Salty Artists | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

Salty Artists | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

– Oh, Ruck.
– There he is.[tense music]– Here we go. – Hopefully his canvas
doesn’t walk out now and he’s got to do
another tattoo on himself. Oh, what if that’s
their challenge? [both laughing] – I’m here to handle this,
so let’s make it happen. – Somebody got a makeover.
– Yeah. – Hey, Ruck.
– Keith, Keith, Keith. – Hey. – You here to finally settle
the score, huh? – We weren’t able to compete,
really. I didn’t know you could
tattoo yourself as one of the options. That was your choice.
My choice was to leave. – No one told you
to go upstairs. I don’t wanna be blamed for it. – He’s not gonna go up there
and get the dude. – No.
– I wouldn’t. – I thought it was over
at that point, so I grieved in some beer. – I mean, I hear a lot
of excuses right now. – I did what I had
to do to stay. – I feel like we should have
both been sent home. – I have definitely
heard enough. – We need to get this
over with. – I can’t listen to this.
– Like– – Now.
– I did what I did. You did what you did.
This is where we are. – That’s right, yeah.
– Let’s do it fair. – Swing your bat, I’m
gonna definitely swing mine. I want any–
– Challenge accepted. – Let’s make it happen. I’m gonna get the win
whichever way you want to go. – I’m ready to swing bats,
too, man. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Oh, yeah. – I feel like maybe you’re
a little butt hurt because– – Yeah, a little bit, man.
Yeah. – You know, he did make
some right choices. He was down here
tattooing himself. Everybody was like–like,
“Yeah, man, “you’ve got to tattoo yourself,
man. You [bleep] love tattooing.” I’m like, yo, dude,
got two hours left. I’m not
[bleep] Harry Houdini and shit. I can’t, like, go in a box
and god damn disappear out the other [bleep] side
of that mother[bleep]. You know what I mean? So, more or less, dude, like,
it turned down to him winning the day because
he decided to tattoo. – It was a finished tattoo so
this is where we are right now. – At the end of the day,
you know, you guys are both back here
to go head-to-head. – It’s all who tattoos
better today. There’s no excuses.
– Yeah. – That’s what I like to hear. – Well, we’re not gonna
make it easy for you. – Go ahead and give it to us. – We’re giving you guys
a 90-minute face-off tattoo and we pick the subject. – Whoever wins today’s tattoo
gets to choose either the style or the subject of tomorrow’s
six-hour grudge match tattoo. – Oh, shit.
– Okay. – Get it.
– Let’s get popping. – Drive.
That’s drive right there. I mean, Keith clearly has
an issue over this damn rose that he did on him.
– Yeah. – So do you want to do a rose?
– [bleep] it. Let’s even it out.
– Okay, we got a rose. – I’ll fire the machines up
right now. – What do you think,
style-wise? – I just–I just say neo,
whatever you think of it. That was the original
challenge, I guess, that this beef started on, with a color
neo-traditional rose. – In an hour and a half.
– God damn. – Let’s settle the score
right now. – Let’s go.
– Word, let’s do this. – Yeah, guys.
– Thank you. – I hope these guys are, uh,
bringing their A-game.♪ ♪narrator: In our
second grudge,
season five’s Angel Bauta
was eliminated
even though Julia Carlson
told her canvas to kick rocks
and tattooed herself
to stay in the competition.
– Curse anybody out lately?
– It depends. The day s still young. You gonna come test me?narrator: Now Angel
wants revenge.
– Just ’cause I’m being
nice doesn’t mean I’m gonna be nice
come tattoo time, okay? – Up-up your game
and close down your mouth. – You get so grumpy so quick.♪ ♪– Both of these guys were on
my first season of “Ink Master,”
season five. Angel, he had a lot of issues
with his canvas, and he worked with him and gave
him the tattoo that he wanted. Julia is a firecracker,
just couldn’t work with her canvas, and she wasn’t willing
to budge. – All right, so,
this is what I’ve come up with, and if you don’t like it, I’m just gonna tattoo it
on myself. – Yeah, I’m not really
feeling it. – What if I create
a combination of the organics
with machinery? I’m gonna take that concept
and try to make that happen. Are you willing to compromise
a little bit? – No.
– I compromised a lot on this. – You didn’t compromise
for shit. – And I really want you
to do a great tattoo. – Good-bye.
Have a nice life. Go [bleep] yourself. I don’t wanna tattoo myself but
at this point I have no choice. – Part of the challenge
is working with your canvas. – Yes. – That’s why Angel’s so mad,
is because he went home and she stayed, and she was that horrible
to her canvas. – Yeah, Julia’s not afraid
to speak her mind, and neither is Angel.[hip-hop music]♪ ♪– What you working on? You should be, like,
practicing, no? – Well, I’m good at what I do. The way I was taken out,
I don’t think that was fair. It really hit me hard, man. It took a while just to, like,
regain that confidence, but now I’m gonna
get that chance. I played the game right.
She didn’t. I’m coming back to tell Julia,
for her to go [bleep] herself.All I’m gonna do is go in,
do what I do best,
and just come out the winner.♪ ♪[dramatic music]– Can I go on Daddy’s bike?
– Of course you can.While I was in
the competition,
everything was falling
apart at home. My husband was, at the time,
a recovering addict.Almost exactly a year
after I left
to film the season
of “Ink Master,” he died.
– He looks just like him.
– I know. – I think it’s crazy
he can ride it right now. – Mm-hmm.They love riding bikes
because their dad rode bikes.
He would be so proud.Angel was actually my friend,but I did whatever I had to do
to get one step further in the competition. Yeah, good job. Yeah, competition time.
I’m hungry. – Walking in heels.
– Man. – Oh, yeah,
she’s gonna bring it.– When is this guy
getting here?
What is this,
amateur hour? – She’s already got
the fire going.– Uh-oh, here we go.– Hey, what’s up?
– Oh, there he is. – Curse anybody out lately? – It depends.
The day’s still young. You gonna come test me? – You couldn’t even work
together with your guy. Meanwhile, I worked with mine,
I did my thing, and I was the one
that got kicked off? – Today there will be justice. – You were my friend
and I respected you, and I didn’t want you
to go home. – Yeah, but you could have
spoke up for me. You could have helped me out, but instead you just stood
there all quiet, hoping that they
wouldn’t attack you?– Nice.
– Look at him.
He’s getting heated.
Yeah, he’s getting heated. – He’s got them boxer brows,
dude. – I’m telling you. – Maybe you should’ve told your
canvas to go [bleep] himself and you would’ve stayed, ’cause you would’ve done
the challenge. This is a
$100,000 competition. – And that’s the way
you–you do it? You tell them to go
[bleep] themselves? – If it’s a competition?
Yeah. – That’s how you do it?
– [bleep] off. – Competition aside,
you have to make them happy. They have to live
with it forever. – I’m ready to see these two. both: Yeah, let’s get in there. You’ve waited half
a whole decade. That’s a long time
to hold on to a grudge. You added so much salt
to this beef, it’s turned to jerky. – Man, it’s loud in here.
– Whoo! – Boy, it’s getting hot
in here! – I’m kinda tired of hearing
this little squeaky voice. – Hanging onto a beef
for half a decade. You must be so exhausted. – Exhausted of hearing
your voice right now. – I’m exhausted of hearing that
you have a problem with me that you made up in your mind
because you were– – All right, all right.
– Enough, enough. – Come on, guys, this has been
long enough in the making. – I did not deserve
to go home that day. She did. If you can’t deal with
your client, why are you here? I worked with mine, so yeah,
it became so disappointing to be sent home that early, knowing that I
was doing it right. – You guys definitely have
some unsettled business. Let’s get into this.
– ASAP. – Let the tattoos
do the talking. – You down for that?
– Of course. – We’re gonna completely level
the playing field today. We’re gonna throw at you guys
a 90-minute face off tattoo, where the three of us get
to choose what you guys will be
tattooing today. – All right. – The winner of that face off
tattoo gets to determine the style or the subject for your six-hour
grudge match tattoo. – Oh!
That’s interesting. That’s where it
gets interesting. – That sounds perfect. – Whoever wins the grudge match
tattoo squashes everything. – Yeah, after all these years, it’s time to settle the score,
guys. What are we gonna throw
at them? – I don’t know. – This whole thing started over
a difficult canvas. – I mean–
– Yes. – If Julia felt like
her canvas was sort of this ball and chain
that was keeping her from getting to the end, why don’t we do a little
ball and chains? – Sounds like an idea.
– I’m all for it. – Any kind of chain,
any kind of ball. – Even that thing inside
the toilet when you flush it? – I mean, that is a ball
and a chain. – I agree. – You guys have 90 minutes
to do a ball and chain in any style.
– You ready to do this? – Are you?
– I was born ready. – Get to work.
Let’s go. Come on.
– Let’s get it done. – Feisty.
I’m telling you, feisty. – You nervous at all?
– Not really. – When I win are you
gonna apologize for being such a grump?
– They say silence is golden. – [giggles][tense music]– Keith, you ready?
– Oh, I’m ready. – King Ruck, you ready?
– Ready. – Let’s tattoo!
– Let’s go. – You like it right there?
– Yeah. – Okay, perfect. – Doing a neo-traditional
tattoo in 90 minutes, that’s a huge undertaking, because you still have
to have traditional foundation of solid color and bold lines. – Start with that.
Let’s go. – Now you gotta put
a spin on it and make it
artistically appealing. 90 minutes?
That’s a huge task. – Let’s get started.[rock music]♪ ♪Hey, Ruck, how’s it going
over there, man? – We rocking.
– I wanna see a tight rose. – Listen, young man.
Don’t worry about me. You got a pretty big
feat over there. – Oh, yeah.
Oh, don’t worry.– I’m not a fast tattooer,
but I’m gonna play it smart,
and make a clean,
small tattoo. I’m gonna do this shit
real nice and [bleep] clean. No craziness.♪ ♪Keith’s doing
a big-ass tattoo.
Keith, you didn’t learn
a God damn thing, man.You still making bad choices,
Always would rather beat
the clock than… – Yeah.
– Race to get done, so…You lost before.
You gonna lose again.
I’m gonna keep winning.
Win, win, win. [machine buzzing]
– You liking it so far? – Yeah.
– So far so good.♪ ♪– Not so loud now, huh? It’s time to zip the lips
and just tattoo. Julia, you ready?
– Yeah. – Angel, you ready?
– Most definitely. – Your 90-minute ball and chain
tattoo starts right now.♪ ♪– That’s so pretty.♪ ♪– That looks sick. – Now, if you need a break,
you let me know, okay? – Okay. [machine buzzing] – Enjoy the ride.♪ ♪It’s really important
for me to win this. I just want to show Julia
some tough love. Don’t stab people in the back.If I get that upper hand,I already know where
to hit her.

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  1. If my tattoo artist said go f myself I would of told the judges she should be eliminated. Even if she did a great tattoo. That’s not okay.

  2. I remember that episode that Keith and King Ruck tattooed that canvas. Keith was a bitch and gave up. Ruck did a bad tattoo, but tattooed himself and showed that he would not give up and wanted to compete. Even the top-dogs respected him for doing that.

  3. At least that twit Julia toned down her fake squeaky voice this time. Still makes me wanna stab myself in the ear but it's not as bad lol

  4. Julia is back… and she is still the bitch we all know her as. I agree that Angel shouldn't have gone home before her.

  5. 9:55 If you need a break, let me know. Ok? 😇

    (20 minutes later)

    Canvas: I need a break.

    Julia: Goodbye. Have a nice life. Go F*** yourself.

  6. its pretty funny to me that usually the people in a grudge match are like “FUCK YOU AND YOUR PERSONALITY” and they just sit there like “haha they have drama” but when people are just having a respectful conversation they’re like “wow hes butthurt IVE SEEN ENOUGH”

  7. Funny how she can talk aggressive wit that pint ass voice , But cudnt use it to keep her husband off of meth !!!! smh

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