Sony a7, a7R Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras: Product Overview: Adorama Photography TV

Sony a7, a7R Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras: Product Overview: Adorama Photography TV

home for I am Diane Wallace welcome to Adorama TV and holding in my hands the brand new
both frame mirrorless cameras from Sony there that out the
a7 and a7R are and they’re very exciting let me
show them to: let’s start with the basics on these
cameras there magnesium alloy bodies and their weather sealed including all
the accessories are the lenses the group everything is weather sealed so you’re
getting lots of different conditions they both have articulated LCD screen so
gives you lots of flexibility no matter what angle you need to shoot at it gives you nine customizable buttons
which is nice feature this camera’s both have something called
I focus and what that does is the tracks are
subject eyes actually the closest one to the camera seal always get portrait better tack
sharp I is which means it’s a great portrait you have wifi and and it see built in
and that’s for both I’ll escort Android devices and their creative
settings so you can shoot in the mode that you’ve
chosen and the cameras will actually save two files the original and the one
with the creative filter which means you can go back later and
choose whichever one you want you’re not married to your decision okay let’s talk
about some of the differences with these two models out the a7 is 24 megapixels and it
has both contrast and face detection autofocus it shipped
by frames per second and this is relief for you general
shooters who just want great all-around technology this is the carrier gonna
grab and go everywhere with every day this seminar
is 36 mega pixels it has no low pass filter or anti alias
coating and because contrast autofocus only it shoots three frames per second this
camera is really built for the highest resolution possible cell no matter which camera using you
really going to get superior image quality but there’s a few differences that
depending on what you’re shooting you’ll know which one to pick let’s talk
about video the Alpha 7 and alpha 7R both have some pretty
impressive features there’s full HD at 60 frames per second
that’s very exciting clean HDMI output 422 is also great
feature there’s other focus in both live you or
through the viewfinder and focus magnifier is available during
shooting with an extra adapter the camera as well
except a full XLR K and the ideal levels are
adjustable while recording all lenses have s s am so there’s no
gear noise during shooting if you’re changing focus picking and zebra are both available
there’s even extra grip that has two batteries that run consecutively so when one runs out it will
automatically transfer to the other battery not killing your video of course there
headphone and mic jacks in the cameras to go along with these great new cameras
there’s a family have lenses that Sony is releasing of course some have the famous Carl
Zeiss name on them but in the next two years they’ll be as
many as tan are more lenses coming so it’ll be a really nice collection they
are e-mount lenses so they’re all very fast and quiet and
Sony actually shared the specs on the Mount so now there are third parties creating adapters that let you use the
blend into you our team love and own on your brand new
cast Sony camera course there are lots of accessories for
this new line like the added battery grip we mentioned
before there’s also the XLR kit which is right here and the shoe on the cameras is actually a smart she’ll and it actually has a
terminal built in and that’s what allows the camera to communicate with the advanced
accessories that are available like the XLR kid or even pocket wizards
and other than success stories that are coming soon the Sony Alpha 7 out the 7R are
really impressive cameras their really slim their extremely
lightweight heat easily take this with you for an
entire day and not be worn out by them they’re great full-frame mirrorless
cameras with lots of accessories and lotsa ones’ excellent system if you’d like to learn more about these
cameras check out the Learning Center where there’s lots more information on
Sony out the a7 and alpha 7R and don’t
forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for lots more great information are things photography thanks so much
for joining me home home for all the latest photography video and computer here visit Adorama
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  1. When I click the link to visit the Adorama Learning Center to learn more about the A7 I get "You are not authorized to visit this page". Can you fix the link please. Thanks.

  2. This broadcast-quality technology is getting so accessible to non-professionals.  The main limiting factor is still cost, but not for long.

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