Pentax K-S1 Digital SLR Camera: Product Overview : AdoramaTV

Pentax K-S1 Digital SLR Camera: Product Overview : AdoramaTV

Hey this is Daniel from Adorama. I’m
here the world headquarters in New York City with the new Pentax K-S1. The K-S1’s equipped with the newly
developed CMOS image sensor, with approximately 20.12
effective megapixels. With a maximum ISO of 51,200. Also for
this camera you can shoot 5.4 frames per second at
a shutter speed of up to 1/6000s of a second. That’s going to be really good for sports
photographers or action photographers. The K-S1 has seventy seven segment multi pattern metering system for very precise metering. Also dust removal
system using vibrations to clean the sensor, and 3-inch LCD screen on the back. There’s all kinds of effects built into this camera, you just switch the mode to effects and you can go through your images make any changes. It’s got a cool new design, comes in a lot of
different colors. It’s got these kinda modern LED’s on the back. They’ve changed up the whole menu system to make the whole thing really easy to use. What’s nice about this camera is its got a pentaprism with almost
100 percent viewfinder, so it’s we really bright if your the type of person that likes to look through the camera like me, as opposed to holding the screen out in front of you and using it. Also the vibration reduction or the shake Reduction
in this camera is in the body. That means that of corse you can use all of Pentax lenses
but if you want to get like a vintage lens for for a certain looking you can put it on here and your gonna have that modern shake reduction in your camera without using a modern
lens. This shoots both stills and video. In the video you can do 30p and 24p. You
also have some manual control of the audio recording and it’s a stereo recording. So one of the trends right now with
cameras is to remove the anti-aliasing filter, so you can have over all sharper
images, but what that does create is a chance of
producing more array when you’re shooting repeating patterns. Things like
fences, fabrics, grass. So Pentax solution to that is they’ve
got an anti-aliasing simulator. Essentially on a sub-pixel level it will
vibrate the sensor to get rid of that. You can turn this on or off depending on if your shooting a
problematic subject or if you want the sharpest images possible. This is a great new DSLR from Ricoh Imaging. It packs a punch with a lot of Pro features. Thanks for watching, like, comment, share
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8 thoughts on “Pentax K-S1 Digital SLR Camera: Product Overview : AdoramaTV”

  1.  I like the light up that buttons. I had asked myself so often why this still no manufacturer has made. In the dark is very Helpful!

  2. All the specs match up with the K50/K500 with a jump in pixel count while downsizing the pixel size.  Both the Pixel count and pixel size fall between the K3 and the K50/K500… The picture quality between the K3 and K50/K500 is  about 5%… so does this mean that the K-S1 will be 2-3% better picture quality than the K50/K500 for almost twice the price as the K500 with a kit lens ($399 vs $800), (both K-S1 and K-500 are non weather proof and share the same kit lens), while the K50 ($515) 2/3's the Price of the K-S1, offers weather proof and a weather proof lens…  For me I could not justify the increased price for 2-3% (maybe the same) picture quality.  I feel the K50 is a better value and better choice and will also return more of your investment (because of the weather proofing) in the event that you at some point want to upgrade to the K3 for some of the added features and slightly better image quality (don't know why anyone would but different people want different things).. Well this is only one persons opinion and take on the situation… Side note – Camera companies know that pixel count sells and since Pentax is targeting Canon/Nikon's market share – could this be a marketing move to attract "pixel count buyers".  Another side note – K50/K500 pixel size is about the same size as in the Nikon D810 (hello)… That is why with even 24 megapixels the K3 doesn't have a more defined gain in picture quality… So in the case of the K-S1 are you really going to gain in image quality – I bet they will probably be about the same.. And where pixel size vs pixel count has a break point – could it be possible that the K50 would actually have better image quality on the final product (Could this be Pentax's strategy to gain market share from the "pixel count" buyers)… And I guess from the buyer who thinks that more pixels got to mean better, maybe Pentax can kick Canon/Nikon in the groin.  Something to think about.  Larger pixels means more data for the processor to work with… 

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