Sony | α | Alpha 9 Unveil

Sony | α | Alpha 9 Unveil

Inspired worlds wait to be revealed Passion expands the boundaries of imagination But are the tools impending the flow? A dream meets technology, and a new camera is born Now the future is yours

64 thoughts on “Sony | α | Alpha 9 Unveil”

  1. More information please! Does it finally have a flip out screen for vloggers? Better skin tones than the A7s video?

  2. $4,500 in US but £4,500 in the UK! That's basically $5,755! That's $1,255 (£977) more!!…. FOR FUCK SAKE SONY!!

  3. WTF! Canon was thinking to release all these features in 2 or 3 decades and call it 1DXX Mark IV… Damn you guys screwed everything up!

  4. Full 4k read-out / 693 phase-detection-points… Who wants to buy my soul? ( It costs approximately 4,499.99$ right now! + a Sony/Zeiss Prime-Lens )

  5. what i dont understand is how sony just invites rich or famuos people to the events i paid my hard earned money for my sony equipment also and would haveloved to check out the new camera

  6. First nobody's baby and I am something and third I live in ny no one has to give me anything I just wanted o know why ?

  7. Sony just said "f*ck off" to those traditional DSLRs.
    The future is here, innovation at its finest.

  8. I love photography. I don't have camera. Your features are very fantastic compared to all camera giants. I love a9 very much. But it is too cost😭😭. I don't have that much money 😭😭😭😭😭.

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