Michio Kaku on Reading Minds, Recording Dreams, and Brain Imaging

Michio Kaku on Reading Minds, Recording Dreams, and Brain Imaging

When I was a child I was fascinated by telepathy
in science fiction. In fact, I tried really hard to read other peoples’ minds, to project
my thoughts into other peoples’ heads. And I came to the conclusion that maybe telepaths
do walk the surface of the earth but I wasn’t one of them. Now I’m a physicist and I realize
that with all the electromagnetic probes that we have of the human brain we can actually
see thoughts ricocheting across the brain itself. We can see the thinking living brain
as it thinks and we can create computer simulations of this to understand what people are thinking.
So at the present time telepathy exists. For example, look at my colleague Stephen Hawking.
He’s lost control of his fingers now so he cannot communicate even with a laptop computer.
But look at his right frame of his glasses. There’s an EEG sensor that picks up radio
waves from his brain, decodes that and he’s allowed to manipulate to some degree a laptop
computer. You can do better by putting a chip directly on top of the brain. People who are
totally paralyzed, who are vegetables and they’re trapped in this shell of a lifeless
body — these people can now play videogames. They can read email, write email, do crossword
puzzles. They can operate their wheelchair. They can control household appliances. They
can control mechanical arms. Next they will control mechanical legs and exoskeletons.
In fact, one of the people that pioneers this technology for the next World Soccer Cup wants
to have a paralyzed person put on an exoskeleton and initiate the soccer games. That’s a goal
for one of the scientists that I’ve interviewed for my book. And so we’re way past simply understanding
the way in which the brain radiates radio. We’re at the point now where we can actually
interface the human brain with a computer and eventually with an exoskeleton by which
they can become Iron Man. And so Iron Man is not simply a question of science fiction.
It’s something that we can actually visualize in the laboratory. In addition to putting a chip on top of the
brain you can actually put sensors directly into the brain itself that are like hair-like
thin fibers. There’s a certain class of people with depression that have been resistant to
drugs, pharmacology, psychiatry, counseling. They are chronically depressed. It turns out
that when you put a brain scan — put them in a brain scan you find out that yes indeed
there’s a certain part of the brain that seems to be associated with this depression. By
putting in probes you can dampen the electrical activity of this and all of a sudden they’re
cured. On one hand you see somebody who’s chronically depressed, wants to commit suicide,
has been plagued by this. And afterwards they’re just cured. It’s remarkable. But this is just
another of the ways that we can access the human mind. Another way is through probes
in an operation on epileptics. Epileptics have many seizures — many of them are life
threatening. It’s possible to remove part of the cranium. These people are fully awake
during this process because the skull has no sense organs to sense pain. You put a bunch of electrodes directly on
the brain itself. These people can type. These people can type very quickly simply by thinking
about it. They think about a certain letter, a computer recognizes the pattern and a computer
will type in this way. Yet another way of probing into the brain itself is with an MRI
scan. We can take the living brain, put it in an MRI and get 30,000 dots like a Christmas
tree set of lights that code the amount of electrical activity. You take these 30,000
dots, put it into a computer program that can then decipher it and bingo, what you get
is a picture of what they are thinking. We can now visualize what somebody is thinking
about. In fact it’s on the web. There’s a picture of Steve Martin, for example, in one
of his movies and then right next to it is a picture as viewed through the human mind.
This is amazing. You can clearly recognize the eyes, the ears.
You cannot recognize the fact that it’s Steve Martin. However, you can also do giraffes.
You can put elephants and clearly you’re looking at an animal and not a human. And now get
this. We can actually begin the process of photographing dreams. This was considered
pure science fiction. Look at the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio called Inception. It turns
out that the first steps in this direction have been taken already in Kyoto and at Berkley.
What you do is you put the patient in an MRI scanner and he falls asleep. The brain is
then scanned creating 30,000 dots. A computer analyzes the 30,000 dots of a sleeping brain
and reconstructs the image of what he’s dreaming about. Now I’ve seen these pictures. They’re pretty
crude. You see a picture of a human and obviously he’s thinking about and dreaming about a human.
But one day we may be able to refine this technique so that when you wake up in the
morning and you hit the play button of a computer, you see the dream that you had last night.

100 thoughts on “Michio Kaku on Reading Minds, Recording Dreams, and Brain Imaging”

  1. i have question if someone reading our mind so how we stop that reading mind Note :- (man do not know actually his mind reading but sometime or period going he man relies, someone reading his mind so how we stop that reading mind ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? & no any equipment attached his body ????????????????? how can reading his mind & how to stop that reading mind ???????????????????????????? Ans pleasee

  2. I want to record my childhood memories .Now i can recall and they play in my mind .I want to keep a record of it . As it is my past life . Can this be possible . I want to see my olden – golden days of my life and want to show it to my beloved ones.

  3. My Mother knows me , how i am , how i play, how i behave , how l lived in my past .She can recall all those memories to her mind. I want to see myself. If i can record those memories i will be the luckiest on this world. Please i want this memory scanner to become a reality. Please i want to use it.

  4. I will be impressed with technology when I can go to work without worrying about getting a bad back or a sore body because I can get in my exosuit and lift and move 10x better without problems

  5. I am for freedom and against all torment. I think it would be awesome to help disabled people with technology. Certainly, I have nothing against that. I am also for finding ways to produce food sources that do not have to suffer, and that's why I am now a vegan. I am awake!

  6. … and never do something else in my life again, as what I dream in a few minutes of sleep might be hours and days full of details. It often takes me longer to write down what I have dreamt than it took me to dream it. I have got an immense collection of dreams (and will grow and grow) but I would not want to sit and watch them all the time, I life to do other things.

  7. I don't mean for my comment to sound flippant, that's not the intention at all, i am genuinely in need of an answer because i simply don't know any better. He talks about using these techniques to cure people who are ( after all avenues are exhausted ) resistant to anti-depressant drugs… why wait to try all chemical cures, that all have side effects and are eventually, along a long enough time-line, poison to your body ? Even if you are not resistant to the anti-depressants you are taking, why not have THIS as the initial go-to cure ? To cure – immediately – depression and/or depressive behaviour would be one of THE major benefits to society in every area of the workspace? How many people take time off work because of depression that can even be tempered with drugs ? If there is a cure there, why continue with chemical drugs ? I know that they do indeed work ( i took them myself for a while ) so i'm not " coming down on big pharma, man! " but it just seems stupid and not at all cost effective to produce countless more drugs when it can be stopped by, what appears to be a relatively safe procedure ?

    I'm all for the manipulation of people's heads too, for a better society. Yea, yea 1984 and all that, i really AM for it. What if, as a side discovery of curing depressive behaviour, they find out that they can stop OTHER unhelpful behaviours too. Stopping someone's uncontrollable urges ( should they be afflicted with such a thing ) who are constantly aggressive or sexually attracted to children or hopelessly addicted to drugs/alcohol or any number of terrible thought patterns ? Wouldn't it be best for everyone concerned ( the potential criminal included ) that they can simply manipulate and turn off the area of the brain that allows for such thoughts and behaviour to occur? Isn't that BETTER for our society, if they are allowed to pass laws that allow for such intrusion into the brain ? I understand people are not comfortable with not having their thoughts that are their own, but i think the benefits will far outweigh the negatives. The problem is, of course, when laws are passed to make something a crime that never was before, for insidious practices I know, but that's surely a separate issue from the science itself? Make the laws alongside the technology if possible, so that certain parties cannot be allowed to insert an agenda that doesn't benefit the world at large.

    What do you think about this kind of thing ? Am i missing something fundamental in my points that i am simply not seeing the wood for the trees ? I'm not asking for a debate, i am simply asking for people's reasoning on the yays and nays of what i've written above. Peace out !

  8. |||elucidation|||
    What is to be psychotic.
    What is it to be obsessed.
    What is to be absorbed from moral principles.
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    What is it to be psychotic.

  9. This is a big step to intruding privacy. Image that in the future, people can look through your mind and know what you are thinking about. There is no way to lie or hide your intentions.

  10. Look info on Jose Delgado Stimoceiver and project MK-ULTRA. Implants have been used for this a long time ago and can create terrible pain, emotional control and i.e vomiting

  11. my girlfriend know everything going in my mind ,,each everything ,,it all started with I was with her and I seen very sweet and cool blue dragon was roaming in my dreams ,,, she always read my mind even if she is far ,,she answer my question before I type them ,,,

  12. I take Sertraline. My dream channel would leave you thinking "wtf? What is going on his head?"

  13. "I" tried telepathic suggestive thinking/confirmation system, telling my mother to go to the bathroom (using the harmless biological function as "a goal.") And sure enough while doing the trial experiment she woke up/couldn't sleep and went to the bathroom "before smoking a cigarette or not "I" told her to go back to baed *bed "(affected memory). " But the finding is/remains inconclusive since she has a habit of sleeping irregularly dur8ng *during the night. Next time better try it on a subject with less probable likelyhood of preforming the task naturally."

  14. I'm still waiting for an Oculus Rift 3.0 that interfaces with my PC and stimulates all 5 senses, not just sight and sound. I still don't see it on Newegg.

  15. Those bandaids don't make any sense to me. I cant figure out wtf. Its like he's doing the Michael jordan thing but with bandaids.

  16. Connecting the brain phsically yes.. But without some sort of phsical highway to ride on,, seems impossible at this or before this time.. Unless like radio or magnetic waves can travel from one person to the next,, without some type of machanical assistance is elogical… True or false..
    I think we have enough problems trying to control our brain waves on ourselves let alone others..
    Im searching for the truth,, and i do not believe others can read minds or tell the future.. Its a guessing game.. With odds in a persons favor,, mulipalating the outcome…

  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizophrenia#/media/File:Artistic_view_of_how_the_world_feels_like_with_schizophrenia_-_journal.pmed.0020146.g001.jpg

  18. I would fuckin love to be able to watch my dreams again. Would I want anyone else to see them? That depends. A lot of people couldn't stomach some of the shit I dream about. It fascinates me, how my brain even comes up with the shit. I've had some badass dreams. I also think the whole, curing depression part of this video, is remarkable.

  19. most of the people commenting here have no idea that somebody is earning $$$$$$$$$$ simply from their comments and time LOL they don't hv any idea how far science already hs reached ☺

  20. I'm a few years late to this vide but YES!!! I've always thought it would be cool if we somehow eventually develop the technology to record dreams. I imagine it being like a beanie of sorts that you wear when you sleep and through sensors and wizardy and whatnot, it can record brain stuff and turn it into Audio and Visuals. That beanie is connected to a DVR of sorts so, as Michio says at @05:45, you can then wake up and head to a TV and press play so you can watch your dreams! This would be GREAT for people like me who sometimes have a tough time remembering dreams or perhaps just want to rewatch that crazy dream we had.

  21. Recording and viewing dreams after the fact seems incredible…

    Until you think about the possibility of dreaming the most disturbing stuff imaginable and viewing it later, unaware that you dreamt it since the moment you woke up. No one remembers 100% of his dreams. What does that say about you as a person? Is it a gateway to viewing hidden mental illness? Psychopathy? I'm actually genuinely disturbed by what I'd find hidden under the surface of myself.

  22. IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE!! I don't care what ever benefits this brings to the world a man's thoughts is his own! I would rather die than be monitored by some CIA stooge

  23. Linguistic mathematics:
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    Take your time. Have it well.."overall time DÉHR" is The only God doing, willing, making, ruling judging severely really as these all. And does whatever he wishes.


  24. Thought interpretation and memory recording using fMRI functional neuroimaging under commercial development by MMT Neurotech www.milmag.net  … your thoughts / your way … Partnering and investment opportunities #ICO

  25. 1. When we can record our dreams, will it be possible to get arrested for things we do in our Dreams? Can you imagine you are in prison for something in a Dream, and a Mass Murderer asks you "Whatcha in for"?
    2. Will those things in our Dreams be held against us in any way?
    3. Will there be any we will benefit? If yes, how?
    4. Will we find a way to make it easy to "Lucid Dream"? I do this sometimes, but it only lasts seconds. Will be find a way to make it last as long as we want?

  26. Debunk!

    Kaku sais Telepathy is the 5th fundamental force in another vid Physics in a Nutshell , yet this sounds like the ElectroMagneticForce.

  27. Before we can heal the earth, we must lose our fear for each other in order to attain the greatest elaborated perception for the ability to mentally help our own world of cells heal us first aka attaining full body awareness. A full intelligent immune system evolving still as it will faster now always.

    Cells communication has a parallel relationship of importance in speaking to those around you (in your world) about anything you are unsure of or rather afraid of or even the least bit unwanted by you.

    Your cells can’t heal you, if you can’t talk to someone else on the planet fearlessly.

    We must teach your cells to communicate elaborately as well as you do and without any prejudging or prejudice.

  28. When I was a kid I use to always think that it would be cool to have some type of technology that we put on our heads in order to watch dreams or what someone was thinking about on a screen and watch it like tv. Seems like it may actually be possible one day. It’s crazy to think about how I kinda “saw into the future”. haha! Technology is awesome.

  29. They were so caught up in what they could do , they did not stop to think whether they should.
    The hive mind is on its way.

  30. proof. I told you that there's the technology to cure people of psychiatric diseases. however theres alot of stupid people ie 4leaguer's who want to keep this technology away from the public because they feel that we should be punished. dont believe the nonsense. no one should be punished. everyone should be cured.

  31. Is mind reading be possible without putting any device on someone's head and visualize the image the person is thinking about ? I really want to know how it happens.

  32. This technology is old, but new to the mainstream public. Remote neural monitoring and manipulation has been used by government funded terrorist organizations (CIA, DoD, FBI, NSA) for decades. They can literally amplify or disable specific neurons in a person's brain in a way that enables mind control (implanting thoughts/desires/emotions into someone without them knowing they have been turned into a puppet). They don't even need chips or electrodes to do this, it is being done with EMF radiation (microwaves, radar/lasers, infrasound, ultrasound, etc. from a distance).

    This type of radiation-based mind-control was responsible for the worst mass shooting in US history. Stephen Paddock (who had no motive to kill, or history of mental illness) was programmed into a puppet-assassin via these radiation-based mind-control methods, which led to him committing the mass shooting in Las Vegas at the Country Music festival in 2017.

    The FBI interviewed his girlfriend after the shooting, and she mentioned that Paddock complained of being targeted by government mind-control technologies not long before the shooting (had no recollection of purchasing the firearms, and had sudden feelings of extreme hate without cause).

    Of course, the FBI didn't mention these details, and went silent about why they couldn't provide the public with an explanation of motive. Their reaction to this situation was very clearly (to me and other Targeted Individuals) a cover up of their involvement in orchestrating this mass murder crime.

    If the public were to demand transparency on these terrorist organizations posing as law enforcement, I guarantee we would see an end to mass shootings.

  33. Hello mr. michiu kaku, im from the PHILIPINES, and i dore you in a way of how well you explain everything that could be traced with physics, and thus now i also just want to become a physicist somehow but memorizing equation is i think that its like a trouble for me, because im a highschool undergraduate then .. ahmmm i was just thingking of things like .. that is it posible to use the gravity of our planet to propel something or some spacecraft directly to the other planet like taby's stars ?? I come up with this since the gravity could be mesured as the speed of light ??

  34. I guess when Jesus said " even if you think of adultry it is a sin" is true. We will be judged by our thoughts. Why? Because thoughts can and usually become reality.

  35. My church likes to read my mind then torture me with my own thoughts following me everywere… Its fucking disgusting

  36. By the era where you can finally record your dreams be able to watch it on screen, the pure enjoyment of lucid dreaming would eventually lose its taste and that's just one of the many other things that science will someday ruin.

  37. Sometimes, especially when I am smoking up, I can see the patterns of my brain activity without placing my body in a strong magnetic field.. now you get me thinking since when I am the centre of the field

  38. Inside trader hell as most minds would be unable to maintain a competitive advantage in the world, especially business owners, investors and the entrepreneur class. Laws anyone? Even though, slick criminal investors wouldn't care and continue to read and capitalize on every lucrative mind they can, if they can get away with it. It will probably become slavery in a few decades if left a secret, if it becomes extremely real. The world would end up with very few wealthy people and many who are impoverished, What a future huh….Perhaps there is no way to stop it, Unfortunately more and more scientists will figure out how to engineer extremely potable and concealable devices that can hack, record, tamper and algorithm peoples minds in the future, wouldn't be surprised. Nobody thought 50 years ago that we would have Iphone's that have the processing power if a computer that needs an entire room, right? Hopefully is not currently happening. If earth could shed the truth on every invention ever made, I bet it would be a surprise. It would be a corrupt but powerful secret, especially in the business class.  Its anyone's guess.Read more Show less

  39. Lol iron man nope more like master chief tech lol
    How do you move a tank exo suit?

    With science, bitches lol
    Definitely gunna me a manufacturers override code for that sucker gotta be able to do dirty shit with the space age tech and maintain full deniability.

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