100 thoughts on “Mom claims son captured his guardian angel on camera”

  1. Son ????
    It's probably a demon of gender confusion.
    Why have your "son" looking and dressing like a girl?
    That is demons around you're house. What you are doing is demonic.

  2. Please! There is no evidence for the existence of Ghosts, Angels, the afterlife or God.Just over active imagination strong faith,trick photography and hallucinations .


  4. I truely believe this real for those who gotta sit here say it's photo chopped then that's your opinion but don't sit here say it's fake why do u people allways got something negative say maybe cause you don't got any faith I believe he captured something special maybe it's guardian angel protect plane I love it and I believe it's reak

  5. 😨😯😦✝️That stuff my God God stop home and watching them that’s real also got watching on sale

  6. Sorry….it looks like a Demon and not only, why the parents fixing the boys hair like a girl and dress in pink like a girl….Evil world, that's all I can say. This thing, the poor kid took a pix of is a Demon making sure this kid will be a girl when he is fully grown, doesn't surprise me!

  7. My teacher saod never give ur gurdian angel a name and dont give them a gender because they dont have a gender

  8. My teacher said never give ur gurdian angel a name and dont give them a gender because they dont have a gender

  9. Most people enjoy being in the company of people with similarities , So why would Angels be any different ?? ? – God Bless Aasher and His Family ! BTW-Aashers smile could light all of NYC.!!!

  10. This is what pisses me off 😡 I have no issue with anyone being lgbtq we all only get this one life and we should all be able to enjoy it to its fullest and make OUR choices. This is a clear cut case of parents making that decision for the child, especially when the child may have mental defects. Aasher is not able to make that decision for himself/herself but it is instead forced upon him/her by clearly a mother that wished she'd had a daughter and this demonstrates regret in Asher being born male.

  11. awww.. this little boy. I can relate to him. my sister has Down syndrome.. he seems so sweet. my happiness goes to his family 💕

  12. Transfer the photo from the iPhone to a computer, then click properties and stuff. Basically check if the photo has details on stuff like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. If it includes those 3, it is real.

  13. When I was 2 or 3 I was in my crib I looked up and I saw marry I took a picture in my head and I still remember that day oh and also when I was 2 I saw a face in the dark the sis herd me and looked she saw the face and then my cousin came to get me I don’t remember anything

  14. Angels do exist and everyone has Angels around them for different reasons.. But we all have assigned Angels to us from our creator..

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