REAL HANDHELD Camera PRESETS for Premiere Pro

REAL HANDHELD Camera PRESETS for Premiere Pro

This preset is made possible
by Videoblocks. Visit the first link in the description
below to learn more. Many visuals effects, from cloning yourself
to popping a chicken out of an egg, must be filmed from a tripod. This makes your videos look very static and
too obvious that you’ve pulled off an editing trick. And that’s why are introducing
our brand new video pack including eight handheld camera movement
presets for Adobe Premiere Pro. Now, these presets are created from real
handheld shots in four different focal lengths. Wide angle, normal lens,
tele and super tele. Every shot has been manually tracked
inside Adobe Premiere Pro with the Transform effect, giving the possibility to enable motion blur
for a more realistic camera shake. Each focal length has
two variations: smooth and heavy movement,
to fit the style of your project. We’re able to give out this
preset completely for free thanks to Videoblocks. Videoblocks offers a huge library of video
effects, templates and stock footage. There’re over 100,000 video elements
to download for a single price. On top of that you can start
a seven-day trial completely for free. Visit the first link in the description
below to start downloading or scroll a little bit further in the description
to learn more about our handheld presets. If you’re new to using
Presets inside Premiere, Here’s how to install them. Simply right click on your presets
folder in your effects library and choose Import Presets. Locate the file from your
download and hit Open. You should now find these presets in your effects
library and you can simply drag it to your desired clip. These presets are installed
in Premiere Pro, so there’s no need to import them
with every new project. You can always locate them. Thank you so much for watching,
have fun with the presets, but most importantly, stay creative! We’re making some good
progress here, guys. The editing room is
almost finished, this is where the magic
is going to happen, and while I’m editing here and Yannick
is filming in the studio, I can just walk to the window
right here, open that up and yell: -Yannick! Do your work! -My name is Ellen, you idiot!

100 thoughts on “REAL HANDHELD Camera PRESETS for Premiere Pro”

  1. That something i cant understand… We spend money and money for gimbals, stabilesers, tripods ecc ecc to make the immages as still as possible and then?? U add a fake camera movment aha, what?!? 😄😄😄

  2. Hey, love your work 👍 I was wondering if you could also do a preset pack for transitions like fish eye, zoom in/out and rotations would really like it and be much easier in editing

  3. You guys are awesome!!! You got the best gear. But…. I do not, I film with low budget gear. I record with my smartphone, and the quality is 4k on my iPhone 7, but it doesnt have that depth of field like in movies, can you make a tutorial to fake depth of field. Thanks

  4. Hey guys! I have a problem with the Normal Smooth one. After 20 seconds it does like a jump that make it look really bad. What can I do to fix this?

  5. Amazing presets but for free. Massive thumbs up guys. Love your hard work and fantastic tutorials. My wife a d friends think I'm like JJ Abrams or some shit like that. Oooooooooooosh!

  6. Hi, I'm Spanish and I have no idea of ​​English, I'm using a translator because I've been trying to use presets for over an hour and I think I'm not with the key, because in all of them I have the same effect as a small zoom and this. if someone can explain how to use it. .Thank you

  7. Awesome, awesome preset, instantly made my video looks soooooooo real! great preset, def gonna recommend to my friends! Thanks guys!

  8. You guys are amazing. Even the deadpool shake modifies the position. It's so much better to have the effect in a transform. Thanks!

  9. WORKING LINK!! the one in desc. doesn't work
    you're welcome!

  10. thank you very much for this, they are great! I downloaded Leaks and dust as well, thank you so much!

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