Serial Police Impersonator Caught by His Own Body Camera

(siren blaring) – [Jeremy] FHP’s en route
somewhere from somewhere. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s at least get some
speed, let’s get to 100. (siren blaring)
Hey, stop your vehicle! – [Driver] Stop pretending
you’re a police officer. – [Judge] 5,000 on the first one, and 19CF15056 is another warrant. (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Whoa, whoa, whoa, what? Come here dude, sit right here. Right here, stop, right here, stop. Stay there. (siren wailing) Don’t pass me, don’t pass me. Repo, take this intersection and keep this shit under control. Who the fuck knows, all I know is we have the
right of way, the right of way. Traffic light. What are you doing? Repo, go around somehow. Go around the car. What are you doing? Go, go around me. You got learn to get out
of the truck faster, bro. Go around. Go a-fucking-round. Castleberry, past the cemetery I want everyone to hold the sirens. Air horns only, air horns only. To Castleberry, on three. Let the whole agency do it. (siren wailing) (speech drowned out by wind) (siren blaring) Go, go, let me hold this, go. (siren blaring) They need to be in the right lane, we’re turning right at the light. Stay on your horn, Photo, you’ve got a van pulled out. (wind rushing)
(siren blaring) (horn blaring) (engine revving) Jesus Christ! (speech drowned out by wind) Yes. (speech drowned out by wind) (siren wailing) Hey! I don’t give a fuck. (siren blaring)
Hey, stop your vehicle! Un-fucking-believable. Hey! Dumb white bitch in a blue car. Get to my spot. (engine revving)
(wind rushing) (siren wailing) Get over! Yeah, I love that. You better figure it out. What the fuck is wrong with you? Pull the fuck over. Over! You better, you out of my funeral. Out of my funeral. You over there. Motor One’s moving again. (siren blaring) Get the fuck over! What are you doing? What the fuck’s it look
like I’m doing, dumb fuck? Get the fuck over before you find out. – [Driver] Stop pretending
you’re a police officer. – Listen, motherfucker.
– Stop it. – [Jeremy] I know what I’m allowed to do and what I’m not allowed to do. What you need to do is
figure it the fuck out before you start talking shit and cutting us off. – I’m not cutting anyone off. – Go ahead and pull your little phone out, do your little Google search, and figure out what we’re doing and what we’re–
– I know what you’re doing. – [Jeremy] Legally allowed, good, then back off and give us room. – I’m not interfering with you at all. – You are by running–
– You are blocking, you’ve been blocking traffic– – [Jeremy] Yeah, I need you
to stay to the side, sir. That’s what the legal law is.
– I can call the police. – Go back and look it up.
– I’m gonna call the police on you.
– 316, good, call ’em. – I’m gonna call the sheriff.
– Please, 911, right now. – I’m not calling 911. – [Jeremy] Go ahead,
call the 911 right now. – I’m not gonna call 911. – Tell them it’s on video.
– This is not an emergency. – [Jeremy] Let them know
all this, it’s on video. We also have your tag number.
– You guys need to stop blocking traffic.
– So please let me know. (engine revving) Watch this fucker. – [Woman] Everybody, start your engines! (engine revving)
(siren blaring) – [Jeremy] Right in front
of the Daytona Beach unit. Do me a favor, hold
off on the police siren until we’re out of their jurisdiction. Motherfuck. (wind rushing) (siren blaring) Everyone, hot lanes, hot lanes, hot lanes. Hot lanes. Drew. Got it, you got it. Asap, where the fuck are you going? All right, start a pull over, whip us. Let’s get some body footage of the cars racing by. Especially Asap, get off your bike with the body camera
footage of the cruiser. We just shut down fucking 90
fucking motherfucking five, and not a motherfucking, not a motherfucking. It’s, tell ’em we outrank ’em. Oh, he’s construction, okay. Listen, Photo, Repo, I want you to pull, now that it’s shut down, pull very. Yeah well, I can promise
you there’s cops coming right now, somewhere. FHP’s en route somewhere from somewhere. What is this? What event is this? This is a funeral for somebody
that owned Corvette, right? God damn, you, God damn
fucking right it is. God damn right. Somebody that designed Corvettes died, I can’t control the statue. The statue says that, you want to get to the front, get to the front and find out who it is. I don’t know. Yeah, cremations are in the lead car. Cremations are in the lead car. Make contact, make 10-25
with the lead vehicle. Look at that old ass fucking Stingray. When we made contact
with Daytona Beach PD, the motors, they already
knew what we were doing, and they even knew how we were doing it. And they were okay with it. I’m like, what. Roger, roger. Left lane, left lane hard, to the first exit you come across. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s at least get some speed. Let’s get to 100. (siren blaring)
(wind rushing) Somebody get this dumb
blonde bitch out of the way. (siren blaring) They’re in the left,
they’re in the right I mean. We’re in the left. Ah, they just shift lanes.
– Civic, move to the left. Civic, move to the left. – [Jeremy] Right there. (siren blaring)
Just sit tight, dude. – [Judge] Your name? – Good morning, Your Honor. Jeremy Dewitte, Your Honor. – [Judge] Sir, you’re here on 19CF15055. You were arrested pursuant
to a probable cause warrant for falsely impersonating an officer. I will appoint the public
defender to represent you. Your bond is $5,000, sir. And I’m revoking the bond in 19CF12733. That bond will be set at none. – Your Honor, Your Honor ma’am. I have an attorney. – [Judge] Okay. – This charge that they’re giving me was from before I bonded
out the first time. – [Judge] All right, Mr.
Dewitte, just let me look. Maybe I missed that, so just let me look. Relax for a second.
– I bonded, Your Honor, I bonded out. Please, I don’t mind it’s on recording ’cause they know already. So I bonded out, when they arrested me they took the camera
that I used for that day. They took that camera and
downloaded the footage and they saw two more charges and they’re giving them to me now. – [Judge] I understand
100% what you’re saying, I’m asking, I need you to give me a minute too look at what you’re saying– – Yes, Your Honor.
– To verify that, okay. Who’s your lawyer
– My wife just lost our second baby.
– Stop talking. – I have to get home.
– Mr. Dewitte, I need you to calm down. Calm down, who’s your lawyer? – Amir Ladan. – [Judge] Okay, so here’s
what we can also do. Let me first look at
what you told me, okay? – Okay. – [Judge] Okay, so Mr. Dewitte, I just looked at what you told me, so the offense date that I have for your arrest on your out on bond form, is September 7th, okay. On the first case that
I have before me today, ’cause you have two, the alleged offense
date is September 16th. The second offense date that
is alleged is September 26th. Those are both after the case on which you are out on bond for, just a second. If you want, since your are
represented by Mr. Ladan, I can have my office contact his office to see if he would like to appear in court later this morning. – He’s supposed to be
here later this afternoon. – [Judge] Okay, we don’t
have court this afternoon. – Okay. – [Judge] So I don’t
know, and he would be set for first session. So I don’t know why he would
be here this afternoon. What I can do, is I can
put your case at the end. – Okay.
– Okay. I’ll have my office reach out to his to see where he is or if he’s coming, and then we can readdress it. – Can I say one more thing?
– Sure, go ahead. – And I appreciate
that, I appreciate that. I hear what you’re saying about the dates. The body camera that I was wearing that they took away from me in Windameer for the first charge
that you’re telling me, the body camera was from the office. They took it from me in Windameer. That’s been in evidence
since Windameer arrested me. These two charges are
from the video camera they took from me that they took from me and put in evidence in Windameer. So maybe the date stamp’s
wrong on the camera, but that camera was taken from me and held in evidence at
Windameer Police Department while I was doing a funeral escort. Those two videos, these two
that they’re talking about now, are from that video camera that they downloaded the footage from and finally got it, I
guess he told me yesterday while he talked to me
at the sheriff’s office, the corporal, he told
me they got a warrant to review the body camera. And that’s why they issued the warrants because they got a warrant
to review the video from the body camera. And they activated two warrants off the videos from the body camera. So that camera’s from the day that I got arrested in Windameer. From the first charge. So I hear what you’re saying, Your Honor, but it’s, for them to
have that body camera, to download those two
videos, it’s impossible. It’s impossible for them to download and get the warrant to review those videos to then charge me if it was the camera they took from me in Windameer. – [Judge] Okay, all right Mr., actually, I’m gonna take your word for that, okay. I’m not gonna revoke your bond. I’m gonna stay your bonds
on the new warrants. 5,000 on the first one, and 19CF15056 is another warrant. Bond on count one is 1,000,
bond on count two is 5,000. Okay, get in touch with
Mr. Ladan, all right, about the new cases.
– Thank you, Your Honor. Thank you for listening. – [Judge] You’re welcome, sir. You also have reporting requirements when you’re released from the jail. – Say that again, I’m sorry? – [Judge] You have reporting requirements when you are released from the jail. – Report, where? I’m sorry, Your Honor. Oh, yeah, yeah, Your Honor. – You’re aware?
– Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry, I didn’t understand. – [Judge] All right, thank you, sir. – Thank you, Your Honor.

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