Sports Photography Lens: Best Lens for Sports Photography & Concert Photography | Video Tutorial

Sports Photography Lens: Best Lens for Sports Photography & Concert Photography | Video Tutorial

Why the vast collection of camera equipment you say? Well, I’ve seen there are some questions been posted on Amazon, on our customer service questions, on YouTube forums… people are always asking, what is the best lens and camera combination for sports and concert photography. If this helps you out remember to hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our channel for future sessions and tutorials just like this and to share with your fellow photographers, and if you happen to be in Miami come visit Digital Goja showrooms. Obviously imaging has come a long way from my era. I mean, nowadays you see these a lot in concerts and sporting events, yeah we’ve been able to do a lot of video and stills with our cell phones but if you want to capture more detail or you want to do a little bit more of course you have an array of cameras but which is the best camera and lens combination? You’ve heard it many times before, the best cameras are the one that’s with you, you don’t want to show up to a particular venue with of course something like this which is a fantastic set up for low-light situations and if you’re relatively close to the stage and all the sudden you have somebody say where’s your press pass or you can’t come in here with that, so low light leaders like for example the D500 and full frame cameras. They do great and if you’re in a sporting event even, if you’re walking around with a small micro four thirds with a massive 300mm f4 you’re still going to stand out in the crowd so you have to take into consideration what venue you’re at what is going to be allowed now of course if you have a press pass you know the sky’s the limit or especially the pocketbook. You know you can walk around with 100-400mm L series lenses or their very popular 150-600mm Sigma or if you have a really good seat on the sideline in the concert or right up in the front row you can work with beautiful full frame cameras with really fast 2.8 lenses, but we have to take into consideration where you’re at and what venue allows what. You might be able to sneak in something like this because this is relatively small and you can fit in a pocket or course you can take a pocket camera with you. This doesn’t have a big zoom but it does have a fast optical lens and a 1 inch sensor so it allows you to do a lot more than just your cell phone and if you need extra distance you might look at some of the hybrids that are out there like the Canon powershot SX60 which has a 65 optical zoom with image stabilization and full HD so it has the capability of being at a great distance and being able to fill in the frame with your subject matter. You always have to remember do some research ahead of time so you don’t run into the problem of having somebody trying to confiscate your precious camera equipment you might have to go back to resulting with this guy like we’ve been using for many years now, but again, you prefer better quality do some research and come to a conclusion of what capabilities are going to be allowed at the particular venue you’re going to record. Happy shooting!

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