Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera: Test the CRAZIEST Feature!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera: Test the CRAZIEST Feature!

19 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera: Test the CRAZIEST Feature!”

  1. I will say it is gimmick because most people just use a camera to point and shoot. They will record a video or two. Still picture is where most people will use. All the other features are purely gimmick and for show. Going back to all the phones in years past, every manufacturers had come up with cool ideas and playful features. It is very rare or almost never that those same features continue for the next generation. To me just improve picture, videos and sound quality and everyone will be happy. Zoom in pictures will be great if they can fix the quality of it. That to me is a better selling point than gimmicky videos and pictures with crazy animation or whatever.

  2. S10 plus deserved the same camera setup (not that I think they are great on Ultra) – not everyone wants a GIANT phone. Single take mode can be implemented on any smartphone in last 5-6 years…

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