This is what happened today. I checked my credit card My Transit visa for Denmark is here. As you know I went to DC just to get this transit visa. I had to travel a lot just to get my 3 hour Transit visa in Denmark. UK VISA on one side and Denmark on the other I was scared as I have my Drivers license test and I need a Govt Issued ID for that.I am glad my VISA is back on time. I was worried if it gets late then I will have to postpone my appointment GoPro max later but I want to share the fraud activity on my credit card I have been getting great cashbacks using this travel credit card from Bank of America. I saw a transaction of Hotel booking from Canada I was shocked as I have never been to Canada. They said they have to block my Credit card right now. I said I need to do groceries tomorrow please do it tomorrow. they said otherwise the fraud can happen again They said they will deliver it in a week. then I asked them for my credit card number so that I can do some of my spendings. then they shipped it through expedite delivery and I got it in 2 business days Hopefully i get it by Monday but I got it on Friday itself. And i did some research so someone must have hacked an account where I had my credit card details saved. So i am never gonna do that again


  1. Harnoor bhaiya pls tell me what are the scams and worry things in USA for Indians pls pls make it if possible and u get time

  2. Bro just so you know, you are not supposed to earn money while on OPT or h1b with youtube, freelancing etc. If you are earning money with youtube and if USCIS finds out it might be trouble. You wont be on their radar now, but if in future you get popular and if someone notices it or if someone gets angry and complains to USCIS and if they then take a look into it, you could be in trouble.

    Again, just letting you know. Ignore this message if this is incorrect or if you already knew this or if you are not earning money through youtube. All the best with your stay in USA. 😀

  3. Harnoor bhaiya what about making video on how Indian student get into Yale young global scholar or Harvard summer. School 🏫
    Please make a video on that

  4. Bro can you make video of best card (Credit and debit) for Foreign student!!! ?
    Edit : Ram Mandir Ayodhya me jald hi banjayega ❤️


  5. Bro from your experience can you tell that is it true that if you had gone abroad studying by a big loan then their is a mental pressure that I had to get a god job and pay my loan soon because of this you are unable to start any of startups this mental pressure stop you from taking risk .. please tell brother

  6. Harnoor sir, my name is Turani and I am a huge fan of your videos and your channel. I am currently studying in 8th grade in India and I want to pursue cs from USA after my 12th. I can code in c, c++, java and python. Please let me know are these languages which I know are sufficient for me as my extracurricular

  7. Did u get your refund? And also how to manage yourself after that loss because if i lost even 10rs i will completely lost it

  8. Can you please make a video on good US universities which give scholarships for masters programs? (not top tier or ivy league universities)

  9. I love your videos personally
    They are very addicting , its like this is my future if i study in usa
    That students interview are awesome no one is doing that only you , this video's are giving directions to Indian students
    We want to see you as big YouTuber
    Love for nani too 😅

  10. Please make a detailed video on MS in COMPUTER SCIENCE from GRE to COLLEGE SELECTION ,HOSTEL,PART TIME JOB…pls make it fast

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