Sony a6400 4k Mirrorless vs RED Digital Cinema Camera

Sony a6400 4k Mirrorless vs RED Digital Cinema Camera

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  1. It’s super funny how, next to the a6400 with its oversharpening and apparently pink tint, the red looks green and darn near out of focus. If you saw it on its own, you probably wouldn’t think that, but the side by side messes with you.

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  3. Guys, if you want a proper AF in Slog, please turn on the Lutpreview and if you did not want the blurybumpy image while using high Iso, turn of the internal Noisereduction, that`s it!

  4. I made a quick color grading on Davinci Resolve 16 beta 1 with your lut, HLG2 709 skylake. Wonderful !!!

  5. Probably a dumb question but will these luts also work for the a6500 or since they are different cameras will it not be exact? Happy to wait for a a6500 lut pack 🙂

  6. the Sony rx100 mark Vii or the Sony a6400 with the 16-50mm kit lens? Which is better?? The a6400 cost less lol but which is better?

  7. Good work. But did you test the typical problems of cinema cameras? For example Rolling shutter? (its bad!) Or moire-effekt (there are my FS100 and FS700 much better). For example, you cant film a house with louver. And what I wonder, why nobody is talking about the different handling and the big different AUDIO ability?
    But otherwise a very good camera. Especially the autofocus.

  8. It would be Super-cool if you could make a "beginner's guide" for working with Sonya6400 on Vlogin or making music video. You know, what a beginner needs and Doesn't need.

  9. damm, i made up my mind to purchase sony a7iii with sigma art 1.4 30 mm after weeks of research. @lol and stumbled upon this video….
    Sony a7iii wish they had flipped screen… external monitor makes it heavy / big and unusable for handheld vlogging (yes even 30 mm lens is not wide enough for vlogging)
    Any suggestions, my usage… 30% vlogging mostly handheld – 50% youtube videos indoor kids games like a minute to win mostly handheld, 20% short films mostly tripod

  10. I'm a little new to film making but I dont understand how the shots were shot with 2 different cameras but every comparison is the exact same side by side shot.
    My understanding is that it's just 1 shot with different setting and one of them is altered to match the sony?
    What am I missing, please help?

  11. Aloha Mr. Potatohead! 🥔 When will ya review the Sony A6600? 🙂 Reply or else the shutter monsters will eat you!!! 🤣 Rich Aloha!

  12. Sony a6400 до RED как по цвету, так и по динамическому диапазону, как до луны пешком.

  13. that was good. but i just now know that a6600 is coming soon so i will wait till its released and then will check the quality may be then i will buy your luts.

  14. Is it just me, but I looked at the left right comparison early on 3 times before I saw the reveal… and came to the conclusion the camera on the left was superior.
    My bad

  15. I first watched the comparison on a Sony big screen TV and the left picture was clearer and sharper with vibrant color than the right then tried watching on cheap Asus computer monitor and the right picture was better with both at 4K You Tube settings.

  16. Excellent video because the author showed side by side comparisons between a pro Red camera and the a6400. HOWEVER, what is remarkable is how phenomenal is the cinematic quality of the tiny, inexpensive a6400 compared to the massive and costly Red camera. Sorry but the comparison on my fairly large computer screen between these two cameras showed almost identical video quality! The Sony scientists are remarkable in how they have created near identical quality video to a a professional camera. Amazing!

  17. I am a total nub at this camera stuff. Can someone explain to me what LUTs is and how I can apply to the camera? When I google, all I get is "Lower urinary tract symptoms" – definitely not buying it..

  18. Will the a6400 LUTs work on the footage out of the a7RIV? How closely can it match after grading with some higher end stuff

  19. Potato Jet, try S-log 2 and go to sony´s website and download the LUTs they provide for this camera… you ll be blown away….

  20. Hey Gene! Im heading out to upgrade my camera setup to this a6400. My wife and I have a coaching business and wanting to expand onto the YouTube platform. Is there a place where I can learn how to apply the LUTs and video profiles? Thanks, love the channel.

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