My New Camera & Why YOU don’t need a new camera (2019)

My New Camera & Why YOU don’t need a new camera (2019)

all right I did it I bought a new camera
now a lot of people tend to get mad because I don’t tell them which camera
model I got or which lens or anything so to put all those hard feelings aside I’m
gonna show you right now all right so there you go you can buy this camera in
the affiliate links below just kidding undo any of that anyways this video is
not about me or my new camera this video is about why you don’t need to buy a new
camera now I’m a firm believer that you use the gear until it dies and died it did my camera did in fact I had my camera since around 2012 and over the past few months
it just stopped working like it wouldn’t turn on anymore
which is why I bought a new camera now this its not new in a sense that it didnt come out a few months ago or this week or anything like that it’s new as in it
hasn’t been used before actually this camera I bought came around two years
ago but if you’ve been watching my channel for a while you already know my
philosophy is that these days pretty much any camera is good like any camera
after 2012 it’s just flat-out amazing one of my friends here on YouTube
actually made a video he noted all the Hollywood movies that were made with old
cameras like Canon 5d or 5d mark ii i’m gonna link it down below cuz it’s
actually really eye-opening i want to ask you why do you need a new camera i
mean do you think buying a new camera is going to make you better youtuber better
photographer what is it i mean because a lot of people spend a lot of time a lot
of money upgrading their equipment thinking their quality is going to
skyrocket somehow magically without putting in all the work and there’s also
a lot of aspiring youtubers who actually turned gear obsession into a whole
sinkhole and they spend so much money upgrading equipment and they never make
any of that money back financially it just makes no sense buying a new camera
every time it comes out like there’s always a new camera just around the
corner it’s always going to be better than any other camera blows it out of
the water Canon is dead Nikon is dead oh my god Fuji film is not in touch
with any other users blah blah blah but you know youtubers and people on
reddit’s and people in the comments section they’re like a very very small
minority like what they want is really not in line with what most consumers
want you know like people just want to take a nice picture they don’t give a
crap about 4k or 6k or do card slots or any of that junk you know I mean there
are cameras for consumers and there’s cameras for prosumers and professionals
but this is especially true of like the techies here on YouTube I don’t want to
turn it into a run against them but there is no best camera all right now
I’ve said this many times before but if you’ve got a camera that can change
lenses and can shoot raw that’s pretty much all you need I mean if you have
good lighting any camera is going to perform amazing now I know there’s
professionals out there and I know there’s like prosumers and enthusiasts
and you know the the needs of a professional are different from the
needs of most people watching this video all right do you really need 20 frames a
second chances are you don’t I mean that’s more of a professional thing like
the birders the sports photographers those kind of people who who actually
rely on this as an income who need that shot but do you really need that
yourself do you need slow mode because slow motion on YouTube there’s very few
people who know how to use it well most of it sucks to be honest is I really
have no stomach for gimmicks kind of funny because I should say a punk for a
toffee but for me to life and then okay 4k we’re up to six K and a K now do you
really need 6 K because I can tell you right now most people don’t even have a
computer that can handle editing HD quality footage like let alone 4 k 6k
8k even most like friends I know who actually do photography for a living
don’t have a camera that can handle 8k footage duo card slots once again your
professional yeah you need it you know you need to have a backup in case your
camera fry for some reason it’s never happened to me but I’ve heard of it but
you are you going to lose anything by losing a few pictures here and there
this this whole nonsense about dual card slots like people fighting over it’s
just really really annoying and I really recommend that you don’t listen to gear
reviews here on YouTube like most of them are useless they are just nonsense
like I can tell you right now there really aren’t any professional
photographers I know they’re watching gear reviews on YouTube like they all have
some level of disdain for them because they they know they’re just misleading
you like we’re gonna be doing shooting pictures of walls or graphs looking at
the sharpness of um oh this lens is sharper than this one let me tell you
right now when you’re out there shooting your photos like that’s really the last
thing you think about you you you’re just worried about nailing the focus not
so much all right man this one is much more sharper than that one now again if
you’re like a professional and just someone on YouTube prosumer I dare say
this stuff doesn’t really matter for you like you don’t need 69 megapixels you
hear like portrait photographer like a portrait photographer that makes money
yes maybe you do need that you need to like crop in and stuff like that you
know but the average person doesn’t need 69 megapixels the average person doesn’t
even have the memory space to store all these files you know like just by the
reading the comments on YouTube like most of these people never even open
Lightroom in their life and they’re watching all this YouTube your view
channel saying you need the latest Sony cuz it shoots 14 bit raw and dual card
slots and 69 mega piece of files and it has ibis and like 400,000 I so I mean
you really need I was – I mean have you never heard of a tripod now I have heard
from people that they wanna do video and that
they need the ibis and ask yourself how often do you really really make video
because you know other professionals I know that make video they usually use a
gimbal and if you’re like a techie kind of person you probably own a gimbal
already so you don’t need a base gimbal and lens stabilization like seriously
now I’m gonna a photographer I should in the lowest of the lowest of the lowest
light my eyesore never goes over 6,400 I’m usually around 1800 3200 ISO something
right and there are these cameras for like 400,000 iso and ibis
and i don’t really know anyone else shooting in light and in order than me
alright okay I’m not gonna use an example cuz you know I can’t use myself
as a baseline for these kind of things I’m just saying do you really need that
I mean come on I wanna I want you to take a serious introspection here why do
you need a new camera does that camera do something that your camera can’t
currently do because the only reason I need I see for upgrading a camera or
only two reasons are one your camera dies and you need to buy a new camera
now my new camera is actually like two years old yeah it’s not really new it’s
also really discounted but the only the second reason I see is that you have a
job but you can’t perform that job with the current limitations of your camera
so you actually need to upgrade now but then it becomes a financial matter I
mean I know watching YouTube channel somehow seems like every professional is
upgrading camera bodies every time there’s a new camera released or
switching systems and you know what those aren’t professionals those are you
two photographers you know and they don’t actually buy those cameras they’re
just loan those camera by the company so that they can promote their services and
you can buy those affiliate links professionals don’t buy a new camera
every time a new camera comes actually has some kind of feature because if you
did you’d be broke you wouldn’t have any money all the time you know it just you
know how expensive these things are you think you’re gonna be switching systems
because oh this camera has I this and this one is this camera I’ve had is
trash now because it doesn’t have a base or come on like get serious we don’t buy
new cameras every time a new camera we tend to buy a camera and then use it
until either it breaks or you have a job that you can’t do because you need a new
camera with certain features so yeah that’s that’s something to think about
you’re thinking of buying a new camera my real recommendation to you is to just
focus on lighting learning composition learn the out of the camera you have now
and then later once you want to do things that you’re seriously limited by
your camera then you can upgrade it’s all about the light I mean if you have
if you have a good light then the oldest camera does the trick just fine given
that this video but really it’s all about the light you know if as long as
you got good light then everything else is worth taking care of you know and if
you are going to if you’re dead set on buying a new camera make sure you’re
doing it because you can make the money back or if you’re just like a hobbyist
or enthusiast I really suggest you learn your camera you have right now really
really well because then you just throw money into a sinkhole and thinking buy
lenses or new camera body it’s going to make you better photographer it really
is just nonsense anyways thanks for dealing with me and yeah I mean I’m
really nobody but thanks for watching my photography videos see you

34 thoughts on “My New Camera & Why YOU don’t need a new camera (2019)”

  1. ✅ Websites

  2. Thanks noeal I realy need my weekly dose of guilt from your videos.
    But who cares about bodies? My GAS is all about that Glass 😀

  3. David Hancock just uploaded a video right before you in which he says some interesting things about GAS and experimentation, self doubt and how it keeps you from advancing – maybe because you're scared once you stop buying new stuff you find out that you're simply not good enough and have no excuse.
    I'm sort of in the middle, my latest digital camera is from 2014 (bought in 2018) and I only bought it for one specific reason that I still think was a good one. It does everything I need. However, I simply enjoy experimenting and know GAS all too well, but keep it to old cheap film cameras which I love for various reasons like looks, quirkiness and so on.

  4. Okay first;
    I feel totally humbled by the shout out. Having someone that I respect (you) actually referencing my video in a positive way and directing people towards it? Things just got turned up to 11…

    Once again, you've nailed it. New cameras are spectacular and amazing and there is absolutely nothing in the world inherently "wrong" with them. They just aren't at all necessary for the vast majority of people in the vast majority of situations (pro photographers included). Could you imagine what society would be like if we applied the same "upgrade" mentality to other aspects of our life? If we upgraded to a new car or house every time a new model came out? lol
    I, too, had that knee-jerk curiosity about "what camera did he get!?". But, I actually like this route much better. Let the photos speak and be recognized, not the brand/model/spec sheet 🙂

  5. Noe,

    I really do think you muddle two things. One is the blatant advertising and promoting of equipment as if the best pictures were not possible till now… The second being your personal choice and why certain characteristics where helpful or meaningful to your type of work.

    It really does start to be an abstract evangelist preaching channel, rather than a "share my experience; my thinking; my mistakes" channel!

    You are fast moving into the world of treating your audience as dumb! I don't think you want that!


  6. Completely agree wit you, the sad thing is that it's not only with cameras, the media has given us the idea that if we buy ___ we're gonna be better at ____. Always the solution is to buy the latest think out in the market, not to look inside and think what do you really need to do to be better at whatever you what to be.

  7. You are rationally right and what you say makes sense, and yet, when that "itch" strikes it is hard to resist… You are saying to a glutton passing by a patisserie that he does "not need" that shiny, juicy sweet cake, because the cockies he has at home are fine enough and after all he's just gonna get more overweight? Makes sense but also won't matter….

  8. I have a 2010 Nikon camera that has duel cards slots and I'm happy with that feature because it meets my needs. I had single card slot cameras in the past. Other than that, all this talk about gear and pixel peeping have become very annoying like you said. It used to be the times that so many photographers were more into producing art than focusing on gear and the sharpness of the photo. No camera is perfect and no photo is perfect either. All this mindset is the fault of these big camera corporations and any corporation that are encouraging consumerism onto the masses. This is how capitalism works which it is a global disease, and it doesn't benefit anyone but the greedy capitalists themselves. Capitalism is trying to ruining the art world. These cameras and accessories are getting more expensive these days. Nikon used, older lenses and cameras, for instance, are still too high for their age. I remember when I was on Nikon group page on FB, and everyone was talking about Nikon Z camera. This person was saying that she wanted to ditch her not so old, fully functioned Nikon D850 for one of those Nikon Z cameras. It made me shake my head. Also, there are people who love to brag about their expensive gear they have just to make themselves feel special , and they love to put down anyone who has a cheap priced camera with a kit lens. These kind of people are being so ridiculous, but they were so brainwashed! They behave like a high school kid who thinks he or she is so awesome because he or she have one of those high priced Air Jorden shoes.! Even I have seen some Adobe users putting down others for not using Photoshop CC or Lightroom CC. This is a very sad and pathetic world we are living in.

  9. You're one of the few voices on Youtube that speak the truth! Occasionally someone will ask me about a new camera and I always ask "What do you have now?". My answer is usually the one they is already excellent.

  10. I like the fact that you are so good at what you do and you prove that great work can be done without the latest and "greatest" gear. With that being said, I'm going to buy new stuff because I don't have a camera that can change lenses and I figure I won't have to upgrade for many years. Thanks for being honest about how you do things and explaining why.

  11. well said. we couldn't agree more with you!
    the last change of camera wasn't an upgrade, it was more like a downgrade…or…well, I sold my Nikon D5000 and bought a mirrorless fuji xt20. we just needed something lighter, and smaller, to travel.
    and honestly, nowadays we shoot more with the phone (a Oneplus 6T 4k 60fps) + gimbal, than with the camera.
    i kinda understand users trying to aim for 4k or higher, because if you post something, you want it to last with good quality.
    nobody wants to see a 480p video nowadays in youtube. so, in a few years the same is going to happen: 1080p will become "too low res" for average screens.
    i'm not saying "oh, yeah, let's go buy the highest res. camera out there! but if in doubt, I'll buy and shoot something that won't get obsolete in 2 or 3 years. and that's ONLY when you gotta buy.
    totally agree with you, buy a camera when the current dies. we did that. well, in fact, my fuji dies and got it resurrected by the technical service hoho. it felt like having a new camera!
    the only thing i would be "upgrading" or adding to our gear, is some prime lens and big aperture…but…prices…and weight…and space…haha
    wow, that was a long comment, thanks if you read it till the end!
    keep on this kind of videos! youtube needs more honesty like yours and less consumerism madness/"get the latest shit out there".

  12. I use my Pixel 3 phone with moment lenses. I find that the image quality is better than my old DSLR camera. I personally don't need or require telephoto for my art style so I don't miss that aspect. I also love the subtle limitations a smartphone gives me and working though the challenges with a great end result. For me the challenge is part of the fun. I love the wow factor when someone views my photo's as they don't believe that it was taken on a smartphone. I love the old disposable camera look and B&W so those are the art styles that I am mainly focused on. I must admit I was thinking about gear upgrades due to all the "guru" videos on here and I remembered that I am not a sheep. It was quite funny how I came across your video as soon as I came to that realisation (Google is in my brain?). Perhaps I should start uploading videos about mobile photography without the gear promotion BS. Thanks for your video, love your art style and wish the best for you.

  13. For people buying cameras fairly often (or more often than what someone might thing is 'normal'), I think there are two basic types of people. 1. Newer/less experienced photographers that don't yet know what they should be using to fit their own style/needs/wants. 2. Experienced photographers that can make nice images with just about any camera, but they enjoy the gear and like trying something different/new (sometimes new models, sometimes older/used models). I admire people that can restrict themselves to just one body and a few lenses for years at a time, but I'm certainly not one of those people. haha. I'd say I fall into category #2. However, I think I'm finally settling down now that I have the Z7. My camera switching mostly started after selling my D700. I haven't had a camera I loved/wanted to use as much as the D700 until I bought the Z7. I just bought a used Df from Japan because it has wonderful color (I had one before), I like the looks of the camera itself and I can use it with really old/inexpensive lenses if I want to. For example, a used/excellent condition Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 can be found all day long for $200 or less and that's a great lens, but it's less desirable/sought after these days since it needs a focus motor in the BODY of the camera and many newer cameras no longer have the focus motor in the body (except the enthusiast/pro D-SLR bodies). Anyway, enjoy your 'new' camera. I'm sure it will serve you well.

  14. Hi Noe. Greetings from Canada. Could you tell us which camera died on you? 😀 Also there is an option of fixing a camera if it dies right? Did you try that option? For some reasons I started following you since you had the colab video with Nicole Glass. There is a bit of negativity in your videos but I think I understand it's source. I am in simmilar boat. It makes them real. Keep them comming.

  15. Even though I shoot with a Canon, good thing I also bought a Pentax system like K-50 it's a entry level and the perks of that camera packs with a punch it's a weather sealed and it's a great rainy day camera and don't have to get worried if it gets wet because it's that good even if its raining hard, after 5 years of getting beaten by the rain/storm the camera is still running strong.

  16. omg my name is Skyler haha that was a shock to see, so cool to know others with the name are out there accomplishing that grind!

  17. “People get mad.” Hahahahaha!!! People thinking other random people owe them something… keep doing you man. As always, love the hustle.

  18. I've been shooting with a sony a6000 with the Fujian 35mm f1.7, a CCTV lens, technically speaking, the shittiest lens I own, but there's something about that little piece of crap that keeps me coming back. It cost me less than 30 dollars with free international shiping.

  19. I'm a big fan of your photography, Noe, and I've really enjoyed watching quite a few of your YouTube videos. I appreciate how authentic you are as you share your thoughts. That said, I find your refusal to discuss your camera body a little annoying. You don't mind talking about your lenses—also gear—but you seem to think that acknowledging the camera body that you are using is somehow suggesting that it is the most important element in your photographic process. This doesn't have to be the case. Sharing the camera body you shoot with does not contradict the message that great pictures can be taken with just about any camera. In fact, depending on the particular camera body, it could reinforce your point. Furthermore, most people find gear interesting. It's just an interesting fact. Which camera body broke down? What did you replace it with? Why? You don't have to dwell on this stuff but simply sharing the information is an easy way to make your videos more interesting to more people. That's a good thing 🙂

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