?
-It is a big thing for us. -Give me five.
-Exactly. Whether you become a constable
or a police commissioner. -It is one and the same thing.
-He is calling me a constable now. Another responsibility. -Get her married soon.
-Right. -Oh.
-Now she has become a journalist. She never listened before.
And now she won’t listen at all. Aunt, on that note,
let us have a photo. -Say cheese.
-Just a second.And now, breaking news.Rising star, Karan Saxena,
was badly injured in a car accident today.
This incident took place
on a freeway of Bangkok
when Karan went out
on a drive after shooting.
His condition is said to be criticaland he has been admitted to the ICU.It is said that a junior artist
has died in this accident.
The name of that junior artist
is Kunal Mehra.
We are taking you live
to the accident site.
There was an accident.One person has died.Kunal Mehra’s body has been sent
for post-mortem.
According to the information receivedKunal Mehra and Karan Saxena
had left for a drive after shooting.
It is suspected to be a case
of drinking and driving.
But all the information
on this case
can be attained only
after the police investigation.
On the other hand,
Karan Saxena’s condition is very critical.
The doctors say the next 36 hours
are very critical for him.
Mr. MG Saxena,
who is the producer of the film
and also Karan’s father,
is present at the hospital.
Mrinal Rajput, Aaj Tak.The news can be wrong too. Yes, Desai sir.
Everything is going on fine. God is great.
Karan can regain consciousness anytime. The film is near completion. Don’t worry, sir.
You won’t lose your money. I… Yes sir, please.
I will do it, please. Sir, the financers are calling.
They are asking for their money. -Tell them my son is dying here.
-Sir. They are showing their true colors. Mishra, you are the only one
who is with me even in my bad times. I have seen everyone’s true colors. Sir, what will we do with the body? “The shattered dreams” “The shattered dreams” “The fallen tears” “The shattered dreams” “The fallen tears” “God knows” “God knows” “God knows, where they are lost” “They are lost” “When the memories left me” “I woke up to the reality” “My feet were wounded” “The distance was so difficult” “Some moments knowingly.” “It robbed me of all my happiness” “Some moments knowingly” “It robbed me of all my happiness” “God knows” “God knows” “God knows, where they are lost” “God knows, where they are lost” “God knows” “God knows” I am getting news from ousiders,
that my son is met an accident. You should have inform me. I know you are shooting in Bangkok. Just tell me the name of that hospital. I will be there. Let me meet him once. No, there is no need to come. When you left us, we were alone. We will remain that way. Thank you. Mr. Saxena, your son.
He is out of the coma. Mishra… Karan. Thank God, Son. I am so happy. I knew it.
I knew that you are a fighter. You will defeat death
and come back for me. For yourself. For your film. We… We… We will show everyone that Karan Saxena is back. Son, you rest. Rest. I will just be back. I will go and tell Mishra.
He will call up Mumbai. Fine. How is Karan? You mean Kunal. Sorry, Son. we couldn’t save him. But there is nothing to worry about. Anyway, we don’t need him anymore. Karan, your son, sir… Mr. Saxena, what are you doing? Wait a minute.
I have to listen to him. -You are disturbing him.
-I have to listen to him. What are you saying?
What are you saying, son? Wait a minute. Just shut up,
I have to hear what he is saying. Tell me. Karan. -My son is alive.
-Let me tell you Karan. -Fine, I am going to call security.
-Karan. Talk to me. Listen to me. What nonsense are you talking? How can you be Kunal? You are Karan. Karan. I know my son. And that watch. You remember I had given you
that watch? You were wearing that, Karan. How can you be Kunal, Son? ‘Definitely.
If I wouldn’t have looked like you and I wouldn’t be
playing your duplicate.’ ‘Fine, in the next film,
you won’t play a duplicate.’ ‘You will play the hero.’ ‘And I will produce that film for you.’ ‘Karan, I know we are friends.’ ‘But it’s okay,
the beer’s talking now.’ ‘No, seriously.’ ‘You won’t believe me just like that.’ ‘Here, Rolex 650.’ ‘It is an original.
It costs Rs.1 million.’ ‘Signing amount.’ ‘If the film is a hit,
I will give you more in cash.’ ‘Keep it. Keep it.’ ‘Karan, are you serious?’ ‘Do I look like I’m kidding? ‘Keep it.’ ‘And give me a five now.’ ‘You are a hero now,
and that too in my film.’ ‘Chill.’ That’s it.
I don’t remember anything after that. I am sorry, sir. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry, sir.You are investing the money for yourself,
and not for me.
But, you know,
you won’t be disappointed.
For you, it is just a money game.For me, it is a question of my reputation
and my son’s career.
What is this? My son’s last wish. To sign you. This is a check for Rs.2.5 million. I didn’t understand anything. Just think that I have signed you
for the next six months to play the role of my son. The difference is that
you have to enact this role in real life and not in a movie. Kunal, I want you
to pose as Karan Saxena until the completion
and release of this movie. -No.
-Only six months, Kunal. Only for six months. And after that you can return
to your normal life. Of course, think. You will go back as a much richer man. Sir, this isn’t right. I know this isn’t right. A father couldn’t even see
the corpse of his son that’s not right. A mother keeps waiting for her son
to return for three weeks after his death.
That’s not right. Look. See this. Look. My son was cremated by your father. I didn’t even get that right. Kunal, I have lost everything. My wife has already left me. All I had was a son, who died. I have put everything
at stake for this film. A loan of Rs.500 million. My career. My son’s dreams. And only you can fulfill
the dreams of my son. And I can fulfill your dream. And needless to say,
this compensation of Rs.2.5 million will be given to your father
tomorrow morning. Kunal, every junior artist who works
in this film industry has a dream. That someday,
he will become a very famous star. A Superstar. I will give you that name. I will give you that identity.
I will give you that Friday. The Friday that will make you
the next superstar of India. Superstar Karan. Karan was my friend. He was my son. Sir, what do you think? I think he will agree. Thank you, Mishra.
Thanks for everything. In these distressed times, -you have helped me.
-Sir. -I think… let’s do one thing.
-Yes, sir. From the next month,
your salary will be doubled. Sir, how can you even think
that at such a time? Sir, I would like to take
the Mumbai territory collection. Nothing else.Every junior artist who works
in this film industry has a dream.
That someday,
he will become a very famous star.
A Superstar.But how many could?How many names can you tell me?Life is so strange, isn’t it? A month ago, you came here as a part of this unit
as a junior artist. Today, you are returning
as a superstar. In the business class. There is still some time
before the flight. Let’s sit in the lounge. Come. -Karan.
-Sir, excuse me. How do you feel after this incident? Would you like to give
any message to your fans? Excuse me, sir. Sir, your fans are curious to know
when you will resume shooting. Mr. Karan, a junior artist died
in this accident. Would you like to say anything about
that junior artist? His name was Kunal.As such,
a junior artist gets Rs.700 per day.
But by giving this huge amount
of Rs.2.5 million
to the junior artist’s family,
you have really helped them.
Rising star. Karan Saxena. He called himself our friend. He is quoting the price of Rs. 2.5 million
as his friendship’s worth. Danny, please. You must be tired. Rest for some time. Tomorrow, we have loads of work to do. Keep a watch on him. See that he doesn’t do anything which tomorrow’s superstar
shouldn’t do.Hello, Karan. How are you, Son?I had gone to the hospital
to meet you.
But you already had been discharged.Hello.I just wanted to see you, Son.Karan, why weren’t you taking calls?Are you angry with me? Hello.Good morning, sir. Kunal. Stop. Stop. Kunal. You are Karan, right? Yes. Why are you standing? Sit. Come. It looks as if your wounds have healed. Are you okay now? -Yes.
-Has your shooting commenced? No. But it will begin soon. You have come to meet us. I liked it. You are a nice boy. And your face resembles my son’s face. But my son was a star. I know. I have just taken out these photos. Now I am not ashamed to say
that my son used to act. When he was 12 years old he played the role of Hanuman
in Lord Ram’s play conducted nearby. From three days before,
he would stuff toffees in his mouth. He would say
that he was practicing for his role. What do you say? Yes. Method acting. I would go to watch all his school plays
and annual functions. In the end,
I would never stand up and clap. I would leave before him. What could I do? We are middle class people. We feel ashamed very easily. “God knows where it scattered” “It scattered” I… Kunal. I… Kunal… Karan. I… good.
You see CNN and Zoom channels and many people from the press
have come. Your father is waiting in the car. He is saying he’ll give the interview
with his son. Tea is over. So… let’s go. I am waiting outside. Good that you came. I have your memento with me. I will just get it. “God knows where it scattered” You keep this money.
We don’t need this. Shall I say something? I never praised my son. I was afraid that your industry might break
his heart. Forget about breaking his heart,
you people… I think you should leave now. Downstairs, people are waiting
to take your interview. Dear if you need publicity then there are other ways, too. Please don’t come to our house again. It hurts both of us. Is everything fine at home? Don’t do it again. Don’t mess around with me.
I will ruin you. I can’t do this. I can’t lie to myself and others. I can’t do it. Stop the car, driver. Stop the car. And stand outside. -Mishra, you too.
-Yes, sir. You have already lied, Kunal. Now, you have to live this lie until the time my movie releases. What if I don’t do it? Somebody will have to go to prison. What do you think? By murdering my son
will you be able to live? What? Murder? I will narrate a nice
and an interesting story. A film star. A junior artist.
Both are mirror images. Both go on a drive. And there is an accident. Cut. One of them dies. And the other one comes
and says that he is the film star. He wears his watch. And Kunal… you have lied. Mishra, the doctor
and the media will testify that you had said
you are Karan Saxena. By killing Karan Saxena,
Kunal Mehra took his place. Nice plot? Shall we develop it?
Shall we make this movie? For a new Karan Saxena, a new watch. Just like the one
which my son had worn. Kunal the shooting
will begin in the next week. If you want to,
you can tell everybody this truth. But as I said, somebody will have to go to prison. Why did you do this? What to do? I like to dream. Cut. -Mind-blowing shot, sir.
-Thanks. Sir, that helpless expression was great.
Out of this world. It was natural. Next shot. -Dhoni.
-Sir. Will you just play cricket here
or will you go out too? Scoop. Scoop. Your scoop is being prepared.
Give it some time. Mausam. Come here. Prashant, she is Mausam. And he is Prashant. She is our new trainee reporter. That’s why I was wondering
why the office feels different today. -Hi. Prashant.
-Mausam. -Sir, I have to complete the report.
-You continue. She is a bit grumpy. You are going to be her mentor.
Guide her. Sir, even if you had not told me,
I would have done it. -Is that so?
-Hey! Listen. Don’t change the topic. Tell me. What about the scoop? You have to wait for the scoop. But don’t worry. I can see the next scoop. Karan’s sports bike. His most favorite possession. From now on, it’s yours. “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” What’s up, star? Saw a ghost? -Karan?
-Good question. Am I Karan or are you? Nice bike. You too have started drinking
and driving? Karan, I am… I am really sorry. Chill, pal.
Why are you always so serious? Am I dead or are you? You are not dead. I have died. I am living life on credit. Filmy man. What happened with me
was my mistake and my fate. Don’t blame yourself. I took your death.
Now, you live my life at least. And, yes, stylishly. You are playing
the role of Karan Saxena. This is a very difficult role. Who asked you to be an actor? Now, don’t think too much.
Just go and have some fun. And don’t drink and drive,
you stupid man. And, yes.
You better make me look good. Good bye! The film factory had called. They are offering a three-movie deal. Rs. 340 million. I asked why? Why is it less by Rs.10 million? Is it because of one less finger? That’s it. A few days more
and the film is ready. -Karan.
-Will you give me an autograph please? Please tell us. Your movie is about to be released.
You will be a star. But shall I say something?
This camera is a cunning thing. It captures you. We can put on some makeup
and make everything look good. But we can’t cover our inner selves. Because it finds out the truth. And I am giving you
this advice politely because you will need this. Every star needs it. I need another thing.
Every star doesn’t get that easily. Your magical hug. Will I get it? Surely. Thank you. No more questions.
Thank you. Thank you. Baba means… Sanju Baba. So, Mr. Karan.
How does it feel to live two lives? -What do you mean?
-I mean… you know… a double role? Something else in real life
and something else on the sets. It’s not easy. But what to do? I am an actor. I can’t dishonor my talent. I must praise you guys. You intrude upon others’ personal lives. And prod them with questions.
It must be fun. -Have a seat. I will get the drinks.
-Okay. -Drinks.
-Thank you. Cheers! Cheers! -Bye. Bye. I love you.
-Cheers! Come on. Have a drink. Come on. -Vicky, please.
-Hey. Hey, what’s the rush? You are still so angry
about that video? Do you know
I can return that video to you? For that… No. No condition. A request. A request. Shoot a similar video with me. How dare you? Hey, what’s up? Thanks. -I’m sorry.
-Thanks. Thanks, man. -Karan, let’s go.
-Here, Barkha. What happened? -Let’s go.
-What happened? -Are you coming or should I leave?
-But what happened? I slapped her. Look. He is so angry.
He will beat you. He won’t beat me.
He will call his father. Earrings in his ears. Ponytail. Papa wanted a boy.
But a girl was born. Return the favor. Give him a hard slap. Dear this is not your movie. There are no doubles here
to take a beating in your place. Go home. Go home. Go. Go home. Go. You won’t go. I see. Let’s keep her. Let’s share her… Hey! Hit him. It’s no fun. But what to do, Mr. Karan?
I am a journalist. I can’t dishonor my talent. Uncle, I got hurt. Cover this. -How are you, dear?
-Hey, Barkha. -How are you feeling?
-I’m fine. Did you read this? Mishra. Mishra. Yes, what happened? What happened? -What is this?
-This… Who will tell me about this? -I… I was going to tell you.
-Who did this? A TV channel started this. Then the other journalists followed
the story like a pack of wolves. And like a wild fire… You have two hours. Get the journalist
who has written this here. I need an explanation for this. Go. Mishra, go. He has become a star. Cut. Nice shot. -Be ready to be a star. A star.
-Thanks. Wait. Wait. The reporters have come, sir. I have been waiting all day
to meet this stupid reporter. Who is this reporter
who knows everything about my life? Not everything. But a lot. How can this stupid reporter help you,
Karan Saxena? Reporter? -Have you written this article?
-Do you mind? What’s true will be published. What else can you expect? As a friend. The truth. I am not your friend, Karan Saxena. I am just a junior reporter. Just as Kunal was a junior artist. And you know what? You are a murderer. You have killed Kunal. You are such a… And you know what? Kunal was a bigger star than you. -What?
-Truth or dare. The game. Truth or dare. Truth. Do you love me? Dare. Walk. -I have to walk on this?
-Yes. Fine. That’s it. Barkha, carefully. What’s wrong with you? We are not doing this
for the first time, Karan. Barkha… I can’t do this. Why, Karan? Can I know? I don’t know. But I know. I know, Kunal. I know that you love somebody else. But you probably don’t know
that she loves you just as much. You… What are you saying, Barkha? You know what I’m saying, Kunal. Kunal, I don’t know
what happened and how. But I know that what you are doing it is for a reason. It can’t be wrong. Because you can’t be wrong.The news of drinking and creating
a scene in the pub was still fresh
when superstar Karan Saxena’s
next deed was exposed.
Today, we received
an obscene video of his
and his so-called co-star Barkha.This video has exposed
their affair to everybody.
These pictures are so obscene
that we can’t telecast them.
But what to do?
The trust cannot be buried.
I am Manoj Tiwari. IBN 7.Boys will be boys. Sir, you have been unjust to me. What mistake did I make
that you let somebody else release this news? Everything happened so soon. What’s his name? Vicky. He created such a scene that
I had to do everything quickly. But don’t worry.
I have an urgent job for you, Prashant. Tell me, sir. The premiere is on Thursday. Splash this news in your newspaper
for a week. And I promise you. You will take Karan’s first interview
after the premiere. How kind of you. Gentleman’s word. -Mishra.
-Sir. Mr. Saxena, if I could get
some new photos of Karan… Yes, yes. Why not? -Thank you, sir.
-Keep it. I will leave now. Sir, can you trust this journalist? I trusted you. Everything is ready. Start rolling. Do you get the picture? -Yes.
-Perfect. Kunal. My boy. I am proud of you. Proud. You said you have tackled Vicky. Yes. I have tackled Vicky. Poor Vicky. What would he have done? He would have created the MMS clip and distributed it amongst
his couple of friends. But I… I got you a national release. Before…before doing all this,
not even once did you think that not I,
but your dead son Karan is in that clip? Not even once did you think of him? Sit. Sit. Sit. I have forgotten my dead son. But you… you have forgotten
your parents who are alive. I have not forgotten them. You forced me to forget them
for a while. Forced you? Forced you? Forced you? It’s a nice line. Keep it for some movie. In this city,
when you get used to the lights you start fearing the darkness. The truth is that you have
gotten used to the light. You have gotten
used to the life of a star. Kunal! Kunal, what’s wrong with you? Only a week is left.
The premiere is on Thursday. The movie is complete. Now, we just have to reap the benefit. After a week, you will be free forever. And you will be a billionaire too. You’re living my son’s dream.
So live it to the fullest. I am happy that a fine actor like you is playing the role of my son
in this life. I, too, am happy that I am not really your son. Sir, come on. Sir. We have got a deal of Rs.300 million. We are having discussions
with four other people. And you? How did you say
that he is free after a week? I won’t let him go so easily, Mishra. Remember that old adage, you should never kill the goose
who lays the golden egg? Prashant,
the studio is ready to go live. What is the scoop? Where is the scoop? The information was wrong.
There’s no scoop here. “Without you” “I can’t live” “With you” “I can’t live” “After being separated,” “we have met again” “Now we will never part” “Now what do I say besides this?” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Now what do I say besides this?” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you I can’t live” “With you I can’t live” “Without you I can’t live” “With you I can’t live” “After being separated,
we have met again” “Now we will never part” “Now what do I say besides this?” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Now we have met again” “And the light of the dawn
kisses my feet” “Destiny has written” “this relationship of lifetimes” “Now we have met again” “And the light of the dawn
kisses my feet” “Destiny has written” “this relationship of lifetimes” “We will always live together” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” Manish Malhotra. For the premiere. “Etched on the stone of my heart” “each word you said in love” “Time made its best efforts” “but it couldn’t erase it” “Etched on the stone of my heart” “each word you said in love” “Time made its best efforts” “but it couldn’t erase it” “Each moment said” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” “Without you, I can’t live.
With you, I can’t live” -Karan.
-Thank you. Please sit down. Please. Karan. I was just waiting for this moment.What about me?Akki.Why did you do this?What could I do?
I’m a dreamer by habit.
Sir, is everything fine? Couldn’t be better. Mumbai is a huge territory, Mishra. Do you know how to count in millions? Now, it’s almost time
for the intermission. And… Where has that guy gone?
Where is Karan? Go. Go. -Mind-blowing, Mr. Saxena.
-Thank you. The movie is a super-hit. Your son is too good. Excuse me. Hello. I’m looking for him.
Found him. Found him. -Hey you!
-Carry on. Did you find him? Where’s he? Behind the screen. With a girl. Kunal, I know countless people who would’ve done anything
to be here. I did that, too. I thought this is the only way
to realize my dreams. And then I met you. After meeting you, I felt that you won’t let your dreams
be your weakness. That you’d dare.
Dare to kiss the truth. So? We did it, Mishra. We did it. Kunal. I don’t know
the fate of this movie but let me tell you one thing.
You’re my star. You’re my hero. Ladies and gentlemen. Join your hands and welcome
the bright and the beautiful and my personal favorite,
Ms. Barkha. It feels good. I just want to say that… I wish
my mother was here to see all this. Thanks, friend. But enough. Now Kunal will live. And now presenting the
newest kid on the block. The superstar
whom we all are waiting for. So, hold your breath.
And welcome Karan Saxena. Karan, I love you. Well, so do we. So, friends. Let’s hear it once again
for the newest sensation. Karan. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all liked this movie. And I hope you all enjoyed
watching it as much as our producer MG Saxena
enjoyed making this movie. Thank you.
Thank you for giving me this film, sir. It means a lot to me. Seriously. This movie has changed my life. I just wanted to see myself
on this 70mm screen. Like those film stars who
I watched as I was growing up. It was my dream. And to fulfill this dream
was the goal of my life. Some people thought I
wouldn’t be able to do this. But I didn’t agree. What could I do?
I’m a dreamer by habit. And today…
Today, that dream has come true. But maybe this is not my dream. Or… Or maybe,
I don’t have the courage to pay the price
this dream comes for. Mr. Saxena has served me
this beautiful night on a platter. With a new name and new identity. But maybe, both Mr. Saxena
and I forgot that your identity is not what
others give you. Your identity is what
no one can take away from you. Today, I want to apologize
to all of you. For lying to you all for so many days. And for living a life
that wasn’t mine. Mishra, stop him. Ladies and gentlemen. Right now, the person standing before you
is not Karan Saxena but a junior artist, Kunal Mehra. The one that perished in that accident
was Karan Saxena. My friend, Karan Saxena. And today,
I’m confessing it to you all because if I don’t,
I won’t be able to live. I’m living a life which is not mine. It belongs to my friend, Karan. But I’m not Karan. I’m Kunal. I just want to live my life
with my near and dear ones. I’m no star.
Neither am I a good actor like some of my friends think. Because I couldn’t look
into a mother’s eyes and say that I’m her son. Neither could I look
into a mother’s eyes and say that I’m not her son. I am sorry, Mother.
I’ve hurt you a lot. You taught me to dream big. But what I didn’t understand is that life isn’t made of big things but is a collection of small moments. Isn’t this what you wanted
to teach me, Papa? I always thought you
didn’t understand me. But, now I know that nobody understands me
better than you do. Give me one chance.
One day, I will make you proud. I always delivered strong lines
written by others. But could never express my feelings
to the one I loved. But today,
I want to tell her the truth. So that even if I don’t get her love,
I’ll at least get her hatred. Mausam, I love you. That’s all.A shocking secret
has been revealed here today
and we, on IBN7 will be the firsto cover this sensational confession.Let us tell you that
the hero of this movie
is not actually a hero
but a junior artist, a double.
I missed you so much, Son. I am sorry, Papa. I missed you so much. Son, go. Go. Mausam. -Mausam.
-Wait. Wait. -Kunal.
-Mausam. -Mausam. Listen to me, Mausam.
-Stop. Mausam. Wait! Your career’s over. I’ll destroy you. Hey, Mishra! What will you end the career of a
junior artist earning Rs.720 per day? Hey, Danny. She’s gone, pal. I know where she might’ve gone. You handle these people. Kunal! A bit on the left.
Ma’am, a bit on the left. No, no. That’s it.
That’s it. A bit on the right. Please. No problem. This is perfect as well. Just one more chance. One last chance. I will leave everything, Mausam.
I swear. We’ll go far away from here. Where? Hollywood? Even Bhojpuri would do. Kunal, I have a lot of patience. I’m an Indian girl after all. I can endure a lot. I’ve grown up watching the sky
and waiting for the rains to come. But I… can’t take it anymore. I can’t. Hang on. -Kunal, please.
-Mausam. -Stop it.
-You are all I have. Seriously. And I want to spend
all my life with you. In this life
and all the others to come. I love you, Mausam. You’re crazy. Fake rainfall. Rented fire brigade. Totally filmy. What to do? My whole life is filmy. “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “I can’t live” “With you” “I can’t live” “Without you” “I can’t live” “With you” “I can’t live” “After being separated,” “we have met again” “Now we will never part” “Now what do I say besides this?” “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “Without you” “Now we have met again” “And the light of the dawn
kisses my feet” “Destiny has written” “this relationship of lifetimes” “Now we have met again” “Without you” “Without you”

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