MONSOON – Exclusive World Trailer – Henry Golding – Peccadillo Pictures

MONSOON – Exclusive World Trailer – Henry Golding – Peccadillo Pictures

It’s been a long time…
30 years… I see you in the street.
I cannot recognise you. – Where are you staying?
– Thu Thiem. District 2. – You should visit your old home.
– Yeah I’m going to. You look like your picture,
thank God. I went to where we used to live.
I felt like a tourist. I hardly recognize this
country any more. Remember growing up in London? Every Vietnamese person I met
lost a family member here. Took a great deal out of us, too.
A generation forgotten… a country divided. I had no idea that we were leaving. Went to sleep one night and when
I woke up I was on a boat. Drifted for days… – My mother passed about a year ago now.
– Did your parents ever come back to Vietnam? – Never.
– Must be very painful for them, not to come back. – Where will you scatter the ashes?
– I’m returning them home. Why has it been so long for you to return? So did you find what you wanted in Hanoi?

60 thoughts on “MONSOON – Exclusive World Trailer – Henry Golding – Peccadillo Pictures”

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  2. Yup🏳️‍🌈💘👍🤼😎🎩 really Loves this Beautiful movie cuz it is so romantic 😍 Guys 💙💚 💛🧡 💜

  3. As an immigrant I identify with this experience and it really threw me when it first happened. I think the film will find an audience and have resonance.

  4. I can see his pain, I share his pain, I left my country almost five years ago and the thought of returning there someday sends me into panic and anxiety. Don't think I ever will. There are too many bad memories there.

  5. Bought cinema tickets for showing on 27th March but all cinema now cancelled in UK due to Coronavirus, hopefully will see the film later this year. Stay safe everyone ✌🏻

  6. Aaah yes, the rite of passage of every male actor who wants to gain mainstream Hollywood fame: playing a gay character

  7. this looks amazing! i am very excited! reminded me of the farewell. immigrants carry so much pain and conflict within them… we do not hear about it enough

  8. Damnnn interracial relationship. I wish to see more black men with hot asian dudes like this. It turns me on. My life is complete.

  9. YES
    i just lived in Saigon for 2 years it changed so much even in that time ❤❤ i just come home to UK i miss it so much, Vietnam will ALWAYS be in my heart 💛

  10. omg if i matched with him on an app, i would dieeee 😂😂😭😭😭❤️❤️ so excited for this movie!! looks like its gonna be a great one… seems like a very serious/poignant role. excited to see him portray this one!

  11. Beware of lies around: religious, lies of Churches, of science, political, international, of tradition, lies of all sort. Lev Tolstoy The Law of Love and the Law of Violence

  12. Is he the lead actor in the movie Crazy Rich Asians? Gay themed movie? Excited to see this but i doubt this won't be shown here in my conservative country… too bad! 😪

  13. The black actor also played a gay character on a series called “world on fire”, check the show out!♥️

  14. I can sense the gay vibes here in this comments. Love this atmosphere. It’s time for interracial movies being displayed on the screens. Ok next I’m watching The Thing About Harry. Adios! 💕

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