Oscars 2018 | What Camera did the nominated movies film on? RED? FILM? ARRI ALEXA?

Oscars 2018 | What Camera did the nominated movies film on? RED? FILM? ARRI ALEXA?

How’s it going everybody, it is Oscar
season. So many good movies came out in 2017 and the nominations have been
announced. Me being such a geek I’m always like what camera did they shoot
on? So let’s go look at all the nominations and see which camera shot
most the movies. Let me know what you guys predict it’s gonna be the most
common answers are generally RED cameras or traditional film or Arri Alexas or
something else, like an iPhone or something. It can happen so let’s go look
at all the nominations and start counting them out. Biggest hit of the
nomination night of course was the shape of water with 13 nominations. the shape
of water was filmed on the Arri Alexa. To be more specific the Alexa
Mini paired with the Alexa XT Plus. Pretty common combination the mini and
the XT Plus both share the same sensor but come in different form factors. The
mini is pretty compact and it’s what you’ve seen me shoot with pretty often
and the XT Plus, it’s the same sensor but on a much bigger form factor which is
actually better for when you have a bigger crew because everyone’s trying to
get their hands on the camera and plug things in and shut up. They also put the
Zeiss master Prime’s on their beautiful lenses and Fujinon Alura for their zoom
lenses. For Best Cinematography I feel like it’s got to be the shape of water
or Blade Runner I mean, they’re both just mind-blowingly
beautiful. Like look at this shot in the window like look at the richness of her
skin tones and just how vibrant the Blues come through. The Arri somehow manages
get this picture where everything’s super sharp and crisp, but yeah everybody
looks so softly lit and just beautiful and creamy, it’s like Ahh! Next up with
eight Oscar nominations is Dunkirk Dunkirk was shot on an IMAX film camera
oh that’s an expensive camera to shoot a movie on but if you’re Christopher Nolan
you can pretty much do whatever you want and I think they did a really good job
utilizing this IMAX camera. I saw this one in theaters and I was like oh my god
I feel like I’m at war right now. And of course it’s a timepiece so it’s very
common to shoot on film for these because it gives you this super classic
movie look and it was shot on Panavision and Hasselblad lenses. Next up with seven nominations was three billboards. I really enjoyed this movie actually it had this indie vibe which I liked a lot of indie films and this just hit home
for me. I was entertained the whole time. it was well-made it was fun and I’m
stoked to got seven nominations and it was shot on the Arri Alexa XT plus with
Panavision lenses. Another point for the Arri Alexa.
Darkest hour was filmed on the Arri Alexa Mini and SXT plus with cooke and
Angenieux lenses. Cookes are these prime lenses that are super beautiful and soft
and the Anenieuxs are very popular for zoom lenses. It almost looks like film
but you could kind of tell it shot on Arri because it has this like smoothness
to it and Phantom Thread was shot on film so another point for old-school
film shot on the Panavision millenium XL2 you can color grade the Alexa to try to
make it look like film but there’s always a little something missing like
it just gives it this kind of classic film look and it works so good for
timepieces. For the top five we have three shot on Arri, two shot on film, and
zero for RED. Sorry pal, your times coming don’t worry. Next up is Lady Bird with
five nominations shot entirely on the Arri Alexa mini. Arri Alexa Mini
shares the same sensor as its bigger brothers so it’s pretty common for indie
films with lower budgets and less crew to run with just Arri Alexa Minis
because of the smallest footprint. Blade Runner, this might win Best Cinematography
we’ll see. Arri Alexa Mini and XT studio with Zeiss master prime lenses. Again
looking at some of these shots the richness of the colors has completely
give it away that it was an Arri Alexa camera and this is Roger Deakins’
go-to camera of course. Call me by your name with four nominations shot on
film I’ve yet to see it but I hear it’s really good and again it has this film
look. Next up is get out, I’m pretty happy to see this genre of movies starting to
make entrances into the Oscar nominations it was entirely shot on the
area Alexa Mini with Angenieux Optimo lenses which means the smallest
footprint Alexa with zoom lenses the entire time which is perfect if you’re
trying to move fast. And I didn’t realize this movie only had a 5 million dollar
budget which is pretty small compared to most other movies that shoot with like a
hundred million or two hundred million dollars so I’m impressed that how much
they did with that five million dollars and Alexa Mini with zoom lenses the
whole time, that’s way to go Star Wars The last Jedi shot on film but also
paired with the area Alexa 65. The Arri Alexa mini and the xt+
I get the feeling they wanted to shoot most of it on film but they have to mix
in a little bit of digital for the convenience. the Alexa 65 I’ve never even
touched but it’s like a dream for me to shoot on one one day and they were
running Arri Panavision and Hasselblad lenses. next baby driver with three
nominations for editing sound edit and sound mix if you’ve seen the movie you
know that these are well-deserved. shot on film
paired with Arri Alexa Mini and the xt+ it’s pretty common for people to want to
shoot film for aesthetic reasons but then pair it with the convenience and
low-light capabilities of like a digital camera but many will argue that there is
no replacing film. I Tanya, super fun movie. Again another movie shot on film
and Arri Alexa 65 so half a point for Arri, half
a point for film. Mudbound up for three nominations this is exciting the first
nomination for a female cinematographer so awesome good for her. Shot on the Arri Alexa Mini with Panavision Anamorphics. She wanted to actually shoot on film but because of budgetary reasons they had to shoot on the Arri Alexa
Mini. It’s funny because like the Arri Alexa is a super expensive camera but in
Hollywood it’s still the budget option. But she paired the Alexa Mini with
Panavision anamorphic lenses, she said the cost difference was just too big and
significant to justify the small difference in look because if she were
to be shooting film that would literally shave a couple days off their shooting
schedule so Beauty and the Beast for production design and costume Arri Alexa
XT plus with Leica lenses. For a lot of these fantasy films where everything’s
like colorful magical like Arri Alexa all the way. The post another film shot
on film with Panavision XL2. Victoria and Abdul with two nominations. All the UK
shots shot on red dragon all the india shots were shot on the Arri Alexa. I havn’t seen this movie but if I had to guess they were going for a certain aesthetic
in UK to give it that super sharp look and in India they probably wanted to
switch it up and make all the colors pop but again I haven’t seen it so i don’t know. All the money in the world nominated for an Oscar shot on
Arri Alexa XT with Panavision lenses. The Big Sick nominated for an Oscar shot on
the Arri Alexa Mini with Cooke s5 lenses. The disaster artist, definitely a
fun movie shot on red weapon Dragon with Panavision and Cooke lenses.
definitely a fun movie and I think they made a really good choice shooting red
on this one because it kind of gave it that grittier look. Fantastic woman
nominated for Best Foreign Film shot on Arri Alexa XT with Cooke anamorphic lenses. The Forida project, like i said i love indie movies and this one just hit right
on the spot. This was shot on a couple of cameras, the Arri Alexa mini and also the
xl2 film camera and there was a couple shots in there that was shot on the
iphone. In the movie when it switched to the iPhone I think it’s very obvious and
I think it’s intentionally done that way if you guys have seen the movie did you
notice? And I think he also partially did that because this is from the director
that shot tangerine which is the movie that won a lot of awards for being
shot entirely on iPhone. Greatest Showman Arri Alexa 65 and the Alexa Mini with
Panavision lenses. Definitely very colorful and vibrant so makes a lot of
sense Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 shot on
red weapon Dragon, yay you got another one! Kong Skull Island Arri Alexa XT plus and Panavision lenses.
Logan, shot on Arri Alexa Mini and the XT plus but they also did a couple of
specialty shots with a Blackmagic pocket camera and the sony a7s mkii, pretty
common to use all these smaller cameras for action-packed films because you can
tuck these cameras anywhere and if they break it’s like, oops
whatever. Loveless nominated for Best Foreign Film Arri Alexa XT. Marshall, Arri
Alexa 65 with Arri lenses. Molly’s game Arri Alexa Mini and XT with Panavision
lenses. Roman J Israel, Half on Arri Alexa half on film, Panavision and Zeiss lenses.
Square another foreign film shot on Arri Alexa XT with master Primes. Strong
Island is a documentary, I wasn’t about to find what most of the documentaries
were filmed on so I’m excluding them but this one shot on the canon c300, 5d mark
iii and c300 mkii. I’ve only seen the trailer but it looked awesome and I
gotta say shooting on Canon Cinema Series, I feel like they’re the best
documentary cameras out there they look beautiful they’re incredible in low light,
they’re very functional, these batteries and memory cards last forever so you’re
not constantly switching out and you have all these audio inputs, it’s just
super convenient, this thing kills this giant battery in like 20 minutes. War of
the Planet of the Apes shot on Arri Alexa 65, the 65 is definitely popular
for like epic, grand. Wonder was shot on the red weapon dragon with Panavision
lenses, this one actually threw me off I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking
at when I watched this movie. like I wasn’t sure if it was the arri, film or
red but there you go another point for the red weapon dragon. good touching
lovely movie, I recommend watching it and just to be clear
I’ve excluded animated films and some foreign films, and some short films just
because I wasn’t able to find all the information on that but tallying all
these up, we have Arri Alexa at number one at 22 of the films. Next up is
traditional film still kickin and alive at 6.5. And finally red at 3.5 so there
you go, and I think this is pretty consistent Arri Alexa usually dominates
the oscars, it’s like a very go to camera it can pair well with film and it can be
graded in so many different ways. red is the new kid on the block but they’re
definitely doing so well, more for if you’re going for a specific type of look,
and film like that’s just classic it used to be that everything was shot on
film but definitely digital is completely taking over their space
because of how convenient it is because film is just so expensive. That’s all
I’ve got for you guys today, I am late for lunch, peace, bye. turn off

100 thoughts on “Oscars 2018 | What Camera did the nominated movies film on? RED? FILM? ARRI ALEXA?”

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