Pixel 4 vs 11 Pro vs Note 10 – Honest Camera Comparison

Pixel 4 vs 11 Pro vs Note 10 – Honest Camera Comparison

Hey Guys its Max, Today we’re going to compare
these flagship phones in terms of Photo quality and crown one of them as the all-around king.
During these test we found strengths in each one of these phones, some were honestly quite
shocking and also some glaring weaknesses and consistent disappointments in certain
areas, so stick around and let’s take a look at a wide variety of shots and then I’ll
share a summary at the end with some surprising findings and concerns. All these phones do a fantastic job overall,
the Note 10 Plus has the most features built-in with great edge detection but the worst overall
image quality. The iPhone is very natural and balanced with the best overall quality
but edge detection is still poor. The shots with Deep Fusion looks shockingly good, and
the overall file sizes are half of the others saving space and mobile data. The best thing about the Pixel 4 is its 16MP
telephoto lens, which most of its wins were shot with, for some dumb reason Google doesn’t
use it for Portrait shots making those lack detail, and they’re also limited to 1.5X.
I would prefer an ultrawide since you can also crop in but not always back up enough
or get perspectives like these. Surprisingly Google is still using the same
2016 sensor that’s in the Pixel 3 and 3a, maybe thats why shadow noise is an issue.
Photos have gotten better but that’s all software so I really hope the Pixel 3 and
3a get updated to achieve the same final quality. We really were expecting a bit more from the
Pixel 4, and if you agree, let us know down in the comments below. We think the iPhone
11 is the overall Photo king, and if you want to see our video quality comparison, click
that button above to subscribe, and we’ll see you in the next one. Overall, each of the phones take great photos,
with the iPhone being very natural, balanced and detailed thanks to Deep Fusion, and the
Note having a bit more contrast, saturated colors and excellent portrait blur edging. Most of the points the Pixel 4 received were
for the new telephoto lens, because of its higher 16MP sensor, but it was shocking to
find that they’re still using the Wide lens with a 1.5x crop for
portrait photos instead of the telephoto. We also discovered that the Wide
lens is using the same exact sensor as the Pixel 3, so quality should
be very similar, apart from better color accuracy and contrast due to updated software. We really were expecting a bit more from the Pixel 4, and if you agree, let us know down in comments below. Thanks for
watching, click that button above to subscribe, and we’ll see you in the next

100 thoughts on “Pixel 4 vs 11 Pro vs Note 10 – Honest Camera Comparison”

  1. Were you shocked by those results at the end? Comment to let us know what you thought about these smartphone cameras!
    Video Quality comparison video coming soon!
    This is the Camera KING (Spoiler Alert) ➡ http://geni.us/tmSxP

  2. I didn't even watch the video yet but I''ll make a wild guess that he chose iphone as the best camera from the bunch .

  3. I prefer the skin tone on the iphone, but it kinda looks orange tho. Note a bit natural but looks like using beauty mode. Pixel is the worst. Sad that i expect so much from pixel this year.

  4. It would be cool to see Huawei P30 Pro. This is one of the best camera phone. That is why it would be interesting to see the comparison from you.

  5. Pixel 3 owner here, I am definitely disappointed this year with the Pixel 4, no ultrawide and same camera sensor as my Pixel 3…. Really Google… I am also excited to finally see Apple catching up with the camera game

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  7. 0:35 iPhone camera captured a better detailed and accurate color. It was the best. Where Samsung's photo was washed out

    No offense, Samsung is still one of my favorites, but I think the iPhone deserves more points.

  8. Google really let us down… Hopefully, we will see a comeback next year with better camera quality, battery life and screen to body ratio.

  9. Dude noone cares for realistic colour …..if you do you probably have a proper camera , i for 1 like the white balance on the note 10

  10. Things i want in a camera : great zoom , great portrait mode , great edge detection, great detail , great macro shots , and i need my night time photos to look like night time photos not like daytime

  11. I fail to understand the reasoning behind several instances where he states the iPhone 11 Pro go the "what balance correct" when it's clear in the images that the white colors have a yellowish tint to them. Yellow is not white. Also, the night sight images, he gives the win to the iPhone, where it is clearly way too dark to make out detail. How can there be more "detail" in the night images when you can't even see the images because they are too dark? From what I can see in this video, Pixel images ranks Number 1, followed by iPhone, then Samsung.

  12. I don't like the pixel camera. It adds too much contrast. It makes me look dirty and wrinkled or something. Not to mention the photos come out dark. I always have to turn up the brightness afterwards with photo editing.

  13. ok..i dont understand if the photo doesnt even have the correct white balance…how does it go on to look the best…the purpose of a camera is to mimic the scene as close to reality as possible..and the white balance is a very important aspect of that..

  14. how does the 11 pro look more natural, everything has that yellow overly warm tinge to it, unless you walk around with yellow lensed glasses on

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  16. Are you aware that on the iPhone 11 Pro, if you turn the front facing camera landscape, it automatically uses the ultra wide angle lens? You can switch back to the wide angle lens in landscape by touching -> <- Pretty cool.

  17. I think we should end all camera comparison tests. At this point as we approach 2020, PIXEL x iPHONE x GALAXY all make killer awesome cameras. We simply need to get over the fact that there ought to be a "king" crowned each time. They are all good. So let's just accept this. You pick the phone that best fits your needs and your ecosystem. And you roll with what that camera got. They all have pros and cons and they are all inconsistent and they will all pump out different shots under different lighting. I love them all for their own pros. Pick the phone u like and enjoy the features u need. You can also add Moment lens to any of these so there's that too.

  18. I think he never use or never know about pro mode at Note…In pro mode user also can move AF point and EF point .iphone actually photo look warm not accurate also…

  19. I am absolutely sure people not see colours same, so you can not compare colours. They are only you opinion, or mine.

  20. None of them are really that amazing, but you gotta give it to the iPhone, it was the least inconsistent of them all, but not by much. End of the day, I don't think you can ask for much more from a smart phone camera. None of these are straight horrible but conversely, none of them really stand out either, not in a huge way, the fusion thing on the iPhone is nice but it doesn't do enough for your photos all the time. No winner in my book. If you're getting a phone purely for the camera and your not married to a brand, iPhone and Note if you want that wide angle. Outside of that any phone will take decent pictures.

  21. It's not because they use same sensor, it's because that's how google wants photos look like. Samsung phones' photos usually don't have detail but if you take raw photos and edit them, you could get same quality as pixel's photos.

  22. One thing that is huge, and that is, if you want to take raw photos which will blow all these others away in post production, you only have 1 choice. The note 10.

  23. why does true to life colors means better blue sky is much better that washed out sky AI laways looked better than a normal pic

  24. On the scene portrait the Note 10 killed the iPhone and it did clearly captured more details and colour on skin than the iPhone which focused on the jacket not face.

  25. Ok if youre saying night mode is best on iphone youre smoking crack , the point of night mode is so that it brightens it up

  26. Galaxy note10/s10 Uses – Download "Open camera" from the play store, it prevents the annoying oversharpening and skin-smoothening effect in photos.

    With video, increase the resolution, use another mode instead of HECV, turn on HDR10 and HDR rich tone in the main camera settings, this makes videos look 10 times better. You're welcome.

  27. The Pixel 4 is the most disappointing phone in long while. The only thing lacking on the iPhone 11 Pro is the high refresh display (and I don't like the notch). Really hope Samsung brings it with the S11.

  28. Useful comparison shots and analysis! How much weight it gives to purchase decisions, depends on usage case. I think the portrait shot around 5:20 is the most revealing and useful -for myself – though not exploring HEIF was a mistake. Samsungs 15Mb jpeg file size would be halved with a HEIF (or HEIC) shot, likely sharper, more detail w/smaller file size. The 11 Pro supports it as well. No word yet on Pixel even though format is supported in Android 10. Perhaps a dedicated video, comparing JPEG and HEIF? Thanks!

  29. As truly good as iPhone is, has been, and ever will be, I personally don't like the overly warm white balance. 11 Pro makes you look yellow in portraits. Note 10+ is solid, but once again Samsung doesn't nail scenarios consistently across the spectrum. They go from amazing to a-MEH-ing in an instant. Pixel slipped backwards on the 4, but has advanced software to new levels. All of which should not be why you buy a phone. If this is your primary concern, buy a camera. If it isnt, these comparisons are interesting but lack relevance.

  30. Agree on iphone being the best here…but I think note 10 is much better than pixel 4 here, and your score on some categories are a bit of personal tastes

  31. FYI, white balance means ensuring that white looks white, and not capturing the scene as you see it, Our eyes don't have white balance correction. If you prefer shots to look as you see it, the the camera is not correctly white balancing.

  32. What the hell did google do to the pixel? I bought the 11 pro max because of how disappointing the pixel was. Gcam shots on my essential phone have better sharpness than the actual pixel 4 portrait mode

  33. I preferred iPhone the least in most day time shots (night time is certainly best for the iphones). I found day time shots to be just way too orangy for my taste (people say it’s natural which I don’t see it), maybe something is wrong with my eyes by I don’t think the world around me is that warm. Pixel has the most natural colors imo (with boost contrast though). Note is vibrant and has good balance. I use an iPhone and I’m finding this orangy look kinda annoying.

  34. I think the pixel 4 will have better WB and Detail after a firmware update. But naturally i've seen better pixel 4 shots from other users so i am concern with how these were taken 😀 Like It shouldn't look this different.

  35. Biased review, dudes got a obvious hard on for iPhone. And the pixel 4 just released a few days ago, trust me the camera will crush the iphones in about 2 updates. Also with the price point the 11 pro is at, it should be 10x better

  36. Video-hands down goes to iPhone, however, all these reviews are show how inconsistent the phones are. Some pixel is better some iPhone is better. My wife went from pixel 3 to iPhone 11 Pro and is disappointed because I had told her it was the best camera phone out now. I got the pixel 4 XL and she is now thinking to return her iPhone for the pixel because she prefers most of my photos over hers. So, it is all opinion. They are so close and all good that it comes down to preference and situation.

  37. Honestly no one cares what the phones do everybody has their own taste in phones for what they like . Apple never has compared to other phone companies so why are you comparing them. So did you work with any companies if not you shouldn’t be comparing them since you never worked for Samsung’ Google or Apple. Plus your not being paid by none of them to compare them. It’s fine if you want to compare them but it’s not your job to turn others away from Apple’ Samsung and google let the ppl decide for what they think of there own phone and what they buy.

  38. – I'm gonna give a point to the iPhone because it got the white balance right
    A few moments later
    – the iPhone got the most true to life white balance but doesn't mean it looks better, so I'm gonna give this point to Pixel 4

    So what's the logic here? Are you choosing the pictures you like more or the ones that look more natural?

  39. Maybe the most fair, easy to follow, straightforward camera comparison I’ve watched. I appreciate you keeping score and making an actual decision at the end. I was surprised by the Note 10 in some shots, but I’m glad I chose the 11 Pro this year. Earned a sub from me.

  40. You almost always choose the iPhone white balance as "correct", but it shows yellowish whites on all my (calibrated at D65) monitors. What's going on.

  41. In real life we will love all phone😍
    Coz the budget phones also give quite good pictures then how can we not like the flagship ones…

  42. Pixel 4 best imo. The iPhone blows out highlights. Take the car shots in the forest.. the sky has no detail. Also there is no extra detail. The iPhone just cranks up sharpness.

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