Resizing images in Lightroom 4

Resizing images in Lightroom 4

How to resize an image using
Lightroom In Lightroom you don’t really resize an image, you export a copy of your original at a particular size leaving your original untouched. Right now you’re looking at the Library module in Lightroom and I have some thumbnails up. I’m going to select some images by holding
down COMMAND if you have a PC you hold down CONTROL. I’m going to select these 4 images just to show you I can select non-contiguous images and I can also resize verticals and horizontals in the same action. Once I have them selected I come down here to the EXPORT button on the lower left. I click that. And I pay attention to the dialog box from top to bottom. EXPORT LOCATION? Where do I want to put these? It’s going to the desktop, I can create a new folder right now through Lightroom and I’ll just call this DEMO. I can rename the files. Right now they have my own filing system tile names. But I can rename this and I can go in to edit the custom settings I’ll just take this out so we can start from scratch. Let’s say I want to name these with my last name, an underscore, my first name, and then an underscore. I can just type those things in and each file name will get that at it’s beginning and then I can go to SEQUENCE AND DATE and I can choose a 2-digit sequence and I can just click INSERT. Oops, I already had it there. Sorry. I can highlight that and delete it. So there I have mueller_paul_ and a 2-digit sequence. And I’m done with that. FILE SETTINGS This is where I decide if I want to export as a a jpg, as a Photoshop file (psd), a TIFF, a Camera RAW. For now I’m exporting JPGs and this is how you will export your images for assignments. This is also a good way to export images you want to email somebody or put on your website. COLOR SPACE sRGB is a good color space. And now I want to resize in IMAGE SIZING You’ll notice it doesn’t say “resize” I keep saying that, but… We’re going to size it to 1000 pixels on the
long side. You have these choices to resize by the width & height, by the dimension, by the long edge, by the short edge, or by the megapixels. If I select LONG EDGE and I type in a value here, in this case I’ve typed in 1000 pixels, my images will all be resized so that the
longest of the edges is 1000 pixels. If it’s a square image it will be 1000 by 1000 pixels, if it’s a vertical image it’ll be 1000 by
whatever the short edge is. If it’s a horizontal it will be 1000 wide by whatever the height is. So this won’t turn a rectangular picture into
a square picture. 72 pixels per inch is a good screen resolution.
The only other thing I want to pay attention
to here is WATERMARKING Please don’t watermark your images for this class. After export I can have it do nothing, or I can have the images open in Photoshop, or in Mail or in something else but for now I’m doing nothing. I click EXPORT and you can see up here there’s a progress bar that says “Exporting 4 files” and we’ll let that complete. I can see on my desktop that Lightroom has created a folder on my desktop called “demo” and I’m going to open that now Demo – and here are the 4 images and each one is properly sized to be 1000 pixels on the long side. Thank you.


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