RavenzCraft Arts Interview with Arith Härger

RavenzCraft Arts Interview with Arith Härger

Hello everyone, I hope I find you in good health I’m Arith Härger an archaeologist, historian and artist and before all of that – a pagan and here I am today to answer a couple of questions an interview by RavenzCraft arts Thank you very much for this opportunity. It’s an honor and obviously, thank you very much Tim Rotar I’m supposed to begin this interview with a little introduction to my spiritual path as well but as some of you already know and as pretentious as this might sound I do not follow any path, but my own So let’s go straight to the questions First question How or when were you first drawn to your specific spirituality? Any traumatic or serious events that- opened your eyes and help you choose your path? Good start, quite right I grew up in the countryside in a Christian background and that was traumatic enough being a child introduced to the horrors of- written in the Bible, without any filter. Going to bed every night with fear and waking up with fear the prospect of being thrown into hell For no good reason other than being alive and breathing, which makes us all a walking sin Spend eternity in darkness and rivers of fire and blood; never to see those I loved the most ever again I think you can imagine how traumatic that is for a child and I’m absolutely certain most people feel the same way when they grow up in a background such as this The funny thing about this is that you are introduced into Christianity, into a religion of – oppression and fear and constant doubt and anguish in the attempts that in that fear you are submissive to that religion and follow it for the rest of your life and making sure you are afraid enough to not stray from the “right path” But I could never see the Christian God as a benevolent entity and I was never able to adapt Living in fear was horrible and it consumed my entire childhood Christianity, or rather Catholicism, had the opposite effect on me I hated everything that gave me the slightest hint of Christianity I couldn’t stand it because It was just- it wasn’t right all of my happiness being robbed by an unseen oppressive tyrant from the skies Doesn’t make sense much of my childhood was spent in fear because of that exactly and I even have a video about it but when the person that had taught me all there was to know about Christianity eventually departed there was a lot of doubt in me and a lot of internal conflicts The person was someone I loved but at the same time Was the person whom it had ruined my childhood with such horrible tales not because the person hated me, I know she loved me, but she was worried about me and as a Christian she was worried for my soul and wanted to save me so a lot of mixed feelings in here but when this person died there was a certain freedom inside of me because Unfortunately, I associated the person with that horrible religion and… In a certain way all that information, all those teachings were gone So finally at the age of 15, I’ve taken my first steps into paganism Seeking something that would be closer to my roots something that Made me feel closer to home To a place inside my head I could feel comfort and protection, safety Because that’s what children need when they are growing up feeling safe and protected. Not a constant battle with doubt and fear that robs us all of our most precious moments Innocence is truly an illusion, unfortunately So at the age of 15, I rebelled against my own thoughts and Everything I knew from the religious world It was truly a rebellion in my head. To me the Christian God existed because I grew up believing in that But to me, he was a monster a real monster and inside my head it was truly a rebellion against that entity which I thought it was real I thought to myself that it was better to try to be happy for a day at least once for a change than Spend the rest of my life in fear and anguish and depression. I confess that I destroyed every Christian cross and thrown out of the window every Christian figure Because I wanted to be free in here. I was about 10 or 11 when I did that My first steps into paganism weren’t easy at the time I didn’t even have a computer yet And even if I had, Google was at a very young stage and YouTube didn’t even existed yet no one was writing extensively about paganism and back home there wasn’t access to anything about paganism so I felt really alone In fact I’m saying my first steps into paganism was at 15 but back then I didn’t even know Pagans existed I was discovering other gods and other religions But I didn’t know in my lifetime pagans still existed. So it was a very solitary path and still is because I got used to that and I continue to be a very solitary pagan and person in general and now I can say that I’ve been a pagan longer than I’ve been a Christian, or rather forced to be a Christian Do you believe that- having specific spiritual following or doing magic or ritual work helps you to build up psychological strength and can get through certain problems and difficulties in life? Certainly I do indeed What I find nowadays in contemporary paganism actually, in the great majority of cases Is that people either focus on practice and neglect theology, or vice versa there is a clear separation between belief and practice, and I think that is still the vestiges of the- previous religions people have been into Christianity for instance, starts off in ancient Rome as a religion that doesn’t believe in witchcraft in the sense of practicing magic, as an expression of faith it dealt with magic as simply superstition, and this idea lasted for centuries until with Protestantism witchcraft was taken more seriously but as the result of Interactions with the Devil, always in the perspective of being something harmful and forbidden so…. Among contemporary pagans it’s still rooted this- separation between belief and practice of magic expressions of faith that revolve around folk magic in many ancient pagan civilizations and cultures belief and practice were entwined so certainly Practice is very important expression of faith Through the practice of magic and ritual is important in a pagan perspective obviously When it comes to pagan gods we cannot wait on them to do something for us Simply because we have prayed to them, called on them, ask for things pagan deities have a much more animistic understanding and you need to be in contact You need to be out there Express physically and verbally, do the rituals, say the words, make the enchantments express all your thoughts in movement and take action that alone as a powerful side effect, so to speak, in your mind For instance in terms of Psychology and in the panorama of depression it is often put to practice dancing and singing Because it enhances motor networks, auditory networks organizational networks, memory, etc, in the brain Which augments social bonding and empathy All the networks and emotions activated in the brain through the act of dancing and singing leads to the release of dopamine, which is the chemical responsible for making you feel good it makes your brain work in a better way and brings all sorts of neural protective benefits for mental health It’s no coincidence dancing, drumming and singing in shamanism leads to certain psychological levels that makes the person feel Connected to its surroundings and makes the person feel good and have all sorts of spiritual experiences So I think I have answered the question What is your perspective on magical work? Do you think it is possible to change or alter things- physically, psychologically or make change in your life by using it? I kind of answered part of this question on the previous answer Yes Definitely there is a great change, mentally. I would like to develop on this one of these days and the Differences between ritual, ceremony, magic and so on- doesn’t matter now What we call witchcraft Is an expression of faith, quite practical, you do have to get your hands into it and bend your thoughts focusing on the purpose what we call magic is the result of our actions our practical and mental actions combined and expressed in the moment to reach the desired result magic is the interaction between ourselves and the supernatural which through rituals there is a direct influence upon natural forces its power we harness through our actions by bending our will and being in concordance with the supernatural forces we are making a certain interaction with Magical work is very much about trying and failing Hundreds of times until we finally succeed Until we finally get the result intended. I think magical work is quite useful in many ways, especially because we change indeed Everything about us and our perspective of life changes because belief, faith, religion, spiritual path is just a perspective of life we have and the more we interact with our beliefs and the more we seek answers to our questions The more knowledge we gain and our own perspectives evolve There will come a time when we are even contradict ourselves Because we are rethinking Revising because it’s a constant process of evolution. And that’s how things have to be, should be stagnation is terrible especially for the mind and magical work helps us to evolve, to find, to gather more knowledge Do you practice any specific type of witchcraft or magical work? That is something that I keep to myself that is very much part of my personal life, and I won’t openly talk about it because There are many taboos and it’s not a game We do need to respect the laws and rules that we come about in such expressions it is like painting on canvas: you express an idea and there is Freedom in that expression, of course, but if you want the work to come out the way you intended There are specific techniques you want to use specific tools Only sometimes in magical work you only gamble with your life There are many Obvious reasons why I don’t openly speak about what I do in those terms but in all honesty one of the greatest reasons is because- I hate when people meddle in things they should not be meddling in my business is my own and that’s how I intend to keep it. Sorry about that Can you tell us if you attend any yearly festivals or gatherings throughout the year? As I’ve said before I’m a very solitary pagan mainly because at the beginning- I wasn’t even aware there were other pagans that doesn’t mean obviously I wasn’t in certain gatherings before, of course Information being so hard to come by in the past century a decade ago, of course I didn’t receive knowledge out of nowhere, spontaneously My first public gathering with other pagans was actually two or three years ago It was different. It was very funny I felt awkward obviously and a little bit out of place, which I think it’s perfectly normal But I had fun and it was an interesting experience But there are certain gatherings I attend to Throughout the year not public ones, of course something more private Something more restricted for instance the Wild Hunt. A man has to make a living by collecting the souls of the Damned I’m only joking obviously obviously There are certain gatherings Occasionally, not that often, in which my presence is required along with others. It’s not just me, but I can’t speak about it. I’m sorry. but I can tell you something I have never forgotten… more or less my first interaction with paganism was actually at the age of three I didn’t know what it was and only many years later that memory would pop out again I can’t say it was an event that changed me because let’s face it I was only three years old and I had absolutely no idea what that was all about, but it’s interesting because I was in a countryside, it was a moonless night there was a summer party – a festivity going on in the middle of the village with music and fireworks and whatnot I simply started to walk away from the village Into the farm behind the house, into the fields. It was quite dark and I just walked in the direction of the forest the memory is all blurry, but I eventually reached an opening in the forest – a grove and there were people singing and dancing. It wasn’t actually what we call singing but more like grunts and moans whatever a great bonfire or at least it looked big enough. I was only three so everything looked big and many shadows of people Dancing really fast around the fire, the bonfire, and a big man with stag-horns on his head the Wolves howled nearby and the dogs were absolutely losing it back in the village and that’s just it, the memory ends here. I don’t know how I came back home I don’t even know how I wasn’t eaten by a wolf It’s a strange memory but I do believe it was my first interaction, or pagan gathering without even realizing it, obviously and this interview is getting weird So I noticed you have recently been traveling a lot, in your research have you found any similarities in other cultures? Spiritual or magical workings? I only get two weeks of vacations each year and I make sure I put those days to good use and try to visit othercountries I’ve never left Europe though But I always find it interesting the similarities in ancient religious beliefs all across Europe Mainly thanks to indo-europeans and their religious and social organism, which was adopted by many cultures in the great majority of cases it’s the exact same things only the names change or, well… certain concepts here and there obviously due to the the influence of native European cultures before indo-Europeans But what I find most fascinating is the fact that we have been dealing with historical “facts” the past few centuries that are completely wrong but we still teach that in schools even universities and one of the cases that fascinates me the most in these aspects are the Celts, the Celtic culture in general We have been told far too many times and it becomes indisputable truth that the Celts originated in Central Europe everybody knows that. The Celts were not a people but a culture that emerged in Central Europe and spread as an archaeologist based in Portugal. Most of my work is actually in Portugal I find that quite intriguing because on the archaeological context you find vestiges, even entire cities of celtic culture before the Celts supposedly emerged from Central Europe What we call Celtic culture jewelry, weapons architecture religious artifacts all that encompasses the Celtic culture already existed in Portugal before the Celts So this just makes you wonder how biased our history truly is European history we continue to be taught the same history that was being taught in the 19th century and- a history reshaped and twisted to fit into the political notions of the 19th century and now we have to rewrite history, revise it Completely tell a different tale from the one being told for- for at least the past 200 years Which will be quite hard. I find that a great challenge because obviously it will be hard for people to believe in something “new” Quite different from what has been told these past 200 years but it’s not that hard to believe if we take a look at the countries, for instance- that to this day retained Celtic dialects in the UK we have parts of Scotland, Ireland We have Wales and Cornwall we have Brittany in northwestern France We have Galicia in Northwestern Spain and we have northern Portugal You can clearly draw an imaginary line that crosses the entire western Atlantic coast These are the countries that retained Celtic dialects to this day because it has been their language Longer than any other language from any other specific culture or group This case of the Celts in the south western Atlantic being older than the ones in Central Europe Is just a tiny fragment of the many historical facts that aren’t in the books yet Because we have reached a point in which historical misinterpretations- in the name of politics 200, years ago are still taken seriously as the universal truth What about using mind-altering substances to reach higher levels spiritually or to perceive things and receive information in a different way? Well, I cannot speak on behalf of those who have taken certain substances for the effects of Mind-altering states of consciousness. I have never taken any substance myself so I could only speak about it from the Point of view of anthropology and not by experience but I find it a bit worrisome that people prefer to focus on certain substances such as DMT and LSD mushrooms even ayahuasca and so on a variety of substances when there are so many techniques to induce altered states of consciousness That don’t require any drugs or any psychotropic substances I’m not against that, mind you. Each person does it as they please As long as they are adults I assume they have enough responsibility to know what they are Getting themselves into or maybe not Could be a responsible act or can be an escape from reality, but let’s not enter in those fields The fact is people seem to take the easiest course Might not be the safest but it is certainly the easiest Consuming something and wait for the effects There are hundreds of ways to induce altered states of consciousness that do not require drugs Most of them are not safe either, but it surely is harder But if you consume certain substances it is to believe you do not care about safety in the first place but only care about the easier method Spirituality isn’t for lazy people that is true. If people knew the true price of spirituality there would be more atheists I’m not against the use of drugs in this field because, as I’ve said, people have to take responsibility for their actions I just think that the effects brought by chemicals or even the Fermentation of certain plants will only make people experience half of what they could experience in other ways They won’t fully experience things and maybe that brings a certain disrespect to the work of real shamans Because when something is easy people tend to not give it a great value and if they also experience something that isn’t fully what they could experience- in other ways people won’t learn much from those experiences which… Unintentionally can create even more disrespect for the real thing As anything you have done in magical working ever really work out? Have you had any strange or extraordinary happenings? or outcomes from any types of spells, rituals or magical work you have done? you assume I do it Like I said before Magic workings is mostly about trying and failing until we succeed. So when we succeed Indeed it will always be well, not an expected, presumably, but it’s always a surprise But that’s the thing. If you don’t believe it could happen Why are you trying it in the first place? Magic is an exercise of the mind if you believe in it, it will work and there won’t be a great surprise in there after all It’s a paradox because it only works if you believe and bend your will to it It will never work if you don’t have faith in yourself But it’s always extraordinary To reflect on the power of our own minds and what we are capable of if we free our mind from what- Religions dictate to be real or not How do you feel about “baneful” or harmful magical use? Curses, hexes, things of that nature created to harm or strike fear into others? Do you feel one should partake in these sort of workings? have any advice or warnings for people doing it? This is quite a big one We often label certain types of magic as “black magic” or “white magic” which in my belief there are no such things Only power we harness or capture through sorcery or rituals and then we give it a purpose Even in shamanism we tend to label “dark shamanism” something that in our perspective isn’t quite beneficial And I think this is very much the mindset of the so-called “Western societies” or rather the societies that have been for far too long in contact with religions that have a dualistic point of view. I do not believe in dualism and it’s not because of religion or magic or anything supernatural We just have to step outside into society and be in contact with people no one is naturally dualistic. Things are not as simple as to divide them into good and evil beneficial or harmful Each person is capable of great things They can either be good or bad or neutral but what we perceive to be good might be harmful to somebody else and what we thought it was bad might have created some good People’s actions are not spontaneously, unless of course you have lost your mind We give thought into it, there is a background When someone acts in a way that we would immediately recognize as being something in the category of “evil” We don’t know The amount of things and situations that led that person to do that maybe the person is even a victim of its own action and such an action is just the accumulation of a variety of events from the past We don’t know what each person is going through. What inner battles they are fighting We also never know if the good being practiced is actually good or if the person is waiting for something in return Because a good action Waiting for a reward isn’t good at all It’s just doing something to acquire something for its own benefit, and not because it really wants to do good The good doesn’t wash away the bad and the bad doesn’t wash away the good we are all made of choices and those choices Will dictate the outcome of our lives, that is the truth If magic is an exercise of the mind It is our choice to make it, whatever and whenever we want to make it. We know the consequences We know what it will bring. We know the purpose. We do it because we want to Something might seem good or evil but the purpose of it can be the exact opposite Because good and evil depends on the perspective of each person And of course the society they live in and the rules, laws, dogmas that have been imposed in all honesty each person, in their right mind of course, knows perfectly well what is good and what is bad That is called empathy putting- ourselves in other people’s shoes and knowing how to act Last question. There were more questions, but I chose 10. I think. I’m not sure. We don’t want to bore people do we? do you have any helpful or closing advice for all of us fellow researchers- and magical practitioners out there? anything you have personally learned that you feel is important to know for people who are involved in this type of work and study? The real useful advice that I can give you is that – do not seek a specific figure to be your guide and I’m saying this on purpose because Many people come to me seeking guidance Waiting- wanting me to be their spiritual guide Many people are still looking for the Messiah. Many people cling on spiritual guides I think in truth they are not seeking the spiritual they are seeking someone that tells them how they should live, how they should conduct their lives. you are seeking a way to flee from responsabilities and have a figure of authority to tell you what should be done and how you are you are seeking protection, safety… don’t do that When someone tells you how you should conduct your life according to the society you live in That’s the worst thing you can get because we are all different and each one of us needs to have a completely different approach to life in order to seek what truly makes us feel happy We cannot put human beings in the same categories and give them a piece of paper and saying: “Here’s the list of instructions you need to follow “and to behave accordingly to your gender social status, personality, zodiac sign, animal totem and the spirituality you have chosen” When you choose a figure to be your guide You are following and living that person’s dreams. You are restricted to that person’s illusions, beliefs and knowledge It might be good for that person because that person knows himself or herself, and so the best advice they have is the advice that- They know it works on them But it might not be good for you. It might not work for you That’s what spirituality means: to seek our own path by ourselves This doesn’t mean that you should ignore others ask them for knowledge, ask them for their opinions, to share some insight But do not strictly follow what they share with you. Don’t take it as the only possible truth listen as much as you can. Gather information as much as you can and with all that knowledge you earn each day, you can create your own path There’s no need to follow. All you need to do is to listen and make sure you are never in a point that you feel stagnated. Never stop wanting to evolve and don’t be afraid when new information comes up and completely shatters what you believe in that is good for you because you are evolving and your beliefs are evolving as well and there will be even more questions and you can continue to have- and to move forward seeking new answers That’s the only advice I can give you know yourself first know the Gods inside you, and only then you can start to learn about the gods and the supernatural outside you Right the interview came to an end, finally Thank you so much RavenzCraft arts, and of course Tim Rotar for this opportunity. It’s an honor and… Tack för idag!
(Thank you for today!)

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  1. Love the video man, and im sorry that you had to grow up in that kind of a christian environment, but the fact that Christianity is based around fear of judgment is kind of false… I have grown up in a christian household but was always taught that god was forgiving, and that if you ask, you shall receive, spiritually speaking that is. Now i am 15 and am growing into a mix of my Norse pagan roots and my christian faith, and consider my self an omnist, and take lessons, and teachings from all religions, but mainly Christianity, and Norse paganism… But anyway… LOVE YOUR VIDS

  2. Check out RavenzCraft Arts Youtube Channel for more interviews at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC95bFF-xNLMcxAzRO7rFiCQ

  3. Good video Arith! Thanks for share that your important point of view.
    I just see cleary that you have resentment with christianity, in mine point of view the christianism was your first step on the spiritual way, similar to Odin suspended on the tree for 9 days.

  4. Arith, have always enjoyed your presentations.I believe the vast majority of people have had to deal with Religions, and the harm they can inflict. The Abrahamic faiths diligently endeavor to suppress ones ability to have a moral compass, and to discern real from fake reality. There is a reason young children are trained into these faiths, and then in turn become the teachers themselves. And that reason is to keep their faith alive, so it will not die off. This in itself is not a valid reason to prolong an understanding of something. Castigating people outside your understanding of your own perceived reality and paradigm, is tantamount to control. And really isn't this what we have adopted in Western Religions, control of the masses. Arith I believe you have it right my friend. Ascertaining a knowledge of self first, will enable a person to become grounded, and form a base to start from. Always diligently seeking knowledge and perception : Expanding Knowledge.

  5. I only changed my ways two years ago, Christianity destroyed my whole life as well , 39 was how old I was when I finally broke the binding , Christianity was a great spell they cast over the world

  6. Christian church leaders in my own experience tend to be abuse victims and to, in one way or another, re-victimise and re-abuse their relationships.

    Most often we are not talking about sexual abuse (though sometimes they do sexually abuse and are caught out) but usually we are talking about physical, emotional, psychological and psychiatric abuse.

    They find 'reasons' and invent 'rationalisations' (in psychodynamic terms) for abuse, such as: "I'm teaching you what abuse is like" and "I am making you equal with this person" (somebody who was abused) and "You will develop a Christ-like resilience".

    All of their reasons are, of course, a distraction – for them and for others – from the real reason which is that their experiences have made them abusers.

    When priests say " overcome evil with goodness" and talk of how Christ will forgive all of your wrong doing for having given a single loaf of bread to a beggar, these things and such stories they tell for themselves. It is akin to paying for indulgences (a practice once practiced by members of the Catholic Church). Build an orphanage or a soup kitchen and be as wicked as you like.

    I promise you Christianity is a religion of abuse and of corruption. I have come to think of it as a religion of abusers, for abusers, and by abusers.

    Their beginning point is that we are no good and all reasonings lead to their end point which is that we are no good. In the Christian faith we are undeserving and no good and totally dependent on the grace of a tyrant. Sound like abuse? Thats because it is abuse.

    These are abusers who essentially project their psychologies onto the rest of the world and so see all of us as being equally wicked and abusive at our core.

    The only reason to continually abusseomebody over a period of twenty plus years is that you like it. These people like to anbuse. They get off on it.

    They are master manipulators who are very adept at mimicking upset and sorrow but the falseness of their feigned emotion all too often becomes manifest at some point. I think that's why they dont connect with the upset of their targets. They think that their victims are also acting, I'm sure.

    I have had Christians in my life persecuting me for years. They frequently swear at me (verbally abuse me). They have totally ruined over twenty years of life and included is that they destroyed a much treasured relationship. I can honestly say that i never knew what hatred was until these people invaded my life.

    To some degred they essentially behave like a protection racket. In fact I actually call them 'Gods protection racket'. The object of the exercise is to make your life utterly miserable until you join their ranks and I despise them for it.

    Christianity and raw christianity in particular truly is something to avoid. The only thing that most Christians have to filter what they read in their bibles through is their experiences of abuse and so – understandably – their religion is straightforwardly a vehicle for abuse.

    I believe two things:-
    1). Opportunities for Christian abuse need to be cut down and to this end we need a totally secular society, and
    2). Christians and other religious groups need more filters for their religious texts – such as some kind of health profession, for example -.

  7. YHWH =Means you are the way(YHWY) and when you don't believe it they say Yeshua = yes you are ! YOU ARE THE WAY ,YES YOU ARE

  8. At 19, my mother passed away, it was devastating, but she was fanatically Christian. You reminded me of the stifling and soul crushing effects religion can have. It's been years of waxing and waning between fear, guilt , etc. I was drawn to paganism at about 15, and deeply studied and practiced it.. and my mother hated it. I am 51 now and still recovering from religious shame and catholic guilt. My dad outlived my mother by many years, he was not fanatical and often said to me " why do you let anyone tell you what to do, why demonize anything?"
    It was recent dreams lately, where he emerged after he died telling me " you need to acknowledge your Northern ancestors"…there is much more to this, but this comment is already long…but these dreams lead me to be your patron, Arith, and this video seems to reveal perhaps you share some common history… it made me actually cry…religious oppression in the family is painful.

  9. I think some people try to choose forms of paganism because they’ve watched too much Hollywood type witches etc. and maybe they want to feel some sort of personal power etc and they run to a bookstore and start rhyming spells but then this tv type magic doesn’t happen and they eventually leave. There’s a lot of responsibility in paganism or at least there is for me. I absolutely see the results of myself coming together with nature and I’ve had so many interesting things occur like when the hawk flew to me and landed at my feet and looked at me for a few minutes. I just had another similar encounter with a hawk directly after I had a specific thought. That’s part of magic not just timing spells and rituals for certain outcomes etc. my own boss has seen proof of things and has asked me to help him which totally threw me off. I think the path is solitary for most of us because it is so specific to the person but we come together when we need to. There should be no jealousy or hierarchy when this is realized and respected in my opinion. Sorry I know I write dissertations all the time. Lol

  10. I have met so many of us who share this experience. Brought up in the false, foreign, eastern cult of christianity, we have an encounter with the true, living Gods of our ancestors. Everything changes from that encounter and the subsequent realization of that truth…….and it changes for the better. The Gods need us; we are critical to the natural order that surrounds both we and the Gods, and the Gods are so much closer than you imagine. Only a thin veil seperates us. Arith is absolutely right regarding the confidentiality of magical workings. Each Vitki is unique in a complex mix of natural abilities, developed atunement, the Gods favor directed toward the individual, and the degree of goodness – or evil – in the heart of the Vitki. So where to begin, one is likely to ask? I offer two recommendations: First, as I have stated before, return to a natural harmony to find resonance with the nine worlds. Do this by taking time to be amongst the greenwood, turn off your brain, and simply remember. Your ancestors memories have already been passed to you. Second, study the Runes. They are the great oracle bridging the thin veil. Arith provides knowledge of the runes meaning; study what he has provided. With this knowledge make and cast the runes as our ancestors did. Tacitus describes the method in Germania. I have found the old ways to be the best ways. Then, our relationship with the Gods was very well understood, while today we are forced by circumstance to be rediscoverers of these paths. In closing, our Gods live, and they look for men and women of stout heart, goodwill, and a yearning for truth. Take a walk amongst the greenwood, such joy awaits you, my brothers and sisters.

  11. sorry you can not call your self a shaman, if you have never experienced any altered states , it is not being lazy, it is part of the path .you are a very intelligent in many fields of study, if you don't know what you are talking about it is better to close your mouth rather than sound like a fool. you do great work and i have great respect for your work , but if you do not have experience in area's of study it might be better to be quit ,and let others who do lead the way .the same way i yield to you, in your experience and your expertise in your field of study .thank you i love your work , it sounds like you need to grow a little in your assessment of others and there work , some of us are not lazy ,just seeking answers . altered states can be helpful and beneficial to the shamanic experience…} O {…

  12. I grew up with similar circumstances. Even still now that I'm an adult in my 30's they still try to instill doubt and fear while ik trying to work on important things, and especially if I mention something fun I want to do (that's just narcissistic, though). Even though I pretty much knew about paganism my entire life, I didn't start delving into with my own awareness till about the age of 13 when I started finding books on it. Every book I would acquire would be thrown away. Even the book I started writing a "new language " in was thrown away cause it "looked like runes" and at that time I didn't know that much about the runes yet. Much like you I've always been pretty solitary. I dont really like people having their nose in my business, so this is pretty difficult for me to type all this out on here. Especially since I'm not sure if you will actually read it, but plenty of other might. Anyway… I've never done mushrooms or any of the others either, cause I have the same approach to that as you mentioned. I'm not saying the to sound like I'm copying you. I really am like that. I've tried to tell so many people exactly what you said, and no one I've ever known "gets it". It's just interesting to hear someone else say the things I've said, and thought on that subject matter. Might add more to this in a minute. Just wanted to go ahead and say that while I was thinking about it.
    Oh, yeah. The traveling thing. You should come to the states some time. Although I'm not sure if there's much here worth digging around for. I've never been overseas, but hope to at some point.

  13. This is a wonderful video Arith! I appreciate your perspective and personal views when answering the Q & A's. Also, you lens on the ancient Pagan ways and traditions seems very accurate, authentic and genuine…Your early life might have been rough, but a fruit tree cannot bear the weight of it's own fruits without the winds and storms.

  14. fear is how they control you. scare the child, the child grows up to scare their children. it is 2000 years of generational child abuse. I was born a child of nature, then had religion forced down my throat. I was christened greek orthodox, raised southern baptist, and for a while was an atheist in my young adult days until I found the lost parts I needed to understand and survive.

    not in the pages of the bible or any book of any kind, not in the words of men. but in the call of a raven and the sounds of the wind. and for the first time since I was a very young child, I found peace.

    thank you for all your works. i know now i am not alone anymore. but as time gose by i find i never was alone to begen with.

  15. Thank's for making me feel like im not alone. This is my story as well. I have been going down my own path 2yrs almost but i was lost and terrified by so much till i found my path. 🐺ahoooo proud heathen

  16. I had the same experience. Growing up in a putrid Christian home, parents instilling stories of fear and self loathing, suffering, and sacrifice and martydom crippled my inherent human spirit for many years. And then they took me to church to worship a dying man on a cross. and to eat his flesh and drink his blood and glorify his "suffering and sacrifice". Religion is the cancer of humanity. Christianity is every bit as disgusting and toxic and evil as its brother Islam.

  17. Arith, you have the most adorable, charming personality. I can tell you don't really want to talk too much about your personal life, but it's enjoyable to see the personal side of "our professor." Thank you for sharing this interview.

  18. I don't feel it odd to hear that spirituality is a path that is followed by an individual alone as it is really something that one can only perceive, truthfully alone. It becomes dogma when it is channelled through many people acting together because the uniqueness is lost and human nature is such that some feel compelled to follow those that feel compelled to lead.
    The danger then is that it becomes a political vehicle used to control instead of helping to advance.

  19. I too spent my childhood in fear of hell. I used lie awake at night trying to comprehend an eternity without god and what eternal torture without end must be like. Things got much worse when I hit puberty and my fear of death skyrocketed. it took me decades to deprogram myself.

  20. Thank you Arith; it's always mind expanding to listen to your thoughts, and consider them.
    Do you find any of the 'tenets', or principles or teachings of Christianity – or, of any of the other 'main' cultural religions – to be 'acceptable' or compatable with your understanding of "proper" spirituality that we people Naturaly engage in? I mean to say, how much – if any – do you suppose, of the cult of Christianity is actually Truth, shrouded in misunderstandings or, occluded by outright lies under the dis-guise of cultural Christianity?
    An 'answer' of yours early in this video had me thinking that Magic IS Work. Better I think to say, (The Great) Work is Magic. Work changes things, and it surely changes the worker.
    I like how Nikolai Tesla spoke his understanding, something like "… Science should, in all it's practices, do nothing that does not serve all Mankind…"
    I think True 'religion', like Science and Magic, is 'for' all Mankind, too. What else would The Creator of all things put them into existence for, if people, just as the rest of creation, weren't meant to benefit by them?
    Thanks again!
    Rick Bonner, Pennsyltucky
    [email protected]

  21. Earlier today I was reflecting on my childhood experiences with christianity and with the occult and how my christian up bringing caused many years of anguish and anxiety over the fate of my immortal soul . I am glad to have finally seen the truth about the Abrahamic religions: that they are nothing more than slave-ideologies masquerading as an authentic spirituality . Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all the same slave system simply designed to better suit particular people and cultures. In all three we find an ideology wherein the faithful adherent accepts a slavelike dynamic with their master. Threatened with the eternal whip for transgressions against the master or his earthly institution.

  22. If the Gods imbibe to reach certain states, why should we not think it proper to do the same? Odin tells stories of drunkenness, both good and bad, as do several others in the lore…
    I actually don't agree with the extremes, but we are who we are…

  23. Being raised atheist i can't even imagine the fear you dealt with as a child but i do know many others have felt the same. I'm glad you were able to move past that fear.
    I really appreciate your hard work in the videos you put out.
    Wonderful interview ❤

  24. While I mostly agree with your opinion that people who only rely on drugs only experience half of what they really could, I still feel I need to point out the fallacy in your reasoning. If you yourself haven't tried any of these substances, then how can you possibly make this assessment? The thing is that people who only take psychedelics and never do shamanic techniques for reaching altered states (this is most people, unfortunately) could say that people like you who only rely on shamanic techniques miss out on most of the experience, and their argument would be just as valid/invalid. When it comes to DMT-breakthroughs specifically, they would probably be right as well, as this increases the vibration in your body to such an incredible level that I sincerely doubt that anyone would be able to reach such a state without the aid of the drug. The point is that I think you can only have an opinion on this if you actually have experienced both things.

    Personally, I have found that combining substances such as mushrooms with shamanic breathing and mental techniques such as seiðr, shapeshifting and tulpa creation result in the most powerful experiences. Usually, people are lazy and expect these substances to do everything for them and these people are taken along the ride of the drugs without any control, but by doing these shamanic techniques while under the influence, you can be completely in control of the experience and instead use the incredible energy from these substances in whatever way you want. And mind you, controlling the energy from a high dose of mushrooms or DMT is certainly not "the easiest" as you say, this is a very arrogant statement to make, you would know this if you tried.

  25. To many people here get Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism mixed up badly… and i feel sorry that most the people in this comment section are either to ignorant to read the holy scripture and take there own path… Do not ever judge the man by the majority, and most people here have probably had bad experience with Christianity, But im telling you RIGHT NOW… REAL CHRISTIANITY IS ABOUT LOVE AND THAT IS THE ONLY THING… Real Christians also are not religions freaks as there made out to be on tv, There is bad people EVERYWHERE in EVERY religion, it all matters on who you end up befriending, and also who you end up leaveing. I really do feel sorry that you people here had such terrible experience, but ask you to at least research the religion you bash before bashing them… DO NOT JUDGE THE MAN BY THE MAJORITY IF WE ALL LIVED LIKE JESUS SAID, IT WOULD BE AN AMAZING WORLD… PS: Dont feel like im some idiot, i research and practice A LOT OF RELIGIONS AND LOVE ALL PEOPLE OF ALL RELIGIONS. I just read some of theses comments and they made me feel bad for the people writing them, and also the fact that they are very uneducated, and ignorant on the subject in which they argue, I ENCOURAGE PEOPLE HERE NOT TO MAKE THE MISTAKES CHRISTIANS MADE BACK IN THE DAY, AND START MAKING FUN OF, AND EXCLUDING EVERY RELIGION THAT ISNT YOUR OWN, I THINK PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE EVERY SINGLE RELIGION INTO ACCOUNT, AND FORM THERE OWN PERSONAL RELIGION FROM THE TEACHINGS THEY GATHER

  26. This was great. So true, we want a messiah, an "ultimate truth." We long for dualism, it makes us feel safe. Follow no one. Make your own path, avoiding what you have no right or authority to do, such as victimizing others.

  27. So I recently realized YouTube hasn't shown me any of your videos in a long time. I got worried you closed your channel down. Fortunately that's wasnt the case! I made sure the bell was rung so YouTube has no excuse.

  28. I really love your channel and all your videos, and one of the reasons is because you choose all your words and statements very carefully and you also put thought into the way you dress for each video and specific subject. Maybe not many people have noticed this, sadly. But that is fascinating the amount of thought you put in every thing. In this particular video I enjoyed you appearing in an outfit almost like a teenager, probably because you are speaking of yourself and clearly you don't like to expose yourself but to help people in similar circumstances you opened up and present yourself in a humble and approachable figure, like "one of us" and showing your "young-self" precisely to avoid what you advise in the end of the video, that people should not follow anyone and they should not seek for a spiritual-guide. So you give out advise on an outfit that gives a more approachable and friendly image to cut the visual idea of an authority figure. Well done sir, well done. Everything you do has such a great physcological impact that people don't even realise and everything goes naturally. This is why I love all that you do. Everything is so well thought. It's not just your words that give comfort, but unconsciously your body language and outfits and expressions have a lot of impact as well.

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