[Sub][Image 49] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Bonds

[Sub][Image 49] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Bonds

Vanish Delete! Docking Release! Monar– Delete! It… It can’t be… Swordsmen of Light, vanish from my presence! Blaster Blade! Aichi… Your bond with Vanguard… …has disappeared. Aichi Sendou is no longer a
PSYqualia zombie or a Vanguard fighter. He isn’t my pawn, either. No matter. I have a substitute. Not yet. It’s not over yet. It is my destiny to bring
all Vanguard fighters under my control! Our imaginations will surpass that destiny! Not so fast! I’m going to Delete End all of you. Image 49
Bonds Misaki… You’re awake! Kourin… Are you back to normal? Y-Yes, I think so. That’s great, Boss! It’s because Aichi isn’t
a PSYqualia zombie anymore. You’re awake, Ren? Yeah… Ren… Takuto… Good grief. I never thought I would lose
my strongest fighter like this. But this way, the force of destiny connecting
Earth and Cray will weaken, and as a result, the planet
Brandt’s control will strengthen. Aichi… Hey. Hey! What’s distracting you, Aichi Sendou? Ibuki… What am I doing here? Is this… Vanguard…? That’s right. You and I are in the middle of a fight. But it’s about to end. You just took 3 damage. Turn over three cards from your deck. Then you’ll be forever released
from the torment of Vanguard. Three cards from my deck… Released… from Vanguard… It ain’t over yet! Draw a heal trigger,
and the fight’ll keep going! But Aichi can’t… …use PSYqualia anymore. This Aichi Sendou won’t draw anything good. A miss. Aichi… I can’t look… I can’t! Watch, Kourin. Watch the whole thing. Etch it into your soul. Even if the memory may be wiped away… Takuto… Gold Paladin’s… …Blond Ezel. Royal Paladin’s Monarch Sanctuary Alfred. Now is the time for us to join hands. It will link together the planets’ destinies. Very well. Sage of Guidance, Zenon! I am here. Living witness to history, sage of time… Use your wisdom to guide the guardian light. I accept this mission. Two dragons, protectors of
kings since time immemorial… Soul Saver Dragon. Thing Saver Dragon. The time has come for you to awaken
the transcendent bodies you have been granted! For the planet Cray! For the planet Cray! Attend us, guardian dragon deity! Reach him! With our prayers! Aichi… Two more, right? Yeah, but it’ll probably
be over with the next one. Now that you’re no longer a Vanguard fighter, you would’ve lost PSYqualia as well. There will be no miracle here. Second check… That’s what I say? Yeah. Sendou! You did it! I got… a heal trigger! Don’t tell me you… You got your PSYqualia back?! But how?! Your bond with Vanguard should’ve
been severed completely! By my Delete End! Preposterous… During the brief span of time between when Aichi Sendou slipped free of my control
and the fight was to be settled, there was meddling from the planet Cray side?! Yep. I’m a PSYqualia zombie now,
so maybe that’s why… …I could sense it. Aichi’s bond with his units… Or like, the flow of
Earth’s bond with planet Cray… I guess… Yes. It’s true that my bond had been severed. But I can sense them. The deck, the units… They’re all giving me their support! The units are aiding you?! Third check! Heal trigger! The cards are becoming my strength once again! That’s our Aichi! Aichi’s back! I knew he could do it! Aichi! Blast you, Concert Master!
You impudent wretch! Sendou… Stand and draw! Materializing here now
is a being of transcendence! I summon you! Holy guardian dragon deity! Wh-Why you… I ride! Arc Saver Dragon! So you’ve come to us, guardian dragon! The planet Brandt is like a dark sun
growing larger day by day. Its military forces are coming from there. The battle is about to begin. I welcome it. Let’s show them how strong we are! Yes, vanguard who will lead our planet of Cray. May we have blessings
and divine protection in battle. Skill activates! Superior call! Arc Saver Dragon has the ability
to call one Blaster from each zone! Whoa! That’s awesome! From my deck… Blaster Javelin! From my Damage Zone… Blaster Arrow! And from the Drop Zone… Blaster Blade! It feels like ages since you last called me, my Vanguard! Blaster Blade…! Even though you’d severed our bond, we’re still able to stand together like this. Your Deletors… …won’t make any of that disappear! Even when something’s been erased
and you think you’ve lost it forever, you can still reconnect with it! Bonds that were cut can be
patched together again, Ibuki! Shut your mouth! Shut it… Shut it… Shut it! Just shut up! Ibuki… Not one of my broken bonds… …were ever repaired! Our broken bonds… …stayed broken. And then… …even after I formed a new bond… All right! I won! I’m taking this card. Please, any card but that! They’re playing again… Excuse me! I’ll play you. Yeah? I won, huh? Hey! That’s when I made up my mind. I would delete all bonds, by using Vanguard! Using Vanguard? That shows just how much you trust Vanguard. That’s not… Ibuki, you really do love Vanguard. Seriously? If that’s the case, then… …you haven’t changed a bit! You have more guests. Heya, Ibuki. Miwa… Kai… Kai! I deleted you. Why come here, when you can’t even fight?! Are you that worried about him?! Sure, that’s part of it. But it seems… …there was no need for concern. Still… …that’s only half the answer, Ibuki. Half? So what’s the other half? Ibuki, we’re… We’re friends, aren’t we? Arc Saver Dragon, together with everyone else! Let’s go! Pulse Monk! Here I come! I attack your Vanguard! This strike will be… …your end! Not Blaster Blade, again?! Your bonds… …can still be reforged! No trigger… H-He did it… Aichi! Aichi won! Aichi, you won! He won!
Aichi, you won! I etched it all into my soul, Takuto… I’m back, everyone… Seriously, what are you doing? Thank you, Ibuki. Don’t those two feel similar somehow? How?! Aichi reminds me of how Ibuki used to be. What? Knock it off! Oh… so that’s why… That’s why I find the guy so nauseating… What’s nauseating about Aichi?! Do I really have to explain it? You’re probably secretly
disgusted with him yourself. Why, you… Just so you know,
I have a black belt in karate. I’ll easily dodge your amateur punch. Fine, then… dodge this! Naoki! M-Mad Dog Ishida is off his chain! I mean, he said he’d easily dodge it, so… You let him hit you, huh? I’m not expecting this
to serve as an atonement. It’s just… Sheesh. This is getting out of hand. The Concert Master should be gone… But he used Kourin to open
a channel with the planet Cray, which allowed Aichi Sendou
to become a Vanguard fighter again. Unless I defeat him here and now, the ascendancy of
the planet Brandt will likely falter. Takuto… Aichi Sendou! This time… …you’ll fight against me. Kai! Kai! Are you the one behind all this?! I’m going to– Kai! Why so keyed up? You can’t fight him with
your bond with your deck cut. Back off. Then I’ll go! I-Ishida?! I was scared before with
Aichi turned into a PSYqualia zombie, but I ain’t scared of you punks. I’ll cream you! A-All right… Count me in, too! I’ll fight, too! I can’t leave all the work to the younger set. I could use a serious fight for a change. I want to protect the world that Aichi…
that the entire Cardfight Club has created! I’ll fight as well! These people… …would do this for Aichi Sendou? Such riff-raff. But can they break through our wall? Sorry, but I’m tapped out. No more fighting for me tonight. Disobeying my orders? First Aichi, now you… I suppose that’s the downside
of underlings who are too powerful. Watching these fighters being all buddy-buddy, I have the oddest thought. Perhaps it’s not so bad
for Vanguard to exist in this world. Thanks, you guys. However… Takuto… No, Destiny Conductor… I’ll be fighting you! Aichi, leave this to me! Kai! Why so keyed up? It’s hopeless to fight with
your bond with your deck cut. Back off. I was scared before, but I ain’t now! That’s Naoki’s line! I can’t leave all the work to the younger set.
I’ll give them a serious fight! That’s Miwa’s line! Me! I’ll do it! No, me! Leave it to me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! St-Stop it, both of you! I’ll be doing the preview comments! Image 50
The Day When
Vanguard Disappears
I’ll be doing the preview comments! Image 50
The Day When
Vanguard Disappears Sure, go ahead.
Image 50
The Day When
Vanguard Disappears Huh?
Sure, go ahead.
Image 50
The Day When
Vanguard Disappears Image 50
The Day When
Vanguard Disappears

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  1. What. Deleted before you lose? What bullshit cheat is that, Ibuki? An abilty that makes someone forget the game before they even finish…

    I can't take this story seriously (haha) anymore. It's too awkward. Not a complaint, just observation. Just waiting for Leon to show up again at this point

    As Evil Takuto stated: This is getting out of hand. Heh, ET…

  2. Arc Saver Dragon calls Blaster Blade (Aichi), Blaster Arrow (Kourin), and (Blaster Javelin) to rear guards…..kinda ironic cuz those were former Takuto's PSYqualia zombie. idk this happens in the manga cuz can't find the recent chapters (do know its complete)

  3. And for once 21:16 when i thought
    Now this is Kai's moment to shine and take all the glory that he deserves
    But nope…bushiroad rekt it again!!!
    Thnx bushit for the ultimate disappointment😢

  4. Blaster Blade never quits. You may knock him down, but he is never out of the fight. Stand up Blaster Blade!

  5. รู้สึกเหมือนไม่ได้ออกมาตั้งนาน แต่มุง ออกมาทุกตอนที่ไอจิเล่นเลยนะ5555555

  6. Am I the only person that would preferred an anime based on vanguard lore similar to the planet cray scene from this episode then the Bermuda Triangle

  7. 19:37 What is with Kai's eyes?! It looks like he's trying to look inside his head and it's not working out very well.


  8. Best to worst Vanguard season:

    1. First Season
    2. Link Joker
    3. Asia Circuit
    4. Stride Gate
    5. Legion Mate
    6. Girs Crisis
    7. First G Season
    8. First V Season
    9. Z
    10. NEXT
    11. Second V Season

  9. Kai having a hard time saying 'we're friends' and going all blushy blushy is worth all the screenshots 💓💖 Blushing Kai is best Kai HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. Now with Sage of Guidance, Zenon's effect I fuse my Soul Saver Dragon with my Thing Saver Dragon in order to fusion summon ARC SAVER DRAGON!!

    This was really awesome I thought Aichi lost but nope his bond with Destiny Conductor got severed and technically speaking Delete End only applies when you lose to Ibuki and I like how Ibuki never realized that using Vanguard to Delete Vanguard only means that he loves it too and letting Naoki hit him as atonement, and Takuto telling Kourin to have faith in Aichi, I guess Destiny Conductor forgot that Kourin still has PsyQualia and now the final battle emerges Aichi Vs Destiny Conductor who will win…

    Definitely Aichi LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL!! XD

  11. Blaster Blade in this and the last episode:
    He attacc
    He protecc
    But most importantly
    He come bacc
    He always come bacc
    Since he attacked, intercepted and kept on reviving
    Ok I'll leave

  12. This episode confirmed with me the one thing I always knew. An direct anime adaptation of the Vanguard lore, where we could watch actual characters like Monarch Sanctuary Alfred in action, would be most welcome!

  13. Amazing episode !!!!! and Aichi is back, he doesn't look badass like in link joker but still yay (maybe its too early and not as serious as he was in link joker) !!!!! here's a thought, I wonder if Aichi would wear a jacket as a cape like how Yugi does in Yugioh…. would be definitely badass LMAO

  14. I'm worried will aichi win against takuto. And will ibuki change his deck and I hope the new season will be epic persons and decks more powerful than the deletors.But I got a last suggestion in the third season I hope all characters change there clothes especialy kia why do they wear the same clothes its hilarious🙏

  15. The dragón summoning was real intense Dont gonna lie about that but i can't stop thinking about the karate dudes. The fuck was that reaction. "Holly shit he beat me in a card gane. He is a monster"

  16. I love how they have so many scenes about the actual Cray here. It gives more of the cards being alive feeling which is how they're supposed to be. I'm so happy!😍😍😍

  17. Brandt: Hahaha no one can beat me in premium or standard format.
    Me: Runs 16 stand triggers
    Brandt: Wait thats illegal

  18. Wait! Vanguard disappearing!? NOOOOOO don't leave meeee! if you do I may have to go back to Buddy Fight! and the new seasons aren't even that good!! 😓

  19. Aichi's back! Seems Alfred and Blonde Ezel gave him a slight chance. He can still fight even when his connection is cut? Too cool. Kouji was insanely mad this time. At least we got to see how it all went down south for him. Think he still blames Kai for everything? At least Ren will sit out the next one. I was hoping for another Ren vs Kai. So if Aichi wins, the real Takuto returns? Arc Saver Dragon? Another G4? Why is that only Royal Paladin and Kagero are the clans in the V series with them?

  20. What is the piano song that was play at 9:59? It sound very nice and it also fit in very well in that moment when Aichi is back.

  21. Not even gon lie arc saver lookin hella cool but the real question is thing saver and soul saver had a baby and arc was made?

  22. Ibuki reminds me of N from the Pokemon series. Black and White. A guy trying to severe the connection between people and the things they love vanguard/pokemon while using said things to do so. A walking contradiction/hypocrite and i love them both 😭 lol

  23. Thing saver dragon?? 8:26

    Well I hope there will be this card in V

    If it had Thing Saver Dragon, I wanna know what would it's skill be?

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