Sony DSC W830 Cyber Shot Digital Camera 20.1 Megapixel | Unboxing & Overview

Sony DSC W830 Cyber Shot Digital Camera 20.1 Megapixel | Unboxing & Overview

This is not your father Cyber-Shot. Believe it or not, this is a current Cyber-Shot. It’s an 8x optical. This thing is the size of a credit card. As always if the video helps you out don’t forget to hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to the channel for future unboxings tutorials and frequently asked questions and if you’re ever visiting the Miami area come say hello to Adam and me at Digital Goja showroom. Alright, so let’s take a look and see what comes inside this box. Obviously, this better be a DSC W830. This is one of Sony’s more popular pocket cameras, still a market for these. Very easy to carry, 8X zoom, nice big bright screen and in the beautiful silver metal finish. Let’s open up in here and see all the accruements. Here is your wrist strap, so you can take a with you everywhere you go. This is your wall charger 100-240 volts and of course, the U.S.A. plug. Your USB adapter allows you to charge it and also transfer your files to your favorite laptop and computer, and of course your power source Sony N series battery, NP-BN very popular used on most of their Cyber-Shot, and of course here is going to be your limited warranty and some other pamphlets and brochures on how to work with your Sony DSC W830. Of course the warranty is U.S.A., U.S.A. only and if purchased from an authorized dealer like Digital Goja. So now let’s take a closer look at the features of the Sony DSC W830. Now remember this is a 20 megapixel shooter the DSC 830 but it has 8x optical zoom, so that means even though it’s a small enough camera you can throw into your front pocket or in your shirt pocket, you still have the capability of having great magnification remember this will be the equivalent in 35mm of a 25mm-200mm and it is of course a Zeiss varial Tessar lens which has optical stabilization so that means it’s going to guarantee, even though small and lightweight, nice sharp imaging. Of course, it is a 1/2.3″ super CDD image sensor. Has a beautiful 2.7″ Clear dot LCD monitor, records 720 video at 30 fps, and you have anywhere from 80 to 3200 ISO. This guy works with the standard USB connection from Sony, right here, so you can download your images. You do work with SD cards and also the MS dual Sony memory cards, and on the back here you have your control dials, where you have your camera setting, you have your panoramic sweep, that allows you to do a 360 degree in camera panoramic, and there is your video setting. Of course it even has a smile detection, face detection, built in self timer. You of course have a built-in flash, so all in all, you have a complete package in a nice and compact little point and shoot from Sony. The Sony DSC W830. Well I hope you found this video to be helpful if it did remember to hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our channel for future tutorials frequently asked questions and unboxings and don’t forget if you’re ever in Miami come say hello at Digital Goja showrooms. Happy shooting!

28 thoughts on “Sony DSC W830 Cyber Shot Digital Camera 20.1 Megapixel | Unboxing & Overview”

  1. Quick question. When taking a video with this camera can you pause the video and carry on with it later??

  2. The upper strip of where wrote cybershoot, is it Lil bit loose?
    Actually I got that camera, thats loose no properly fit, is yours too?

  3. with all my respect to you my friend, you just teached us how to open a box, read instructions and find the controls… please add to your videos a pair of photos and videos, and a brief evaluation of quality, that is what we look for in "reviews".

  4. The one piece of information I was looking for is not here. Most digital cameras can only record videos for 20 minutes before they shut off to prevent overheating. Does THIS camera do that? I need a digital camera that will record videos for up to possibly 40 minutes. HELP

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