Mental Image Projection on Rice

Mental Image Projection on Rice

Hi, sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I just lay down in the bed and look at the ceiling, we have one of these ceilings that have what you call these… the fuzzy ceiling that I- like a bumpy whatever… POPCORN CEILING Anyways, there’s a lot of bumps on it and while I look at it I start seeing images like when you look at the clouds and you see I don’t know bunnies, rabbits, hares… They’re all the same, aren’t they? Anyway when I look at them sometimes I see these images that have very great details like the quality of the image is so good that I’m Surprised I’m seeing it something that I can’t draw how can it appear on just some random dots and at that point I was hoping that I could trace them somehow and Today, I’ll try to see if I can do that and thinking of getting some rice and a pan and then pour some rice on it and then put a piece of glass on the rice and keep looking at it for a while and See if I can see anything and if I see I can trace it right on the glass Okay. I don’t know if I can see anything or not, but I’ll keep recording and hopefully I’ll see something It’s a pretty random process. Sometimes you see something that looks very good. And sometimes you just see stupid lines I might have to shake it once in a while to randomize it or change the amount of rice The problem with the rice is that it’s not quite the same as the ceiling dots because the rice is already like a line With those dots you can connect them. However you want. What did the rice? I don’t know. Let’s see Lines and shapes appear and disappear and because there are all made of lines they kind of align themselves like they kind of get stacked Not helping much. I’m seeing an evil face Well, it’s moving. Oh it’s gone now What happened? There it is again Let me see. Oh I lost it I looked away and it’s gone. Oh there it is again, let’s see… You see that stupid looking face Well, sometimes I see better things. Let’s shake it a little bit Make them spread a little wider. Just have to be patient and keep looking I see a stupid raincoat Something like that. I’m hoping to see something better. I think what’s happening is that my brain has their record of these images in my head that look very good when I remember them But I can’t draw them I don’t have any experience in drawing especially faces and animals and things of that sort that requires great talent and experience which I don’t have but what happens is that my brain randomly connects the dots together in lines and Sometimes they look familiar and all of a sudden my brain recognizes that it knows that shape then I think the brain projects the image Onto the rice and all of a sudden you see that you are seeing a very good detailed high-quality image something that you wouldn’t be able to draw at all and because the rice or clouds or those dots on the ceiling are Static and don’t move you are able to keep that image in front of you and although you can’t drive yourself You see a very high-quality image right into the clouds or the ceiling. Let’s see if I can see one of those The problem is that I don’t see those high quality stuff very often. So yeah, it may not happen today. This is kind of garbage, I think I’m just not being patient enough I see a human a little bit sideways Well, this is not too bad it kind of looks like a human.. look at that the guy the guy is even Holding his smartphone here Let me switch back and forth and see if you can see what I saw on the rice Not bad, eh, but I’m telling you I’ve seen much more detailed stuff. Okay, try again Dropping it on the table randomizes better. All I see is the rabbit. Let me draw that Not too bad, eh? It’s working… I’m still looking for my perfect image. Yeah, maybe, maybe you should give it a try at home, isn’t it nice that I made a channel that you can actually try things at home. Okay. Show me something good Well, I can’t draw this one, I’ll get age-restricted. Have to shake. Go away! Nice. I’m starting to see a face. It’s not bad… This is not too bad! You see it? Let me put it on the table, here we go. Trying again. Well, I can’t say I have drawn anything fancy so far Good. I feel like I’m seeing stuff that are at my drawing level I mean if somebody is much more experienced they may be able to see much more sophisticated stuff and trace them nicely so it might be dependent on the drawing skill of the person But I can swear sometimes I see things that I can’t draw so much fancier than what I’m drawing right now Maybe I’m just not patient enough. I have to keep looking You know what? Let me reduce the amount of rice. Maybe if the grains are a little further apart we can see larger images What is it, a flower? What is this? In any case, it’s kind of fun, but try it out. Maybe you get something much better than mine. I see some sort of lion… or tiger? It looks better on the rice when I trace it… kind of Doesn’t turn very well. Does it? I see a girl dancing now Here’s my dancing girl, let me see if I can put a face for her Nice. I mean, I’m such an artist. I mean a five-year-old can do better. Where’s all the brain power and projection? I’m seeing some sort of alien life form Did you see the same thing? There we are. Stuff of your nightmares. I was hoping the Mona Lisa or something would come out of it. Oh, I’m seeing an orca There’s my tiny Orca What is this a kid’s channel? Why the drawings took garbage? Come on rice, you can do better. There is absolutely nothing in this one My chakras must be misaligned. I’m not seeing anything fancy today Damn it! I’ll give it one more try before I give up. Seems like I’m seeing a man with a mask You know what? I’m just gonna fill in the… darker areas with my marker… then it may end up… being good, you never know. If they pick it up and see if it looks like anything Now what do you say? It’s not too bad, eh? Well, I guess this is the most artistic I could come up with today But you get the idea. I mean it’s kind of fun You sit down, you randomize the rice, and you may see fantastic things in it This is actually not too bad. Kind of artistic. See, I always knew I had an artist in me Anyway, you get the idea some good activity to do with the family Let your imaginations go wild and I don’t know, maybe some very good drawing comes out of it Let me know in the comments if you were more successful, and I’ll see you next time with some other random video SUBTITLES BY BLAZE ANDERSON

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  1. i had the same thing with hairs once. I have a dog that loses a lot of hair and while i was sitting at the toilet i coud see some of the hairs laying randomly on the floor. And i swear i saw a perfect drawn face. The first thing i did after cleaning my hands was getting a shiet of paper and a pencil to copy the face XD

  2. I try to my friend
    He cant see nothing
    His blind
    I try my friend that can see
    ITS too dark in the room
    I try to my dad
    Nothing come out cos he never there
    I try my Mother
    I adopted
    I trymy self ,good drawing but
    Who that hand ,my hand is always tied on

  3. I tried to trace a mental image but it didn't come out as expected. I'm sure I've seen the reason for this somewhere but I forgot.

  4. The wall next to my childhood bed was exactly the same type as this ceiling. I remember, that when I lied to the side facing this wall I could see a very vivid projection of a dog with long ears and some human characteristics holding a sausepan. This was about 40cm away, so we are talking about a very high resolution. I always imagined the saucepan containing "Pastitsado" (a traditional Corfiot food). It's kinda random, but I literally grew up next to that dog. No wonder I became such a binge eater at night. Anyway, the funny thing is that this video brought up this memory which I have forgotten about for some years now, resulting in a nostalgic smile on my face. Yay.

  5. The best ones i see is where you see nothing
    One of them you can actually use almost all the rice to draw! 👍
    But i dont know how can i show you

  6. you should re try this with bean bag balls you can buy bean bag balls on amazon and ebay they are cheap and they are small AND THEY ARE round 😀

  7. You went from shocking yourself to upholstery, and rice tricks? I see most of your subscribers leaving brother. Your new channel sucks, hopefully you have a full bridge RECTIFIER, for the future!!

  8. This is something your brain is wired to do as a self preservation thing I think. Like seeing eyes in the dark, or like how trees have faces. In vulnerable states I think your mind dose these things to keep you safe. For instance I see these thing a lot in the tile on the floor while I am doing a "number 2" lets say, or in the glass of my shower door. Like you say on your ceiling while waking. Also I find they are usually faces. Brains are WIRED this way. lol cool video idea tho

  9. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects.

  10. Seeing people do something for the first time like Mehdi his good at electronics but not at drawing gives me ASMRatic feeling which is nice

  11. YO I took acid and the ceiling was like that in my bros crib and it legit looks like hundreds of amoeba were moving around, when i came too it was just a bumpy ceiling

  12. I will sometimes see some things in the mirror and then I draw them. Like the xenomorph or one time, a really freaky picture of a screaming woman that looks like it was from a horror movie.

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