Nikon D5300 DX-Format DSLR Camera: Product Overview: Adorama Photography TV

Nikon D5300 DX-Format DSLR Camera: Product Overview: Adorama Photography TV

home for hi my names Rich Harrington for Adorama
TV and I’ve headed out to the Western
Desert for just a little short vacation and brought along a couple of cameras to
play with now I want to point out today that we’re
taking a look at the Nikon D5300 which is a recently released camera from
Nikon it’s designed for people who are really interpret octopi enthusiast why things I
like about this camera is just how small it is it’s really easy to pack this camera
it’s very very tiny but unlike a lot of cams the size we
have fully interchangeable lenses which gives us the option to swap out
lenses upgrade the camera change it for different types shooting
situation so it’s really kinda cool you get the best both really small
compact but still lot of flexibility when it comes to
shooting art let’s take a look at a couple a detailed
specs here this camera offers 24 megapixels information that’s plenty a resolution for just
about anything that you need to do with these images from printing to
sharing it’s a good sites you can get nice capacity on a memory card bill store a lot of
images but still have good information and the raw files lots of information
work with if you choose to shoot raw two things that are really nice that
are now built in that used to be add-ons to our two cameras built-in GPS
CT tag your photos if you want to know where you took ’em making it easier as you share those
memories are wanna find a place where you’re shooting in built in wifi so instead of having to
shoot and then pop out a card and transfer to
a device I could simply transfer from the camera
to my iPad Mini with a nap or to my smart phone in my pocket making it
easy to share those images and published a social networks or do
other things with the images with out having actually even take the
card %uh the camera no special memory card no extra doubters
just built right in you use at mount style lenses motto
mines are available from Nikon also to price points to really like to
extend the functionality this camera and offers for 1080 video and the
ability to also record in up to 60 frames per second one thing for me that
I really like is the articulating viewfinder you have
the ability to pop this out and you could flip it around sup if I
needed to record myself in front of the camera I could angle that and see myself as I
record I could Ben this for comfort here so maybe on a cradle the camera and see what it is I’m shooting for
video much better ergonomics for video or you go ahead and even left the camera
overhead if you’re shooting to get a high shot above a crowd it’s
really nice that this viewfinder articulates and gives you two and seventy degrees of
rotation plus the ability to put the back for extra protection you could flip that
with the LCD side down so it doesn’t get damage while traveling
and then just get up the field foot the back around and you’ve got you
live you panels so it works really nicely that way great design 39 points about a focus very quick to snap on I’m out here
shooting landscapes and nature but I did shoot a few candids and the
device was able to quickly spot my subject and lock in so the
camera works well for capturing action scenes with a high frame rate in quick autofocus the
camera also features a lotta in camera fax the ability to use scene
files for articular shooting situations may be low
lighter candlelight different types of creative a fax to
change the image so this offers less experienced shooters
are people who just want to take the easy mode the opportunity to really get some great
affects the ability to adjust background blurring or to
shoot for different lighting conditions works really well plus you can even do some basic
retouching right inside the camera art I encourage it head on over Adorama dot
com we can read lots reviews for people who bought this camera don’t just take my word go ahead and
listen to some other people who bought it use the camera hear what they have to
say great way to find out if the camera works and while you’re over there check out
the Adorama Learning Center tons of articles videos electronic books you could download
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    Have you tried the D5300, what's your take?

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