Meet our New 2K Wi-Fi Defender Guard Camera

Meet our New 2K Wi-Fi Defender Guard Camera

Guard is the next generation wireless security
camera from Defender. And we didn’t just want to tell you about
it. No. We shot the whole ad with it. So you can see for yourself why Defender Guard
is the most advanced, 2K, Wi-Fi camera, we’ve ever released
What powers this camera? 4 megapixels. That’s 4 million pixels allowing you to
zoom in 16x to things like license plates, faces, that guy whose been staring at me. (Car engine) Once you’ve experienced 2K there’s no
way you’re ever going back to HD. Just take a look at some 1080p footage from
the other guys, versus the 2K footage from our Defender Guard. Here’s the other guys. And here’s us. And Defender Guard not only looks great at
daytime. It looks great at night, too. Here’s the other guys. And here’s us. Defender Guard comes with all of the bells
and whistles that you would expected. 128 bit encryption. A quick and simple installation. Motion alerts. Audio recording. (Sound of package hitting the door) A tamper proof design. Plus it works in the rain. We are done with monthly fees. Unlike the other guys, once you get your Defender
Guard, you won’t have to pay a penny to use it. Plus you can expand your local storage to
up to 128gb by replacing the SD card right here. And with the Defender Guard app, you’re
never more than 1, 2, 3, 4 seconds away from checking in on what matters most. So here’s to a new peace of mind. One with a 123 degree wide angle lens to capture
the good, the bad, and everything in between.

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  1. I got one of these, took forever to finally get it operating. Finally got it going, had awesome clarity! Worked like a champ for about 10 minutes. Then it went offline, I worked and worked never getting it working again, I tried to reset it, unplugged it and plugged it up again, nothing finally ended up returning it…. But for those few minutes, it was awesome! Sams took it back no problem, returned it 11/9/19. Now I am looking for one that actually works more than 10 minutes.

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