OnePlus 7 Pro vs Pixel 3a vs S10+ vs XS – Camera Comparison

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Pixel 3a vs S10+ vs XS – Camera Comparison

In this extreme HDR selfie photo, both the
Pixel 3a and XS Max seem a little bit underexposed, and the OnePlus 7 Pro is the only one that
gets the white balance spot on, but it doesn’t have as much detail as the S10+, so I’m
giving this one to the Samsung. In this one, the Pixel 3a has some pretty
harsh shadows, and the S10+ looks to be a bit too cool on the white balance. The XS Max looks really detailed in this photo,
but due to the clouds being so blown out, this one’s going to the OnePlus 7 Pro. Moving to the rear side, both the 7 Pro and
XS Max look a bit dull and flat, and while the S10+ looks very detailed, it’s looking
a bit dark and lacking highlights. The Pixel 3a looked the closest to real life. And if we crop in, we can easily see that
the S10+ has the most detail out of these phones. In this portrait photo, we see that same detail
shining on the Samsung, with the Pixel 3a right behind it. However, the Pixel’s white balance is way
too cool. You can see that the S10+ uses the regular
lens instead of the telephoto lens for portraits. The OnePlus looks a bit blurry or lacking
detail, and the XS Max gives us a nice balanced photo. We see the same exact thing in this photo
so it may be due to noise reduction or a low shutter speed. The Pixel 3a is way too blue, once again,
and the S10+ is really smoothing out the detail in the face. We’ll go for the XS Max again for this one. We also noticed that you can’t adjust the
blur on the OnePlus 7 Pro, and the XS Max blurs out the T-shirt, which looks a bit weird
but is actually realistic. No here’s a very tough HDR photo. The S10+ does the best at keeping the details
in the sky, and we actually notice a lot of detail in the hills and trees in the background,
and that’s because it has dual apertures, so it’s shooting at F2.4 instead of around
F1.7 with the others, and the XS Max has some very distracting lens flare going on. If we take a closer look, the Pixel 3a actually
does the best job at properly exposing and keeping this young lad. In this photo, the S10+ overexposes by a good
amount, making the sweater look faded, just like the OnePlus 7 Pro looks, without exposing. It just looks a bit dull. The Pixel 3a looks the best overall with great
detail and colors. In this portrait blur photo, the onePlus 7
Pro actually does the best at edge detection, with the other phones struggling with a few
areas here and there. In this macro shot, the flowers were blowing
in the wind, so the phones had to freeze the motion to get good detail, and the Pixel 3a
did this the best. Although the XS Max doesn’t look as detailed
because of the lack of contrast, I really liked how it exposed the image. This photo was shot at maximum zoom, and we
can see that the Pixel 3a can’t zoom in that far since it’s the only one that has
a single rear camera, and because of that, you lose a lot of detail. The XS Max did pretty well but it’s lacking
contrast, and the S10+ is the clear winner in terms of detail, although the colors are
oversaturated. In this macro shot, we tested minimal focus
distance and the S10+ was able to get the closet, and it’s the most detailed as well,
with the Pixel 3a right behind it. Part of this tree was in direct sunlight,
so it was interesting to see how each phone dealt with it. The XS Max was really flat, and the 7 Pro
and Pixel 3a crushed the detail in the shadows. The S10+ again has the most detailed camera. Two of these photos are shot using an ultrawide
lens, with the 7 Pro and the S10+, and it’s interesting to see how saturated the s10+
makes this photo, but it still looks great compared to the rest. One thing I also noticed was that the OnePlus
7 Pro’s ultrawide camera really lacks detail compared to the S10+. It’s a night and day difference. You can see here that details are smeared
and the sky in completely blown out. The S10+ does an excellent job at this and
you can see a lot of blue in the sky. Switching to the regular lenses, the Pixel
3a actually looks the most detailed here, followed by the XS Max. For some reason, the 7 pro and S10+ looked
a bit faded, with the least amount of detail on the 7 pro. This is another tough HDR scene, and we can
see that the Pixel 3a blew out a lot of clouds and underexposed the grass. The XS Max chose to expose the scene very
well but blow out all of the cloud detail. The 7 Pro does a decent job but the sky looks
grey, almost like they brought the highlights down more than they needed to. The S10+ definitely wins here. And here’s the ultrawide versions of these
photos, showing that same difference in ultrawide camera detail. In this one, it was up to each phone to freeze
the motion of the spinning the tire to capture a detailed image, and the Pixel 3a again did
the best at it, shooting at a higher shutter speed, making for a great looking image. And we tested the same thing here, with the
Pixel 3a giving a very detailed image, followed by the XS Max, then the S10+, and the very
blurry looking OnePlus 7 Pro. This photo was shot testing shutter lag, hitting
the shutter button as soon as little Elon got to the closest point to the camera. The XS Max features zero shutter lag, so it
was basically instant, followed by the S10+, then the OnePlus 7 Pro, and the Pixel 3a,
which takes quite a while to snap a photo after you hit the shutter button. This one was shot in the shade with a bright
sky and lake in the background. The XS Max was really dark, and while the
S10+ looked really good, his face is really orange here due to oversaturation. The OnePlus 7 Pro lacked quite a bit of detail,
and the Pixel 3a did the best overall. In this photo, the S10+ looked way more detailed
compared to the rest, and the sand was actually exposed very nicely at the same time, so I’m
giving it to the S10+. However, in this sunset cast shot, it’s
oversaturated and the water looks way too green. The OnePlus lacked detail, and the XS Max
was a bit too cool, so this one goes to the Pixel 3a for looking the most true to life. This scene was very tough since the sandy
beach is completely in the shade, with direct sunlight hitting the buildings in the background. The S10+ oversaturates quite a bit, and the
building on the 7 Pro is a bit blown out. The XS Max looks great, but it’s lacking
some contrast, so this goes to the Pixel 3a. Zooming in 3 times, we see the same results
here, except that the Pixel 3a loses detail since it lacks a telephoto lens, giving the
win to the XS Max. Now at maximum zoom, the Pixel 3a looks very
pasty, and the S10+ is oversharpening a lot of the details. The XS Max looks detailed, but there’s a
lot of noise, especially in the clouds, so this one goes to the OnePlus 7 Pro. Here’s another one at maximum zoom. The XS Max again has a bunch of noise, and
the Pixel 3a just looks terrible. Although the S10+ looks to be more detailed,
if we crop in, we can see that it’s due to oversharpening. The OnePlus 7 Pro actually has more detail. It’s just lacking some contrast. In this food photo, the S10+ looks really
good, but it just oversaturates the colors, leading me to choose the Pixel 3a despite
the cooler white balance. Here’s a dark indoor photo with some bright
details in the background. If you look at the texture on the couch, you’ll
see that the 7 Pro and S10+ are adding a ton of noise reduction, smoothing out the details. The Pixel 3a looks great, but it’s way too
cool in terms of white balance, with the XS Max being very accurate to what it actually
looked like. Finally, we took a night time photo using
Night sight on every phone except for the XS Max, which doesn’t have one. Although the Pixel 3a oversaturated the colors
a bit, it still looked the best overall, being able to properly expose the shadows and highlights
without introducing much noise at all. The 7 Pro did a pretty good job as well, but it was a bit too dark.

100 thoughts on “OnePlus 7 Pro vs Pixel 3a vs S10+ vs XS – Camera Comparison”

  1. Why is everyone using 3a for camera comparisons now??
    Why not use its elder brother pixel 3 or 3 xl??
    even though Google promises flagship level cameras in the the 3a the ISP in the 845 chip is better than the one in the 670.

  2. S10+ is the winner because it brings so much detail and consistent colors over all of its cameras. Also vivid colors and vivid screens is what Samsung is all about.

  3. You say 3a is way too blue but it looked the closest too real life and subjectively the best. The iPhone on the other hand makes you look it a tomato. Not to mention the 3a is over $600 less than some of these phones

  4. Nice job on the comparison… The Pixel 3a was the best except when you were zooming in. You also have to give the pixel 3a bonus points cuz it's way the cheapest phone in the comparison.

  5. The Onplus is a great phone but I can't spend my money on it if the camera is so behind. It's a no for me.

  6. Samsung with it's big O can of Over Saturation HD Extreme duty touch up Paint. Pixel with it's, "I can HDR +++++++ that right on out of there." One Plus and Apple seem a bit more honest about their photos. Props to One Plus for all the camera improvements in such a short amount of time. Pick your poison, all take decent photos.

  7. To be honest, I never care about over saturation because I can go into snap seed and decrease the saturation. All of these phones have incredible cameras if we're honest.

  8. You can brighten up the XS image with snapseed, you can decrease the S10+ saturation with snapseed, you can make the Pixel image warmer with snapseed.

  9. In 7:04 shot S10 focused on painting behind kids that's why it's darker look at the details in painting here.

  10. Considering that the Pixel is $300 – $500 cheaper that the other phones and I'm not a gamer..I'm taking a pixel 3a xl home.

  11. S10+ is the clear winners it won many categories AND has the versatility of 3 focal lengths that the Pixel can't match.

  12. He keeps saying samsung oversaturates and overexposes its photos and keeps giving it to the Pixel 3a. It's super obvious he came into this comparison trying to confirm his belief that Pixel would win. It took Pixel producing a complete SHIT of a photo for him to say that it's not good. What a joke. He probably wants to believe Pixel would match s10+ because he is happy Google decided to release a budget version, which I'm also happy about, but dude, be reasonable.

  13. I think we tend to shake our hands when snapping some pics and some will look blurry and others will look great. it's really hard to compare, they all take nice pics in the end and you can't go wrong by choosing any of these phones..

  14. And if you don't show which phone took the picture I bet 90% won't be able to guess which phone it was.. they all look nice to me. it's just good to know there are companies that are making phones at half the price and can compete with these $1,000 phones..

  15. s10 is best IMO since it offers 3 cameras and the wideangle really is usefull often… pixel 3a also very impressive, specially for that low price!

  16. If pixel 3a had three cameras it would absolutely win. If Samsung had to make out with one camera it would clearly lose. Google's camera software is best. They're just still too proud about it to put more cameras in a phone. C'mon Google! If you'd really step up your camera hardware, there'd be no doubt who'd win!

  17. If you thought the pixel was blue, check out the skin tones on the iPhone. Good grief! The iPhone could make a white guy look like a tanned body builder!

  18. You kept on saying the S10 looked oversaturated throughout
    Just turn off scene optimizer and all that ai stuff

  19. You in diff positions in all of the shots, not a single one is in the same position lol. Lighting and contrast changes

  20. Guys, do you think it is possible to make colors more natural in S10 +, like in Pixel, if use Pro or gCam mode? (in the top to see) ✨

  21. pixel 3a vs pixel 2. i noticed original pixel line has sharper images. pixel 3a has definitely cut corners in camera glass quality.

  22. 1:32 Samsung makes your head the 50% of what it is actually. It's so much more narrow than your actual face. Samsung ans Huawei are designed for asian features, and they like their faces to become slimer. While europeans already have slimer faces and If you slim them more, they turn out unnatural and weird. Also, it over exposes people and makes them whiter because in asia being white is the beauty standard.

  23. The Pixel 3a being ‘too blue’ is subjective to the individual eye. I much prefer its color to the over warm over saturated cameras. I’m buying one because it’s cooler rather than warmer. It pleases my eye.

  24. I would have liked to see a "series" of photos especially Eli on the swing where you hold down the shutter button to see how action shots come out and how that affects the shutter lag on the Pixel 3a

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