13 thoughts on “MIT Glass Lab: Where art meets science”

  1. Very interesting. I am however surprised when both instructors and students didn't use personal protective equipment like gloves when handling glass, and having appropriate clothing at work to minimize the risks. Good that they are all wearing safety goggles. I think health & safety comes first, in such lab. What do you think? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Met a guy at Bonnaroo from the MIT glass lab. He made glass dildos, I shit you not.

    He told us he made his daughter's first dildo.

  3. what a load of contrived Horse Shite. MIT isnt an art school. instead of trying to intellectualize your endeavor to justify it why not just say engineering students benefit from a creative outlet and the glass lab provides it. then you don thave to act like your trying to trailblaze contrived and rediculous paths

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