REAL CYCLOPS SHARK and more great images — IMG! #46

REAL CYCLOPS SHARK and more great images — IMG! #46

Rober De Niro and Rober De Faro and shoelace
love. It’s episode 46 of IMG!
Here’s a great infographic about New Year’s resolutions.
For instance, 88% of them fail. But you see these images of cats?
They are cat scans. For something sweet, check out SCANDYBARS,
a Tumblr with high-resolution cross sectional scans of candy.
Less appetising is this rare and very real albino shark cyclops.
Kyle Bean took these soft gorilla photographs. A jello hand grenade, a feather knife, brass
knuckles toast and a delicious melting time bomb.
Almost as delicious as dressing your baby as a Thanksgiving turkey, a homeless person
or a creeper. The splash of water caused by a droplet impacting
a pool is called a Worthington jet. Now the jet can break into droplets, and this
droplet refracting a world map behind it creates a globe that blows my mind.
Imgur released the 11 most loaded images on their site in 2011.
The most viewed GIF, of course, was the cafeteria ninja. Behance counted down their site’s top 10 most appreciated projects.
For instance, honest logos for YouTube, Facebook and more.
I also love these brand-versations. Logos made out of logos from competing products.
Okay, now these works use negative space to make two pictures simultaneously.
This one reminds me of a psychology study from the late 1800s, showing how culture influences
perception. Western viewers are familiar with box-like
architecture and corners, and so they report that this image is a family sitting indoors
with a window looking outside. But participants from East Africa interpreted
the family to be sitting outside under a tree, while this woman balances a box on her head.
Okay, here’s a field of squares. Now, follow the moving dot and the middle
squares will appear to rise and fall. And you know what?
How about some finger drawings? Here’s a human Santapede and here’s something
neat. Jodi Benson.
She did the voice for Ariel in The Little Mermaid and she’s the same person who does
the voice for Barbie in Toy Story. Now this image of the world shows global cloud
cover averaged over the month of October 2009. But clouds are more fun when they’re in weird
shapes or positions. Speaking of clouds, let’s talk about William
Rankin, a marine corp pilot who ejected from his failing aircraft and sky dove right through
the middle of a thunderstorm. Fluctuating pressure in the storm set off
his automatic parachute early and he was tossed around inside the thunderclouds, more than
10,000 feet above the ground, for more than 40 minutes before finally landing in a tree.
But Reddit alerted me to scarier weather. The weather over the USA on December 27, a
T-Rex about to eat Iowa. Now finally, these books have been carved
into landscapes by Guy Laramee. On you can submit
your own images, DONGs, questions and generally Vsauce at all together.
For instance, Jonathan submitted these carved books that together make a tree, which is
what they started out as anyways. And as always, thanks for watching.

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